Thursday, October 23, 2008

10/22 Bland Post

Today not much happened except i went up to a few girls randomly. Got a few numbers but im not having any high expectations for that. Usually, these days when i get a girl's number its like: Aright, if we meet up great...if big more to worry about. I let all the frustration go with that. Been a little busy this week, so i been lazy calling girls. Midterms suck. Ate with a girl who was thick but i liked her face. Invited her to eat tomorrow. Oh yea, the tatoo girl was too busy with a test to study for, so i'll reschedule that. Not much to update. Staying consistent. :-D

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

10/20 and 10/21


Aright fellas, Monday i didn't do really any gaming except get a number from this hot black haired girl with a nose piercing. Not sure if she was interested or not. Up in the air. Oh yea, called the girl whom i talked to on the bus the night before, set up for the next day, although when i called the next day, a guy answered and told me i got the wrong number. She called me afew hours later explaining that he was playing games. Saw this blonde haired thick girl whom i gamed at a party before. Happy to see me. Got her number. Saw a movie on campus with her and her friends in and out. Was funny. Gonna hit her up later in the week.


Didn't game much either today. Set up something with the tatoo piercings girl for the next day. Called a latina girl to party friday, told her i'd hit her up the night before to remind her. She was down. Sat and ate with the "bus" girl. We continued what we were talking about. I flirted with her more, she liked it. Told her that we'd see a dvd together...she was down. Def be one of our rooms. Looks like her interest is still there. Held her hand and playfully kissed it, she was liking it. Thats all for today, we'll see how the rest of the week goes :-)

Monday, October 20, 2008

University of Mary Washington Weekend PART II

That Night

Aright, during that night we pick up the brunette girl and her friend. We see the blonde walking by with a friend, as we're heading over there. We get lost driving, and me and Arnaud are bickering cuz of loss of directions. We make it to the party. Its a lot of people, but no dancing...just talking. Seemed kind of boring, i was getting to talk to the brunette more. I had my arm around her lower back and put her closer to me but she didn't resist. Arnaud wasn't into her friend, whom hd a bf. I was afraid to isolate her and go for the kiss, cuz i thought i'd be cockblocked by her friend(NONSENSE since her friend was cool with me and my friend). It was the lacross house. The dudes were tight as shit. Met the hotties my friend talked about who were at the uni. lookswise, they definitely rivaled Radford's girls. So then the party gets busted. The girls want to go home, since they didn't want to go to the underwear party that was afterward(found out it was a sausage fest). As we drop tehm off, im thinking of going for the kiss...but i chicken out...but then as i hug her and kiss her on the cheek, she's still looking at me. I was like "Fuck! Should've gone for it" Oh well....i won't make that same mistake next time.haha.

Afterwards, me and Arnaud drive and look around for another party but all of them were busted by that time.

Leaving UMW

The next morning, me and Arnaud sat and eat with the blonde girl and her nerdy male friend. He was a good guy. We just talked about whatever. But then we decide to leave, where i told them that i prolly wouldn't be able to come back till January. She then looked at me and said, "Thats a long time away" i could tell she liked me and wanted to see me again sooner. I then hugged her and told her that i liked this, this was nice. hahah. Curled hands with her, and we all parted ways. After, i text the brunette girl from last night that i be back in a month(Since i figured thats when i'll come again). She tehn wishes me a good trip. Looks like she was still After, i part ways with Arnaud, and then as i leave Mary Washington University right after talking to a hobo who was checking out my mom's car that i used to get down there, i smiled knowing that Arnaud was right that it was a place wehre i could be successful gaming college girls using my style.

On the bus right back to Radford, i see the girl i sit with on the bus on Friday and we sit together again. I was tired so i didn't get to sleep that long. But we agreed to meet up and eat together on Tuesday. We'll see how that goes. Texted all the numbers i got the previous week, only like 3/10 of them responded. 2 were wood. The lst one responded, but we'll see how that goes.

All in all. The 100 dollar ticket for a round trip bus ride was worth see UMW. Eventho i didn't get to see any crazy parties, i was still impressed and had my questions answereed. I'll be back there in a month to go do more gaming with Arnaud.

