Monday, June 9, 2008

Another Two Weeks of Night Game

The First Week

Thursday: Will I redeem myself this night?
Aright, tonight i was going in pumped up to redeem the previous thursday since it was a lackluster performance. When i get in, im just settling in and wondering which girl im gonna go up to next. But then i see a really hot blonde that i really wanted there. My adrenaline went up. I felt so excited inside. I then get my drink and i see she's leaving with her friend. I tell her, "hold up hold up...not yet u aint leavin" She remembers me and is very receptive. I give her a hug and am holding her. She asks me what i was doing later. I told her i was prolly goin home afterwards. I see her female friend waiting on her, so i assumed she was gonna flat out leave. So then i get her name again, hug and kiss her cheek and told her i'd say her again.

So then after this, im feeling much more in state.

The brunette with a nice rack i went up to a few weeks ago was there. I was like, “Aright…time to game her” Oh I go up to her, she remembers me. As I’m there, she appears bored…so I decide to do the “boob touch” that Machismo on this forum suggested me. I look down at her breasts and tell her, “I bet my breasts are better than urs” She looks at me a bit playing along with a “yea right” smile and I tell her, “U can touch these if I can touch urs ;-)” She smiles and says nah. I’m like, “C’mon…u know u wanna compete” haha. She declines again, and then she’s goes off to somewhere. Hey, least I tried.

A couple of frat guys come up to me threatening me like, “Did you touch her ass?” I told them I didn’t(I really didn’t)they’re like, “If you did…we’ll punch ur face into the ground” I tell them, “I understand how u guys feel but I didn’t.” The one of them was like, “She’s like a sister to me” I’m thinking, “yea…she’s a sister to you that uve wanted to fuck” Then one of the sorority girls was like “Stop talking to him” They stop. I ask her wat their problem was. She says to not worry about it.

These are the risks u go through :-p

Was a blonde I met at a party Monday(Sausage Fest) who went up to me. She was hot. She says she remembers me. I’m talking for a few minutes. I try to isolate her, but she doesn’t want to. So im talking to her for a few more minutes persisting. Then I then go for the kiss and she says, “Don’t do that” But she didn’t walkaway or anything. So it was all good.

Saw the hot brunette who was with the sexy blonde about 3 weeks prior. I was talking to her for a few minutes. I forget what was happening, and when I see her around as I’m walking, she gives me a weirded out look. I wondered if I did anything strange, but I aint gonna worry about it.

Was a pretty cute Latina girl who I was gonna dance with, but her friend dragged her away. It was hilarious, how dead set her friend was trying to get her away from I dancing with her. The target girl was curious and looked like she wanted to.

Was another black haired girl I was dancing with, she kept looking back at me but since she said she had a bf, that was in my mind and I held back from kissing her. I bet she wanted to.

Throughout the Night, I was having fun and talk to afew girls. The gorgeous small brunette I saw the previous week was there, and she had her real hairstyle out. She was with her friend. This week I gotta game her flat out.

The night, I considered myself redeem and I believe I did great.

Was at the bar, and there weren’t really any targets except two. One of them was with a girl I knew. She was selecting a song, I was just telling them to pick “sexual healing” and a few other ones. The friend is usually nice, but this night…she was feisty. She’s like “I’m not feisty! :-p” I tell her, “Yah huh” So then I try to isolate the target girl but she and her friend are like, “no.” Hey can’t beat a nigga for trying eh? I could tell she wasn’t interested at all. So I knew it wasn’t worth it

Another girl was by herself. I do the gorgeous opener. She said she texting her fiance’. I decide to sit down anyways. She’s seeking rapport with me and its going great. Her redhead friend comes in and I talk with her. I talk to them for ten minutes.

Where’s the attempted kiss close Sky when the friend wasn’t there?

After I go to a party. Sausage Fest. Go up to a girl and her friend, but I wasn’t getting any interest at all. So I left, they weren’t impressive at all.


Lets just say I got SUPER DRUNK. Was pissed off as hell and that I was hitting on a few girls but my state was so much to where I wasn’t aware that one of them had a bf and wasn’t interested. I did get to see some titties from one girl and lets say they were nice ;-).

The Second Week

Thursday: Am I lacking?

Aright tonight was the College Bar/Club. I am just chilling for a bit. Saw most people were watching the Celtics/Lakers i was kinda hesitant to approach as i was conscious everyone would've watched me and that they were pretty distracted till it ended. There were mostly guys but still enough girls to go around.

After the game was over. Everyone was in the clubbing mood. I then open one girl up. Telling her she's cute, and she says she doesn't think so. I'm like, "oh c'mon now...u don't think so?" She says, "Aright...i think so" But right when im about to talk to her somemore. Guess who i see? I see the blonde whom i messaged on facebook who told me, after her not responding to us meeting up for drinks, that she was playing hard to get and that she doesn't want me and why i don't understand that. But it turns out she was thinking about it and told her friends about me while she was drunk. one of the friends goes messages my account. She tells me that she was afraid i would curse her out and stuff in the replied message. But she was relieved and happy that i was so calm and actually told her that i was glad she told me now than before. So it looked like she had some interest there still. We will see how that goes.

This night i felt like my game sucked to be honest. Many of the girls weren't really hooking in my opinion. But in reality, bad nights are a perceiving of the beholder.

One girl i saw whom i thought was pretty cute i met before....she had shorter hair to where i was playing with it and she was somewhat talking to a guy. I didn't think of going for the kiss at the time for some reason and the interaction died...eventho there are still opportunities to game her somemore.

