Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sky's Thoughts on The End of The first part of Summer

Hey everyone, here's another edition of Sky's thoughts!

1) Just recently I've managed to return to the Good Feelings of Direct :-)

2) Its a good thing in the game to when u see a girl u must have, and that u go up to her w/o apology. I tend to hesitate a little to the ones that i don't as much.

3) I'm doing more gym and lab approaches. Which is awesome, considering the fact that those places use to intimidate me in terms of approaching. Got to do the lab when its pretty crowded and aerobics class left and i'd say i can approach almost anywhere at the University. :-)

4) I'm not as frustrated as I use to be, because finally i decided to stop being so attached to outcomes and that success will happen. And i think it will start to show as i was able to meet up with a girl despite it not lasting that long. Thats still progress :-)

5) Girls saying they dont' want to give their number out anymore doesn't bother me, why be concerned with that if they aren't interested? Let them go i say :-)

6) There were afew girls i was getting bent out of shame over at night game for them not being interested when i thought something was there. BUT, then i realized that they aren't anything different than all the other girls i've went up to. They're just 1 of many. Thats def helped me stay motivated.

7) Relistening to badboy and reading up on his material retriggered why i like doing direct, i just really only used it as an opener for a while, somewhat losing that good feeling of why i was doing it.

8) Not having a specific outcome once i approach a girl has gotten me less nervous and less outcome dependent. Things just flow together if they're there and they don't if they aren't there.

9) I use to be hesitant after opening doing "Tell me about urself" But now i decided to do it more often. U say u want to get to know her, so why not get to know her? I think its working better for me. Plus u start with rapport :-)

10) Honestly, i don't feel alive unless im gaming. Even if i took a break, deep down in my soul i must be in the game!

11) The guys who've confronted me and tried to start shit cuz of me gaming a certain girl or whatever, i no longer have a grudge against them. Why? Because i realized who they truly were(someone that i shouldn't even be acknowledging that much) and no need to be bent out of shape over it as im still the better man.

12) When i was younger, i never thought that this was possible. Who would've thought that i can actually get better with girls?

13) Andrew, drewpua.blogspot.com, your doing awesome man with ur sarging and doing Jason's drills! I'm glad we're both doing well. In August, we'll def be sarging together, having drinks together and as always be good pals!

14) Summer Session II will be alot less girls, but i'll do the best i can in finding them.

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