Friday, July 11, 2008

7/10 Making Progress?

Today I texted the girl i got a number from yesterday, who said she had a bf. Got no response but it turns out i called her by another girl's name. X-p. So much for that one.haha.

Tonight i went to the Club/Bar as usual for Thursday Night. Going in, i felt a bit a good deal of determination from feedback i got from fellow Playboys in Training. It raised my spirits. :-)

When i got there, i wasn't really nervous...just settling in as usual. I was in my own head tonight.

1) Blonde girl who was with two friends. She remembers me from a few months ago.
I just talked with her for a few minutes. Told her that we were gonna dance but not yet.
I see her attention on me is waning and she's talking to her friend. I decide to eject. Her interest was good was receptive at first, but things were meh later on.

2) Was another blonde. I turned her around and said hi. Played with her hair a lil. Wasn't sure what to say to her...was in my head, besides the typical. Honestly had trouble with this one. her interest was neutral, had trouble on keeping things going.

3) Was a 1/2 or 2/3 black chick. I like what i saw. Tried to have her dance w/ me, she didn't want to but was receptive.

4) Was a cute brunette girl. She was receptive. Was able to isolate her, at first she was a lil resistent but she gave in. We were afew feet away. Her Fatty friend comes in telling her that they got to find someone. I told her friend i'd keep her for a minute. THe brunette girl squeezed the lower part of my arm a few times telling me to come with them after isolating....she gave into the friend's choice. They couldn't find the friend but then the friend dragged her away.

NOTE: Isolation is getting better

5) On the dance floor was this phillipino chick, she was hot. I take her hand and grind with her but next thing u know after a minute, she's dancing off with another girl, unablet o hear me. I see hear a few minutes later standing by herself against a wall. We introduce each other. Guessed her ethnicity, turns out she was half phillipino half white. But after that, i was at a blank while she told me this. My head was out of it and she told me that it was good talking to me.

Note: I was totally in my head for this

For a bit i'm just dancing with some girls. Tried to kiss this big girl but she didn't want to. We playfully hit each other on the head. I during one part of dancing, her hair is covering her face and i flat out flip it back to the back of her head. Was funny. After the dancing, i was exhausted and i was so out of it. Was funny. Took me 20 minutes to be fully energized again.

6) Was a black chick i've met before and see around now and then. She's aright, but she got big breasts. We danced for a bit. Then i go to the bathroom. We sit down. I talk to her for a minute of fluff. Then the funny shit happens. I'm thinking, "I'm going to kiss her but she'll prolly reject it to" Then when i go for it, she's reciprocating BUT then she slowly tries to stop it. She's laughing saying that she can't. I then am feeling sexual here, being the devil on her shoulder...touching her...teasing...kissin her cheek telling her that its fine...and she tells me she's trying to be a good girl. I tell her "Fuck being bad or good :-) We do what we want" I then attempt to make out with her again, and she's reciprocating for 5 seconds, then she tries to stop it. I see she's biting her lip and is turned on, but she's def holding back.

She tells me that she can't be bad anymore. Im like in a funny manner, "Aww this sucks...i really want to taste those lips. This is so killing me, its nice" She then tells me "you don't think this is killing me either :-)" I then look down at her lips, and keep whispering in her ear. I'm all hugging and all over her, and she's not resisting. I was tempting her for a bit. The 3rd time i try to make out with her, she's resisting but im starting to overpower it(I could tell she wanted to still, hence why she wasn't mad). Her friend, whom i know comes along, teases the fact that she said she's doing nothing eventho its not the case. The black chick tells me that her friend will judge her, that she's being judged right now.The friend teases saying she would. Her friend i know and she's one cool half black chick. She says, "I need to talk to a guy" with a pouty face. I point over for a guy i know and she's like "I know that guy already :-\" But she does eventually talk to my buff asian co-worker, and who's pretty cool.

I then continue fluff with her playing with her necklace while touching a bit above her breast line. She didn't resist. But then i told her "Hey lets go back to my place :-) There are more drinks over there" I could tell she wanted to but she said she couldn't. After all that, i then smiled and told her that it we could've had so much fun together. :-)

Note: This taught me quite a bit of things. To confidentally go for the kiss close, rather than with doubt.

I would say these are the issues that i def know will help me next time:

1) Some of the approaches could've came off as a bit too routine-I had the "routine" mindset, to where i would do the routine, look at chest, look at eyes, talk for a few minutes, try to isolate, rather than doing those things while in the moment rather than it being forced in my mind.

2) Didn't show my intent for some of the girls-I'd say thats where my strength is. Letting them know i like them physically.

3) Cared a bit too much of what i should say next. I noticed that when i don't have attachment to outcome, i tend to relax a bit more and say whatever. But when i want a certain girl to like me, i tend to not do as well.

4) Did not even ask questions atleast. Sure, statements are better but if u seriously aren't sure of what to talk with her about, learning a bit about her can help with continuing things

5) Was a bit in my own head. And used up too much energy in the night. Relaxing a bit more would be better haha.

6) Was only able to do 2 of the 4 drills. I went up to two sets w/o alcohol. But after, i drank. So i know that im not afraid to approach w/o just tense while talking to them w/o cuz of all thats happening.

Thats all for now tomorrow will be better :-)

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