Friday, December 5, 2008

Advice from Tamer of RSD

This is a piece i found. This should help me out ALOT, when i game in the real world, thats for certain!

Perfecting Day 2s: Getting laid, not Spending a Dime, while living with your parents

Right before I moved to Las Vegas moved in with my parents for a few weeks and I was saving my money. However I still be wanted to get laid. I stumbled by chance on a REALLY solid day 2 lay rate. I told some of my friends about it and they had similar success to mine so I KNEW I was onto something.



Basically here is how it goes down:

1) Set up the day 2: Say something along the lines of "We need to hang out." She will agree if you ran a somewhat solid set.

2) After she says "yes" tell her that you are "tired of the bar scene" and that you "just want to chill" and that you are "just in the mood to watch a movie or something."

3) ASSUME THAT SHE AGREES: before she has a chance to say something right when you are done with step 2 kinda interrupt yourself and say: WAIT! I need to know! Do you know how to cuddle?"

4) she WILL say something along the lines of "yes" or "of course" or whatever. Then you challenge her again. "NO Seriously like on a scale from 1-10 how good are you?"

5) She will give a number and you will tease her with about her answer... "I dunno if I believe that! I'm just letting you know right now if a girl can't cuddle its an immediate deal breaker! She can have 10 kids and thousands of dollars of debt and thats bad n all but if she cant cuddle... NOT A CHANCE!"

6) Usually they go along with it and if they challenge you back you say. "Look Im the Cuddle King dont even try to step up to this! I cuddle at a whole other level you have no idea!"

7) CLOSE THE DEAL: Tell her "OK TOUGH GUY! You talk the talk we'll see if you can walk the walk."

8) Set the date up at her place. You'll bring a small selection of movies.

9) When you get to her place its hard to escalate sometimes. But since you CHALLENGED HER ON HER CUDDLING ABILITY, as soon as you guys pop in the DVD you grab a blanket jump on her couch/bed/whatever lay down on your side and say something along the lines of: "OK lets see what you got TOUGH GUY!" I even snap my fingers sometime.

10) once shes lays down it might not be that comfortable because she might be a bit scared to get too close. She will be close but not close enough. CALL HER ON IT! You are the CUDDLE KING! Tell her something along the lines of this: "OMG! what is this? I thought you said you were good. Here go like this!" literally shift her around and move body parts around until you are super close spooning or whatever tell her "Like this!" Then tell her "Yah you got potential"

11) when you are cuddling like this, the make-out and sexual escalation is inevitable as long as you are not a total chode.

Ive done this 5 or so times times no problems over the course of a few weeks (while living with my parents, not spending a dime) and it basically totally skips the date and goes right to her home where you are in a situation that lends itself to sex and/or heavy making out. I give examples of specific lines I use but obviously use verbiage that YOU feel comfortable and congruent with. But basically you are framing the day 2 as a CUDDLE CHALLENGE as an excuse to get super close to her REALLY fast and skip all the bullshit.


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