Friday, September 26, 2008

9/12-9/26: Too Much To Update

Aright, i haven't updated this blog in a few weeks considering i've been lazy as hell with it. But i'll pretty much summarize how its been:

Day Game:
My God, Flake City. Haven't met up with any girls in the past two weeks...but the way i've been gaming, its expected to get flakes considering u only have 1-2 minutes for her to have interest and most of the time it aint enough as it prolly would take a lil longer for a girl to keep that attraction. Other times, its been in those few minutes they were dazzled, but that feeling went away as they thought rationally, and social conditioning can get in the way. I've seen a few girls whom flaked me around. Most of the girls i won't acknowledge unless they say something to me. One of them tried to give the excuse of being too busy to answer my facebook message to her, but i said in an aloof manner, "Thats fine" I bet she felt guilty. one of the girls also flaked on me, but she prolly doesn't remember considering she keeps looking at me and smiles but i don't think much of it. Also, i've decided to just approach girls leaving the lab, since they're less prone to be affected by ASD when there other people in the lab who can watch them. Now if they're in a corner, then thats fine...but if there in the middle of other people, then i just wait till they leave...but this has limited some girls leave fast and im not able to catch them. I think im holding back a little there.
girls right "IN" the lab where there are lots of people

Night Game:
Haven't done this much. Actually went to my bud's house to party, but i had to hold back game plus the girls just wanted to talk to the people they knew and talk about whatever bullshit drama they wanted, plus i got kicked out of a party cuz i was gaming. I realized Chill Parties aint for me, because it holds me back and i don't care drinking lots just for the sole purpose of it. I've done it for a while and don't care for it. But I can honestly say, i'm almost got laid a week ago...but her conditioning was challenging her. Was at a party and she was the next door neighbor to the people there. This week i mainly went to my friends' apt again where girls were there, but then i realize...those kinds of parties weren't the place for me. I needed to go somewhere where i didn't have to hold back and everything was in an equal playing field. I know the guys who i got to party with couldn't game at a frat party but only at a place where they had homefield advantage. Now if i had the game i had now and i had homefield advantage, i good would i be? I say this, because im use to not having homefield advantage...i think if i had homefield game would def increase in that situation.

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