Sunday, December 28, 2008

Finally! The Reason i haven't gotten laid from night game...

My friend told me.....his name his Craig and hails in the U.K. I told him my problems with laying girls at night and then i found out something that he told me.

I don't have 100% BELIEF!

It was true, i didn't have the belief that i could simply lay girls at night, i was always worried that progressing beyond the makeout would be too hard, cuz of logistics. I also didn't focus on after the kiss, its like "Aright...i got the kiss" And then my good vibe and energy i had, plummeted. But no more :-)

2009! I will work on this! I will have an abundance of sex!

12/26 & 12/28: Two Days of Mall Game

Aright everyone, firstly i wanted to say that my final night of gaming at Radford was meh. I did some approaches, and i did get to game this hot blonde again. But she had a boyfriend, i tried to kiss her...she declined...but was shocked that i went for it. I told her i was by myself, but she thought i was alone and didn't want me to be by myself, i'm like thinking, "C'mon now! I did this on purpose for god sakes!"

Aright, i meet up with four other guys. One of them had an insta-date later in the night, one of them got about 4 numbers, and one of them did a few. Now as for me...I did about 8 approaches. The first one went fine, just that i let her go too soon, was this very attractive vietnamese woman with highlights, she looked like she was about to go but she didn't leave when i kept talking to her. I gave up that one too soon. The other 6, the women were either on a rush or they said no thanks. One of the fine ones was a two set walking. I stopped both of them, they were hot girls but too young.haha. The last one, my god was this beautiful Russian Woman. Tall, blonde, and thin...but had a nice rack. My god...near a 9. I went up to her, and she was VERY RECEPTIVE. This one was hard for me to do, cuz she was with 3 guys, BUT then they were friendly too. They were russian as well. I chatted with them for a few minutes and forgot to address the woman and we parted ways. Man she was hot as hell. I should've talked to her for a few minutes and then went for the number. Oh well. I was rusty, im getting use to it.

Aright, me and Boris wing together today. We arrive at a different mall at 3:00. I forgot how much i did, but the first 5 approaches, i got rejected. I felt a lil down, but then i decided to not give up. Boris told me that i was monotone w/o realizing it for one of the approaches, and that helped me a good deal. The next approach was an iranian woman, whom could speak good english. She was hot, and i wanted her. was receptive but she said her boyfriend was outside. But i kept talking to her and then ejected. I could've just flat out prolly tired to do an instadate with her despite the bf thing but like i said, im still rusty. The next was this girl who from the back had nice tits and good height. Turns out she was 18 and she was cute in the face, just not as hot as i thought she'd be. Talk to her for a few minutes ,get her number but its prolly a flake since i called it and got no answer to check to see if it was real.

But one thing i realized was that i was afraid to use sexy opening. I will do it! Especially with really hot girls whom i def find sexy.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Online Game Too?!

Been looking at online game and how it can be used as another resource. I'll see how it goes for lays as well lol. It still won't compare to day game or night game tho
:-) Thats for sure.haha.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

12/14 PART III: Final Analysis on Campus Game at Radford University

Aright everyone, looks like day game at Radford University is indeed will be over, since im graduating college in a week. There were many good times i had. I remember back when i was in freshman year of college, wanting to approach...but didnt' had the balls. All it took was what Anthony Robbins calls, "The Breaking Point" where i couldn't take it anymore and wanted to do something about it.

Since Summer of 2006, i've been at it...pursuing my dream of becoming a Playboy. I remember the first time i ever flat out approached in the day time. I was so scared, it was hilarious. I asked a girl to help me out with getting a box of chocolates for my sister(Indirect opener) She responded neutral, i was so nervous. Was funny. But i was so proud i did it. That day i felt like i sucked...BUT it was eyeopening. I was more motivated to get this shit handled.

Then that fall, I found myself again and decided to start anew again...working from Social Anxiety up. Sure i still had a good deal of limiting beliefs and managed to get a few day2s, i ultimately was less afraid to approach girls.

The Next Year, I started to approach directly and was shocked that girls responded real well to it but then as i joined a frat, i got lazy.

Then this year of 2008, been consistent with day game on campus for 8 months. Lets just say...its been one hell of a journey. I've met atleast 200 girls by now...and was able to meet up with 17 of them in the form of an insta-date or day 2. That isn't that bad so far i'd say lol.

