Sunday, June 29, 2008

6/27-6/28: My Resolve, My Assurance Has Returned?

Friday, nothing really happened except i direct approached this tall very cute brazilian girl with shades. She was receptive, but caught off guard and was walking. Its more like she ejected. haha. She was one of the incoming freshman who there for summer orientation.

For a while, i wasn't sure where the rustiness was coming from. I wondered when i'd be more relaxed again. Then i realized, that i need to just not be afraid to mess up with certain girls. I am still holding back flat out gaming the redhead girl in class, because i believe that i'd mess up if i wasn't as confident as usual compared to if i did it when i was most confident. But the reality is, i know for certain i will still be rusty until i go for it. I think once i do this, i'll return to where i was currently at when i was most confident thus far.

Friday Night nothing happend.

Saturday Night at the bar:
Mostly sausage but some girls.
Aright, here im having approach approach anxiety not cuz i was afraid to approach but i was tense and had no idea if i could actually talk for more than 30 seconds. So i decided that i guess i would just drink for the night. But then i was thinking over time of why i believed my night game was getting so rusty that i wouldn't get further. I wondered if things would work out...if i'd get out of this sticking point. But then, i met quite a few people i knew and were glad to see me. I was laughing and enjoying myself drinking with them and then it finally hit me. I believe i refound my resolve of doing this.

So then i felt assured that i could atleast approach again. First approach i did was a hot 1/2 black, 1/2 asian girl. I'm talking sexy as hell. I went up to her, telling her i so found her gorgeous and that im talking to her right now. She reacted receptive but was shocked u could say. We get introductions and then she tells me she's with her friend and brother. I kinda panic, cause her brother was there. I believed i couldnt' do anything with her since he was there or game her. But here's the golden rule:


I immediately introduce myself to him and talk to him for a minute. He seemed chill, but in the back of my mind...i felt i couldn't get any where with the girl. BUT, i'll get through that fear. I eject, and the chick i was talking to was glancing at me. I already knew i shouldn't had ejected but i was just getting back to the swing of things.

Did another approach with this late 20s sexy blonde. I noticed her earlier, with another guy gaming her. I let him do his thing first. So then, when he was done. She was with a few other people sitting down in the bar area. I go up to her confidentally and tell her, "I find you so stunning, i'm talking to you right now" She's very receptive and we get introductions. I'd say there was interest there, as whenever i said something and she couldn't hear, she wanted to hear what i had said. This approach only lasted for a few minutes. I introduced myself to the people she was with and they were friendly. I then told her, "Aright...i'm going to guess ur age...28" She was very shocked. She was like "Who told you? =-o" I said, just a guess. She tells me her friend told me. I told her, "Nah...just a guess" I eject afterwards.

Eventho i didn't get really far out of these approaches, just the fact that i was getting that "Sense" back got me feeling better. I believe i'll be back to the point where i am still doing the kiss close challenge and successfully kclose a girl. I believe once i successfully do that, extracting won't be that hard. This is pretty much the wall thats left before i know success will be around the corner. Also, calibration. Isolation i believe i am much better than at first at. I'll return to the point where i'll just move up and forward.

Friday, June 27, 2008

6/26 The New Honies, Nervousness, and A Shitfaced Night

Aright, today i saw a few of the new incoming freshmen girls around campus. I felt excited. I can't wait to game them the first 3 weeks of fall semester flat out. I believe i should try Badboy's college game thing to where u do get a group of hot female friends. This way, they'll know of other girls i can then game. I should try it. And maybe the girls will be cool to hang out with.

One thing i will not do is be attached to them, or play the Father Rooster role to where im the "Protector". I aint gonna do that shit.

I can do that part of the week and still do cold approaching as usual. I realized that my tenure at Radford University is almost done. I should try to see what social circles are like, and having my own would be interesting.

Let me say i was excited to see the new honeys and i can't wait.

I only did one approach today. It was the library. The girl was pretty friendly and receptive but i was nervous but talked to her for a few minutes. I pussied out in getting her number. But its all good. Happens to all of us.

I backed out of going up to a girl i met before, and a red head who was cute. But i was just out of state. That's all.

Turns out the nice bod black chick was telling the truth about the sister and her being too busy.

Tonight i went to the college club/bar again. I was tense and didn't approach for about 20 minutes. By the time i started, i was tipsy and was getting drunk. I talk to some girls. Going up to them, having chit chat. I tried to keep dancin with some girls, it was fun. One of them was hesitant cuz of her friend wanting to dance with her, but i kept persistance and she eventually was close to me. I don't remember but i think i tried to kiss her, which she didn't want to. Tonight i know i didn't push myself enough. As I am now, i won't pull. I have to go higher. I will do that tonight. To keep the motivation of talking to the girl if she isn't giving much and limiting my alcohol intake. I have to. If not, i'll get drunk and won't get anywhere.
Oh yea, when i was dancing with a girl, a guy took her away from me. I knew him. But later he told me that he was sorry for being a dick like that, but that was his girlfriend. I told him, "oh its all good man. U had a right. U do ur thing, i do mine :-)" I didn't get far overall. I just danced and thats it. I was very drunk. Blew 20 dollars that night.

I also realized, its up to me here at Radford University to become the playboy i want to be. To represent the guy who wants to be really good with women. I am doing this for them. Not only that, but im also doing this for myself. Its up to me. I was shocked how many guys believe "Model types" or super hot girls are out of their league. That is a pile of bullshit flat out. No woman is out of your league. None at all. If she doesn't want u, then thats all. Doesn't dictate her being higher value or better than you. :-)

What I will improve on tonight:

1) Do flat out pickup. To flat out do it
2) Do feel sexual state
3) To keep talking and not give up, even if i don't get good feedback
4) If a girl is still there after i try to kiss her, don't give up. Even if ur dying to eject, don't
5) To only drink 2 beers max. No more. I have to be strict about this. I don't care if i have AA at the start. Can't break this rule.

Lets see if i can get unrusty at night as well.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

6/25 Getting unrusty

Small post.

Today i'd say that im still a bit rusty.
The facebook hottie hasn't returned the message. I'll give it a week and then just consider it a "NEXT". The black girl i text, being with "hey cutie..." and wanting to set up plans. She tells me, "Not to be rude but by name is SoandSo." I'm like, "Where is this coming from?Haha", She also says her little sister is living with her all summer session, so we couldn't hang out(Watch a movie back at my place). Doesn't matter if i believe her or not at this point. Normally i'd be like "Meh...why persist any further?" But then, i decided to tell her that we can just have something lower key(Starbucks instead). She told me she's very busy all semester. I decide that persisting further wouldn't help me any further. So NEXT. I'm glad that i didn't waste any further time and now just keep on moving to other prospects. To keep gaming going.

