Sunday, December 14, 2008

12/13 The Makeout Trials at Attitudes: Bar with a dancefloor

Aright everyone, i haven't really done much i usually post them in my blog put i'll put some down here for now on....

Aright tonight was pretty of my acquaintences tells me on campus that in Blacksburg, a.k.a VATEch, Attitudes, a college bar, was gonna be poppin.

When i get sucked. No one was dancing, not that many girls to choose from it blew.

But then when it got better, things started rolling.

#1 Three set of a fatty, an aright looking chick and a short cute southern belle late 20s blonde. I introduce myself going direct, the fatty cockblocks me off the bat, but ignore...the other friend doesn't say anything...while the target girl isn't feeling me much. After a bit, i tell the blonde girl to tell me about herself, to where she says, "I don't want to" I then leave. There were too many other girls to worry about.

#2 Was a 4 set, a pretty faced cute blonde, a cute dark haired brunette, a pretty cute brunette and a dude. I open them by saying, "I find you all cute and i wanted to meet you all :-)"

They're receptive and i introduce myself to all of them. Talk to them for a minute asking them when its usually popping and stuff and they tell me. The one i wanted to, a 7.8 brunette who was slim, midlengthed hair, skinny nose, nice cleavage i gave her more attention. I didn't get cockblocked or anything. I talked to the dude for a few seconds, he was friendly. I asked them all how they know each other. The target girl says that they're all best friends(I knew things were fine now since the dude wasn't dating the brunette girl). So then its just me and her. I tell her, "Tell me about herself'

She tells me she goes to so and so uni, and she had 3 kids. I ask her, "Where's the hubby at?" She tells me, "What are u talking about? He cheated on me and stuff" I was like " old are u?" She tells me, "29 :-)" I say, "shut up :-)"...and give a very exaggeratedly shocked demeanor..."There's no way in HELL ur 29...Shoot me now!" She laughs a bit.

Then i tell her, "Well...we're gonna have some fun tonight...and thats all matters." She says yea. Also tells me she likes American Eagle stuff and says she doesn't like Express when i tell her what i like. I tease her and tell, "What?! U hate express...oh c'mon now...i thought we were cool....well too bad...since we both don't like each others brands...its more meant to be :-P" she giggles again.

after that i try to isolate her to sit down. She doesn't want. I try to persuade her a lil, no go but she there still seems to be some interest. I'd say my kino was good. I touching necklace, ask where it is, touch her arms and stuff, slide my hands down. She wasn't resisting or anything. Then i play with her hair asking about it, she telling me she likes it long......i then tell her, "Oh u shouldn't had cut it....its so not gonna work out :-p" She knew i was flirting and seemed to not mind it. After that i then go for the kiss. She turns her face, with a funny face asking, "Were u trying to smell my hair? =-p"

I tell her, "No :-) I was trying to kiss you" She has a shocked laugh in her face, she was laughing a bit. I tell her, "I so want to kiss those nice lips of urs ;-)" She laughs again. I could tell that she was intrigued a little. But then i talk with her somemore, take her hand...try to take her with me to go dance, but she tells me she's got to be drunk. I tell her, "thats the same excuse all girls have :-p" After that, i can see her attention is waning, so i part ways, try to kiss her again, but then she shakes her saying no.

Lesson learned: More Sexual Tension. I think it was good i attempted to isolate and her stuff, since if a girl isn't willing to just sit down with u, how do u expect her to take her home?

#3 Was another 3 set. Were two sisters, a blonde, a redhead and a dude with a deep guage ear piercing. I go direct on them. They're pretty receptive. I didn't get to see the redhead but my god...she was def hot. She had REALLY NICE cleave, great sized tits. Was funny. They were nice and receptive. The best looking girls i went up to the entire night. The dude is pretty tight, i ask him about his ear piercings and shit and how its cool. He's chill, i talk wiht the girls for a few minutes, playing the guessing game with them. tell the redhead she reminded me of my first ever girlfriend, her being jewish, redhead, and having the name Erica.

They all crack up and tell me that she's irish and not Jewish. then I tell her, "oh thats it....ur coming with dance..." So then i take her hand and pull her with me and we walk to the dance floor. She laughs, looks at her sister with a shocked face. The dude and the blonde come with us and we all dance. It was funny. Me and the redhead are getting into it. After 2 minutes while dancing, i go try to make out with her, but then she shows me her wedding ring. I sensed then i decided to let things go but we part ways in a good note.

#4 Curly haired thick girl on the dance floor with a tatoo on her back. While she's dancing with her friends, i take her hand and pull her toward me. She's pretty excited, we introduce each other. I see a blonde milf, put my hand out for her to shake, she shakes her head no, was funny. I think she was thinking i wanted her to dance with me and stuff, but that wasn't my intention. So then the curly haired girl told me she was guy just so i would know, i smile...tell her..."Lets find out :-)" I then touch both sides of her face, holding her face and go try to make out, but she pulls away...shocked....grabs her friends hands and storm out of the dance foor...everyone saw was pretty hilarous.

Rest of the night just danced the night away really. Made out with a big girl but thats all. Met a thick girl with big tits and glasses. She was a lesbian and the girl she was dating didn't want me to dance with her(the glasses girl told me that her gf gets jealous easy)....oh yea, saw another girl with glasses with nice cleavage on the top of the stage of the dance floor. I was a bit intimidated to go for it at first cuz i thought i would get blown out, but i said, "Fuck it" and go up to them, take her hand, she looks back at me and is like "no hahah" then the fatty and afew other friends get mad and cockblock me, the fatty tells me "that girl and guy over there will punch u in the face" I laugh my ass off so bad. Dance with a couple more girls and call it quits.

Lesson Learned:
-Bring out a bit more sexual tension
-Don't have to try to persuade a girl so much, do it by actions not words :-)
-After i try for the kiss or get the kiss...keep the energy good...act as if it isn't a big deal or that it didn't matter much( A makeout or a kiss is only a preview for whats to come later in the night and to have that sexual tension in her mind)
-I've improved Kiss closing attempts majorily
-I did this all without any alcohol period.
-As always, Direct Style suits me.

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