Friday, July 4, 2008

Aright for the past two days, day game has been slow. Wednesday i didn't approach, but thursday i did two. The first was at the lab with a hot 1/2 black girl who turned me on when i first looked at her. She noticed me. There was a guy with her working on a project. Since im so use to just gaming lone wolves, i haven't done a group approach in day game in a long time. It took me about 15 minutes to just go up to them. I say to her, "hey i know u guys are working on a project, but i had to tell u...i find u stunning and i have to talk to you" The guy was someone i met before and he was friendly. I just chatted with them about their project. Nothing seduction wise happened after. I kinda was afraid to game her after. But its ok. I'm cutting myself some slack. Next time i see her around, i'll game her flat out.

2nd approach was the gym. Was this cute thin blonde was a nice toned ass. I go up to her directly. She nice and friendly. Just had fluff talk for afew minutes and she told me during the conversation of who she lived with was her fiance' and three dogs. I then decided to cut it short, since i believed her.

Went out again. It wasn't popping that much. There were some girls and some guys. Not really alot to choose from, but the girls still looked good.

1) Was a blonde and a brunette. The blonde was cute and her face looked familiar. Before i go up to anybody, i decided to get two cups of beer to relax me a bit. Also was talking with a friend of mine. After, i notice she looks at me. I then decided that enough waiting. So then i tell her and her friend, "hi" and then that im gonna interrupt their convo for about 20-30 minutes. They're like "20-30 minutes? :-p" I tell them, "nah, just a few minutes. I don't got that much patience :-p" They laugh a little bit. To sum it up, i found out she was a girl i went up to before who's bf worked at the bar. I lost motivation to game her since i remember that. But here's the thing:


2) Next was a thick eastern european looking girl. She's with her aright looking friend. I open her by as im about to sit on her lap " gonna sit down right here on your lap" She's like "Hey!" haha. So then i introduce myself both to them. I then hear an accident out of her. I then guess to her, "lets see...Russian" She shakes her head, "Ukraine" Shakes it again. I then tell her, am i close? She says Albania. I then tell her, "I would've gotten it in the 20th try". She can't help but to find it a little funny. I then notice her hair and then play with it.

I tell her, "This must've taken you 2 hours to do?" She then looks at her friend and tells her, "He told me that this must've taken two hours to do" lol.
She tells me, "No...10 minutes :S" Then im like, "No shit! Really? How so?" She tells me, "I'm a hair stylist" I ask her, "Can u braid hair?" She says yea. I then tell her, "I could've used a girl like u a few years ago when i had my hair braided" So then i show her my license, and she takes a good look at me and what i use to look like and then she says yea its me. From the whole interaction, initially u'd think she wasn't interested. But i learned through Alex's invisible game that u game her regardless of reactions. That she deep down does have interest. After i play with her hair, i play with her friend's hair saying "Now this must've taken u two hours :-)" then she's like yea. All three of us laugh.

Then afterwards, 2 minute checkout break. I check her rack and then tell her, "I bet my breasts are better than urs >:-)" She says show me. I then tell her, "Well u can feel mine if i can feel urs" So then im about to take her hand, but she's like "No!" (I Think she was thinking that i was trying to grab her breast. haha) Then she and her friend are doing girl code i think, and then she tells me that her bf is right there. The shit testing is now starting. I then am like, "oh when's the wedding?" She give this certain stare or look for about 20 seconds. But i don't back down, and return it without flinching. She asks if i'm playing games. I ignore it and tell her that, "Seriously? When's the wedding? :-p" So then she can't answer it. I'd say my kino was good through this approach. Then i tell her that since she's moving, that we can dance now...and as im taking her hand and about to pull her to the dance floor, she tells me that she doesn't want to dance right now. I tell her, "looks like ur flowing good, i know u want to :-)" She then says that aright. So then after this, i decide that i might not get further in the situation. I decide to leave the set.

I then dance with this redheaded girl and her friend as usual. The albanian girl notices me and is giving me good IOIs. After i dance with the two girls, i talk with more of the guys i knew there sitting down with them. The albanian girl gives me a smile when i raise my eyebrow at her as she's walking. The rule was:

[b]Don't leave a set if u can sense that there is still interest from her[/b]

So then i return to game her somemore, i'd say my kino is good. But yet again, more shit testing. But funny, i kept plowing through. She's like "Your touching me so much" in an offended way. I kinda brushed it off w/o even acknowledging it. I can tell that she wasn't really offended, just conditioning was eating at her. I think she liked how i was gaming her just cared what her friend thought, and of course the friend would try to sabotage me. Sometimes a wingman is needed in situations like these. Oh yea, i think she then told me the bouncer was her bf. It was hilarious. I just wanted her to say, "i'm not interested" or a no. I then invite her and her friend to a cookout i was gonna do the next day. I got her friends number, but the albanian girl kept thinking i was gaming her, which i wasn't anymore hence why i asked for her number.