Didn't find any girl to approach today surprisingly. Saw a 2 set but i'd like to be really good at solo sets first then 2 sets for walking girls.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

6/24 Approach Anxiety?

Hey guys, today i was out of state again. I was feeling a little nervous and my rustiness was still around. Missed an opportunity or two. Didn't flat out game the red haired girl in class. Just said hi again. I then told myself that i'll get into state again, that i not worry.

Go to the gym, and then as im on the elliptical...i remember my purpose and how i sometimes wish that one day to where i told myself "I can't do anything?! She's so fucking hot! I can't say anything?!" would happen again, to where i can say "Hey...i was able to do something this time."

For twenty minutes, i remembered my purpose, all i went through and hey...i started to get back my gaming sense so to speak. Then i see this cute dark haired girl on a treadmill. While she's running on there, i cue her to take off her headphones. I say hi to her with a smile and she's very friendly. I then decide to feel that passion...i tell her that she is so cute and then im gonna talk to her right now. She is happy but tells me genuinely that she has a boyfriend and that he dropped her off that day. I smile and tell her that its still was great meeting her.

I then saw that my sense was coming back. Even if she gave a different reaction, i think just being able to consistently do it again...gave it back to me.

As i leave the cafeteria, i see this cute brunette girl with shades. At first i hesistate to approach cuz i think its a girl i've seen around before and that i tried to game already. i look at her, and then i see that she looked at me. I then tell her to stop. She smiles and i open her. She smiles and is pretty receptive. We get names and i tell her, "Better yet, im gonna give you a hug" and we hug. I then ask her while looking at her eyes, "Now where u off to?" She tells me that she's just enjoying the weather. I tell her, "So tell me about urself" She tells me she's a elementary school counselor. i tell her i never could do that, after about 5 minutes, i'd just give up and go home. She giggles a little bit. From what i can gather, i think she was interested in some amounts. Then after another minute, i tell her that we can have coffee. She says sure :-). I get her number from her and hug her again. She tells me she commutes an hour and 30 minutes away, and that she's only on campus 2 days during the week.

From what i can gather, i believe the reactions are usually good because im smiling and i sound enthusiastic when going up to her. Before, girls tended to not want to because i prolly wasn't congruent after opening. I am more now.

Also, as any guy who's afraid to approach at the gym...the girls are nice there.

I texted the brunette girl and she told me that tomorrow or thurs she is too busy. She said monday could work and that ten am is best. Told her ten is good for me too. We'll see when plans are officialized.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Not much to report here. Today was the first day of Summer Session 2 classes. From what i see, less people on campus compared to Maymester and Summer Session I. But then i see a few honies and my excitement goes up again. The night before i was like "oh feeling a lil out of state here. Am i nervous?" Sure it'll take 2-3 days to get back to the swing of things, but hey...thats fine as long as i'm consistent.

Saw a cute redhead with glasses(they catch my eye btw ;-)) in one of my classes. I was like, "Jackpot!" Just said hi to her while she was on break. She said hi back in a friendly way. So yea, i'm gonna see what happens when i flat out game her.

I did do one approach today. Was a blonde girl in the computer lab. She was cute. Just said hi and she had a polite smile. Went direct, she was a bit more relaxed. I could tell she was pretty occupied, plus me being out of tune...decided to do it just get that sense that i usually get when im consistent. Only asked her about what she was working on. Only lasted 30 seconds. I ejected.

The girl im gonna have coffee with, decided to postpone it till afew days, the black girl im gonna text tomorrow, the facebook hottie i just messaged her to have drinks with her. We'll see how things work out.

Funny Night

Alright, Saturday Night i go to the bar with my friend named Josh. He calls me and tells me that i can order whatever i want on his tab. As a result, i get drunk as a mother fucker. Plus, not only that...but i lose my contacts, so i couldn't see the face of any girls that would possibly be there(There weren't any at all really). As super hammered as i was, i remember going up to these two groups of girls but they told me they were talking about private stuff. I don't even remember how i opened. My friend asks me if they wanted any alcohol and i told him, "nah".

He was there for about 5 hours. I was there about 4. To avoid paying the tab, Josh told me to sneak out, by going to the bathroom following him first. But then once we try it(as super drunk as i was), the bartender caught us and told me that Josh told him i'd pay it, but then i told the bartender that Josh got me. The bartender wasn't super mad, he just was like "You got a 100 dollar tab." This was all at the parking lot. haha. Looks like i won't be going to that restaurant/bar again for a while. haha.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer Part 2 Gaming Agenda

Hey guys, decided to improve the way i game for day and night time.

Day Time
1) Open how i usually do, but feel that "Desire" for her.
2) If we're both having to go somewhere, i talk to her for only a few minutes at most. Can't overstay long.Paul Janka way. Be in and out of there 1-3 minutes
3) I then just flat out go for rapport. Get to know her or do whatever i feel like, see if she's enjoying the great heat, if she's in a happy mood, or whatever stuff i think in my head.
4) Persist to get her #. Make the ho say no.

INSTA DATE ATTEMPTS are prolly best if i don't have anywhere i have to go on campus, while she doesn't have anywhere she has to go either. The 1-3 min thing would not apply. I Would talk with her a bit longer, then go for the insta date attempt.

5) Text her or call her a day after to not waste time. Initiate with something cute, flirtatious, etc. like i usually would "Wat u doing now cutie? :-)" "Rosebud...wats happening?" etc.
6) Invite to just grab a bit to eat/have some starbucks/go to the gym together, etc.
Afterwards, get her back to my place to listen to some music or watch a video but do it the Gunwitch. During the intial meetup, i be in sexual state, and see if she has it as well. Even if she doesn't get into sexual state, i still go for it anyhow. I don't want to waste time having to go on multiple meetups to where it would develop into nothing, that she doesn't want to get intimate at all. I want 2 to be the limit at most.

The rest of the steps i'll make when i've reached that point.

DAY 2 i can't say until i've done a few

Night Game: Sticking Points
For Isolation from group:
1) Talk to the group at MOST 5 minutes. Just have "nimbus" and just be having fun talking to them.
2) Isolate the girl at a "High Note" or whenever i feel its a good time.

