Saturday, August 30, 2008

Final Summer Analysis

Aright, this summer i definitely learned alot in the game. I made some good improvements, became smarter, and am even more determined to succeed.

What I've learned
1) That the only way to still succeed in the game to keep at it

2) Don't give up. There have been times over the course of the game that i've wanted to give up. I was at my breaking point at times, but thanks to my friends and supporters, i've kept going. I will never give up. Seduction is too important to me, its a part of me.

3) You are a different breed of man. You stand out compared to other guys. You do things most guys are scared shitless to do.

4) Stand up for ur beliefs. I've stood up for my beliefs in the game, and i don't back down. There were some girls who were like, "It shows bad character to approach lots of girls" or "You approached me already" or "You won't win(In reference to their friend that im gaming". But then i learned that despite that, those women couldn't say anything after when i responded to them "It shows good character as i'm going for what i want and there's a risk people will hate me for it...but what matters is what i want to do" or "Yea, i did. So what?" or "There's no winning or losing. I just do my thing"

5) Girls want a playboy still. There were times i doubted that girls want a guy who's good with women and only want a guy who just always likes one girl. But thats far from the truth.

6) Confrontations will happen. If i aint having difficult, in the sense of AMOGs, then something is wrong. I've been confronted as a result of approaching, but i didn't get punched or kicked. Just threats.

7) The girls u desire the most tend to be the ones that desire u too. I've seen it, yet sometimes didn't believe it but it was true.

8) Success will come. As David X says, "As time goes on and u go at it...eventually u'll reach success." It might not be for a week, a month, a year, or hell...even a decade. I don't know. But all i know is that i will keep going. I won't give up my biggest dream, i want to be a playboy. The day that i heard it was possible, i really felt that i didn't have to accept my fate of never loving myself and wanting to be someone else. But, i realized that the possibilities are there. Success will come!

What i've improved
1) I can approach consistently. I have been doing it consistently for 8 months total now.

2) My night game has improved. 9 months ago and before, it sucked. I had trouble keeping conversation. Now a days, im now at the point of kissing despite all the obstacles that i dealt with along the way. Those obstacles don't really happen anymore.

3) My day game has improved. For about 10 months, my direct game was more with just opening. But now i realize the truth reason to go direct and as a result, i got 5 day 2s over the course of the month. More than i have ever gotten in one month than in my entire life.

4) No longer consider people who are very popular to be above me. They are human beings like us. We are equal. From my own standpoint, i don't need LOTS of friends to attract or seduce women. I am enough.

5) I am less self conscious about approaching in front of people. I realized that either people don't give a shit or that if they do, its more of amazement.

6)I don't have to run out of things to say. I can fill that void.

7) Plowing. I'll keep going, even if im exhausted.

8) Women's reactions. Lots of girls are more receptive to me when i approach compared to in the past.

9) Attachment to outcome. My attachment to outcome has gone down. I was so concerned bout laying, that it frustrated me so much. But then i just let alot of it go, and thus im doing better.

10)I consider no girl or woman to be out of my league. Sure i haven't gamed Bartenders or girls who work there, BUT i find that i should game non-hired guns first, as i feel that it'll be easier for me once i can do the other situations first.

11) Can Game Solo. I can go to a night venue solo, which is def not easy. Sometimes when i went there, i wish i had a wing. But nowadays, i could care less. I think its better for me to do it solo anyhow.

12) Less affected by rejection. I def am less affected by rejection. Sure if it happens once in a blue moon, its like "wow" but when it happens now and then, its like "Ah that didn't work out, on to the next"

13) Eye contact and Touch. they have def improved. I no longer look predatorial with it, and my touch is less hesitant. My touch has more purpose now.

What i need to improve

1) Hesitanting in some approaches. Usually if im not confident, i'll wait a lil while. I usually wait till im more mentally able to do it, BUT sometimes opportunities pass you by.

2) Calibration for closing. Still needs improvement

3) Approaching sets. I could do more, as some opportunities passed me by since they were with one other friend. I can do it at night, then why shouldn't i do it during the day?

4) Caring what the girl i just approached who had a good reaction(who says she's taken), will think. Its weird, sometimes i think it makes me look like a snake, that i went to direct to u and then another girl. The key is to not value her opinion of u. If she considers u scum, who cares? She's taken. No need to acknowledge it or her.

5) Afraid to get kicked out of some parties. Its not the kicking out i still am hesitant of. Its how i'd handle it afterward. I will improve that.

6) Caring what others think. I still think i care what some acquaintences think. But recently, i've still taken action.

7) When a girl is walking away after a meh approach, i tend to have the need to speed up my voice to get their attention. But i'll stop that.

8) Still attaching some level of outcome to getting lays this final semester at Radford. Thanks to my friends' support, this attachment has gone down. Thats the only way i'll be able to keep going without feeling complete frustration.

So all in all, Got the final semester to go. Let's rock!

Thank You Everyone-A Shoutout.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who's supported me in this journey. Andrew, for us always talking each day and being good friends despite us being in good states. I thank you for helping me out in times i needed and despite some of the debates we had on game, we still support each other. "Rival" in the game and another good friend, despite us having different goals in the game, the way we get there is the same. really cool dude, whom i've a good respect for and am impressed by his confidence in life and that he's doing great with his girlfriend.. Also, my good friend Arnaud for also being a good friend, and going out together.

Jason, despite me not liking him anymore, i still thank him for the advice he gave me which i no longer get angry and cry in frustration after not getting lays at parties. Ken, despite me thinking ur a piece of crap, i still thank you before then when we still talked about game. Michael S, i thank you for being my first good wing back in 06'...u might not know of this blog, but i still wanted to say it. Reyland and Alex, i thank you guys for helping me out the first time i ever went out sarging with u both, i hope life serves u guys well. Jack and Fernando for being prime examples of not caring about the outcome in the game and succeeding.

