Sunday, December 7, 2008

12/5-12/7 Realizations and Sky's Thoughts


Aright, Friday Night i went to game at my friends' apartment as they were having another party. This night was meh. Only some girls to choose from. Most of the girls weren't interested/quite a bit of shields. I could've persisted, which was definitely what i should've did...but i guess i found no point in it. After not encountering them for a while, u tend to sometimes forget to go through shields. I guess a certain fear of mine while im not at my normal state in the game is when they say, "Go away" in a pissed off manner, plus i would've felt embarrased. But even if it happens, i know that i wouldn't take that shit.

I then heard one of my friends that was with the blonde girl, he and her hooked up with each other. I felt down, because if only i told the guy that i wanted to talk to her tonight and didn't give it up, i could've had some sex with her. BUT, thats ok. It happens. The rest of the night, was meh...the girls weren't feeling me...while a couple kept looking back at me and they remember me going up to them. Hell, one kept checking my reaction when she was making out with a guy. Was on the funny side.haha.

But it was an ok night, some nights are meh while others are good. This night just wasn't it.


Didn't really game today at all. Went to the same apt haha.


Cafeteria, went up to this cute black chick with nice tits who we shared eye contact and she broke away first, raised both my eye brows before hand. Went up to her and her friendly. She was pretty receptive. Had the look of shock when i went to get both of their numbers, invited them to come with me to a dance floor/bar this upcoming saturday

Sky's Thoughts
Oh yea, here's a good quote i found that is testatement to what i believe in the abundance principle.

"Girls who give me harsh rejections...1st don't want to fuck and 2nd dont like confident masculine men because they know that they cant manipulate them for having sex with them, so i can weed all those chicks out."

A good quote to live by gentlman!

Also i found that even though girls flake on me or reject me, still show interest, because im not so easily manipulated and i didn't chase after other guys do. They see me in a different light. Plus that in the back of their minds, since i was confident, masculine and had a good vibe, it triggered something in them that they remember me for.

Also i've heard a few guys that afew girls on campus have said i've been creepy. And why is that? BECAUSE...I APPROACH LOTS OF GIRLS. Thats all. :-) And you know what's funny? When they've been asked how doing that is creepy, they can't respond to that. Thats where the real answer lies. They deep down aren't creeped out by it, they just feel that they aren't allowed to like a guy who has options and goes for what he wants. Remember...we need to look at these girls' actions not the words by themselves. These are young 18-20 yr. old girls whom aren't use to this and don't know how to handle it or react to his. hell one girl i had an insta-date with, i texted her of me and her having alone time, "mode one" style...she said she had a bf, and stuff which i def found hard to believe.

A random guy uses her phone saying, "that im prolly a nice guy but i creeped her out", leaving a voice mail. Its funny, i see her around the cafeteria months later...she keeps looking at me but not the "creeped out" look but more of the previous girls who do. I'm glad to hear that some girl might find me creepy, because its such a useless word and im doing something right if there are people who don't like what i'm doing and that they are weeded out.

There is definitely a risk that u'll be seen that way, cold approaching on campus. But its all been worth it. I wouldn't change that at all.

Also i ultimately realized me not getting laid this year of 2008 was not because of my pure lack of ability(Course something i had to improve on overtime) but more on the lines of it just wasn't the right place. Too hard of logistics, so many social pressures in the girl's mind, the girls being so insecure with each other, etc...all i had to encounter just to fuck, oh yea and missing out the opportunities that were right there. But its all been worth it to where it'll give me huge success in the future.

Atleast me being able to go up to the girls i wanted, meeting up with a few of them atleast took some form of ability.

I think the real world and the other colleges will suit me better, because everything works to my favor. There are less social circles, everyone is more on an equal playing field, the logistics are easier, the very hotties respond better to my game rather than the ones i feel i have to game because im more of a masculine man, more opportunities, and more to do. After i graduate, the real adventures start and things will become much more interesting. Hell, i have a few wings i'm definitely going to meet up with, named Alex. We're going to really do well in DC this year. I can't wait, this will be hella fun!

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