Monday, September 8, 2008

Rest of Week 1 of My Final Semester Update(LONG)

Aright guys, for the first week of my final semester….negativity hit me big despite going up to some girls. Lets see…for the next few days, went up to some girls. One girl I messaged, told me she had a steady boyfriend. Another, whom I told her I was gonna come over, asked if she knew where I lived, I didn’t and asked her, got no response. On Friday, messaged her about eating with her. But she tried to say she had a bf, texting her, I decided to not give up and said “my gf wouldn’t like it either, but lets do it anyway :-p” Then I get a missed call from her “boyfriend” but in reality was just a male friend of hers I guess. Said how I “freaked her out” or whatever bullshit and how I prolly am a nice guy. I felt down not cuz of that, but it felt like cold approaching on campus was just too hard. But then I decided to not give up.

Another asian girl I went up to, got her room number but couldn’t visit her since dorm halls are locked at all times now this semester, should’ve gotten her number regardless of resistence. A cute black haired girl I went up to, but turned out she had a bf on facebook. During the next few days, went up to another girl under a tree but she told me genuinely she had a bf and didn’t want me to put so much in and what not. I respected that from her. Gorgeous brunette, kinda didn’t go for the number at lunch…as I kinda let her go…eventho her interest was good I’d say…prolly felt social pressure from her friends. Have done some lab approaches with quite a bit of people around, afew of the girls just wanted to focus on what they’re doing, one had a bf, I forgot the other ones I did there. I notice in the lab I tend to speak much softer and quieter as I feel that I’d be “disturbing” and probably feel a little more self conscious gaming, since these are people I repeatedly see, but why should I give a fuck, ya know? I did a few more but I forgot how they went. Oh yea, seen the girl I went up to at the mall a month ago who is a freshman here and she’s happy to see me.

For parties and night game. Wednesday, I drank with a few buds, felt sad after considering I felt like I didn’t do that well. Thursday, didn’t go to ladies night at Rileys but drank with a few people. Friday, went to their apartment again, gamed a fat chick…whom rejected me kissing her. I’m like “WTF” haha. But then I thought to myself after, “Why in the hell did I go for her?” I should’ve gone for the chick whom was cute and showed IOIs in the past, whom still did. I guess I wanted more of a guranteed lay or something like that. Saturday, went to a frat party I was formerly associated with(as a brother) was mostly guys, some girls…didn’t really game there. Was one girl I saw before, just commented on her dyed hair. She acted unimpressed or like she had attitude. She’s like, “I don’t remember you” in a standoffish way, I tell her, “Well quite frankly…I don’t remember you either :-p” and I turn my back. Passively she says “ok”. I don’t want to deal with attitude like that…plus I wasn’t really trying to flat out seduce her honestly, just made convo for a few minutes. One of the bros kicked me out cuz he knew I didn’t like him, while other brothers didn’t want to have me leave, but realized he was causing WAY TOO MUCH of a ruckus and that I didn’t want the party to be totally over just cuz of one brother’s insecurities. He was a coward for not confronting me directly about it. And its all cuz I hated him/didn’t like him. If someone didn’t like me/hated me at a party I hosted, as long as he didn’t do shit…I wouldn’t care…I wouldn’t acknowledge the bastard unless he did “something”.

After, went to the bar…I didn’t game there either. I just drank and talked to some people. I did game a lil bit with some women, one of them I tried to isolate but she didn’t want to and her friends were like “this is my gf” I told her, “Don’t worry, she’s mine too” they laughed. Another woman earlier in the night I told her she had a good ass. She was pretty drunk. Every few minutes she’d look at me, and to be funny I’d smile or say something, she’d look away then look back again and stuff. I could tell she trying to play hard to get/aloof…but there was attraction between us. She then says she’s engaged, and in a sarcastic manner im like “ engaged too, happened two days ago” she’s like “Nice try” I tell her, “Yea…it was nice of me wasn’t it? :-P” was a funny situation. After that bar, I got to another…guess who I see? The big ass girl from whom I had my first day 2 of the year at, playing pool. I was drunk, man…her ass was really nice and I just couldn’t stop looking at it. Gamed her friend a lil but since I was drunk and in my own head, I only spoke to her for a few minutes and didn’t want to play pool with them. Oh yea, at the first bar did an approach of this hot girl, but then her female friend comes and I can sense that she likes me. She’s just as good looking. She tells me to go to the next bar with them, but then I tell her I’d prolly be over there later. I then go to that same bar later that they were at, I see her and the friend I approached and they’re talking to a few other guys. I prolly should’ve went with them when they left, AS the first bar was dying down. That’s all pretty much for that night.

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