I also thank Dave for despite being terrified to approach at the mall one day and i saw myself when i first was terrified to approach, i thank him for the conversations we had now and then. Lastly, I thank my Bloodline for being macks in their own right. My father, despite having the mentality of lying to women, you still were def a stud with women. My late grandfather, you definitely were a mack in the game, even hearing stories back in the day were funny. My maternal uncle, now hearing about u, u def are a prime example of how i should be later in the game, u follow the good principles of mode one, being upfront about what ur after, "Non serious". My brother, i thank you for helping me out when i was in a state of being terrified and helping me find out who i truly was back in 06' and that our relationship is closer. My stepdad for giving me advice.My mom for despite not wanting me to approach in front of her due to her feeling embarrased, that she has no problems with me wanting to be a womanizer.

Lastly, my Four parts of myself. Shadow, for I accept my past. Shiek, for guiding me to my bright future. Self, for one day truly being at peace in life, and most importantly, myself...for having the guts, pride, persistence and passion for doing well in the game. I thank every one. I will become a playboy, no matter how long it takes.

8/28 Final Mall Sarge

Aright today, i managed to do the 20 approaches. I wasn't able to do the drills unfortuantely, but this was the most i've done ever in one day of all i've gamed. Half way into it, i was tired. I had some starbucks and decided to keep on going. There's no need for me to go on the exact specific approaches, but i can just say i got rejected off the bat about 8 times. 7 of the women were taken. 5 More weren't single, to which i went for insta-date attempts but they declined.

This was definitely a good lesson for me as then I knew that i did good sticking through, but also that there is much i can def improve with.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

8/27 Penultimate Mall Sarge

Aright this will be short, since this was to get me in the swing of things YET again. I get rusty easy unless i go out day game or night game atleast 2-3 times a week.

Today at the mall, i opened about 8 girls. These are the ones i vaguely remember. I was unprepared and in my own head, and chose last minute to go. I decided to give it a shot.

#1 Was a cute latina. She wore glasses. She was receptive, but she was just visiting her cousins. She was pretty friendly, even telling me how she's inspired by god. I told her that its good that she felt the experience. I told her my experience about faith. So in a sense, i opened up myself. I met her 1st and 2nd cousins. They were friendly, thought her cousin was her mom. Was hilarious. Got her hotmail.

#2 Middle Eastern Girl. Hot as hell. I stopped her, she was 1/2 way about to walk away. But she was hearing me out. This was funny, she said she had to go BUT she didn't leave. She said sorry twice. But from what i could sense, i think there was some interest, if i just was more relaxed today.

#3 A GORGEOUS latina woman with highlights. My god this woman was beautiful. She goes in the store, i stop her. She's smiling but is still somewhat walking. I ask her what she's shopping for and bladdy blah, she says jeans or whatever. I def could've persisted more here, just let her go too fast.

#4 Italian Girl with glasses. Nice Rack. Stopped her. She was shy, but receptive. But she was engaged and was about to meet up with her dad who was looking at sneakers. Was shocked she was italian(Thought she was 1/2 latino), she thought i had some asian in me.haha. She showed me the rock on her finger. She was hot.

#5 Outside of a Mostly woman's store, stopped a woman leaving but she was on a rush

#6 Was a cute asian girl who was on a rush to get back to work. But she was pretty nice. Me, just tryin to get a bit relaxed before school told her that its fine, but she didn't leave after like 3-4 seconds :-)

#7 Was a cute late 20s woman. She was a little on "What do i do?" reaction side. But then i learned a good lesson. I opened up to her about myself to where i can tell she felt a little bit more relaxed and more open. Even gave me advice on jobs lol. Sure it wasn't the most exciting conversation but i don't think it was that bad.

I forgot the last approach.

But today all in all was a good prep for tomorrow, to where i'll be stepping it up. Im gonna go attempt the drills. I'm gonna do 20 approaches. 10 lone and possibly 10 with 2 sets or more. We'll see how it goes :-). One thing i def can improve on is to be a bit more calm when im a lil in my head.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Drills For Day Game

Aright, there are only two more days im gonna go to the mall and one more night of going out.

I would say this month of doing mall game has gotten me almost as relaxed as i was back then during the summer at Radford. Only 6 days left, till i return. I am feeling excited, yet also still having some doubts. I kinda fear that all i've been doing will still not be enough to atleast have some lays in the fall. But the key is to have faith and confidence. There will be alot more girls to choose for than before, and their easier. So i'm gonna have to go full force.

Now the drills im gonna tomorrow out of these are not as much but are to have me officially be as relaxed as i was and a little bit more. PLUS, to then have conversation add with emotions. The drills:

1) Approach 10-20 Women. 10 if not that many targets, 20 if there plenty.

2) BF objection drill. If a woman says she has a bf, ignore it/say "Cool"/"aright"/"Awesome". Keep talking.

3) She walks away drill. If a woman walks away, tell her she's too classy to walk away when someone is talking to her.

OPTIONAL: Rude Response Drill. If a woman acts rudely, like she ignores u or acts in a geuninely bitchy way, "Why are u acting like this? Why can't u just be yourself? Where i'm from...people are real, if ur not gonna be real...i'm gonna walk away"

4) Resistence Drill. Don't give up at the first sign of resistence. Women will sometimes refuse to do what you want them to do. Dont' be fazed by it and don't walk away. Stay in there. Talk a little more. Get to know her and spend a little moretime with her then try again. Next time you feel like walking away, stop for a second, stay an extra minute or two, then give it a shot.

