Monday, September 8, 2008

9/7 and 9/8


First was a blonde girl on a bench. She was shy, but a little receptive. Chatted with her a few minutes, told her that we can eat on Tuesday at Au Bon Pain, she said sure...told her around 10 AM...wanted to get her number but she didn't want to give it, so then i told her "Will she remember?" She said yea, then i said "But wat if something comes up?" She tells me "Why would it with u? :-P" was kinda funny situation, so we set it up for tuesday at 10Am, but the chances of it happening are small since eventho she said she'd write it down the time, that she didn't seem excited about the idea.

Sunday at the lab, hesistated to approach this hot volleybal girl, but when i did, she was pretty receptive but told me genuinely she had a bf(in the way that it doesn't seem bullshit, plus she's a why not). At the library, did three approaches. First was a nice body brunette with long hair and got a hippie vibe. I stopped her directly, but she said she was gonna go back to studying.

NOTE: Here, u tell the girl...well thats fine, as it was only gonna take a minute, but i gave it up too fast.

The second approach, which was funny, was a redhaired girl that i went up to during the summer who flaked on me but forgot was her until after the approach. Things went good so far, UNTIL she then remembers me, and she gave me a flake number again. haha. I call it the next day and its her friend's number who gives me her "new" number. i call it, but no response. NEXT.

The third approach, was this hot 1/2 asian cheerleader girl. I approached her directly, but didn't say a direct opening line. She's receptive, i dunno her interest...but i tell her that we're gonna eat during the week. I get her facebook.


Went up to this hot, curly haired dark brunette girl with shades with a russian accent. Sexy. I kinda just start talking to her. I notice her beforehand she notices me, we both have shades, but i think we noticed each other. While talking to her, just the same talk as my other approaches. Then i decide to go set something up for starbucks at 5PM tomorrow, she said sure. I then go for the number but she didn't want to. At the time, im feeling like "If i try to pursue the number too fast, i'll lose something good since i got nothing much yet" Stupid negative thoughts. So then i told her that something could come up but she says she's aright. So then i tell her, three times, "u sure u'll remember" She says So then this one is prolly only 40% chance of happening. We'll see.

Was mad at the cafeteria from the RSD Forums giving advice on how i should do a social circle in college. The thing is, i don't want to do one. I want to cold approach first, as social circles seem too much effort. I don't care for meeting up with friends that much to be honest. I then feel doubt that maybe social circle is the only way that i'd succeed and that cold approaching was worthless. But then i realize, despite all this doubt and negativity in my mind for the past week, that it wasn't worthless and that i keep doing what i i met so many people from just doing game, and how i met so many people on my own without "relying" on connections, course some were from me pledging two frats and being a brother in a third.

So then, i decide on campus to stop two girls around campus, but one of them was late for a meeting and i didn't want to tie her up. Another was a girl whom told me off the bat that she was taken. Did another in the lab, whom i think we had a lil e/c before. When i go up to her, she doesn't seem that interested, but i keep plowing, so then i say "tell me about urself' but then she says she just wants to continue printing stuff off and go home. I decide to leave, i figure persisting with it would be pointless.

Got two things set up for tomorrow, doubt they'll happen but maybe they will. Who knows. Just got to go to them. lol

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