Note: Getting that high note has been that difficult for some approaches, even if i've attempted isolations much more than the past

3) If she rejects this at first. No matter what, DON'T EJECT! Don't eject unless u get a No, or she walks away. Even if she isn't quite focused on u when ur talking, DON'T EJECT. If she says after an isolation attempt, "I have a bf" or "I'm gonna talk to my friend(s)" DON'T EJECT/END THE CONVO :-p You can't be too sure. This is a sticking point i def forgot about, ejecting from talking to girls where i assumed they lost interest, when in fact they never did in the first place. Just keep talking to her and the group a bit longer, then try again. If she doesn't want to again, then move on.

Before the Kiss Closing
1) Keep the good state going
2) Keep talking to her.
3) Rapport/whatever/ask questions. Just keeping the ball rolling
4) Be Sexual. Look at her provocatively. Look calmly in her eyes. That sort of stuff :-).
Keep this till u got that feeling.

For Kiss Closing

1) Do this at a high note.

NOTE: Most of these kiss close attempts i haven't gotten high notes, i just went for it

2) If she doesn't reciprocate. Like, "Don't do that" or "Don't do that shit" or "Why'd u do that?" or turns her face or "U can't do that. I have a bf". If she doesn't leave, DON'T EJECT Talk with her a bit longer, so she trusts more and is a bit more comfortable. TRY THE KCLOSE AGAIN

After the Kiss Close
1) Keep Talking
2) Move around the venue
3) Go back to her friends for a minute, even?
4) Make out with her again
5) Then when u see another high note...

Questions & Answers I have in mind
1)If i'm talking to a girl, but she's not at a high point. Like she's receptive but not doing much.
PLOWING. Keep talking until u get that high note. If she responds with something that u like, touch her. Only touch her if she deserves it. This will cause the high point.

2) How do i keep the motivation to keep talking to her if she's not toward the high?
She is our motivation. Her being right there. You want her for you. You want to fuck her to the point she quivers for a week. You want to taste her lips and tongue. You want to feel her warm body. U want to smell her nice scent. U want to suck on those tits. You want to both enjoy each other and have fun. That's the motivation.

3) What if she doesn't want to isolate but u can still sense good interest from her?
Could always try to just kiss her, even if she's somewhat part of the group.

4) Male Protectors. How in the world do you deal with them? I hate them the worst as there not trying to game her, yet isn't there brother...yet they assume they are like a brother to them
Really Befriending them is the best policy. Just do the best you can. Still try to isolate the girl. If all doesn't go planned, u tried.

5) I'm too scared to go for it a second time if she gave a "negative" reaction/statement the first time, even if she didn't leave. She'll yell at me and/or slap me!
Thats the risk in the game, but thats the worst that'll happen. Her yell at you. Who gives a fuck. You'll get a tougher skin as a result. I doubt what u fear will happen. U've tried twice to kiss a girl. Did she yell at you? No.

6) I seriously am mentally clouded talking!
Ask her questions if ur that bad off. If ur mind is tired from thinking too much. Just get her to talk more. So then ur mind recharges.

7) I'm having trouble feeling sexual while talking to her
Check her out, to turn u on. Imagine having sex with her. Hey it can work.

8) Kino troubles?
have purpose touching a girl. Why are u touching her at all? Have purpose with it. There should be a reason.

That's the gameplan so to speak to sum it up:
Day Game: Day 2s happening more often, Night Game: More successful kclose attempts.

Sky's Thoughts: Intermission

1) Turns out the cute girl who initially resisted in giving her number out to me, her number wasn't a flake. Thats an improvement, to where i'd always feel like shit always just accepting facebook after not persisting further. Fuck that shit! I texted her so she got my number, didn't text her for long. Gonna invite her to drink some coffee or eat after i hit her up again. Thats all the shit we can do around the uni these days other than the gym or gettin laid outright. Don't got a car :-p

2) The Big Ass girl, now that i see her around campus be honest...i just don't got that enthusiasm about her anymore. I guess its due to knowing that there's nothing that will result in it. Course i aint gonna lie, i'd still be down fucking her if the chance arose. I'm just bein honest with all u fuckas.haha.

3) Turns out the girl i got a number from at the gym, i actually got a digit wrong or something. So no luck for that lol, unless i see her around again in the fall.

4) The black girl with nice goods that i see around. Def got it goin on. After texting her, she's still open to seeing a movie at my place. Gonna text her a few days after Summer Session II begins which starts this upcoming monday as most students are back home this week.

5) For this break intermission, just been fucking lazy. Sad that i won't get to play PS3 in August, also jealous that Andrew,, has much more options to sarge at. Damn him! haha. But course im glad he's going to all sorts of places to sarge.

6) I haven't approached any girls since last week and surprisingly, i don't feel rusty as i usually would.

7) This week has given me time to think about what i've been doing so far this summer. I'd say my consistency has been pretty good. Usually, most of the time, i can approach a girl i want. Am recently just not caring what i say. Am getting much better at successfully getting contact information, am getting better at dealing with resistence. And i believe day 2s will happen a bit more on a frequent basis. I'm still just happy that i was able to meet up with a girl, to where it was a big sticking point for a while. Sure im still not mostly relaxed in a crowded lab approaching, but im def farther than what i've been before. The gym i def am there just about as i've prolly said before a few times. Negative reactions from females, although catching me off guard sometimes(oh go a bad fish this time?), they def affect me less than back in the day. U just have to look at the big picture here.

8) I'm tempted to go about starting a gaming social circle. Just seeing them around my apartment complex(social circles in general) got me thinking. I think part of me wants to hang out with a good amount of people, party with them, just do fun shit, not necessarily just hanging out shit. But at the same time, i know that doing that would take alot of effort to try to do, and the drama that could happen as a result, i don't want that. I've decided that once i'm satisfied really pulling off cold approaches, then i can take a break from it and then see how social circle gaming is. Eventho, the sad thing will be that even by then, the female friends i'd prolly make, i'd prolly try to fuck all them. By then hopefully, my self control will be decent by then. Also, right now...if i was pulling coldly on a good basis it wouldn't even slip in my mind, at all. I would give no shits about it. I right now just really care about hangin with the peeps i like hangin with, chilling and pretty much just do my own thing. I guess im the loner type. Hell, i prefer to sarge alone.

