Friday, December 5, 2008

11/26 - 12/04 Winding Down

Aright, from Tuesday to Thursday Last gaming.
Friday i went to a small party that was a sausage fest, only 4 girls. Was drunk, tried to kiss all 4...but no go.
Saturday and Sunday, no gaming.

Monday went up to two girls, one of them was a girl i messaged on facebook...she was hot...was def attracted to her. She react well/receptive when i went up to her(She never replied back to my message). She said it was charming and all that. We talked for a bit. Tried to do an insta-date but she already ate, so i sat down next to her(she was sitting in a corner at the student book store killing time for class). So then i get to know her a litle, she's friendly but im not sensing "Genuine Interest" from her. I do get her #, and call hers so she got mine. She calls it sneaky ;-). She is down to earth which was great. :-)

We part ways. I text her a day later, no response, another one claiming she was hard to get, no response. She did say she had texting, as i suspected, my intuition was indeed right.

Tuesday i didn't really game, was tired as hell.

Wednesday, no real gaming except for at night where i gathered the courage to game one of the girls who goes to the place i usually drink at, a certain group of people. I was afraid to game her, because i thought she would react bad and that i would be a loser if she acted weird to when i flat out seduce her, plus i was afraid that everyone else would fit me in the "Hopeless romantic" category. But then i said, "Fuck So and So" and went for it. I grinded with her and she was into it for a few seconds. Then i decided to talk to her for a minute and stuff, tried to isolate her to the couch but she didn't want to but she was nice. I felt proud of myself for giving it a shot. Was funny.

Thursday, was too tired to game. Have lots of school work. couldn't game much this week :-(. I'lll update The wednesday party with a lil more.

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