University of Mary Washington Weekend PART I

Before the Trip

Aright! Finally to UMW, where my best friend...Arnaud goes to. He told me the girls are easier and are less of a hassle to game. Being frustrated with girls at Radford earlier in the semester(I aint bitter or frustrated anymore since i let it go), i still wanted to see if his words were right.

On the bus there, i sit with this cute girl. She had a nice slim body, i liked her toned rack. I sit next to her, and we talk for hours. This girl's personality i was attracted to her. I really got to know her. She seemed real. She liked outdoors stuff, couldn't stand horror movies(Which was funny), talked about sorts of things i was interested in too. I think her being cute and her personality made me attracted to her much more. I actually got a hard on. When we both went to sleep, my arm was next to hers, and our knees were touching each other's. As when she was talking, i kept looking at her lips and eyes(as Manwhore suggested) did it get me horny. Plus she smiled whenever i teased her/joked around, genuinely. It was good talking to her. Got her number...and set up to eat with her.

The First Night

When i get there, we go to a party. It is a smaller party, but the girls were nice there. I was a lil shocked. I was use to girls being different moods at Radford, but at this party...they were having fun. Dancing with many girls. Didn't get to kiss any, BUT i enjoyed myself. I improved my logistic sense by asking the owner of the house, who's off limits. He told me most of the girls are fine, except the one he'll make out with. We both cracked up. Was a very cool guy. Was funny tho, there were about 5-6 girls who went inside the party but he kicked them out becuase he didn't know them. I was shocked, at Radford...girls were automatically allowed in, but here it was equal. If he didn't u were associated with anyone in the party...u weren't allowed. I thought it was fair and equal...the way it should be. First talk to this 1/2 asian, 1/2 white girl. She wasn't bad looking. Talked with her for a little bit. Tried to lead her to the couch, but she didn't want to. But i could tell she still showed interest. Danced with a few more girls. There was one that caught my eye in particular earlier in the night, but Arnaud told me that i shouldn't go in this fast yet to her(He doesn't realize that i have experienced these situations many times before) and he thought i'd scare her off. So i decided, despite holding back IMMENSLEY, to wait...but then after he said it was all good now(I could've done it regardless of if he wanted me to or not so early) so then i danced with the girls. Funny, the girls were into me. I was shocked how more simple it was. Course laying them still would take logistic handling. Arnaud wasn't really having fun as there wasn't THAT much dancing and it wasn't crowded but i def didn't mind.

ARNAUD'S BELIEF: Wait till things settle in, and go up to a girl at a specific time. Hence why he didn't want me approaching yet, but he didn't realize that i have a good deal of experience in the approaching department.

The Next Day

Aright, we go to the cafeteria to eat. The cafeteria isn't as packed as say radford...but it seemed easier to game girls there. The college is 70% girls and 30% guys, a playboy's dream. I saw a cute girl by herself, i was shocked. Arnaud was hesitant for me to go up to her out in the open where people could see and thought i be more subtle about it, not wanting me to go up to her this soon. But this one, i had to decline his wishes. She was shy, but receptive. I can tell it brightened her day. She had a shy smile and she was def a cute girl. Was about 5'7, long brown hair, nice smile and teeth, skinny nose, slim build, nice toned rack. She told me she was an Historic Preservation major. The convo seemed easy and simple. She told me she was bored and had nothing to do except homework. MONEY AND JACKPOT. I get her number to have her come with me to a party later that night. My friend then thought she wasn't that cute, but we had different tastes.

After that, we sit with a blonde science major girl he met. She wasn't bad looking, but i liked what i saw. She had a nice slim body..about 5'6...her face was adorable. I then couldn't stop looking at her lips and eyes, turned me on. I liked how she'd look at me with focus. Was funny. Arnaud hinted that i talked to lots of girls. I could tell she was intrigued by this. I sarcastically playfully said the opposite that i didn't but its obvious i was faking it. We all talked together.