9) Lost bitterness of guys who've confronted me over the past 4 months, for stupid reasons, when im just gaming. Each of them were drunk as hell. They didn't really remember. Also saw how the guys really were anyhow. Why take them seriously? They insecure.

10)Haven't gone to the gym all week. If i don't, the weight i lost will return and we all know thats not good.

11) I can't lie, at times i've had regret for not flat out seducing girls who were in their final weeks at the uni. "She was mad feeling me. Why didn't i also go for the number instead of relying on her being at the club/bar?" "Why didn't i try to meet up with her when i saw her on campus, despite me not knowing her interest level?" "I won't see her again. This sucks. Won't get another opportunity to game her."

Guess What? Too many girls that i'll meet this fall, to even worry about the girls i wish i gamed further. Just be a distant memory :-D. Hey, Deja Vu will happen over again!

12) To be perfectly honest, whenever i see a hot girl. I just don't consider her out of my league at all anymore. I can happily say, finally i'm at the point when seeing a girl that i don't consider her above me anymore. Two weekends ago, when i was watching a movie with my neighboors, they talked about a girl in a movie, lookswise, her being out of their league. It puzzled me, "How is she out of ur league?" Cuz she looks good? Looks are a dime a dozen. Too many hot girls out there. Now i just got to meet up with them to confirm this whole belief and not talk from my ass. haha.

13) Trying to find an apartment that i can live in for 1/2 year in the fall time, as i graduate in the spring. Gotta try to be a subleaser for someone. Don't got much time left. Hopefully it'll be right off campus like a block or two away, as right place is about 20 min away by walk from the bar(10 min away from campus), a bit far for extracting girls. But i use to the walk countless times.

14) I wonder how limited i am for this upcoming 2nd part of summer for gaming :-\.

Those are my thoughts so to speak. Longer than usual, but meh

Friday, June 13, 2008


Aright today, much didn't go on. Went up to one girl, in an annoyed tone said she was studying for a test. turns out she didn't look good at all.

Another was a cute blonde who smiled when i was the comp lab. I could tell she was busy, so i just chatted her up for a minute but didn't decide to continue further.

Was a sexy legged, nice assed older black haired woman with glasses. I see her face and is ok, but i still would've wanted to bone her. I go up to her, tell her i wanted to meet her. I held back what i really wanted to say, "Sexy" because i did find her that way. She says she's about to pick up her son. She has the face of not believing me...but in these situations u just keep plowing. Plus i kinda cared what the people around me thought of trying to game an older woman who worked at the university. Was near a parking lot.

Saw the cute skinny brunette girl the day before, she told me that she'd prolly give me her number tomorrow. Today i told her, but she told me she had a bf. It didn't care if it was true or not, i decided to just let her go. I didn't care about persisting it

During the night, i sent to the club/college bar and let me tell sucked. Not really any girls to choose from. I did try to game a girl who i see around who went to my HS. I had too many thoughts in my head. I tried to isolate her but she didn't want to, calling what i did "tricky". :-p. But the funny thing is that most girls aren't use to that, so isolation is what a man does to get a girl alone.

Gamed a black haired thick woman. This girl was with a male friend who kept an eye on her. That kinda held me back a little. I just check out her outfit and rate it. Looking at her rack and then looking right up to her eyes. I say her interest was ok, i tried isolating her so then it would just be me and her w/o the friend seeing us...but she didn't want to. I then decided to no longer try to game her.

Gamed a blonde i had went up to before, she didn't remember me. She gave me some good e/c, i guess it was from me going up to girls dancing with them. I sit with her and her friends. Her BFF, another blonde, was definitely the cockblocker, but the blonde def wanted to talk to me somemore. It was hilarious. The blonde always made sure each time i said something, that she could hear it, she was that close.

Tonight i say was aright, just wished there were a few more girls. Most people were leaving, so there was no reason to get a number as i wouldn't see em again for a while since Summer II students weren't there.

What I can improve on:
1) I have a fear of boring the girl i go into rapport. Sometimes i feel rapport after being fun at first, is my only resort when i don't know what else to say or they're not giving much back.

2) I got to Stay in nimbus(Adrenaline rush) longer.

3) Not ejecting after a rejected isolation

4) If the cockblocker tries to sabotage me, i just stay calm...keep being friendly, and still try to isolate. :-)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Turns out that when i told the big ass girl about having a movie at my place, i forgot to mention my place...she says she doesn't remember but sounded kinda caught off guard/taken back/guarded by it. This is when I see her randomly on campus. She tells me she'll think about it for a few hours. I see her at the gym and ask wat her decision is. She says "No" I ask her why, to be curious. She says she's good. The funny part is that it didnt' bother me. Althought i had the feeling of "Aright...i should go up to a new girl so she knows what she was missing out on" But then after she left the gym, i then realized that there's no reason to prove to a girl who has rejected u of waht u are. She's not part of ur universe. Plus, im glad i didn't waste any time, when she knew my intentions. So it was a win win.

At first it somewhat led to me having a disappointing day considering i found out at my work that the paperwork still was having troubles processing the payroll for when i get checks then my boss accused me of not reading directions, but then apologized when he misunderstood that i was following directions. Told him thats why i ask him before i work on anything. I was like to myself, "Aright...this is expected for the day to possibly become a bad day" But in reality, Bad Days are of the perceived eye.

But for the other approaches today:

#1 Was a cute brunette girl i was on my way to class. I open with hi, she says hi in a pretty friendly way. I tell her i find her cute and am wanting to talk to her. We introduce each other. I ask her where's she's going to. She says she's doing an intership, i tell her i'm late and then i say to her, "Hey...we can talk somemore...whats ur number? :-)" She says "Thats ok...i'll see you around :-)"
Learning how to persist through that, i tell her...that its rare i'll see her around campus again. She asks me if i have facebook and myspace. I tell her i don't got any of these ;-). Its funny, cuz we were walking together discussing this. So then i take my pencil out and am about to write it down on paper. She says, "Aright :-)" and gives it to me. I talk to her for a few seconds after.

I believe she had some interest on some level, and i've improved in dealing with resistence. All you do is just take the number down as if u assume she will give it. It'll be hard for her to resist. I told her that its a fail-safe, just in case i don't see her again. Im glad i've improved with that. Will she flake? Maybe. Who cares? I don't as much anymore as i use to.

