Friday, September 12, 2008


Thursday, do even more approaches...tried to set up a day 2 with a girl for friday.
Ok, after doing some cold approaches, finally...i got to go eat with another really cute girl. When i called her and she didn't respond, at first i thought she was avoiding it, but then it turned out that she was just sleeping as she drank too much the previous night. We ate at Chi-Fil-A before she had to go to a sorority interest meeting. I enjoyed talking to her. The way she talks is funny, it didn't bore me. We could relate on some levels, and she knew i was into her. There was some flirting going on and i could tell she liked it.

After the day 2 i had on this day, i felt an adrenaline rush, i looked at girls even more confidentally, i went up this one sexy dressed girl and she showed LOTS of IOIs, she was playing with her hair like CRAZY...but then sadly she waiting for her bf to pick her up for her 20th birthday. She looked at me as i was walking away, and then i saw her bf's car drive up and he picked her up. Approached another girl, hot blonde during the night time on campus, but i think the chances of her responding to my call/text are only 25%.

At Night, went to Riley's again and my fucking god it was so fun, packed, and the girls were having fun and were nice. i think i tried to game like 20. The first one i gamed, was a friend of one of the girls whom i think was into me back in the day but her bf was at Iraq. I whispered in ear, both of ur friends are hot! while blantaly looking at both of the friends while whipsering in the girl's ear. The iraq bf girl told them what i said, and the nose pierce girl who was cute, she was like "I think he's hot too!" So then i have a devilish smile, and i lead her to the dance floor. She is touching me sexually, while i do the same. We then make out for two minutes, BUT her ASD comes into where she asks where Iraq bf girl where she's at, and then she has them come with her. But it was still fun making out with her.

The black girls around see me and are talking about wat i was doing. Was funny.haha. Gave Hi Fives to quite a few people i knew. One girl had a Marilyn Monroe Hairstyle that i met before, was a sorority girl. She hot. I play with it, and i could there was sexual attraction between us. Eventho she leaves, we both spank each other's ass. I dance with other girls, and talk to them, but some try to cockblock while i ignore them but game other girls. One black girl i tried to dance with, commented on my confidence.

Saw another sorority girl i knew, here's where i beleive there's improvement. I notice her rack and say, Oh man... i can't stop looking at that dress....especially since how much its showing ur rack. She is smiling but a little embarrased and she pulls it up. Im laughing and saying, "u know u like me looking at it" She laughs a lil shyly and says that its all she got. I tell her, "hell no...look at ur ass and face" She laughs. I tell her friend to show me her ass, and its nice, tight and toned. They then say how it both works out since one has tits the other ass some ass. haha.

I had afew beers but i wasn't "Drunk" Just barely tyspy, but to be perfectly honest...i don't think the alcohol had much to do with tonight, as other nights i can def tell when it does.

Saw a blonde girl whom we both checked each other out from time to time in the past. We are easily talking, go for the kiss but she rejects it as she says she has a bf and walks away. Another girl im dancing with on a poll. My face is close to hers. Her teeth were really white and she had such a good smile. she was a small pretty cute brunette. I was about to kiss her after i turn her around, but she had to go. lol.

Another small thin, long haired brunette i talk to. She tells me after a few minutes, to give her some space. She then says, "She hates to say that as people thought of her as a bitch for it" I tell her, "oh no...i give u more respect for being honest, i even want my space sometimes" Im still talking to her and dancing. Im playing with her hair, but then i could tell she doesn't like it, i then tell her i was gonna kiss her, and she says she has a bf of 6 years. Believe her or not? hard to say. So then i leave.

The night was good overall, gamed quite a bit...had lots of fun.

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