5) Woman in a rush drill. If a woman is in a hurry drill. When she say "Uhmmm, I'm in a hurry, I need to do my shopping" say "That's cool. After we get _______ for five minutes, you can go on with your shopping...and besides, it might only take three minutes..."

6) Go First Drill. For the 1st approach that sticks, instead of asking where she's from...tell her about where ur from. Instead of sayin "How are you?" U say ", you have no idea why"

7) At a blank drill. If i sometimes have no idea what else to talk about, cold read. Assume what kind of woman she is. This is only if i have trouble thinking of what else to say.

8) Emotional Connection Drill-For each approach where the woman is there, do the build familiarty step. If things can develop further, Build substance.

1) Build Familiarity:
Goals and aspirations, Traveling, Passions, Favorite films and music, Ideal vacation
Concerts and theatres, Relationships, Family, Love, Animals, Youth, Fitness, Love, Animals, Art

2) Building Substance:
Solidifies connection between you. Its only something close friends do.
Most things women till u are gold, once u barreled through her persona.

-Active Listening: Rephrase and Feedack.Ask Questions. Summarize what she tells u. Shut up and listen to her
-Finding Her Core Value: Find out the underlying motivator that drives her to do the things she loves to do, once u find them out...relate to them, then reward her for opening up. This encourages her
-Social Learning theory and The Power of Conditioning
-Emotional Connectoin Accelerator: Leading with your passions

9) Sexual Vibe Drill. Do this drill once ur able to do the others.

I'll do most of these drills tomorrow. I'll remember each of these. 8 i'll only try to really do build familiarity first. 9 doesn't have to come for a while.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Vision Statement

Hey everyone, to help even further with my drive and motivation to succeed...
I decided to make a VISION Statement: A video of slides of pictures to show my dream of being a playboy...hope u enjoy ;-)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

8/22 The Mall Again. Less attachment to outcome

Aright, the previous day i was supposed to get my tooth extracted, but it turned out the wisdom tooth's roots were jammed in the bone near the gums, the dentist was working on it for 4 1/2 hours with an hour of wait time in between. It sucked as i wanted it over with and what was worse was that he couldn't get it out. Then today i was suppose to get the last of it, but then he recommended me to an oral surgeon. Thank God! They'll just have me be flat out knocked out cold, while they taken it out. But since it wasn't until tomorrow, i decided to be productive...Mall Time.

Aright when i get to the mall, i feeling even more relaxed than last time. I decided, to not lose motivation or get too much of an attachment to outcome, so i decided to just do 10 again.

wat was funny was that these ones went by fast.

#1 Pretty Strawberry Blonde woman pretty receptive but married

#2 Cute girl i stopped, said no thanks

#3 Was a latino girl with dyed white/blonde hair. Declined politely.

#4 Was a hot, thick latina girl with wild light brunette hair. She was very receptive. talked to her for a few minutes, her interest was good...but she was 16 :-(

#5 Was a pretty faced white woman. I then noticed the alpha dog in affect, i focused on her and i could really see her beauty. I go up to her, she's pretty receptive but she's married(Her age, plus she seemed genuine)

#6 Redhead with long hair and freckles. Jackpot! These last 4 approaches were in the same store. She was pretty receptive, even showing some interest. What i noticed was that i talked about myself freely, and was relaxed. I then go for an insta-date attempt and she says she can't as she's taken. I then sensed that she said it in a genuine way, but u can't be too sure.

NOTE: Hmm...i guess in the future i should still try to persist a lil. No harm in it.

#7 Was a stunning black haired, middle eastern/latino woman. I saw her from the floor below, and tried to catch up to her. When she walks in teh store, from behind i tell her "Excuse me..." She notices me, "i tell her...I find you so stunning....i need to talk to u" She then tells me that she's on a rush and i tell her it'll only take a minute and that it took me 5 minutes to catch up to her. She declined again politely. Then i notice as she's going to fitting room, she looks at me a certain way but i didn't really in her eyes back(I thought that if i did, it'd feed her ego), but i should be at the point where i don't care about their ego being filled...i should be that sure of myself as an aspiring playboy.

#8 Was a black haired, pale skinned hot white woman. She was hot! This was in express. I then see where she's going and go direct. She gives the usual laugh as quite a few women do. I then hear she has an accent and i guess that she's Romanian but she says she's polish. I then tell her, "yea..i tend to always guess wrong...but sometimes out of the blue for the weirdest reason i can guess right for certain people" she giggles a little. I then notice some clothes she's looking at, and then i point to one and says it'll be good on her. she agrees saying that they're nice and that she's looking at them. I then tell her its sexy, but i dont' look at her i was looking at the mini skirt, teasing about the length. I then do the "tell me about urself" deal. She smiles a lil and asks what do u want to know, and i say "everything" She cracks up a bit. I then tell her that we can start small and she tells me she was in the states for 6 years,and that she finds that its such a place where people work so much and she says that she misses the fun she had back in Poland.

i tell her that i'd prolly visit europe and russia someday(I plan to) and that it's good to travel. From what im reading out of her, she was looking at clothes but was looking at me at various times. I'd say my face looked calm, relaxed and had a smile. I think she felt comfortable as my presence seemed confident i might add. As we're talking about travel, i then tell her that after she buys what she wants to buy, that we're gonna go over to the starbucks over there...but she decline and is walking away telling me that she's got to go. I tell her it'd only be 5 minutes, but she declines politely.

Here i believe i did fine, just that she wasn't THAT interested eventho there could've been some.

#9 Was a thick brunette with a black dress and a face i was drawn to walking through the hallway, i notice her from like 60 feet away. I then see she's walking toward the direction i'm about to walk at. I stop her, she's receptive but is taken.