I decided to just end gaming her. I wasn't going anywhere with it. Didn't try for a kiss close, eventho i mine as well had given it a shot.

3) Was another redhaired girl, whom i met before. She was happy to see me. I just tried to dance with her twice. The mother hen, a tall black girl tried to cockblock me. When i was talking with her. Each time i tried to dance with her, she didn't want to. I kinda felt down cuz i thought i did something wrong. One of those times she mentions a boyfriend. I see her flat out looking for the nearest guy there and she says to him, ur my boyfriend right? Then he looks at her and me, and then says yea. I smile and as im walking away, tell her, "Its aright...u don't got to lie to me" Then she says in a guilted manner, "But he is". I would rather had just say No.

4) A hot nice racked girl whom was in my class junior year and wore glasses was there again. I told you guys about her in another blog. She recognizes me, i give her a hug. Saw her there at Rileys a few times and talked with her each time. I ask where her glasses are. She tells me that she took em off and can't see well. I then tell her, "Yea, but u'll be able to see my face clearly tonight :-p" She laughs. Then i tell her with a laser eye look. Credit Tim. "Its just me and u tonight, just me and u tonight :-)" She asks curiously, "What do you mean? :-)" I tell her, "Me and u are gonna have fun" Here i should've said, "U know what i mean ;-)" After this, she says shyly that she's gonna say hi to a few people she knows. Here i believe that she doesn't want to keep talking to me...and i leave. But this is false.


I the gorgeous brunette, whom i keep seeing around, and her blonde friend arriving at the bar. I talk to them for a few minutes. Couldn't think straight. I was a bit tipsy when they showed up.

Later on, i see she keeps looking at me while she's at a table talking to a few people i know, i didn't want to interrupt one of them gaming her. Then after she was gone from there, one of the guys i knew who i hung out with told me, "She pointed u out. She was talking about u of how friendly and cool u were" He then tells me that im a good guy. I then smile and say thanks to him. I believe this was a good compliment because it shows that the way im gaming girls is going somewhere. That they remember me. Oh yea, while im talking to them, the gorgeous brunette is also sitting with a table of guys and is looking at me a few times. I was almost drunk by this point and couldn't think straight. Oh yea, talk with my friend a bit further and decided to leave.

After i left, i was upset because i thought that i couldn't get any further. That i'd be stuck at this point, not being able to pull. I doubted my ability and actually again, thought that it was too hard for me. But then for the first time in a while, i actually logically thought it was just one night but my emotions wanted to say otherwise. I then was able to think clearly and realized that yea...just another night. And it wasn't as bad as i thought, there weren't enough girls to go around anyhow. Only so much you can do when there's not much to work with.

1) Girls do remember me, from when i game them.
2) I am feeling more sexual when talking to girls
3) I still got to stop assuming they are no longer interested if they're not giving their full 100% attention. Realize the situation.
4) Alcohol is hindering me again. I tend to drink more than i plan. I didn't have as much as say other nights, but still...enough to where it hindered me. So i've decided that for a bit of night game, i'm doing it sober at first. I have to break free of being tense at night game again.
5) Fuck the girls who aren't feeling you. Why care? I know rejection does suck at times, but hey...why pay them any mind? Rejection still is a part of the game.
6) You don't suck. I know u feel that u suck when there's a not so good night, but thats not the reality.
7) The Next Time U Will Go to Rileys, u'll do better
8) No Girl is higher than u, no matter what u think

Things to Improve on:

1) I'm still ejecting too early in some sets.
2) Got to last longer in interactions if there's interest
3) Keep my inner game strong.
4) My persistence is still good. I don't give up that easy anymore.
5) Got to limit cups of beer intake to 1-2 a night, but at first im gonna have to be sober tho.
6) Let the sexual energy flow even more
7) Also watch how much ur touching the girl. Sometimes i have overdone it. Just make sure i don't touch them WAY too much to the point where its like ok...i might have to back off a lil at times if she's uncomfortable
8) Just be confident

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