Being able to go up to a woman u really fancy was what i wanted in life, and i finally am able to do it. My forever goal of laying girls from day game is still my bread and butter dream in this whole thing and I believe it will happen. Just will take more time and experience.

Today in the cafeteria, i decided to do one more approach with this hot big tit and ass brunette girl who was wearing sweatpants...was sitting with a friend. She responded well and was pretty receptive. Meeting was pointless since finals are this week. I only needed that for a farewell...nothing more. I've left my mark here at Radford University. I am proud i decided to game the way i wanted to, rather than feel i could only do it via social circle. Knowing that i no longer am afraid and can go for what i want has given me enlightment, peace and acceptance.

BUT, College Day Game is just starting. I have three other colleges to go for that. Mary Washington, George Mason and University of Maryland. The new chapter of this journey will begin in January. I still got malls in the real world to do as well, i just won't have as much time but i'll practice there as well.

But i have to say that me being able to meet up with girls in a more socially pressured environment whom i randomly went up to is a testament that im on the right track. Sure maybe many of the hotties have flaked on me, BUT i'm def gonna lay quite a few hotties in the future...u can count on that! I'm gonna keep doing what i'm doing. I won't stop till I succeed with this. You can count on that!

Radford might be over with, but not gaming. That will never stop, even when i am settled down someday. This blog will still probably be around by then.

I wonder what awaits in 2009 for Strictly Mall Game, and the Other Uni's? :-)

12/4 PART II...The Ringing is Gone...

My thoughts at 2:07 AM....


The Present I:

It was bout 6 PM at the sitting by myself...go in a line and see a really hot blonde. I stop her directly, but she was on a rush and wanted to sit down. I'm glad that i no longer had to have things ring in my mind...

The Present II:

Saw these two hot girls sitting down. Was my junior year....had rapport with them....the brunette at first didn't like me, while the blonde did. Got the blonde's number. Could've met up with her if i didn't give up after i couldn't meet up with her the first time. A year later, the brunette is happy to see me...knows that i hit on lots of girls in the cafeteria but it attracts her :-). Im glad it no longer had to ring in my mind...

The Present III:

Never really went to another tutor session, but lets just say i gave it a shot at the computer lab with hot girls, even if nothing came out of it....atleast it no longer rang in my mind...

The Present IV:

Was a party senior year...this cute brunette is smiling at me. I go over to her, talk to her and stuff, kinda mess things up....BUT...I'm glad it no longer has to ring in my mind...

The Present V:

Yesterday night, Was at Attitudes, was by myself...saw these two hot of them was a redhead with nice cleaveage ;-)....i lead her and she liked it. Eventho she was engaged, i knew i was gaming game :-)

The Present VI:

If only i could go back in time with this one, BUT i know if the situation happened again...things would be rolling! :-D

The Prsent VII:

Drank Coffee with this girl with nice tits and really was good looking when she dolled up. Had a nice conversation, almost had her come over. It no longer had to ring in my mind...

The Present VIII:

The girl who was in that class from Past VIII, i gave it a shot with her. She smiled at when she saw me walking. When i went up to her, she acted polite/aloof when her sorority sisters were around. Turns out that she was just feeling social no longer had to ring in my mind....


12/14 PART I: Rang in my mind....

My thoughts at 1:52 AM....

The Past I:

It was 12:00PM My freshman year, 1st semester. I'm with about 6 other of my dormmates sitting down and eating. I then notice...a hot black haired girl tap one of my friends in the shoulder smiling(He was a rugby player and was cambodian), he continued talking. In my mind i was like, "Wow...he's so lucky" I told myself, "If only i could stand a chance...i'd be able to get a girl like that"

The Past II:

It was my semester semester and i sit with two of my dormmates, two black guys. We notice these two HOT blondes sitting down. One of them was atleast a 9. She was hot as hell. My black friend said to one of them, "She's prolly stuck up" I was shocked at how hot she was. "Wow...she's so hot...if only i stood a chance"

The Past III:

Was my sophmore year, was in a tutor session with this HOT blonde with glasses with such NICE tits, blonde hair and red shirt. My god...this girl was super hot. I still get crazy thinking about her. Wats funny is she was nice. After the tutor session was done, She talked to me a minute joking about the class. I laughed with her. "If only i stood a chance" rang in my mind

The Past IV:

Was a party sophmore year. This hot blonde was smiling at me. I wanted to go up to her and talk to her. But i was afraid to. "I don't know what to say to her"" rang in my mind

The Past V:

Was at Attitudes, went with my friend who got some good game. I danced with this curly haired girl who danced fast. I wanted to hook up with her. Didn't know how. My friend, he danced with this girl, hit her up so her and her friend could come over. We went to joe's diner. The girl i liked was on the phone, while he and his girl talked with each other. I tried to talk to her, but she was occupied. "I wish i had game" Rang in my mind...