After lunch, me and Arnaud go to watch a rugby game. He tells me i should call the girl i got a number from to invite her to dinner. I do, she answers. I WAS SHOCKED. I invite her to dinner. She said she's bring her friend with her, i was down to it, since my friend could have a girl to talk to. But then when we get there, she's only there. So then me, my friend and her are sitting down. We both are talking to her. I could tell she showed interest still. She told me she had a bf, BUT i didn't not care and she didn't bring it up again. This could def be a sign that getting with her was def possible. She also told me she hasn't gone to a UMW party yet. BINGO. We then spot the blonde girl from earlier, we tell her to sit down with us. She looks at me with curiousity when she finds out that i met her earlier during the day. The brunette girl has to leave, i flirted with her a bit and she laughed and seemed pretty receptive. After she leaves, she finds out that i hit on her and invited her to sit with us. I can def tell the blonde girl was def getting more attracted to me. She looked at me curiously. I teased her naturally and was playful. While i got food, i found out from my friend that she thought i was friendly and nice(But not the chumpish kind) but the "I like him" kind. Arnaud then starts to ask her questions of why girls act flaky, bitchy, dont' return calls, don't try to call us.

She said shyly and unsure, "i dunno" i then say that they expect us to call and that if i was gonna meet up with a girl, i will just tell her to meet with me. I can def tell she liked that part. She then says, "But thats so dominant :-)" I tell her that no need to ask, a girl will let us know if she doesn't want to or not, but other than be assured that she will. So then we hang out with her a lil later. I decided to let him and her talk(Im thinking he's trying to get with her). But then i hear that he's not into her in a non-platonic way, i tell him that i def want to fuck her. So then we try to invite her to the party but she doesn't want to...but still she's seems a chill girl.

10/16 Rileys

Aright...tonight at Rileys was sub-par. I got rejected the most in one night for dancing. It bothered me a lil. Talked to one of the hotties i stopped at rileys 3 weeks before. Her telling me that she was too good enough to be doing the dancing thing turned me off, despite her looks. But i did improve in the sense that i forgot the meh feeling the next day. All in all, it was an ok night.

10/16, Gunwitch Extraction?!

Aright today, i did some more approaches as a few numbers...lost one i think. But the most unexpected thing happened today.

Aright, as i'm leaving the cafeteria, i recognize the tall punk girl with lots of tatoos and peircing whom had a slim body and nice rack. She stops and notices me too. I notice her excited to see her and she seems happy to see me. She tells me she's getting something to eat, i decide to join her. I talk to her about her being bisexual, how her first 3 some was, how sex was with a girl(being more passionate), how kissing her was great, etc. The convo went on for a bit. I was noticing that this was a gunwitch related situation i could take advantage of. CONTINUE WHAT COULD'VE BEEN THE PREVIOUS WEEKEND AT THE PARTY. So then i initiate us talking about music. She tells me she likes Alice and Chains. I tell her that there was this one song i've been dying to hear but can't get the name, i tell her "lets go back to ur room and check it out.

She says, "ok...i got nothing to do" I was like in my head, "ARIGHT! UNBELIEVABLE! It actually worked. Haha" As we walk to her place, we just talking about bullshit. I could sense interest on her part, eventho she was very laid back. I could def tell she was attracted to me. So then when we arrive inside her room, she's on her computer. She tells me the things she'd do to Jessica Alba on the desktop. I tell her, "Oh but u got no idea of the things i'll be doing to u" She looks at me curiously and laughs in disbelief. So then we look it up, i then tell her to show me the rest of her piercing, starting with the tits. She shows them to me and god damn, she had nice sized tits pierced. Really nice. Then she showed me her Crotch tatoo. After that, i then go for the kiss...we start to kiss but then she pulls back with a conflicted smile saying sorry. I then am looking right deep in her eyes, there's def sexual tension going on. We could both feel it. She's looking at me curiously, with a shocked laugh at how confident and persist i was acting.