2) Was a gorgeous latin woman. She's in an empty computer room. I tap her, she jumps a little but laughs. I tell her that i wanted to meet her. She's pretty receptive. I immediately sit down with her. We just discuss that Summer I is ending and how she won't be back for summer II. I'm like "Aww man". So then i ask her, "Tell me about urself" She says she's busy. I then just ask her, "You're not single are you? :-)" She says she isn't but that she's living with her boyfriend. I tell her, "So when's the wedding? :-P" She laughs and says that they prolly won't but have a very close relationship. She was seeking some more rapport with me. Find out she's colombian, do a fake latino accident repeating her name. My eye contact has improved, she had good eye contact to. Good approach i'd say. I forgot to mention, we joked a bit so it wasn't a boring approach.

3)At the gym, was a blonde girl. She's in the mat area. I turn her around. Tell her she's cute and how i want to meet her. She's pretty receptive. We get introductions. I just roll with conversation. She says she's leaving in a couple days. I act disappointed and tell her, "Its a such a shame...we could've hung im gonna be all bored and shit" she laughed. I then ask about herself. She says, "What do u want to know?" I tell her, "Everything...but first let keep it simple :-)" She then says likes to swim during the summer. She asks me how i have fun around here. I tell her that since im 21 that i easily find time. She tells me she's 20, im like "Just a year :-p....yea...just a year where it comes way too easy...way too easy" This lasts for about 3 minutes, i tell her, "Hey...lets get together when falls starts. Wats ur number?" She asks if i can remember. I say sure and remember it. After i leave, i forget her area code, and ask her lol. But all in all. Good approach i'd say, simple and to the point.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sky's Thoughts on The End of The first part of Summer

Hey everyone, here's another edition of Sky's thoughts!

1) Just recently I've managed to return to the Good Feelings of Direct :-)

2) Its a good thing in the game to when u see a girl u must have, and that u go up to her w/o apology. I tend to hesitate a little to the ones that i don't as much.

3) I'm doing more gym and lab approaches. Which is awesome, considering the fact that those places use to intimidate me in terms of approaching. Got to do the lab when its pretty crowded and aerobics class left and i'd say i can approach almost anywhere at the University. :-)

4) I'm not as frustrated as I use to be, because finally i decided to stop being so attached to outcomes and that success will happen. And i think it will start to show as i was able to meet up with a girl despite it not lasting that long. Thats still progress :-)

5) Girls saying they dont' want to give their number out anymore doesn't bother me, why be concerned with that if they aren't interested? Let them go i say :-)

6) There were afew girls i was getting bent out of shame over at night game for them not being interested when i thought something was there. BUT, then i realized that they aren't anything different than all the other girls i've went up to. They're just 1 of many. Thats def helped me stay motivated.

7) Relistening to badboy and reading up on his material retriggered why i like doing direct, i just really only used it as an opener for a while, somewhat losing that good feeling of why i was doing it.

8) Not having a specific outcome once i approach a girl has gotten me less nervous and less outcome dependent. Things just flow together if they're there and they don't if they aren't there.

9) I use to be hesitant after opening doing "Tell me about urself" But now i decided to do it more often. U say u want to get to know her, so why not get to know her? I think its working better for me. Plus u start with rapport :-)

10) Honestly, i don't feel alive unless im gaming. Even if i took a break, deep down in my soul i must be in the game!

11) The guys who've confronted me and tried to start shit cuz of me gaming a certain girl or whatever, i no longer have a grudge against them. Why? Because i realized who they truly were(someone that i shouldn't even be acknowledging that much) and no need to be bent out of shape over it as im still the better man.

12) When i was younger, i never thought that this was possible. Who would've thought that i can actually get better with girls?

13) Andrew,, your doing awesome man with ur sarging and doing Jason's drills! I'm glad we're both doing well. In August, we'll def be sarging together, having drinks together and as always be good pals!

14) Summer Session II will be alot less girls, but i'll do the best i can in finding them.

6/9 - 6/10/08

The Big Ass Girl:

At the gym notice a short haired girl with a nice plump ass. We get eye contact, she gives a slight smile. I raise my eyebrows, as we’re both getting ready to leave. I just have rapport with her. I’m relaxed, not even concerned with an outcome. Using Comecuca’s advice, I say whatever’s on my mind(About the gym and stuff). I touch her hair, making it obvious that my arm is touching next to hers. She doesn’t resist. When we shake hands, I hold it for a bit of time, playing with it. She’s like “ok? :-p” I do it again, when we’re both about to leave. I tell her, “Its how I roll” She laughs out loud. J

I then tell her, “hey…its great talking to you….lets have a bite to eat together. J since I find u cute and do want to get to know u better” She thinks about it for a second and then says, “Sure J” I get her number. As she’s leaving, I notice that big ass of hers. I got a boner. No lie, I still get a boner thinking about it.

I hit her up afew days later but she tells me she’s on a business trip and will hit me up when she returns. I see her at the bar, but her brother’s there, so I didn’t really game. I hit her up on Sunday night leaving her a voice mail to eat at subway the next day at 6PM. She didn’t’ respond till a day later texting me why Im not at the gym. I tell her that I went there already and I already. So then I decide to meet up with her at subway. I consider it a Day 2, because I successfully was able to meet up with her despite the last minute stuff :-D. She was already there and done eating, while I just decided to head over there. When I arrive, we talk for a minute, then we decide to leave and walk for about 10 min. After that, she tells me she has to go pick up her car. I didn’t want to walk all that way and being in our gym clothes, we part ways, BUT we are gonna meet again. Turns out that we will meet at the gym tomorrow and she said sure for seeing a movie at each other’s place(I think I remember mentioning one of our apartments). So we’ll see how that develops, but I was happy I was still able to meet up with a girl after 2 months of straight day gaming. :-)

Just Afew More Approaches so far This Week:

#1 Was a hot wavy haired brunette in the lab. She notices me looking at her as she’s picking up a piece of printing paper. I felt a “I want her!” feeling in my body. She has a really nice body and great rack. I was excited. After a minute, I go up to her. I ask her in a funny way, “ I haven’t met u before have i? J” (I did this cuz remember the girl I approached but felt a bit embarrassed as I didn’t know I went up to her before? I just wanted to maek sure) She says, “I don’t think so :-S” I then say, Aright just checking” She gives a confused laugh. I then tell her that I really find her gorgeous and that im talking to her. She is receptive I’d say. We introduce each other. Im feeling a bit more confident doing lab approaches. I ask her what she’s working on, she tells me a paper and how its due on Friday. She says she’s graduating. I do a little kino by giving her a hi five when she mentions she’s graduating. She laughs. She tells me politely that she’s gotta get back to it in a nice way. I understand, so I decide to leave. I was still a bit afraid to go for the number while people were still in the lab, but that fear will go away.