The Past VI:

Was the Quadfest/Mardy Gras weekend at the uni. Was at a nearby house. This Slim, VERY HOT BIG TIT girl with a cap was drunk and was standing there. She was waiting to be talked to. I couldn't do anything. I couldn't do a damn thing. I didn't know what to say. "If only...." Rang in my mind

The Past VII:

Went to drink coffee with this really cute tall lanky Blonde girl with a panther like face ;-). She was nice and everything, but i couldn't do things. I tried to meet up with her again but she didn't want to. "If only i had game..." Rang in my mind.

The Past VIII:

Was in class for my final exam, saw this brunette cutie sorority girl looking at me....i look back and do a peace hand sign...but was def shy lol..."If only i could game her" rang in my mind....

All of this rang in my mind....would i be doomed forever? Would I forever always regret and always feel like i could never get the success I wanted?

12/13 The Makeout Trials at Attitudes: Bar with a dancefloor

Aright everyone, i haven't really done much i usually post them in my blog put i'll put some down here for now on....

Aright tonight was pretty of my acquaintences tells me on campus that in Blacksburg, a.k.a VATEch, Attitudes, a college bar, was gonna be poppin.

When i get sucked. No one was dancing, not that many girls to choose from it blew.

But then when it got better, things started rolling.

#1 Three set of a fatty, an aright looking chick and a short cute southern belle late 20s blonde. I introduce myself going direct, the fatty cockblocks me off the bat, but ignore...the other friend doesn't say anything...while the target girl isn't feeling me much. After a bit, i tell the blonde girl to tell me about herself, to where she says, "I don't want to" I then leave. There were too many other girls to worry about.

#2 Was a 4 set, a pretty faced cute blonde, a cute dark haired brunette, a pretty cute brunette and a dude. I open them by saying, "I find you all cute and i wanted to meet you all :-)"

They're receptive and i introduce myself to all of them. Talk to them for a minute asking them when its usually popping and stuff and they tell me. The one i wanted to, a 7.8 brunette who was slim, midlengthed hair, skinny nose, nice cleavage i gave her more attention. I didn't get cockblocked or anything. I talked to the dude for a few seconds, he was friendly. I asked them all how they know each other. The target girl says that they're all best friends(I knew things were fine now since the dude wasn't dating the brunette girl). So then its just me and her. I tell her, "Tell me about herself'

She tells me she goes to so and so uni, and she had 3 kids. I ask her, "Where's the hubby at?" She tells me, "What are u talking about? He cheated on me and stuff" I was like " old are u?" She tells me, "29 :-)" I say, "shut up :-)"...and give a very exaggeratedly shocked demeanor..."There's no way in HELL ur 29...Shoot me now!" She laughs a bit.

Then i tell her, "Well...we're gonna have some fun tonight...and thats all matters." She says yea. Also tells me she likes American Eagle stuff and says she doesn't like Express when i tell her what i like. I tease her and tell, "What?! U hate express...oh c'mon now...i thought we were cool....well too bad...since we both don't like each others brands...its more meant to be :-P" she giggles again.

after that i try to isolate her to sit down. She doesn't want. I try to persuade her a lil, no go but she there still seems to be some interest. I'd say my kino was good. I touching necklace, ask where it is, touch her arms and stuff, slide my hands down. She wasn't resisting or anything. Then i play with her hair asking about it, she telling me she likes it long......i then tell her, "Oh u shouldn't had cut it....its so not gonna work out :-p" She knew i was flirting and seemed to not mind it. After that i then go for the kiss. She turns her face, with a funny face asking, "Were u trying to smell my hair? =-p"

I tell her, "No :-) I was trying to kiss you" She has a shocked laugh in her face, she was laughing a bit. I tell her, "I so want to kiss those nice lips of urs ;-)" She laughs again. I could tell that she was intrigued a little. But then i talk with her somemore, take her hand...try to take her with me to go dance, but she tells me she's got to be drunk. I tell her, "thats the same excuse all girls have :-p" After that, i can see her attention is waning, so i part ways, try to kiss her again, but then she shakes her saying no.

