Sunday, December 28, 2008

12/26 & 12/28: Two Days of Mall Game

Aright everyone, firstly i wanted to say that my final night of gaming at Radford was meh. I did some approaches, and i did get to game this hot blonde again. But she had a boyfriend, i tried to kiss her...she declined...but was shocked that i went for it. I told her i was by myself, but she thought i was alone and didn't want me to be by myself, i'm like thinking, "C'mon now! I did this on purpose for god sakes!"

Aright, i meet up with four other guys. One of them had an insta-date later in the night, one of them got about 4 numbers, and one of them did a few. Now as for me...I did about 8 approaches. The first one went fine, just that i let her go too soon, was this very attractive vietnamese woman with highlights, she looked like she was about to go but she didn't leave when i kept talking to her. I gave up that one too soon. The other 6, the women were either on a rush or they said no thanks. One of the fine ones was a two set walking. I stopped both of them, they were hot girls but too young.haha. The last one, my god was this beautiful Russian Woman. Tall, blonde, and thin...but had a nice rack. My god...near a 9. I went up to her, and she was VERY RECEPTIVE. This one was hard for me to do, cuz she was with 3 guys, BUT then they were friendly too. They were russian as well. I chatted with them for a few minutes and forgot to address the woman and we parted ways. Man she was hot as hell. I should've talked to her for a few minutes and then went for the number. Oh well. I was rusty, im getting use to it.

Aright, me and Boris wing together today. We arrive at a different mall at 3:00. I forgot how much i did, but the first 5 approaches, i got rejected. I felt a lil down, but then i decided to not give up. Boris told me that i was monotone w/o realizing it for one of the approaches, and that helped me a good deal. The next approach was an iranian woman, whom could speak good english. She was hot, and i wanted her. was receptive but she said her boyfriend was outside. But i kept talking to her and then ejected. I could've just flat out prolly tired to do an instadate with her despite the bf thing but like i said, im still rusty. The next was this girl who from the back had nice tits and good height. Turns out she was 18 and she was cute in the face, just not as hot as i thought she'd be. Talk to her for a few minutes ,get her number but its prolly a flake since i called it and got no answer to check to see if it was real.

But one thing i realized was that i was afraid to use sexy opening. I will do it! Especially with really hot girls whom i def find sexy.

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