Then after afew minutes, i go for it again. She starts to recipcrocate kissing again, but then she pulls back again with teh same response. I then am smiling at her, and she's looking at me again...conflicted. She tells me she's had bad experiences with guys these days and wants to do things with girls more often. i tell her im the exception of guys. Then i have her sit on my lap. My dick is def hard at this point. It felt nice. Then i had her lay down on me while on my lap. I then am starting to kiss her back, and notice her tatoos on her back. And then am holding her tits. She's like "What are you doing? :-)" I tell her, "you know what im doing :-)" Im playing with them and then im about to put my hand under top to feel them, but she puts my hand away. Then im still grabbing them from the outside, im touching her legs and then im about to rub the outside of her crotch but then she pulls my hand away saying "Whoa...wait a minute :-)" I could tell she was conflicted. I keep talking in her ear. Then she gets off my lap aftera few minutes, as im trying to kiss her again but she declines, but i can tell she wants to.

Then after a bit, i see that i should lead her to be on her bed but i was hesitant to do it for some reasoon. Then she says she's gonna take a nap. I tell her that we should take one together and nothing more, she declines but not in a "No" manner. So then i go for the kiss one last time but she declines. She def was surprised by my persistence, i tell her im stubborn and persistent as hell. We hug each other and told her we should get high together next week. She agreed.

Afterwards, i felt an adrenaline rush...that getting the lay after 4 years was closer than before. But i had the fear that i'd have a bad player vibe about me which would cause more rejections but it was in my head and i got those thoughts out of my head.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Night Game Notes to help

Listened to the Free Teleseminar by Sinn of Love Systems/Mystery Method. At first, hearing it was of MM, i was skeptical considering MM's reputation of being indirect, considering i'm direct...but he did mention this can help in ALL forms of game, plus Andy, one of my future Potential Wings, recommended it to me. When i listened to it, i can only get half of it. But he gave me the notes:


Best way to get into rapport is to go first
Its offering stuff about your life
Comfortable convo
No pressure
Your both on the same page
You know I’m a writier and because of that it makes me really passionate
But also it makes me arrogant and makes me think everyone should listent o what I have to say
Throw a checkin and make her agree
Harder qualifiers afterwards
Just assuming rapport and talking
And gradually work up to something like “have you ever have something like that happened?”
If you do it for your self, people will be infinitely more opened and helping you do it.

Touch early, youre a touchy guy
Make It look like she’s touching you, take her hand n put it on your arm
Youre the one ending the touching first
Hand touching
Arm n arm – qualification
Arm around
Talk face to face 3-5 mins
You have to prep it

Handling Logistics to get to the bedroom
Ask Questions in beginning to seed for later:
Whats on the agenda for later (short for do you wanan fuck?) very early on
Who she’s hear with
What she has to do tmrw
How she got to the venue
Seed to leave club together!

Good Rules of Thumb for later in the night:
Never take girl out to a diner or a place to eat
Club or house or their house
To Fuck a girl in an alley in 10 mins if u can sense the huge sexual tension:
-“Lets go get something outside”
-“Lets go get something in my car”
-“Its too hot in here”
-“hey lets go over here, lets go eat”
Hey were leaving the more dominance you have in your speech the better!!!

Being Sexual:
SNL is sexualize everything
“We’re not going to get along”
Challenge the girl sexually
I don’t’ know who your ex bf, was but he didn’t spank you enough
Sexualize teasing and attraction game
Start talking about sex
Spill your drink on her, oh you got me wet, yea i kinda have that effect on women
Talk about sexual subjects and make fun of it.

All in all, this def was worth getting information from. This will help my sticking points immensley down the line

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

10/15 Good Gaming Day and Insta-Date almost happened

Aright today for day game, i did pretty well for approaches. Tried Manwhore's suggestion and i got good responses and reactions.

First was a hot blonde girl with glasses. I was pretty attracted to her, she seemed attracted to. She was pretty nice but i could tell there was interested. I could tell she liked it when i went direct with her. She said she was gonna get coffee, i then told her to come with me to starbucks. So then we walked to starbucks, and while we were walking there, we talked and got to know each other. Qualified her so to speak with her personality of how i found it sexy that she had a feisty side, also related to her in the fact of how people should genuinely like u for who u truly are, rather than who they want u to be. We could relate in that regard, and i flirted with her and was playful. Turned out good. When we brought our drinks, as we were about to sit down...her roommate texts her for an emergency situation so it got cut short. But i got her number and will contact her sunday night, to try to do bowling with her :-D.