Actually 2 nights later, i see her around again.

There was one girl who was sitting with a group, to where i just opened her
with hi. I'd say her receptiveness was good. Me and her just talked, i looking at her inappropriately, she playing with her outfit, moved her cleavage a bit around her top. I touching her legs, shoulders and arms, looking at her seductively. She didn't resist. Her friends leave and give us time for each other. But she is about to go to them. I tell her, "i'm not doing talk to u yet

:-)" She says, "Thats ok" I then tell her that we've only gotten started but she declines again. I then see another guy talking to her, and she's talking about. I felt like he was doing a much better job than i did.

But in reality, Who cares? Plus, i doubt it. He wasn't touching her or anything. Just talking to her. After they're somewhat at a pause talking, i go back over to her to talk to her, but i could tell by me being there, that it was awkward for her and she didn't know to react. I still got another chance w/ her so we'll see what happens.

See a girl ive seen around since Freshman year. she had a cute face, great rack. Died hair. She's playing pool. I'm talking to her telling her i find her cute but she's more occupied with the game. Then some of my inner chode came back, as i told her that i found her cute since freshmen year and i could tell that she was like "oh brother". But if i see her around again, i'll go for it one more time. She wasn't feeling me much at the time, but times are different.

I leave feeling that i sucked :-\. But then i looked on the bright side that i did improve. My sexual state is improving.


I don't really remember much on this night. But i did see both girls of who i got numbers from, there. One of them was with her brother, so i held back a bit, but he was a cool guy tho. She said she was free monday for us to eat. the other girl i got a number from, it turns out that she had a bf who was with her. Decided to let this one go.

There was a cute/sexy black haired girl with a nice outfit. She was pretty receptive, i even isolate her. But it turns out that her bf worked at the bar i went to, and was paranoid she told me. He wasn't there but i believed her. I didn't want to risk getting kicked out of 1/2 two places that i only have accesss to for the summer at college for night game. But i was glad i got another isolation in.

Was a blonde girl whom i did the stop hand motion. She was pretty receptive. She was cute. We just talked about whatever. I even get to isolate her, and we're sitting down for a few minutes. But then im like, "aright...time to try to kiss her" But i kinda was hesitant. It was funny tho, as the group she was apart of saw me and one of the girls tried to cockblock me. LUCKILY, the guy that was gaming her, helped me out by moving her away. I thanked him, and see him around eversince helping him out too. So then i continue talking to her and she's about to leave. I then caress her face but she's looking around the bar. I then decide to go for it, but she says, "don't do that...i have a bf" I just say aright. But she doesn't leave or walk away. But after a minute, she says that she's gotta go.

Thats all that happened for this night.

Was a bigger crowd. Some girls to choose from. Since the Maymester for my school was done a week before, there were less girls than at the start.

Saw the cute girl with glasses from Thursday again, try to isolate her but she wanted to stay with the group.

See a black haired girl with glasses. I liked what i saw >:-). She had a goth look to her. She was pretty receptive. I talked to her for a minute, she was going back to her group. I told her that i'm not done talking to her. She laughs and says that she's gotta return to them.

Was a brunette girl whom i found was cute too. I just introduce myself with her, and just talk anything. I plow you could say. Caress her hair, ask about her earrings. Her body language is closed off, but i still plow. Its just us sitting down, as im next to her, but i decide that we isolate to another part of the bar, but she tells me that her bf is over there. It could've been true or not. Didn't matter. I could tell that she prolly wasn' t that interested, and she decides to leave. But hey, least it saved me some time.

Another was a blonde girl i directly open. She is heavily distracted tho and tells me that she's heavily occupied. normally, i'd persist but i decide to leave, it was no loss tho.

The last were two girls, whom the Cockblock saving guy was gaming one of them. We sorta switched targets. I'd say my body language was good...was doing the claw...things were rolling great. the bar is about to close tho. But then i suggest that she come back with me to have more drinks. She says that she's going back to her place. I ask her if i can roll along and she said sure.

I know most people would be like, "So wat if u go back with them w/o sexual intentions?" But it was important to me, because for the first time going for an extraction attempt, a girl said yes for the first time. Its just got to be on the sexual side next time :-)

So then me and the two other girls leave(i tell the cockblock saving guy that he can come with us, but things falter and he leaves i guess realizing nothing would come of it) When i get to their place, it turns out that one of the girls lived with 4 other guys and they were protectors. I'm like, "Aww man!" so then i decide to just be buddy buddy wiht the girls and her roommates. They were pretty cool and i got along with them, but in my mind i'm like, "Just be non-threatening!" haha. Also the girls were much more drunk than i thought.

After about 15 min, i decide to leave.

As im just about home, i then see a mini-party/gathering going on. I decide to go there, and there are mostly guys there. there are a few girls but im tense as hell. Turns out that the hot blonde i tried to kclose and was an attention whore was there. I kinda didn't try to game her this time and was trying to get my attention a few times. i just grinded with her but thats all she wanted. I decided that next time i see her around, to barely give her attention at its all she wants and then i can flat out game her when she doesn't got that in her mind. Also tried to game a couple more girls but each of them were lesbians(one of them was bi) but stuff didn't happen later. :-).

All in all, funny night. :-p

Oh yea, for the guys who wonder why i don't try to # close. Well some of these girls i see repeatedly and have gotten to game again. Plus all i'm tryin to do is do ONSs. Now if i feel that i def want to see the girl again and that she won't flake, then i def will go for the #.

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