#2 Was a tall skinny girl on campus. She’s cute. I stop her. I tell her that I do find her cute and that I want to meet her. She’s receptive. We get names. I tell her, “So tell me about urself J” She then says that she’s really late to class. I tell her I understand. We were both late for class haha. I could’ve attempted the number. :-\ oh well. :-)

#3 Was a short haired cute girl walking throughout campus. I tell her, “Stop for a second” She’s walking a head of me. She smiles and says in a laughing tone “Stop for a second?” I say, “Yea J” I opener her. She’s receptive. We are walking together across campus. I tell her, “Tell me about urself J” She says, “What do u want to know? J” I tell her, “Everything J but lets not get to that so soon J” She then says, “Aright J I am a 5th year” and so and so. It was about classes and stuff, but i was actually glad talking about it. Didn’t bore me to say the least. I just said whatever I was thinking of. I hugged her when I opened her and when we parted ways. I then tell her as we are about to leave, “hey…its great talking to you…lets continue this further J Lets go get a bite to eat together in a few days J” She says her phone is broken. I ask, “Are u sure? :-p” She’s laughing and says yea. I then decide to just get her facebook.

I look her up on facebook and it turns out that she was taken. But hey, glad I know now J”

#4 Was a cute blonde sorority girl in the lab. What is it with always finding sorority girls when I approach. They are 10% of the total University population but jesus Christ! Well then as we meet e/c she gives a smile…I raise my eyebrows and smile. I then go up to her but she’s on the phone. I’m like, “Oh I didn’t know u were on the phone haha” She smiles. So then after she’s off the phone and after a minute, I go back up to her. I smile and say I really find her cute and im gonna talk to her. She’s receptive and we both have our names. I ask her what she’s working on, blahdy blah. I ask her if she’s gonna be in summer II(There’s not much time left till Summer I is over) She tells me she leaves Friday. So then Im like “Awww man and I wanted to meet up with u before then J” She finds it funny and is laughing. So then I do “tell me about urself J” She says there’s not much about her. I decide to sit down and tell her, “Ur so lying :-p u live in Charlottesville right?” She tells me nah, in Fredericksburg which is an hour away from me. I could tell she wasn’t really facing me during this, so I guess I lost motivation. I decide to eject.

#5 Funny approach. Was hot blonde who was in the lab. As she's leaving. I follow her and say "Stop for a second :-)" She seems and smiles. I then tell her i really find her cute and im talking to her. We get introductions. She receptive. She tells me she's student teaching high school and i tell her she's got guts with those monsters. She laughs. She also says she has a year left. I'm like, "Yea got a semester close" So then she says its good meeting me but i tell her im not done talking to her yet. She says "Ok :-)" I then tell her, "Tell me more about urself" I mention tubing and she says she doesn't like to swim. Im like "Why not? :-p" Its not that bad. As im about to go into that more. I see a guy who goes up to us, and then i ask him, "How do you guys know each other?" He says, "We both have sex!" I couldn't help but to laugh incredibly hard. She laughs too. I then tell him, "Oh i didn't know u guys were dating :-p" Im just startled by the situation but he was a nice cool guy, just being funny. He asks me if i want a ride. On the way, he tells me he's a vegetarian and stuff. I ask him about that life style and want not. Its pretty interesting how their lifestyle is. I had to mention after this approach as this was and still is funny as hell to me. :-p

Monday, June 9, 2008

Another Two Weeks of Night Game

The First Week

Thursday: Will I redeem myself this night?
Aright, tonight i was going in pumped up to redeem the previous thursday since it was a lackluster performance. When i get in, im just settling in and wondering which girl im gonna go up to next. But then i see a really hot blonde that i really wanted there. My adrenaline went up. I felt so excited inside. I then get my drink and i see she's leaving with her friend. I tell her, "hold up hold up...not yet u aint leavin" She remembers me and is very receptive. I give her a hug and am holding her. She asks me what i was doing later. I told her i was prolly goin home afterwards. I see her female friend waiting on her, so i assumed she was gonna flat out leave. So then i get her name again, hug and kiss her cheek and told her i'd say her again.

So then after this, im feeling much more in state.

The brunette with a nice rack i went up to a few weeks ago was there. I was like, “Aright…time to game her” Oh I go up to her, she remembers me. As I’m there, she appears bored…so I decide to do the “boob touch” that Machismo on this forum suggested me. I look down at her breasts and tell her, “I bet my breasts are better than urs” She looks at me a bit playing along with a “yea right” smile and I tell her, “U can touch these if I can touch urs ;-)” She smiles and says nah. I’m like, “C’mon…u know u wanna compete” haha. She declines again, and then she’s goes off to somewhere. Hey, least I tried.

A couple of frat guys come up to me threatening me like, “Did you touch her ass?” I told them I didn’t(I really didn’t)they’re like, “If you did…we’ll punch ur face into the ground” I tell them, “I understand how u guys feel but I didn’t.” The one of them was like, “She’s like a sister to me” I’m thinking, “yea…she’s a sister to you that uve wanted to fuck” Then one of the sorority girls was like “Stop talking to him” They stop. I ask her wat their problem was. She says to not worry about it.

These are the risks u go through :-p

Was a blonde I met at a party Monday(Sausage Fest) who went up to me. She was hot. She says she remembers me. I’m talking for a few minutes. I try to isolate her, but she doesn’t want to. So im talking to her for a few more minutes persisting. Then I then go for the kiss and she says, “Don’t do that” But she didn’t walkaway or anything. So it was all good.

Saw the hot brunette who was with the sexy blonde about 3 weeks prior. I was talking to her for a few minutes. I forget what was happening, and when I see her around as I’m walking, she gives me a weirded out look. I wondered if I did anything strange, but I aint gonna worry about it.

Was a pretty cute Latina girl who I was gonna dance with, but her friend dragged her away. It was hilarious, how dead set her friend was trying to get her away from I dancing with her. The target girl was curious and looked like she wanted to.

Was another black haired girl I was dancing with, she kept looking back at me but since she said she had a bf, that was in my mind and I held back from kissing her. I bet she wanted to.

Throughout the Night, I was having fun and talk to afew girls. The gorgeous small brunette I saw the previous week was there, and she had her real hairstyle out. She was with her friend. This week I gotta game her flat out.