#10 Was a pink dressed, thick very cute 1/2 latino girl. She's holding dresses. I go direct. She's excited but tells me that she's definitely on a rush trying some stuff on. I smile and laugh and tell her it'd only be for a minute or two, but she says that her stuff is in the dressing room and that there's a line. Was that same store i did the other approaches.

#11 Cute black girl i saw looking at glasses. She laughs and has a smile on her face, but at the place the manager comes to ask if she needed help, and she was looking for a job there. so i decided not to interrupt.

Aright, today all in all was still a learning experience...

What i improved on...
1) Definitely getting more relaxed, was my sole intention
2) Still going for insta-date attempts
3) Do a time constraint in case she is tied up for time, but its DURING the approach if she appears to somewhat be busy.
4) Did multiple approaches in the same store, and "risked" for myself...that the other girls i had approached before would see me. Still got to work on that tho.
5) less hesitation for approaches
6) My eye contact is def looking people back in the eyes again. The alpha dog def helped me.
7) Less concerned with outcome.

Things that still need work
1) Looking girls in the eyes after i approached them and they rejected or declined talking further for whatever reason. I sometimes didn't as i didn't want to feed their ego that i was still chasing them, but thats bullshit. i am more sure of myself and don't have to have that affect my own ego

2) 2+ sets, hesitate not from fear but committment of diving attention. It seems less effort at night than day, as night i've been use to it for so long and day, i was so focused on lone wolves, that i find that i'd do 2 sets later on in the game during day.

3) Persist a little more if a woman rejects an insta-date invitation. To try again after a few minutes. Prolly just got to do calibration. The ebook: Daytime pickup revealed...i'm gonna reread it again to have it help improve my day game.

4) Still don't think i'm fully relaxed and fearless going in all ladies stores still. But im getting to that point again.

5) If i get rejected, i guess its still hard for me to immediately stop another woman walking by immediately....i'm gonna work on that too.

Today each of the girls were good looking and i believe i got rejected less because my face looked looser and i had a warm, calm expression on my face.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Alpha Dog Workout So far

Aright, finished the 2nd day of doing the Alpha Dog to work on my eye contact. Quite frankly it has helped. As a result, i am really noticing the woman and really see them in a different light. Like this latina woman who was driving, she was beautiful. I looked at her and i could not only see her very pleasant face...but alot more in her face..i noticed more details in some women how u can appreciate their beauty a little more. So far so good, gonna take quite a bit longer to master it.

8/20 Drills to Improve Day Game

Aright, i'm gonna discuss the things i've improved on, things i still need to improve on and the ways to improve them that i didn't address for the mall lately.

What I have Improved On Overall
1) Plowing Through Disappointment/Frustration-Prior to last friday, i was losing motivation thinking that the mall wouldn't do me good, that i wouldn't get any where with it considering that quite a bit of the women were taken. Me not caring if there are lots who are taken and others who are into me....that doesn't matter. What matters is that i give my best shot.

2) More Insta-Date Attempts-I'm going more for them these days despite not being that relaxed. Its still good as with an insta-date, there's a greater chance i'll get to meet up wtih the girl again and the bigger chance a same day lay could happen.

3) Consistency-I'm starting to be consistent with the mall. Thats def crucial.

4) Not caring where the conversation takes me. I use to be so concerned of what to talk about. but then i realized, if i let that all go and say anything...that that would do me better, and it truly has.

5) Less attachment to outcome-Not too long ago, at the mall...i was so concerned with getting an insta-date, that once i realized that i set my expectation a bit high, i lowered them just with my goal is to just keep going out there. Its gotten better for me.

Aright now on to what i need to improve on and how i'll work on it:

1) My eye contact and face isn't relaxed when im not approaching. When there have been some women giving me e/c...i aint doing the raise eye brow and the smile like i usually do. But even back then, i felt even that was a lil too automatic.

SOLUTION: The Alpha Dog. Its an exercise by Sean Messenger, from his Ultimate coaching program, that u can get from there. Can get a 7 day free trial there of access to all his stuff on there.

2) When people look at me usually if its in an all female store, i somewhat think they are giving me a suspcious look.

SOLUTION: Who cares if they do. Plus more often than not, they most likely are giving positive eye contact anyhow

3) My voice prolly is a bit too fast when im not feeling pretty confident or i sound like im trying to have the girl off a direct approach to stay or keep her attentive.

SOLUTION: breathe and relax. Also, use the alpha dog concept

4) Not feeling sexual when out at the mall

SOLUTION: Think dirty thoughts about her and not jack off for a certain period fo time

5) Still seem not want to do groups

SOLUTION: Its fine Sky. Best doing lone women for now, unless the girl is MUST HAVE to where u just give it a shot. There will be a day just for groups dont' worry

6) Kino might be lacking a lil in day game

Do more playful things, like hi fives and caress her hand. Give touch purpose

7) When a woman walks away...

SOLUTION: Tell them loudly that they're too classy to walk away

8/19 Hard Work Pays off and Something Unexpected...

Today i decide to go to the mall again to stay consistent and to be more relaxed again. When i arrive there, im feeling tense. Its showing in my face, and my body eventho when i walk slow...its sometimes can be hard to tell as i can appear stiff. When i get there, i don't see too many "hot" targets at first. But I do what i can. I also notice that im feeling a lil self conscious that people may sense my vibe of going there to pickup girls(negative light) but that was complete nonsense. Some people were looking at me most likely, because im a handsome guy and/or i had a yellow polo. Course it'll stick out. But when i made eye contact with women, i didn't have a smile on my face.

I'm gonna work on that again, being flat out comfortable with e/c and smiling with girls walking by.