Did another approach with a girl i met before, just told her that i prolly flirted with her before...she laughed and was smiling. Got her number quick.

Another was this puerto rican girl with nice tits, cute face...thickish body. She was pretty receptive, facing me...smiling. Got to know her for a few minutes. Just being by myself, she seemed relaxed and was talkinga bout herself. Talked for 5-6 minutes. Got her number.

Another girl i went up to, she was hot. Talked to her for about 7 minutes. Stopped her directly. Tried to get her number, but she showed resistence. Put the boyfriend card after saying how she doesn't really know me. But i plowed, she tried the facebook thing at first, but then i told her "Whats ur i was about to enter it in" She's like "I can't just give it to you" haha. I then told her, "Yes u can :-) Then she says she got a bf. I gave up too fast i think with that. So then we'd see each other around. The next time i prolly do, im gonna just talk to her here and there on campus till we set something up. With her i think she wanted to, prolly just really socially conditioned so far...i'll ease it off. When she was in her car, she waved goodbye.

REALIZATION: Sometimes girls don't want to give numbers because they feel they have to know you better. But its our job to let her be free of that conditioning. Next time im in a situation like that, im gonna tell her "Thats what why we're meeting up. So we "Can" get to know each other".

Later on, texting two girls i got numbers from earlier in the week. One of them didn't respond, another one did...and she said she was taken...but i plowed and persisted, it was back and forth texting of me accusing her of playing hard to get, with her trying to change the subject to facebook talk and about if i accept pics on my phone, etc. I then after a bit each time always returned the convo to the meeting up. Then she's like "if i show up" Then i told her i bet she will. Then i flirted with her a little more. Then she accuses me of being dense for when she says she's happily taken, but i reply with im dense when i need to be.haha. I'll prolly text her again next week. This is a good thing for me to try for experience, see if she changes her mind next week. Its not much effort on my part...and i can learn much from this, of how possibly some girls can play hard to get, even if they say they don't want to but still not stop texting u.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

10/15 Sky's Thoughts and The Last 10 Weeks of College

Aright, here's another edition of Sky's thoughts. For the Last 6 Weeks of Gaming at campus again, i've noticed some changes in my ability...

Day Game: Inner Game Improvements/Realizations
1) Flakes don't bother me anymore. Its like "Whatever" These days.
2) Still confident enough to approach girls consistently
3) Glad to set up Day 2s more often
4) Realizing that meeting up with ANY girl doing it the way i've been doing in itself is a remarkable thing.
5) That some of the girls who have flaked, were PRETTY attracted to me at first but after ten minutes later, that attraction died down.
6) Never giving up still
7) Not frustrated with day game overall anymore
8) Experiencing different situations
9) Laying college girls during the day is no easier than say the real world, except that sometimes it can be harder considering there is more social conditioning involved.

Night Game: Inner Game Improvements/Realizations
1) Getting kisses more these days, surprisingly
2) My calibration is getting a bit better in certain spots
3) Still having trouble keeping things going for a while...even after kiss
4) Going from kiss to lay seems much tougher
5) Learned to BEFRIEND ALOT, in lower key/chill eventho direct is my main style...its caused me to have to deal with too many cockblocks...cuz i hate having to resort to flying under the radar when my greatest strength is to make it obvious.
6) My Sexualness is going up.
7) "ozzie's" style of isolation and being the prime mover def causes these girls to be more attracted to me.
8) I'm less frustrated with night game.

Day Game Plans

1) Caring less of what people think and prolly doing more lab approaches again if i see a girl i want regardless of her reaction
2) Gonna Try Manwhore's suggestion for me:
For Ten Approaches:
-Strong sleepy eye contact , smile , approach, talk a little and be horny.
-try this for 10 approaches and to see the difference.
3) To girls i see around usually, get the number...even if her friends are around.
4) Just keep doing what im doing

Night Game Plans

1) Frat Parties again with lots of girls. This is my forte' and my advantage.
2) Rileys every thurs unless i have a test i have to study for.
3) Give it one more shot with certain girls that i don't think i did well with originally.
4) Make sure i know of the parties to go to ahead of time. For Friday and Saturday Nights.
5) Limit my alcohol in-take
6) For Frat Parties with Dancing, def to keep the girl occupied and to just move her all over the place and to def. befriend the friends
7) For Rileys, do the same thing i've always done.
8) Also to eventually go back to the apt to see how i've improved since leaving it.
9) For regular parties to not leave if a girl shows aloofness or is playing hard to get

