Saturday, October 11, 2008

9/26 - 10/11, day 2 also

Aright, here's another update:
Been cold approaching a little less consistently than when i did the first few weeks.
Last Monday, I got another day 2 surprisingly...

She didn't respond to my call the night before, but still showed up when i did. Aright, we had good conversation. I liked how real she was, and she was just too cute. She did belly dancing and ballet, which i found sexy since it means she can move those hips and is flexible, plus she was small too. But she let me know she was taken tho during the date when i told her we'll hang out again...glad she told me that. We had good convo tho, and i was flirting and i think she liked that.

For night usual, been going to the same apartment to drink. Some of the girls were surprised by my dominance and i believe a few liked it. Got a few left to game there that i see. Getting a few more kisses more consistently :-)

Thursday Night, danced with this Indian Looking Girl, wasn't doing bad, but i talked to her too much and just didn't go for the close soon enough as i was afraid that i'd get cockblocked. But then 20 minutes later, a guy makes out with her and drags her in a bedroom...but almost fucks her. Doubted my ability at the time, but then realized she was a bit more drunk and that i learned something from what he was doing. GO FOR THE CLOSE, when u feel the time is right.

Friday Night, went to a apartment head was i had a beer. Saw a red haired girl who was slim and tall with tons of piercing and tatoos. Had a nice rack. She was pretty receptive and mellow. Isolated to the couch, we kissed for a few minutes. Flirted with her. Put her on my lap. She was sorta laying down on me. But after a bit, she then didn't want to make out anymore. So then i just talked, went for it again...she resisted...but i could tell it was easing away alittle bit.

My friend who was with her friend, whom i met before, he winked at me indicating that both of us are gonna do well. I had a big smile that he was supporting me as other guys tried to sabotage what was going good for me. So then i touch her all around, was very provocative, telling her that she'll show me her pierced nipples later in the night. Asked the dude if there was a room i could be private with her, but he told me that he wasn't sure if i was able to get fully alone with her, since her friend would prolly be checking up on her. But then after a bit, she then decided to go outside and met another guy, talked to him. She went with him to an apartment with a few guys who lived there. I thought i did something wrong. But then the other guys told me i did just fine and that she was more lesbian than straight(Bisexual :-D).

So then afterwards, i decided to go to a frat party. My God! It was so much fun! i couldn't believe its what i've been missing for the past month. I was amazed at how many people were there, and how it was where my game really is good with and how much i can shine. I danced with lots of girls, tried to kiss most but they didn't want to. Oh well, it was still fun. :-)

I'm gonna update my journal more often.

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