Wednesday, July 9, 2008

7/9 Campus Is Not Quite empty yet, thank god!

Aright today i was able to do three but before that...
I decided to go game the redhaired girl in class. She was nice and friendly as i knew, fluffed with her a little bit. I then told her that we could drink at starbucks together, she told me 12:30 was good. I then told her thats it'll be great, because she's cute and that i'll get to know her better. She then told me that she's been taken for four years. But she said it genuinely. So i believed her. Then one of the other guys in class was behind and said, "Boyfriend are overreated" in a funny way. I laughed quite a bit and she did too. I'm glad i finally decided to go for it, and thank god she wasn't on the phone this time.

Aright on to the day approaches. All 3 of these were in the computer lab:

#1 Was a cute blonde girl with braces. I think two of her bottom teeth were missing but it didn't matter to me, still cute :-). I go direct on her, she's receptive. I just fluff with her. Find out the area she lives in his about 2 hrs away back home. A few other stuff. I then decide to plan to drink with her at starbucks. She tells me she has a bf, BUT then i still persist. She says she has free time really from 12:30 to 1:45 some days during the week. I get her number, and while im getting she tells me, "Checking to see if its fake, eh? :-)" I tell her, " to make sure :-)" I think there's some interest there. I'll have to see.

#2 Was a cute brunette. I go direct on her too. But from what i can tell she was politely listening and looking at me. I just talk with her for a few minutes. She tells me she's doing jello shots for a party tonight. I then flirt with her about how old she is and what not. After i decide to eject, i didn't sense interest from her really. Also one of her friends came up to her, and i guess she felt guarded from that or something. I dunno. The friend i met before and was friendly and nice.

#3 Was a tall cute brunette/red haired girl. She was thin. I liked what i saw :-). I go up to her, and she's pretty receptive. She asks me if i have a gf, i say, "No, why? :-p" She says, "oh i have a bf :-)" I then go into how im just not looking for a commitment yet...that sometimes people dont take time to date who their looking for and whatever other bullshit. I'd say her interest was good, patted her back when she burped. Did the "tell me about urself" deal as usual. She tells me, " not use to guys going up to me, and me telling about myself" I then tell her, "I'm the one to do that :-)" The rapport is good, im able to relate to her and keep things going. It lasts for about 5-6 minutes. I then tell her that we can have starbucks together, she smiles and says that she can't do that, that she has a boyfriend, but i could tell that it was in a way to where she was dedicated. She also says that he'd prolly would want to start a fight if he found out anything. But she was nice saying it. I smile and tell her it was great meeting her. As she left the lab, said bye to me.

#4 Was on my way home. Was a cute tied up hair, brunette girl, who def was an incoming freshman who was there for orientation. Do the stop hand motion. Go direct. She's pretty receptive. I ask her if she's lost, and says yea...i then tell her to follow me. As we're walking, she tells me she likes the school and how she's glad she can enjoy college life. I agree with her and tell her that there is too much hype at VTech and shit. Me and her joke around a little bit, and i find out she lives an hour away from me, back home. So then i tell her that i'm gonna be back in NOVA in August and that we could hang out. I also tell her that i find her cute and that i like talking to her. She says, "Thanks alot :-)" I tell her, "No need to thank me, its what u need to hear :-)" She says, "Aright :-) I appreciate it! :-p" We both laugh. I get her number and she finds the place.

Shame that i couldn't do any more approaches today since i didn't really see any other girls, but day game is still staying consistent :-)

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Elan said...

Great work on day-game. College is like fish in a barrel, man. The women are usually receptive to anything you say. It's college! Woo! If anything just keep plowing away.

This demonstrates the difference between routine game and natural game. In a college environment, routine game will get you a BAD reputation and FAST. Natural Game in a college setting will get you a reputation for being THE SOCIAL GUY. And probably laid too.