Today i'll just summarize quick:

First 2 approaches women were gorgeous but were married, 4 approaches the women just walked away after i stopped them, 1 asian girl didn't want to talk further was preoccupied with texting her mom who she was meeting up with.

But then...

7th approach was a thick girl. I liked what i saw, she had big tits, had a few extra pounds but i def liked it. As she's walking ahead of me, i just turn her around and tell her i find her cute and want to talk to her. I can tell she was taken back(I sorta thought she might not had been interested) but as i talked to her more and more, she was opening up more and more. I could tell she was the shy kind at the end. the convo we had, i completey forget but i do remember then telling her we can talk further at starbucks, but she tells me that she's gotta leave in 20. I then tell her its perfect time. So then we arrive there, and i can tell she's still feeling taken back by the situation, even acknowledging that it was random. I then smile and tell her that she'll remember me easier. From getting to know her, i enjoyed talking to her. We had similiar tastes, and everything. She told me that it was good that i kept things going and she said she doesn't usually know what to say sometimes. From what i sensed, there was interest...but she still wasn't fully relaxed. I then go for the number, but she tells me she's very busy and everything, i keep persisting...telling her that it'll be aright...i'll call to see when she's free next week. But then she declines, i then tell her that it was still great chatting with her.

NOTE: I felt a surge of happiness here, because it happened out of the blue. You just don't know what to expect in the game, especially when u feel the day will suck. i wanted to leave again...but i decided to stick through it...and it got me somewhere.

#8 Was the hottest woman i went up to. She's shopping, i go up to her directly feeling more relaxed and happy, and she had a smile on her face. She was pretty receptive. She had a good sense of humor about her, she looked at me a few times, while i got to know her, as she was shopping. I tell her im just chilling at the mall, she then says, "making girls uncomfortable eh?" this was obviously a joke, but i got so caught off guard by it that i actually answered it serioulsy by saying thats not how i roll.hahaha. Course then after i realized she was teasing, it then got out of my mind. After a minute or two, i tell her that we can have coffee at the mall in a few days and i go for the number(I couldn't do an insta-date since she was with her younger cousin)...but she tells me its pretty forward. I tell her "so be it :-)" I persist a lil but then she declines. I then tell her it was still good talking to her tho.

NOTE: this is further proof, the hottest women u approach directly will be the most receptive. Each day, its always the ones im most attracted to who respond the most positive.

The Last approach was tall, slim, redheaded woman. I wanted her! I go up to her while she's in the store getting pants. I tell her that i tried to catch up to her but she walked too fast. She's receptive at first, but her face wasn't as stunning as i thought eventho it was still cute. After a minute or two, she told me it was good meeting me, i didn't care to try to continue as i was tired by that point.

All in all, im glad i still set the 10 approach limit...that really worked out for me to keep going and to keep motivation. Rejection is also affecting me my callace is still strong. Happy I got another day 2/insta-date. Hell it was my first insta-date at the mall, now thats progress!


Today I am 22 years and am damn happy to be. Love every minute of being young. Got 150 dollars worth of birthday money from my parents and granddad. So it works! Gonna use that money for gas and new pants that would actually fit me. My family and me actually celebrated it 3 days prior at the casino. I would've gamed there but everyone was pretty much couples and atleast twice my age. Oh well, Vegas won't be that way when i go :-D

8/17 When there's doubt, keep going and it'll be out

Aright everyone, today i decided to go to Fair Oaks Mall as i want to switch up between Tysons and it. Let me just say that for this day, my goal was just to get more relaxed as i was when i did campus. But also, i realized that i needed to be familiar with rejection a little bit more. So then i decided, instead of doubting and worrying that i won't have what it takes since im still not through the rustiness, that i'll get it handled.

#1 Woman coming up from the escalater. She looked middle eastern. I do the stop hand motion. She's pretty receptive but she says she's actually meeting up with her boyfriend.

#2 Was a cute short brunette girl. I had to follow her and i approach her from behind while she's walking. She is somewhat receptive, but then since she looked young, i asked her age and she says 16.

#3 Was an indian looking woman with glasses and a baseball cap. She's looking at clothes. I turn her around. She tells me she's married, i thought she'd have an accent of some sort. I then see as i leave, she gives a weird look.

#4 Was a pretty middle eastern woman. She's waiting for something i think. I go up to her with the Stunning opening, and she's like with a confused look "mmm...what?" I then tell her again and she says "pleeease". I then decide to walk away.

NOTE: In the future, don't leave.

#5 A cute tall brunette girl walking out of American Eagle, i see her and tell her to stop from the side. I go direct, she smiles somewhat but says she's gotta go. I'm still talking to her but she ignores it.

#6 Gorgeous Asian Woman. I notice her going up the escalator and i know that i wanted to meet her. So then i tell her to stop from behind. After opening, she declines.

NOTE: I'm feeling a little frustrated, as 5 of the sets were wood. I wanted to go home, as i found it pointless. But then i decided that i'll do my last 4 approaches as i got to push myself. That i won't leave until i fulfill it.

#7 Was in express. Was a cute blonde girl. I open her, and she's very receptive. I was shocked, she was smiling while i said my opening line. Convo was easy with her, plus she had wit. We talked for a few minutes about whatever and turns out she's gonna be a sophmore at JMU. After 5 minutes, i then do an insta-date attempt with her, but she says that she'll ask her friend over there if its ok(was a guy, and i then realized that it was her bf) so then i smiled and said ok. Told her it was good meeting her.

After i see afew more women i want to go up to in the store, but didn't want the previous woman to notice me doing it.

NOTE: This is a belief i got to destroy. Caring what a girl whom nothing could develop and was happy.. cares about if she sees me go approach another girl. Who cares?

