Sunday, July 20, 2008


Aright fellas, today i was able to do one. Was in a cafeteria, was a cute girl with clear framed glasses, had an average build but i liked what i saw...and had long died red hair. She's also getting food at the salad bar. I tell her, "I have to tell u this...but I find you so cute...i'm must meet you :-)" She has a smile on her face and is pretty receptive. We introduce each other. She tells me her name and i'm like "Really? U get that alot? U ever play that video game?" She laughs and says yea sometimes but she's never played it. Then i ask her whats the occasion and she says that its a Unitarian Retreat(They aren't from this school but away). I ask her what Unitarian is and she tells me its a religion where they accept different people's views of Christianity and other religions(I think). Then i'm like, "Yea...thats how it needs to be. I'm agnostic but i have to say...i give good respect to religions like that :-)" Afterwards, i give her a hug and part ways. I didn't get her number because i doubt i would see her again.

Tonight the turnout at the bar wasn't good. There were mostly guys, only afew females. The ones i did stop who were moving, their bfs were there. But i did see a 2 set of cougars(older women). I like the way both of them looked but was feeling the brunette. I go up to her telling her, "I so am lovin that curly hair of urs" She laughs and they're both pretty receptive. They look like they're in their 30s, but i decide to guess that they're 27. They both laugh and slap their hands together. Then they're like "Yea...we're 27 :-p" I could tell that it wasn't their real age. But the n they reveal their 37. I'm like, "no your not." We all laugh. I then tell the blonde that im borrowing the brunette and she goes with me. I tell the brunette, "Aright...tell me about urself" While doing this, she's looking off to the rest of the bar at first, i'm like thinking, "She might not be interested now" But...


She tells me she plays poker, i tease her if she usually tries to keep her hair like this, she laughs and says that its naturally that way...i play with it for a bit, telling her that it adds to how sexy she is. She is smiling. Right then and there i want to kiss her but i decide to wait a little longer. She also tells me she's married with 2 kids. I then am like "Fuck...there goes that opportunity" She also tells me she hasn't gone out in a while. Feeling that there was no way things could get further, i tell her that we should go back to the bar, BUT she doesn't leave.haha. She stays. Then we talk for another minute, and then i part ways with them.

NOTE: Next Time i swear to god, i won't make this mistake! She was into me! I could've atleast still went for the kiss anyhow. Thats no excuse.

Oh yea, the blonde was feelin me, as she kept looking at me...but since there weren't really other targets...i decide to drink a pitcher and i kinda was hesitant to game her considering i thought that nothing would come of it. Was in my own head and thought that she was prolly married too. Was right next to her in the bar just watching a female tennis match. But there's the thing where i should've def gamed her: She wasn't returning home that same night, was crashing with the brunette, that was a hint and of course how other guys went up to her, yet was still looking at me.

NOTE: Please hit me with a mallot. Don't worry, this taught me a lesson. Still try to get as a far as u can with a woman. I absolutely WANTED to game this woman. She'll let u know if she can't despite if she's married or taken. Morals for that don't matter to me, as its her choice and she could easily say no if she didn't want to. Now if i had a girlfriend or a wife and she was willing to cheat with another guy, then im doing something wrong in terms of sex or other things that most men fail to thats how i see it. Hell, some women cheat w/o telling the random guy that she is taken or whatnot.

I saw the girl that i had my first day 2, for cold approaching, a.k.a the big ass girl. She was happy to see me and was tipsy. She was playing pool, i decide to somewhat give it a shot, but it ended pathetically. Danced with her thick blonde friend(whom i like physically more), but didn't do well with either except just grinding and she was talking to her Tall skinny friend who was a waitress at the bar but wasn't working.

Tonight there wasn't much to work with it, and not really any girls except a few. Also i realized that this summer was definitely worth it to stay in Radford University. I've really improved compared to the Spring. Sure i haven't pulled yet, but thats not important right now. Wats important is the process. I'll def get to that point no doubt. At Radford, i got two night game nights left, and then its BACK TO NOVA!!!! for some hardcore gaming!

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