Tuesday, October 21, 2008

10/20 and 10/21


Aright fellas, Monday i didn't do really any gaming except get a number from this hot black haired girl with a nose piercing. Not sure if she was interested or not. Up in the air. Oh yea, called the girl whom i talked to on the bus the night before, set up for the next day, although when i called the next day, a guy answered and told me i got the wrong number. She called me afew hours later explaining that he was playing games. Saw this blonde haired thick girl whom i gamed at a party before. Happy to see me. Got her number. Saw a movie on campus with her and her friends in and out. Was funny. Gonna hit her up later in the week.


Didn't game much either today. Set up something with the tatoo piercings girl for the next day. Called a latina girl to party friday, told her i'd hit her up the night before to remind her. She was down. Sat and ate with the "bus" girl. We continued what we were talking about. I flirted with her more, she liked it. Told her that we'd see a dvd together...she was down. Def be one of our rooms. Looks like her interest is still there. Held her hand and playfully kissed it, she was liking it. Thats all for today, we'll see how the rest of the week goes :-)

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