#8 The next girl looked young, and i wasn't sure how young. some girls who looked young turned out to be my age. So i decided to go up to her anyhow. I say hi and she's pretty receptive, as im opening her attitude changes(More like she didn't know how to react), i then ask her age and she tells me 13.I'm like "WHAT?!!! no way in hell u look 13" I then leave immediately.haha.

#9 Was a redhead with glasses with big tits, jackpot! Her face was not bad, but her thickness made up for that. I then go up to her, and she's pretty receptive. I have her tell me about herself. Tells me she's looking for clothes and where lives in the area. She too had a wit about her. I go for an insta-date attempt with her too, but then she tells me how she's actually taken and then says in a funny, joking way that she's not that kind of woman(one who'd cheat). I then laugh too.

After this, i then had one fear i wanted to destroy again. Going into an all female store. In the past, it didn't matter to me but lately, i've had that fear. Before going in, i was afraid but then i decided to man up and when i put my foot in there,that fear was no longer there at the moment. Also, wats even more funny is there was a men's section in the store after i stepped foot in there.

while there, one thing that i won't forget for a while. This HB9 Middle Eastern Woman(long jet black hair, very nice sized rack), was giving me eye contact but i thought it was more looking at me just because i was near the female section. What an idiot i was haha. I gotta work on my eye contact and facial expression when walking around looking at random girls.

Most people didn't care i was there. After that, i decided to do one last approach to fulfill the 10.

#10 was a pretty faced thick woman. I liked what i saw. I did the stop hand motion. She was receptive, (I thought she was gonna walk away) but she didn't. We talked for afew minutes, turns out that she was married(I think i saw a ring on her). She was nice.

All in all, im glad i didnt' give up and kept going despite the first 6 approaches being meh. I felt much better as the day was done and my relaxation was coming back to me.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

8/15: What is going on with this tenseness?

Aright, it was two weeks since that i had gone to the mall. I had slacked off for two reasons. Firstly, i lost motivation since i believed most women there weren't single and that it would be pointless to go. Secondly, i was a bit afraid that i couldn't handle the fear and nervousness associated with walking around looking for girls.

I decided that i was gonna atleast return to the relaxation that i had. I don't remember the 4 approaches i did, but i do remember that it took me a lil bit to get relaxed. I was even afraid to step inside women's stores. I decided that i'm gonna get some of this tenseness handled. But it was a beast i tell ya

One of the four girls was asian, had a black dress, long hair, cute. Turns out she was taken.

The other one i remember was this hot long haired blonde girl. She was thin and tall. I saw her from the 2nd floor go into a jeans store. All i knew looking at her was that she was for me. I wanted her. I then go to the first floor and go into the store she we into. She was kneeling down looking into jeans. I then tell her that i found her very stunning and that i must talk to her. She was very receptive. I was shocked. She literally stood up and had a big smile on her face and was looking right at me. And when i saw her full front, DAMN! Definitely a 9 atleast. I was happy. From what i remember, i just got some rapport from her, told her to talk about herself. Just typical talk, then i told her that we should have some starbucks nearby. She says that she's gotta buy jeans first, then after that i told her that it'll be after...she tells me her bf works in the jeans store nearby.

NOTE: If she was telling the truth or lying its hard to say.

I believed her and parted ways. If this was the usual relaxed me, i think i would've persisted a lil bit more regardless of her saying she has a bf. Im not gonna analyze further since it was a few days ago.

The other two i still can't remember. I decided to leave early considering that i wasn't getting any more relaxed and i just wanted to go home.

8/8 Night Game Again at Clarendon Ballroom!

Aright, today i did some night game. I'll be honest...this wasn't easy as i was having some approach anxiety that i wasn't sure of how i would keep things going. I felt in my own head. It took me 15 minutes to start things going. I pretty much did dance floor game for the night.

#1 Was a blonde woman who i was gonna take her hand, but he flat out moved her hand away, it was funny. This was probably like the 4th approach in the night but i wanted to include this first for the hell of it. She's like "Don't be doing that" but not in a rude way, more in a polite way.haha.

#2 This was the last approach i think. Was a thick latino woman that i saw dancing earlier. She was talking to her friend, i put my arms over them...but they didn't say anything. I forget if i even said anything.

#3 Was a gorgeous older blonde woman. I knew i had to meet her. I see she's with another woman and a guy who's dancing around them. So then i decide to go for it anyhow. I immediately go up to her and tell her i find her stunning and that i'm going to talk to her. He is laughing and smiling and is like "What did he say?" Then after that, he hears it from one of the friends and says "Bye" and tries to block me away from the girl i wanted. But i didn't leave. I still talked to her. She was flattered but told me she was married. Seemed believable considering her age and how she said it.

#4 Was a thin cute brunette girl with wild hair. I didn't think anything would come of it. I wanted to go home at this point considering nothing was happening. I was like, "just do one more" so then i take her hand, and all of a sudden she smiles. I was so taken back, it was funny. We dance quite a bit and talk for a bout a minute but i can't hear her. I then at some go for the amazing sadness, but she couldn't hear me and said she'd be right back.

#5 Was another girl i opened from the dance floor. She was one of the two that was the most receptive. She was lots of fun. She was hot too. Felt nice grinding face to face. I didn't talk much for the most part, she did most of the talking. Met her friends, they were nice and down to earth. After afew minutes, i go for the kiss but she turns away. She says that she has a bf and doesn't want to cheat but she said in such a nice way that i don't consider it really much of a rejection. She then says that even dancing might be considered cheating, i'm laughing saying that its not its just dancing. I see that nothing would come of it, so i part ways. She was lots of fun. This turn my night around.

#6 Woman with a nice rack, short hair. Looked late 20s, black hair. I dance with her, but it died. Told her that we weren't done, we did it somemore but it died again.