Lesson learned: More Sexual Tension. I think it was good i attempted to isolate and her stuff, since if a girl isn't willing to just sit down with u, how do u expect her to take her home?

#3 Was another 3 set. Were two sisters, a blonde, a redhead and a dude with a deep guage ear piercing. I go direct on them. They're pretty receptive. I didn't get to see the redhead but my god...she was def hot. She had REALLY NICE cleave, great sized tits. Was funny. They were nice and receptive. The best looking girls i went up to the entire night. The dude is pretty tight, i ask him about his ear piercings and shit and how its cool. He's chill, i talk wiht the girls for a few minutes, playing the guessing game with them. tell the redhead she reminded me of my first ever girlfriend, her being jewish, redhead, and having the name Erica.

They all crack up and tell me that she's irish and not Jewish. then I tell her, "oh thats it....ur coming with dance..." So then i take her hand and pull her with me and we walk to the dance floor. She laughs, looks at her sister with a shocked face. The dude and the blonde come with us and we all dance. It was funny. Me and the redhead are getting into it. After 2 minutes while dancing, i go try to make out with her, but then she shows me her wedding ring. I sensed then i decided to let things go but we part ways in a good note.

#4 Curly haired thick girl on the dance floor with a tatoo on her back. While she's dancing with her friends, i take her hand and pull her toward me. She's pretty excited, we introduce each other. I see a blonde milf, put my hand out for her to shake, she shakes her head no, was funny. I think she was thinking i wanted her to dance with me and stuff, but that wasn't my intention. So then the curly haired girl told me she was guy just so i would know, i smile...tell her..."Lets find out :-)" I then touch both sides of her face, holding her face and go try to make out, but she pulls away...shocked....grabs her friends hands and storm out of the dance foor...everyone saw was pretty hilarous.

Rest of the night just danced the night away really. Made out with a big girl but thats all. Met a thick girl with big tits and glasses. She was a lesbian and the girl she was dating didn't want me to dance with her(the glasses girl told me that her gf gets jealous easy)....oh yea, saw another girl with glasses with nice cleavage on the top of the stage of the dance floor. I was a bit intimidated to go for it at first cuz i thought i would get blown out, but i said, "Fuck it" and go up to them, take her hand, she looks back at me and is like "no hahah" then the fatty and afew other friends get mad and cockblock me, the fatty tells me "that girl and guy over there will punch u in the face" I laugh my ass off so bad. Dance with a couple more girls and call it quits.

Lesson Learned:
-Bring out a bit more sexual tension
-Don't have to try to persuade a girl so much, do it by actions not words :-)
-After i try for the kiss or get the kiss...keep the energy good...act as if it isn't a big deal or that it didn't matter much( A makeout or a kiss is only a preview for whats to come later in the night and to have that sexual tension in her mind)
-I've improved Kiss closing attempts majorily
-I did this all without any alcohol period.
-As always, Direct Style suits me.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Notes for what to do after makeout


hmmm so let me get this straight ...

Approach target - Ride the train - go for makeout - end makeout first - and then chill till a later time and then pull to pad for ONS?

You sure this is the appropiate steps? Wont the target think that you lost interest in her? You are saying not to keep sexual tension up?

So what do you do just sit by her and claw her once and awhile? or go wander around the club and open more sets?

"Then get super sexual and chill until it's time to pull." ie Wade said this ... so whats super sexual with out some biting and kissing stuff? I dont see whats the big deal about using the mouth more then once if you want to pull home.

I can see how if you were not going to pull home you dont want to go for the big big makeout - and if you wanted to open more sets ...

There are a lot of variables here, but the main issues:

You don't want to escalate too quickly because then you will have nowhere to go. I used to get the makeout and then was like "Now what?!"

I'll keep physical kino going afterwards, hip bumps, random hugs, hair pulling... and continue to lead her around. Maybe take her to the dance floor for a bit, or to get a drink.

I'll also just stare at her with the "bedroom eyes" until she is like "What? What?!" -just amps up the sexual tension when you play with silence

Maybe a little sexual push-pull i.e. "What are you doing to me, I just came out to hang out with my friends and you got me all hot and bothered!"

