Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sky's Thoughts Night Game

1) I'm doing great with hot girls at the start, just gotta keep that fun state up

2) Sometimes when a girl is not responding much, i'll eject if she's in a group...BUT the key is to stick in there until u get a No. The thing is, its that risk. U have to deal with rejection. It only makes a player stronger. The best players are the ones who've gotten rejected the most.

3) I've had a mishap of trying to kclose girls who aren't that interested, and blow it with ones who are. I'll be more aware of which ones want to and which ones aren't. Its always best to go for it regardless.

4) There have been a few girls i've seen around i def want to game, but sometimes a guy is gaming her. I don't want to interrupt his game. I let them part first. There are too many other girls w/o guys around them to game.

5) I keep plowing. If i'm afraid i bore them, i keep going. But im not gonna go head over heels to try to keep them interested, as its not worth it.

6) Afew guys have confronted me, about me gaming and stuff. BUT, its the risk. I'm doing something right, as if i didn't one would confront me but at the same time...i'd never get anywhere.

7) My openings are fine i'd say. I'm doing fine with that.

8) One of the girls who i wasn't cool with for giving me a weird look and dragging her friend away while i was dancing, she doesn't remember and apologized to me. But in reality, now that i realize was the girl i was dancing with who signaled to her friend(Who i knew) that she wanted to be pulled away. So i then realized it and will take it less personally.

9) Coming up im gonna move up a notch. The phase im gonna try to is Successful kcloses. I'll def move up a level once i can do that as right now im isolating.

10) I gotta risk some interactions by going for it more,as i'll be stuck if i don't

11) I just keep it up :-)

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