The night, I considered myself redeem and I believe I did great.

Was at the bar, and there weren’t really any targets except two. One of them was with a girl I knew. She was selecting a song, I was just telling them to pick “sexual healing” and a few other ones. The friend is usually nice, but this night…she was feisty. She’s like “I’m not feisty! :-p” I tell her, “Yah huh” So then I try to isolate the target girl but she and her friend are like, “no.” Hey can’t beat a nigga for trying eh? I could tell she wasn’t interested at all. So I knew it wasn’t worth it

Another girl was by herself. I do the gorgeous opener. She said she texting her fiance’. I decide to sit down anyways. She’s seeking rapport with me and its going great. Her redhead friend comes in and I talk with her. I talk to them for ten minutes.

Where’s the attempted kiss close Sky when the friend wasn’t there?

After I go to a party. Sausage Fest. Go up to a girl and her friend, but I wasn’t getting any interest at all. So I left, they weren’t impressive at all.


Lets just say I got SUPER DRUNK. Was pissed off as hell and that I was hitting on a few girls but my state was so much to where I wasn’t aware that one of them had a bf and wasn’t interested. I did get to see some titties from one girl and lets say they were nice ;-).

The Second Week

Thursday: Am I lacking?

Aright tonight was the College Bar/Club. I am just chilling for a bit. Saw most people were watching the Celtics/Lakers i was kinda hesitant to approach as i was conscious everyone would've watched me and that they were pretty distracted till it ended. There were mostly guys but still enough girls to go around.

After the game was over. Everyone was in the clubbing mood. I then open one girl up. Telling her she's cute, and she says she doesn't think so. I'm like, "oh c'mon now...u don't think so?" She says, "Aright...i think so" But right when im about to talk to her somemore. Guess who i see? I see the blonde whom i messaged on facebook who told me, after her not responding to us meeting up for drinks, that she was playing hard to get and that she doesn't want me and why i don't understand that. But it turns out she was thinking about it and told her friends about me while she was drunk. one of the friends goes messages my account. She tells me that she was afraid i would curse her out and stuff in the replied message. But she was relieved and happy that i was so calm and actually told her that i was glad she told me now than before. So it looked like she had some interest there still. We will see how that goes.

This night i felt like my game sucked to be honest. Many of the girls weren't really hooking in my opinion. But in reality, bad nights are a perceiving of the beholder.

One girl i saw whom i thought was pretty cute i met before....she had shorter hair to where i was playing with it and she was somewhat talking to a guy. I didn't think of going for the kiss at the time for some reason and the interaction died...eventho there are still opportunities to game her somemore.

Actually 2 nights later, i see her around again.

There was one girl who was sitting with a group, to where i just opened her
with hi. I'd say her receptiveness was good. Me and her just talked, i looking at her inappropriately, she playing with her outfit, moved her cleavage a bit around her top. I touching her legs, shoulders and arms, looking at her seductively. She didn't resist. Her friends leave and give us time for each other. But she is about to go to them. I tell her, "i'm not doing talk to u yet

:-)" She says, "Thats ok" I then tell her that we've only gotten started but she declines again. I then see another guy talking to her, and she's talking about. I felt like he was doing a much better job than i did.

But in reality, Who cares? Plus, i doubt it. He wasn't touching her or anything. Just talking to her. After they're somewhat at a pause talking, i go back over to her to talk to her, but i could tell by me being there, that it was awkward for her and she didn't know to react. I still got another chance w/ her so we'll see what happens.

See a girl ive seen around since Freshman year. she had a cute face, great rack. Died hair. She's playing pool. I'm talking to her telling her i find her cute but she's more occupied with the game. Then some of my inner chode came back, as i told her that i found her cute since freshmen year and i could tell that she was like "oh brother". But if i see her around again, i'll go for it one more time. She wasn't feeling me much at the time, but times are different.

I leave feeling that i sucked :-\. But then i looked on the bright side that i did improve. My sexual state is improving.


I don't really remember much on this night. But i did see both girls of who i got numbers from, there. One of them was with her brother, so i held back a bit, but he was a cool guy tho. She said she was free monday for us to eat. the other girl i got a number from, it turns out that she had a bf who was with her. Decided to let this one go.

There was a cute/sexy black haired girl with a nice outfit. She was pretty receptive, i even isolate her. But it turns out that her bf worked at the bar i went to, and was paranoid she told me. He wasn't there but i believed her. I didn't want to risk getting kicked out of 1/2 two places that i only have accesss to for the summer at college for night game. But i was glad i got another isolation in.

Was a blonde girl whom i did the stop hand motion. She was pretty receptive. She was cute. We just talked about whatever. I even get to isolate her, and we're sitting down for a few minutes. But then im like, "aright...time to try to kiss her" But i kinda was hesitant. It was funny tho, as the group she was apart of saw me and one of the girls tried to cockblock me. LUCKILY, the guy that was gaming her, helped me out by moving her away. I thanked him, and see him around eversince helping him out too. So then i continue talking to her and she's about to leave. I then caress her face but she's looking around the bar. I then decide to go for it, but she says, "don't do that...i have a bf" I just say aright. But she doesn't leave or walk away. But after a minute, she says that she's gotta go.

Thats all that happened for this night.

Was a bigger crowd. Some girls to choose from. Since the Maymester for my school was done a week before, there were less girls than at the start.

Saw the cute girl with glasses from Thursday again, try to isolate her but she wanted to stay with the group.

See a black haired girl with glasses. I liked what i saw >:-). She had a goth look to her. She was pretty receptive. I talked to her for a minute, she was going back to her group. I told her that i'm not done talking to her. She laughs and says that she's gotta return to them.

Was a brunette girl whom i found was cute too. I just introduce myself with her, and just talk anything. I plow you could say. Caress her hair, ask about her earrings. Her body language is closed off, but i still plow. Its just us sitting down, as im next to her, but i decide that we isolate to another part of the bar, but she tells me that her bf is over there. It could've been true or not. Didn't matter. I could tell that she prolly wasn' t that interested, and she decides to leave. But hey, least it saved me some time.

Another was a blonde girl i directly open. She is heavily distracted tho and tells me that she's heavily occupied. normally, i'd persist but i decide to leave, it was no loss tho.

The last were two girls, whom the Cockblock saving guy was gaming one of them. We sorta switched targets. I'd say my body language was good...was doing the claw...things were rolling great. the bar is about to close tho. But then i suggest that she come back with me to have more drinks. She says that she's going back to her place. I ask her if i can roll along and she said sure.