Also a HUGE HUGE part of this is after you are "locked in" with the girl (i.e. know she will go home with you) to go interact with her friends so when it comes time to pull they are on your side and not just the pull away friends...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

12/5-12/7 Realizations and Sky's Thoughts


Aright, Friday Night i went to game at my friends' apartment as they were having another party. This night was meh. Only some girls to choose from. Most of the girls weren't interested/quite a bit of shields. I could've persisted, which was definitely what i should've did...but i guess i found no point in it. After not encountering them for a while, u tend to sometimes forget to go through shields. I guess a certain fear of mine while im not at my normal state in the game is when they say, "Go away" in a pissed off manner, plus i would've felt embarrased. But even if it happens, i know that i wouldn't take that shit.

I then heard one of my friends that was with the blonde girl, he and her hooked up with each other. I felt down, because if only i told the guy that i wanted to talk to her tonight and didn't give it up, i could've had some sex with her. BUT, thats ok. It happens. The rest of the night, was meh...the girls weren't feeling me...while a couple kept looking back at me and they remember me going up to them. Hell, one kept checking my reaction when she was making out with a guy. Was on the funny side.haha.

But it was an ok night, some nights are meh while others are good. This night just wasn't it.


Didn't really game today at all. Went to the same apt haha.


Cafeteria, went up to this cute black chick with nice tits who we shared eye contact and she broke away first, raised both my eye brows before hand. Went up to her and her friendly. She was pretty receptive. Had the look of shock when i went to get both of their numbers, invited them to come with me to a dance floor/bar this upcoming saturday

Sky's Thoughts
Oh yea, here's a good quote i found that is testatement to what i believe in the abundance principle.

"Girls who give me harsh rejections...1st don't want to fuck and 2nd dont like confident masculine men because they know that they cant manipulate them for having sex with them, so i can weed all those chicks out."

A good quote to live by gentlman!

Also i found that even though girls flake on me or reject me, still show interest, because im not so easily manipulated and i didn't chase after other guys do. They see me in a different light. Plus that in the back of their minds, since i was confident, masculine and had a good vibe, it triggered something in them that they remember me for.

Also i've heard a few guys that afew girls on campus have said i've been creepy. And why is that? BECAUSE...I APPROACH LOTS OF GIRLS. Thats all. :-) And you know what's funny? When they've been asked how doing that is creepy, they can't respond to that. Thats where the real answer lies. They deep down aren't creeped out by it, they just feel that they aren't allowed to like a guy who has options and goes for what he wants. Remember...we need to look at these girls' actions not the words by themselves. These are young 18-20 yr. old girls whom aren't use to this and don't know how to handle it or react to his. hell one girl i had an insta-date with, i texted her of me and her having alone time, "mode one" style...she said she had a bf, and stuff which i def found hard to believe.

A random guy uses her phone saying, "that im prolly a nice guy but i creeped her out", leaving a voice mail. Its funny, i see her around the cafeteria months later...she keeps looking at me but not the "creeped out" look but more of the previous girls who do. I'm glad to hear that some girl might find me creepy, because its such a useless word and im doing something right if there are people who don't like what i'm doing and that they are weeded out.

There is definitely a risk that u'll be seen that way, cold approaching on campus. But its all been worth it. I wouldn't change that at all.

Also i ultimately realized me not getting laid this year of 2008 was not because of my pure lack of ability(Course something i had to improve on overtime) but more on the lines of it just wasn't the right place. Too hard of logistics, so many social pressures in the girl's mind, the girls being so insecure with each other, etc...all i had to encounter just to fuck, oh yea and missing out the opportunities that were right there. But its all been worth it to where it'll give me huge success in the future.

Atleast me being able to go up to the girls i wanted, meeting up with a few of them atleast took some form of ability.

I think the real world and the other colleges will suit me better, because everything works to my favor. There are less social circles, everyone is more on an equal playing field, the logistics are easier, the very hotties respond better to my game rather than the ones i feel i have to game because im more of a masculine man, more opportunities, and more to do. After i graduate, the real adventures start and things will become much more interesting. Hell, i have a few wings i'm definitely going to meet up with, named Alex. We're going to really do well in DC this year. I can't wait, this will be hella fun!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Advice from Tamer of RSD

This is a piece i found. This should help me out ALOT, when i game in the real world, thats for certain!