NOTE: Here i could've talked to her, but tonight i didn't talk much

#7 Was a dude, a brunette, and another brunette. I liked the first brunette. I open the guy first saying watsup. He's pretty chill. I tell him that i like the dark brunette, and he tells me in a "Ragging on"/teasing demeanor, "Ah so u like her! Thats my girl dude! :-D." I laugh with him telling him that im gonna meet everyone. I then meet the other brunette and she had a face i was drawn to. Reminded me of a girl at radford whom was dancing at the bar/club whom i couldn't keep track of. So then im dancing with her. She's pretty receptive. I then go for the kiss, but she says she's got to be more drunk first.

NOTE: Here, don't think it was like "oh...i gotta get drunk to want to kiss you" It was more on the lines of "I want to kiss u, but i want to losen up to do so first". In easy terms, she wasn't ready yet.

So then im dancing with her a lil ready to try again in a few minutes, till this black guy finds her, he was just a friend. He was pretty chill. He's like in an apologetic way "Sorry Dude!" he felt that he ruined the approach. But i told him that its fine. In reality, i didn't mind as there were more girls there anyhow.

I did other approaches in the night, but some i don't remember.

This night it was good i was staying consistent out there. Getting the lay isn't important to me yet, its just kissing consistently, BUT even not attached to the outcome like i use to be so much. So that's good. But i'll return to the ballroom tho no doubt.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

8/1 - 8/7 Zzzz...and Sky's Thoughts

Aright. I was a couch potato from August 1st to August 7th. I just wasn't having fun gaming. I was too busy playing video games and watching porn. You could say after that mall day, i felt gaming was a chore and the only reason i thought so was because nothing was happening, plus it was like "Ah great. Got to go to the mall again"

I then realized, i did need a break from gaming, to just have fun with myself, even if it was a lazy activity. Gaming is only good if you enjoy it. Sure, there are times u must push urself. But i clearly didn't want to go.

But here's another edition of Sky's Thoughts

1) The More Times Goes On Before My Final Semester, i'm feeling some doubt and fear that it'll yet again be regret.

2) Night Game seems to be more fun for me, while day game lately i've found boring.

3) I aint gonna lie, after going to the mall one week ago and not much happening, that disappointment i guess hit me a little bit more than i thought. It had to do with my expectations being a bit too high

4) I know i should be sarging a little bit more than i have these days but its fine

7/31 Mall Game...Discouraging?

Aright, today i went to Fair Oaks Mall and there were a fair amount of targets.

#1 Was a cute blonde mixed girl. I was wondering if i should stop her, considering that she was cute but not too special. So i decide to stop her and go direct. She rejected it by saying "I gotta go".

#2 Was a gorgeous brown complexion indian/middle eastern girl. I go direct on her. She's receptive but at the same time, i could tell she didn't know how to react to the situation. I tell her i'm gonna walk with her. I get to know her a little bit. We talked for about 5-7 minutes, until we're at express. I tell her that i'm gonna look in there too. When we arrive, i tell her that we're gonna have coffee in a few days. She says that this is weird. I could tell it was not common for. I keep persisting, by getting my phone out and tell her to give me her number. She then again says this is weird, and i tell her "So be it :-)". I then am about to dial but then she politely declines. Hey, what can i say? I tried with this.

#3 Was a blonde woman who was looking at clothes in the same store. She was pretty. I go up to her, she is smiling but she also "doesn't know how to handle the situation" and she tells me she's taken but she says it in a genuine way.

#4 Nice cleaveged indian girl i stop. I stop her as she's walking, she's receptive but she tells me she's taken and on a rush.

#5 A middle eastern woman, she's walking and i stop her. I tell her that i saw her and had to make sure i made it in time to meet her and that she's really gorgeous. She's receptive, but her too...she was taken. But then she said she was glad that i went up to her tho.

NOTE: Most women will look you in the eye if they're telling you the truth, or will go into specifics. If they're lying, they won't look at u when they say it or they'll just say they got a boyfriend.

I went up to a few more women but nothing developed out of those.

All in all, i felt a lil disappointed that nothing developed further for the day. I had this feeling of "A woman just wants to shop, she wouldn't want to talk further even if she's receptive" But that is ludacrous. Its a numbers game. The more u approach in one day, more likely the greater the chance of an insta-date happening.

Also, i wore myself out too fast...walking around looking for girls to go up to. Tysons Mall i wasn't as tired, because every where i looked...there were women i could go up to, plus i enjoyed it more :-). That pretty much contributed to wanting to leave.

Next Time i go to the mall, i believe things will be more encouraging. Just one of those days, and the funny thing is...i only got rejected once from the approach, so it wasn't bad...just wanted something more to happen :-)

Friday, August 1, 2008

7/30 Return to the Club

Aright, today yet again was a couch potato. Didn't have motivation to go anywhere. One of my wings tells me he's going to ultra where then im starting to feel motivated again. If he didn't go, i doubt i would've wanted to.

It takes me an hour and a half to actually get there and park. I would only be there for an hour and 30 minutes and it costed 20 dollars. Plus, they said i violated the dress code. Baggy Pants. I'm like to myself "WTF?! My parents maybe a "lil" bit but its hardly noticeable. I'm wearing nice shoes and a nice collared shirt" Why in the hell should pants that look a tiny bit baggy and even matter?

But i still was able to get in. Costed 20 dollars. I'm like, "Will it be worth it?" When i get inside, i try looking for my friend and relaxing a lil. From what i see...i wasn't as afraid as before. Things started to be familiar to me. I felt more relaxed and looked around. Got some e/c from some women. Lets just say there were quite a few sexy women i def wanted to fuck. I meet up with drew at again, also met up with two other of his wings whom were exhausted from opening so many sets. It was good meeting both of those, and two more guys who were in the community as well. They both looked like they got skill ;-).

