Sunday, December 14, 2008

12/14 PART I: Rang in my mind....

My thoughts at 1:52 AM....

The Past I:

It was 12:00PM My freshman year, 1st semester. I'm with about 6 other of my dormmates sitting down and eating. I then notice...a hot black haired girl tap one of my friends in the shoulder smiling(He was a rugby player and was cambodian), he continued talking. In my mind i was like, "Wow...he's so lucky" I told myself, "If only i could stand a chance...i'd be able to get a girl like that"

The Past II:

It was my semester semester and i sit with two of my dormmates, two black guys. We notice these two HOT blondes sitting down. One of them was atleast a 9. She was hot as hell. My black friend said to one of them, "She's prolly stuck up" I was shocked at how hot she was. "Wow...she's so hot...if only i stood a chance"

The Past III:

Was my sophmore year, was in a tutor session with this HOT blonde with glasses with such NICE tits, blonde hair and red shirt. My god...this girl was super hot. I still get crazy thinking about her. Wats funny is she was nice. After the tutor session was done, She talked to me a minute joking about the class. I laughed with her. "If only i stood a chance" rang in my mind

The Past IV:

Was a party sophmore year. This hot blonde was smiling at me. I wanted to go up to her and talk to her. But i was afraid to. "I don't know what to say to her"" rang in my mind

The Past V:

Was at Attitudes, went with my friend who got some good game. I danced with this curly haired girl who danced fast. I wanted to hook up with her. Didn't know how. My friend, he danced with this girl, hit her up so her and her friend could come over. We went to joe's diner. The girl i liked was on the phone, while he and his girl talked with each other. I tried to talk to her, but she was occupied. "I wish i had game" Rang in my mind...

The Past VI:

Was the Quadfest/Mardy Gras weekend at the uni. Was at a nearby house. This Slim, VERY HOT BIG TIT girl with a cap was drunk and was standing there. She was waiting to be talked to. I couldn't do anything. I couldn't do a damn thing. I didn't know what to say. "If only...." Rang in my mind

The Past VII:

Went to drink coffee with this really cute tall lanky Blonde girl with a panther like face ;-). She was nice and everything, but i couldn't do things. I tried to meet up with her again but she didn't want to. "If only i had game..." Rang in my mind.

The Past VIII:

Was in class for my final exam, saw this brunette cutie sorority girl looking at me....i look back and do a peace hand sign...but was def shy lol..."If only i could game her" rang in my mind....

All of this rang in my mind....would i be doomed forever? Would I forever always regret and always feel like i could never get the success I wanted?

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