10/11 NIGHT - 10/14, Two Day 2s

Aright people, Saturday Night...I went over my friends' apt yet again to drink and game. Of the typical girls who go there, whom aren't into me.... only one was really gameable. They brought her there. I give her a 7. Her body was ok, but she had a cute face nice eyes. Flirting with her, she was into it...but the groupies of the apt tried to pull her away. I was at the balconly and they were talking, i wanted to continue talking to her but i was afraid of being embarrased if one of the girls who didn't like me there, tried to sabotage and something weird would happen. After that particular girl left, i then continued talking to her. But they were leaving, cued her to peck me on the lips, we did and she left.

At another apartment, try to game a few more girls. One of them was a thick brunette. She was cute. Isolated her to the couch but her male protector pulled her away. Surprisingly in the past when this one black dude did it, it pissed me off and i have been bitter about it since. But then recently when a guy does that, i don't care. Guess my inner game has gotten stronger. Another one was a small hot blonde chick.

Improvement: Cockblock prevention

She was with this dark brunette with big tits. I acknowledged both of them, and then tried to get the blonde to dance. The brunette told her to dance with me. They both laughing when i was teasing with them both earlier. The blonde did for a minute but that was the end of that. I could tell she only liked the frat guys who lived in the apt. No big deal.

Later on, saw this really cute brunette. She was cute as anything, sitting down. Tried talking to her and her friends, then isolating her but she didn't want. Then i see they're wanting to talk to the other guy who was talking to them. But then as i saw, he wasn't doing anything. They were just glad to talk about anything. So then after 20 or so minutes, he still hasn't done anything, i decide to sit next to him, and i whisper to him "Make the move". He tells me, "But she has a bf" I tell him, "It doesn't matter...go for it anyways" But he doesn't. I then see one of the groupies of the apt i go to usually to drink. She was there. Her top she had on was nice. I was drunk as hell, but kept flirting with her saying how it was distracting and that she got it going on. Was funny as hell. She was like in a shy manner, "I should my coat back on" hahaha. Later in the night, i saw a guy that i didn't like in the past cuz of his stupidity and flat out ignorance...but then i decided to let it go. Said watsup to him, he was friendlier than i thought. But maybe deep down i still may not like him, but the hate/dislike has pretty much gone.

But all in all, funny night.

Just called some numbers. Called the silly/bubbly brunette girl with a pretty face, and nice ass. Invited her to eat with me the next day in the cafeteria(day 2) She said sure. Called a few more numbers, some were wood...called another girl back 6 months ago....she looked up who i was and remembered me. I told her i'd hit her up later in the week.

Approached a few girls. One of them looked like a southern belle i was pretty attracted to. Found her pretty cute, went direct and she was like "Really? :-o" haha. Was funny. I knew i made her day. Talked for a minute or two. She told me she's not on campus that much. I told her i'd call her, to find out when she's free on campus, when she has a break. Approached a few more girls, were wood.

Saw the nice ass, cute face girl at 7-11. Reminded her 6:30, she said sure glad to see me. I guess this is another day 2. She arrives 15 min late and calls me telling me she's running late, and i see she brought her friend along i met the first time i ate with her. When they arrive there, i feel like she didn't give a rats ass that we were meeting up, eventho she was nice and friendly. I thought they were into their own convos more than me, and that it was just something platonic. I did the best i can to flirt and seduce, but there was only so much i could do. They then decide to leave early, telling me sorry. I told them it was ok. Afterwards, i felt mad...but didn't think i should've been and didn't understand why. I then realized that i was mad cuz i had my expectations too high that she would understand that it was a day 2, but i realized that it was a learning experience and that it can prepare me next time for: EMPHASIZING U AND HER!

