Friday, December 12, 2008

Notes for what to do after makeout


hmmm so let me get this straight ...

Approach target - Ride the train - go for makeout - end makeout first - and then chill till a later time and then pull to pad for ONS?

You sure this is the appropiate steps? Wont the target think that you lost interest in her? You are saying not to keep sexual tension up?

So what do you do just sit by her and claw her once and awhile? or go wander around the club and open more sets?

"Then get super sexual and chill until it's time to pull." ie Wade said this ... so whats super sexual with out some biting and kissing stuff? I dont see whats the big deal about using the mouth more then once if you want to pull home.

I can see how if you were not going to pull home you dont want to go for the big big makeout - and if you wanted to open more sets ...

There are a lot of variables here, but the main issues:

You don't want to escalate too quickly because then you will have nowhere to go. I used to get the makeout and then was like "Now what?!"

I'll keep physical kino going afterwards, hip bumps, random hugs, hair pulling... and continue to lead her around. Maybe take her to the dance floor for a bit, or to get a drink.

I'll also just stare at her with the "bedroom eyes" until she is like "What? What?!" -just amps up the sexual tension when you play with silence

Maybe a little sexual push-pull i.e. "What are you doing to me, I just came out to hang out with my friends and you got me all hot and bothered!"

Also a HUGE HUGE part of this is after you are "locked in" with the girl (i.e. know she will go home with you) to go interact with her friends so when it comes time to pull they are on your side and not just the pull away friends...

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