Perfecting Day 2s: Getting laid, not Spending a Dime, while living with your parents

Right before I moved to Las Vegas moved in with my parents for a few weeks and I was saving my money. However I still be wanted to get laid. I stumbled by chance on a REALLY solid day 2 lay rate. I told some of my friends about it and they had similar success to mine so I KNEW I was onto something.



Basically here is how it goes down:

1) Set up the day 2: Say something along the lines of "We need to hang out." She will agree if you ran a somewhat solid set.

2) After she says "yes" tell her that you are "tired of the bar scene" and that you "just want to chill" and that you are "just in the mood to watch a movie or something."

3) ASSUME THAT SHE AGREES: before she has a chance to say something right when you are done with step 2 kinda interrupt yourself and say: WAIT! I need to know! Do you know how to cuddle?"

4) she WILL say something along the lines of "yes" or "of course" or whatever. Then you challenge her again. "NO Seriously like on a scale from 1-10 how good are you?"

5) She will give a number and you will tease her with about her answer... "I dunno if I believe that! I'm just letting you know right now if a girl can't cuddle its an immediate deal breaker! She can have 10 kids and thousands of dollars of debt and thats bad n all but if she cant cuddle... NOT A CHANCE!"

6) Usually they go along with it and if they challenge you back you say. "Look Im the Cuddle King dont even try to step up to this! I cuddle at a whole other level you have no idea!"

7) CLOSE THE DEAL: Tell her "OK TOUGH GUY! You talk the talk we'll see if you can walk the walk."

8) Set the date up at her place. You'll bring a small selection of movies.

9) When you get to her place its hard to escalate sometimes. But since you CHALLENGED HER ON HER CUDDLING ABILITY, as soon as you guys pop in the DVD you grab a blanket jump on her couch/bed/whatever lay down on your side and say something along the lines of: "OK lets see what you got TOUGH GUY!" I even snap my fingers sometime.

10) once shes lays down it might not be that comfortable because she might be a bit scared to get too close. She will be close but not close enough. CALL HER ON IT! You are the CUDDLE KING! Tell her something along the lines of this: "OMG! what is this? I thought you said you were good. Here go like this!" literally shift her around and move body parts around until you are super close spooning or whatever tell her "Like this!" Then tell her "Yah you got potential"

11) when you are cuddling like this, the make-out and sexual escalation is inevitable as long as you are not a total chode.

Ive done this 5 or so times times no problems over the course of a few weeks (while living with my parents, not spending a dime) and it basically totally skips the date and goes right to her home where you are in a situation that lends itself to sex and/or heavy making out. I give examples of specific lines I use but obviously use verbiage that YOU feel comfortable and congruent with. But basically you are framing the day 2 as a CUDDLE CHALLENGE as an excuse to get super close to her REALLY fast and skip all the bullshit.


11/26 - 12/04 Winding Down

Aright, from Tuesday to Thursday Last gaming.
Friday i went to a small party that was a sausage fest, only 4 girls. Was drunk, tried to kiss all 4...but no go.
Saturday and Sunday, no gaming.

Monday went up to two girls, one of them was a girl i messaged on facebook...she was hot...was def attracted to her. She react well/receptive when i went up to her(She never replied back to my message). She said it was charming and all that. We talked for a bit. Tried to do an insta-date but she already ate, so i sat down next to her(she was sitting in a corner at the student book store killing time for class). So then i get to know her a litle, she's friendly but im not sensing "Genuine Interest" from her. I do get her #, and call hers so she got mine. She calls it sneaky ;-). She is down to earth which was great. :-)

We part ways. I text her a day later, no response, another one claiming she was hard to get, no response. She did say she had texting, as i suspected, my intuition was indeed right.

Tuesday i didn't really game, was tired as hell.

Wednesday, no real gaming except for at night where i gathered the courage to game one of the girls who goes to the place i usually drink at, a certain group of people. I was afraid to game her, because i thought she would react bad and that i would be a loser if she acted weird to when i flat out seduce her, plus i was afraid that everyone else would fit me in the "Hopeless romantic" category. But then i said, "Fuck So and So" and went for it. I grinded with her and she was into it for a few seconds. Then i decided to talk to her for a minute and stuff, tried to isolate her to the couch but she didn't want to but she was nice. I felt proud of myself for giving it a shot. Was funny.

Thursday, was too tired to game. Have lots of school work. couldn't game much this week :-(. I'lll update The wednesday party with a lil more.