Monday, October 20, 2008

10/16, Gunwitch Extraction?!

Aright today, i did some more approaches as a few numbers...lost one i think. But the most unexpected thing happened today.

Aright, as i'm leaving the cafeteria, i recognize the tall punk girl with lots of tatoos and peircing whom had a slim body and nice rack. She stops and notices me too. I notice her excited to see her and she seems happy to see me. She tells me she's getting something to eat, i decide to join her. I talk to her about her being bisexual, how her first 3 some was, how sex was with a girl(being more passionate), how kissing her was great, etc. The convo went on for a bit. I was noticing that this was a gunwitch related situation i could take advantage of. CONTINUE WHAT COULD'VE BEEN THE PREVIOUS WEEKEND AT THE PARTY. So then i initiate us talking about music. She tells me she likes Alice and Chains. I tell her that there was this one song i've been dying to hear but can't get the name, i tell her "lets go back to ur room and check it out.

She says, "ok...i got nothing to do" I was like in my head, "ARIGHT! UNBELIEVABLE! It actually worked. Haha" As we walk to her place, we just talking about bullshit. I could sense interest on her part, eventho she was very laid back. I could def tell she was attracted to me. So then when we arrive inside her room, she's on her computer. She tells me the things she'd do to Jessica Alba on the desktop. I tell her, "Oh but u got no idea of the things i'll be doing to u" She looks at me curiously and laughs in disbelief. So then we look it up, i then tell her to show me the rest of her piercing, starting with the tits. She shows them to me and god damn, she had nice sized tits pierced. Really nice. Then she showed me her Crotch tatoo. After that, i then go for the kiss...we start to kiss but then she pulls back with a conflicted smile saying sorry. I then am looking right deep in her eyes, there's def sexual tension going on. We could both feel it. She's looking at me curiously, with a shocked laugh at how confident and persist i was acting.

Then after afew minutes, i go for it again. She starts to recipcrocate kissing again, but then she pulls back again with teh same response. I then am smiling at her, and she's looking at me again...conflicted. She tells me she's had bad experiences with guys these days and wants to do things with girls more often. i tell her im the exception of guys. Then i have her sit on my lap. My dick is def hard at this point. It felt nice. Then i had her lay down on me while on my lap. I then am starting to kiss her back, and notice her tatoos on her back. And then am holding her tits. She's like "What are you doing? :-)" I tell her, "you know what im doing :-)" Im playing with them and then im about to put my hand under top to feel them, but she puts my hand away. Then im still grabbing them from the outside, im touching her legs and then im about to rub the outside of her crotch but then she pulls my hand away saying "Whoa...wait a minute :-)" I could tell she was conflicted. I keep talking in her ear. Then she gets off my lap aftera few minutes, as im trying to kiss her again but she declines, but i can tell she wants to.

Then after a bit, i see that i should lead her to be on her bed but i was hesitant to do it for some reasoon. Then she says she's gonna take a nap. I tell her that we should take one together and nothing more, she declines but not in a "No" manner. So then i go for the kiss one last time but she declines. She def was surprised by my persistence, i tell her im stubborn and persistent as hell. We hug each other and told her we should get high together next week. She agreed.

Afterwards, i felt an adrenaline rush...that getting the lay after 4 years was closer than before. But i had the fear that i'd have a bad player vibe about me which would cause more rejections but it was in my head and i got those thoughts out of my head.

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