Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Updates and Sky's Thoughts: Inner Game

Aright, Sunday I did one approach with this red haired girl with glasses(What i'm drawn to alot). For this, i was kinda tense and out of it mentally. So then i somewhat appeared slow whenever she said something. I did get her number. Not sure of the interest. She told me she works quite a bit as a server i think. I'll just text her to see.

Monday i wasn't really on campus at all.

Today i did one approach with this girl. She was a lil overweight but i liked what i saw. She was cute in my book. Just talked to her for about 2 minutes, turns out she had a boyfriend. Said it in a genuine way so, didn't care to persist further.

In class, still "afraid" to try to flat out game the redhaired girl after class. It was stupid, i knew full well if i saw her on campus, i could easily go up to her and game her that way. Just in class, i felt more nervous. I kept wondering why. But then i thought back to why it would even happen in the first place. Could be i care what other people in my class think. But as i was doubting in class, i then started to remember the good things i thought about myself and the people who complimented me in the past have said about me. The fear and doubts were going away.

So then after this, i've decided to list things about myself that i believe are money:

1) When i'm fully relaxed, I am a funny guy.
2) My game is a ten. Meaning, u are good enough. Ur game is perfect for you. Believe it.

Today i asked myself "Why in the hell would my game be a ten?" I couldn't quite answer it. I started to doubt any ability i have. But this caused me to remember all the good reactions i had and close to pull situations that if only i went for the extraction, it would've happened.

Also, i had doubts that i didn't speak like social people do. But thats a full load of crap. No lie. I'm a pretty social guy in my own right. Sometimes im just quiet at times or not relaxed.

3) So what if its a girl in ur class that u'll see again? Honestly...who gives a fuck? Just be u. Who cares if people see you gaming her. Are you gonna live life caring what other people think of you, when in reality they don't care? There are girls i've approached before that were in my class, and they are still friendly to me, despite nothing developing between us. So why should it matter? Who cares if she doesn't like u or doesn't seem interested in u? BULLFICKINGWHOOP.

4) Don't care what girls u've gamed(hot or not) think of seeing u approaching other girls. Why care of their opinion? Seriously. They shouldn't matter in ur reality anymore. That may still be in my mind.

5) Keep the faith alive of getting successful. It will happen. As David X says

"If you go out there, and eventually...the girls u want, for whatever reason, u will get"

I know sometimes now and then i feel like, its inevitable that i'll always mess up somewhere when talking to a girl. But the reality is, mistakes will happen regardless...they key is to fix them

6) At Radford University, it is up to you to leave this mark. If you can't reach some of ur potential here at this college, who will?

7) People look at u at times, because of what ur doing. Most guys don't do what ur doing. Honestly, some prolly do but its rare at the capacity that u are. Its something to be proud of regardless

8) Ur almost there. Just getting ur first successful kiss close off a pickup w/o grinding and her not being THAT drunk...will then definitely jump start my night game off the bat.

I keep going and this will be good.

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