But aright on to the approaches:

#1 was a thick blonde. I give her a 7. Open up high energy. She's receptive. But she says that she doesn't want to talk to anyone really.

#2 Was a brunette girl i just opened dancing with by taking her hand. I can't dance worth a shit.haha. After that she goes back to her friend. This one it didnt' matter to me, just warming up for the night.

#3 Was a thick tall blonde with braces and wild hair. Yep, def wanted to fuck her. Did Fucking Sexy opening. She liked it. I sat with her and her friend, who looked bored. They were both thirsty and didn't have money for water. Normally i didnt' want to buy it, since they'd prolly only want the drink rather than u, but i was like "What the heck? Seems like there's interest. I see why not." So then i decide to buy it for all 3 of us to share. I have rapport with her and she's pretty receptive. I'm playing with her like crazy and she's liking it. But i hesitate to try and kiss her. After a few minutes, she and her asian friend go to the bathroom. Good interaction i'd say.

#4 Tall Gorgeous 1/2 Asian Girl. Went up to her telling her she was stunning and how im gonna talk to her. Before i went up to her, She looked bored and had her arms crossed. She was with another 1/2 asian girl and two asian guys. I go up to her, she's pretty receptive. I meet the other 1/2 asian, and its her younger protective sister...she's kinda friendly. I talk with the dudes for a minute, they aren't cockblocking me. Ask them if one of them used Afro Gel to keep his hair spikey(to be funny, cuz drew used it for his "puffball" effect for hair) haha. He tells me "nah" and says it in a confused look.

Then i isolate the asian girl from the group, she is confused and is alil resistant, BUT she goes along with me. We decide to sit down nearby. I just talk about her hair, her outfit, how she knows the friends she's with, etc. She's facing me a bit, but after im done talking, she's facing where the crowd is at. I can tell she's interested, i just got to keep things going. Her sister comes up to us telling me, "Don't have her out of my sight. I'm protective over her" I'm smiling as if it doesn't matter. She then looks at my arm, and i notice its a bit back of her, and i decide to move it a lil bit. She then gives me a look, to where i just raise my eye brows and smile and she walks away. Me not knowing what to say...i try the amazing sadness opener. She doesn't want to, BUT she doesn't leave. I'm thinking, "Got nothing more here" I then decide to end the set.

NOTE: Still getting a feel for the club again. If this was back at the uni bar, then i should get less slack...BUT since im getting a feel...i can cut myself some slack. I notice she's looking at me when im going up to other sets, and her sister and two male friends she was with.

#5 Was a nice racked late 20s, early 30s woman with blonde hair. I just danced with her, but she didn't want to grind...but i hipped bumped her but nothing came of it.
The other two people she was with(Another hot girl and a guy) didn't cockblock. I introduced myself to the guy, he was cool.

NOTE: Start conversation with her even if the dancing fails.

#6 Was a small slim hot black girl. She was dancing, i open her directly. She was pretty receptive. Conversation only lasted for afew minutes. After that she was about to leave. I told her we're gonna dance, but she smiled and said "Thats ok, we gotta go" She seemed interested too...just bad timing i guess?

#7 Stunning tall 1/2 black girl. This woman was very gorgeous. Had long black hair. I did the stunning opening and she was pretty receptive. Her bf was right there, i shake his hand. He doesn't mind and was cool.

All in all, i found tonight was worth the $20 to get a feel for it again. I don't got much money left to be saved and stuff...but i should be able to get in clubs for free if i get there within a certain time. All i know is, i'll be right on track tomorrow night when i do the club solo. :-)

7/28-7/29 Couch Potato and More Thoughts

Aright for Tuesday and Wednesday, i was pretty much a couch potato playing Metal Gear Solid 4 and losing motivation to sarge. I confused this feeling with fear. I thought the reason i didn't want to sarge was fear, that i was afraid to go out there again. But to be honest, now that i think about was just that i didn't feel like going. I didn't have that drive or spark to go. Was feeling like a chore, rather than something to enjoy. Also, on Wednesday...i was suppose to go to a Tap room with a fellow guy in the community, who is a PUA...but me feeling a bit afraid to go there(a unknown place to me), i lied telling him i had to help my mom, but in reality...she didn't need help. That was pussy behavior. I guess i was afraid that i'd look like a chump in front of him if i went out in my unprepared state, afraid to approach.

But that's going to stop. I'll tell the guy the truth, since thats who i really am...rather than a guy who'd lie like that. That shows the lack of credibility i have. Even if he might have a different opinion about me if i tell him the truth, he deserves to know.

Now, on to another edition of Sky's Thoughts

1) Its pretty strange, home doesn't feel that different to me since leaving campus. I actually feel more confident back here.

2) For a bit i've felt mental rustiness with day game, considering each day on campus i'd usually find a girl or two to approach. Not approaching at all for a few days can take its toll.

3) Night game im feeling a lil nervous considering i have no idea whats in store for this month.

4) I don't want day game to be a chore. I want to have fun with it again.

5) I actually believe i know why i've seem to been losing a little motivation, its prolly cuz at the mall...i kinda have this feeling like i won't be able to do an insta-date or get a day2 or whatever. BUT, i'll get that reality back to where i can seduce women at the mall. Then i'll feel that enthusiasm. :-)

6) The assurance of keeping a conversation going is one my mental blocks right now. It might take a few times to where i then am confident i can keep conversation going as long as i can :-)

7) I got one month to improve game even further, first getting much more relaxed at DC Clubs is my first goal. Then of course, which shouldn't be long, kiss closing consistently and extraction attempts is right after that :-)