Later in the night...i then decided to go to the apt i usually go to. Out of the like 10 girls i tried to hit on, but didn't work out...there was one left whom i gave a certain impression to, my persistence, dominance and fun vibe. I decided to try to give it a shot with her. This would be my last time at the apartment for a while. When i arrive first at the apt, i don't her and think that i never will. But then all of a sudden...I see her, i act playful and to be funny and stuff with "Finally ur here! Bout damn time!" but she tries to act neutral. I thought i failed off the bat and thought about calling it quits with her.

NOTE: If its a higher energy environment, that would not be a thought. I would persist most def easily.

Then i notice she looks at me from time to time, subtley and quickly. I then noticed that she was actually playing hard to get, and she was one of the girls whom like a guy but don't want people to know, to keep a certain image. I then just got drunk the rest of the night.


Approached quite a few girls today, most said they were taken. Saw one who was walking that was in my work. The guys at my work said she had a butter face and that her body was a lil porpotioned but i didn't care. I liked what i saw. She remembered me. She seemed glad to. I go right to the point. She tells me thurs she got a break. I told her i'd hit her up tomorrow.

Meet up with another girl whom we been in contact. I kind of forgot what she looked like but she remembered may face. When i saw her, she looked aright...but it was only cuz she was wearing a sweatshort, jeans and carpenter boots. Now if all that was off and her hair was out, and saw how big her breasts were again...NOICE. So then...she's with her roommate but its fine. Its going well. Im flirting wiht her and her roommate. Getting to know her, making it obvious im into her in a non-platonic manner. Letting her know how i find her twang sexy, tehy both giggling. Hand holding her a little long. Looking at her seductively. It went great. They both down to earth. I tell her that i'll call her again to hang out with her. All in all. it went great.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

9/26 - 10/11, day 2 also

Aright, here's another update:
Been cold approaching a little less consistently than when i did the first few weeks.
Last Monday, I got another day 2 surprisingly...

She didn't respond to my call the night before, but still showed up when i did. Aright, we had good conversation. I liked how real she was, and she was just too cute. She did belly dancing and ballet, which i found sexy since it means she can move those hips and is flexible, plus she was small too. But she let me know she was taken tho during the date when i told her we'll hang out again...glad she told me that. We had good convo tho, and i was flirting and i think she liked that.

For night usual, been going to the same apartment to drink. Some of the girls were surprised by my dominance and i believe a few liked it. Got a few left to game there that i see. Getting a few more kisses more consistently :-)

Thursday Night, danced with this Indian Looking Girl, wasn't doing bad, but i talked to her too much and just didn't go for the close soon enough as i was afraid that i'd get cockblocked. But then 20 minutes later, a guy makes out with her and drags her in a bedroom...but almost fucks her. Doubted my ability at the time, but then realized she was a bit more drunk and that i learned something from what he was doing. GO FOR THE CLOSE, when u feel the time is right.

Friday Night, went to a apartment head was i had a beer. Saw a red haired girl who was slim and tall with tons of piercing and tatoos. Had a nice rack. She was pretty receptive and mellow. Isolated to the couch, we kissed for a few minutes. Flirted with her. Put her on my lap. She was sorta laying down on me. But after a bit, she then didn't want to make out anymore. So then i just talked, went for it again...she resisted...but i could tell it was easing away alittle bit.

My friend who was with her friend, whom i met before, he winked at me indicating that both of us are gonna do well. I had a big smile that he was supporting me as other guys tried to sabotage what was going good for me. So then i touch her all around, was very provocative, telling her that she'll show me her pierced nipples later in the night. Asked the dude if there was a room i could be private with her, but he told me that he wasn't sure if i was able to get fully alone with her, since her friend would prolly be checking up on her. But then after a bit, she then decided to go outside and met another guy, talked to him. She went with him to an apartment with a few guys who lived there. I thought i did something wrong. But then the other guys told me i did just fine and that she was more lesbian than straight(Bisexual :-D).

So then afterwards, i decided to go to a frat party. My God! It was so much fun! i couldn't believe its what i've been missing for the past month. I was amazed at how many people were there, and how it was where my game really is good with and how much i can shine. I danced with lots of girls, tried to kiss most but they didn't want to. Oh well, it was still fun. :-)

I'm gonna update my journal more often.