I know most people would be like, "So wat if u go back with them w/o sexual intentions?" But it was important to me, because for the first time going for an extraction attempt, a girl said yes for the first time. Its just got to be on the sexual side next time :-)

So then me and the two other girls leave(i tell the cockblock saving guy that he can come with us, but things falter and he leaves i guess realizing nothing would come of it) When i get to their place, it turns out that one of the girls lived with 4 other guys and they were protectors. I'm like, "Aww man!" so then i decide to just be buddy buddy wiht the girls and her roommates. They were pretty cool and i got along with them, but in my mind i'm like, "Just be non-threatening!" haha. Also the girls were much more drunk than i thought.

After about 15 min, i decide to leave.

As im just about home, i then see a mini-party/gathering going on. I decide to go there, and there are mostly guys there. there are a few girls but im tense as hell. Turns out that the hot blonde i tried to kclose and was an attention whore was there. I kinda didn't try to game her this time and was trying to get my attention a few times. i just grinded with her but thats all she wanted. I decided that next time i see her around, to barely give her attention at its all she wants and then i can flat out game her when she doesn't got that in her mind. Also tried to game a couple more girls but each of them were lesbians(one of them was bi) but stuff didn't happen later. :-).

All in all, funny night. :-p

Oh yea, for the guys who wonder why i don't try to # close. Well some of these girls i see repeatedly and have gotten to game again. Plus all i'm tryin to do is do ONSs. Now if i feel that i def want to see the girl again and that she won't flake, then i def will go for the #.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day Game This Week Sorta

1) Brunette sorority girl. Went direct. She was pretty receptive. Talked for a minute, we both on rush. Told her i'd see her at college bar.

Was rusty for a few days....

Went up to two girls to get back in the groove.

Today went up to a hot brunette girl. Did the raise eyebrow thing when i saw her, she smiled. I go up to her with "hi" as she's on a computer. She's not really acknowledging me and says "hey". I do my direct line and she says i approached her before. I ask her, "When?" she tells me it was on campus. I leave feeling it was in a lab where there was a bit of people, but they didn't notice. After, i felt a bit embarrased a bit ashamed doubting if i should keep approaching on campus, but then walking after 10 min...i felt fine again.

At the gym, noticed a cute tall brunette girl i saw at the lab a day before. We're both on the elliptical. We're just having normal rapport and i could feel my approach sense coming back. It was gone for a few days, but i felt more relaxed. Invited to eat with me on Monday. She said sure. She gave me her number. She was receptive throughout talking to her, even taking off her headphones which she originally had. So it was good.

Called the girl i also invited to eat a few days ago. She was on a business trip and told me she'd hit me up when she returned. I'll give her 3 days and then i'll hit her up again, if she forgets.

Thats pretty much the gist of it. Not much of day game this week.

Sky's Thoughts Night Game

1) I'm doing great with hot girls at the start, just gotta keep that fun state up

2) Sometimes when a girl is not responding much, i'll eject if she's in a group...BUT the key is to stick in there until u get a No. The thing is, its that risk. U have to deal with rejection. It only makes a player stronger. The best players are the ones who've gotten rejected the most.

3) I've had a mishap of trying to kclose girls who aren't that interested, and blow it with ones who are. I'll be more aware of which ones want to and which ones aren't. Its always best to go for it regardless.

4) There have been a few girls i've seen around i def want to game, but sometimes a guy is gaming her. I don't want to interrupt his game. I let them part first. There are too many other girls w/o guys around them to game.

5) I keep plowing. If i'm afraid i bore them, i keep going. But im not gonna go head over heels to try to keep them interested, as its not worth it.

6) Afew guys have confronted me, about me gaming and stuff. BUT, its the risk. I'm doing something right, as if i didn't one would confront me but at the same time...i'd never get anywhere.

7) My openings are fine i'd say. I'm doing fine with that.

8) One of the girls who i wasn't cool with for giving me a weird look and dragging her friend away while i was dancing, she doesn't remember and apologized to me. But in reality, now that i realize was the girl i was dancing with who signaled to her friend(Who i knew) that she wanted to be pulled away. So i then realized it and will take it less personally.

9) Coming up im gonna move up a notch. The phase im gonna try to is Successful kcloses. I'll def move up a level once i can do that as right now im isolating.

10) I gotta risk some interactions by going for it more,as i'll be stuck if i don't

11) I just keep it up :-)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Sky's Thoughts Day Game

Hey guys, lately i've had some thinking in the game.

Here are some things i've noticed for both day and night game.

Day Game:

1) For some of the flakes i got for the previous semester, I didn't think i really did anything wrong. But then i learned that the reason why i got flakes was because i got numbers from girls i didn't even sense "that much" interest from and just # closed for the hell of it. The were only a few numbers i got of girls and they were actual numbers. Just they flaked meeting up prolly cuz i tried to have them back at my apt to watch a movie, to where they prolly were more comfortable if i just ate with them first, but least they knew where i was coming from.

2) The good news is that in day game, the most attractive of girls are receptive to it still.

3) In some of my interactions, i cared too much about getting to meet up with the girl i was talking to. I then realized that i was less tense when i didn't care the result of it. Thats a better mindset. Why? Because naturally, we'll be more smooth and charming and shit as we don't hold that much involvement with the outcome. If she doesn't want to meet up with us again, no worries. I'll find another girl at least, if not hotter,and she'll be feeling me more. There always are those girls.

4) Lately, due to the flakes, i was hesitant to go for numbers again since i'd just assume they'd be flakes. But guess what? Assumptions aren't always the best way to go. I mean sure u don't always have to go for the number, but at times...just to be sure u'll see the girl again... get it. I hate going for facebooks, if i deep down want the number. Its all in risking rejection. U could say i was tired of flakes and rejection, that i wanted to play it safe and try to reduce it. But in reality, ur just prolonging it. If the girl is flat out into u, she'll be happy to give her number. But if she's maybe, she'll be resistent. But lately, with some girls if i chat them up for not enough time, i fear that they'll flake on me, hence why i've done the coward route of just asking them for facebook. Also, at the gym, im afraid to go for the number as i believe the girl will feel judged with people around her and that be the reason she flakes on me. But in reality, they are all excuses. Go for the number when u want to man. Go for it. Risk the rejection. Who cares if she's not into you later? Im gonna get through that once and for all.