Monday, October 20, 2008

University of Mary Washington Weekend PART II

That Night

Aright, during that night we pick up the brunette girl and her friend. We see the blonde walking by with a friend, as we're heading over there. We get lost driving, and me and Arnaud are bickering cuz of loss of directions. We make it to the party. Its a lot of people, but no dancing...just talking. Seemed kind of boring, i was getting to talk to the brunette more. I had my arm around her lower back and put her closer to me but she didn't resist. Arnaud wasn't into her friend, whom hd a bf. I was afraid to isolate her and go for the kiss, cuz i thought i'd be cockblocked by her friend(NONSENSE since her friend was cool with me and my friend). It was the lacross house. The dudes were tight as shit. Met the hotties my friend talked about who were at the uni. lookswise, they definitely rivaled Radford's girls. So then the party gets busted. The girls want to go home, since they didn't want to go to the underwear party that was afterward(found out it was a sausage fest). As we drop tehm off, im thinking of going for the kiss...but i chicken out...but then as i hug her and kiss her on the cheek, she's still looking at me. I was like "Fuck! Should've gone for it" Oh well....i won't make that same mistake next time.haha.

Afterwards, me and Arnaud drive and look around for another party but all of them were busted by that time.

Leaving UMW

The next morning, me and Arnaud sat and eat with the blonde girl and her nerdy male friend. He was a good guy. We just talked about whatever. But then we decide to leave, where i told them that i prolly wouldn't be able to come back till January. She then looked at me and said, "Thats a long time away" i could tell she liked me and wanted to see me again sooner. I then hugged her and told her that i liked this, this was nice. hahah. Curled hands with her, and we all parted ways. After, i text the brunette girl from last night that i be back in a month(Since i figured thats when i'll come again). She tehn wishes me a good trip. Looks like she was still After, i part ways with Arnaud, and then as i leave Mary Washington University right after talking to a hobo who was checking out my mom's car that i used to get down there, i smiled knowing that Arnaud was right that it was a place wehre i could be successful gaming college girls using my style.

On the bus right back to Radford, i see the girl i sit with on the bus on Friday and we sit together again. I was tired so i didn't get to sleep that long. But we agreed to meet up and eat together on Tuesday. We'll see how that goes. Texted all the numbers i got the previous week, only like 3/10 of them responded. 2 were wood. The lst one responded, but we'll see how that goes.

All in all. The 100 dollar ticket for a round trip bus ride was worth see UMW. Eventho i didn't get to see any crazy parties, i was still impressed and had my questions answereed. I'll be back there in a month to go do more gaming with Arnaud.

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