Monday, June 23, 2008

Funny Night

Alright, Saturday Night i go to the bar with my friend named Josh. He calls me and tells me that i can order whatever i want on his tab. As a result, i get drunk as a mother fucker. Plus, not only that...but i lose my contacts, so i couldn't see the face of any girls that would possibly be there(There weren't any at all really). As super hammered as i was, i remember going up to these two groups of girls but they told me they were talking about private stuff. I don't even remember how i opened. My friend asks me if they wanted any alcohol and i told him, "nah".

He was there for about 5 hours. I was there about 4. To avoid paying the tab, Josh told me to sneak out, by going to the bathroom following him first. But then once we try it(as super drunk as i was), the bartender caught us and told me that Josh told him i'd pay it, but then i told the bartender that Josh got me. The bartender wasn't super mad, he just was like "You got a 100 dollar tab." This was all at the parking lot. haha. Looks like i won't be going to that restaurant/bar again for a while. haha.

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