Wednesday, August 20, 2008

8/20 Drills to Improve Day Game

Aright, i'm gonna discuss the things i've improved on, things i still need to improve on and the ways to improve them that i didn't address for the mall lately.

What I have Improved On Overall
1) Plowing Through Disappointment/Frustration-Prior to last friday, i was losing motivation thinking that the mall wouldn't do me good, that i wouldn't get any where with it considering that quite a bit of the women were taken. Me not caring if there are lots who are taken and others who are into me....that doesn't matter. What matters is that i give my best shot.

2) More Insta-Date Attempts-I'm going more for them these days despite not being that relaxed. Its still good as with an insta-date, there's a greater chance i'll get to meet up wtih the girl again and the bigger chance a same day lay could happen.

3) Consistency-I'm starting to be consistent with the mall. Thats def crucial.

4) Not caring where the conversation takes me. I use to be so concerned of what to talk about. but then i realized, if i let that all go and say anything...that that would do me better, and it truly has.

5) Less attachment to outcome-Not too long ago, at the mall...i was so concerned with getting an insta-date, that once i realized that i set my expectation a bit high, i lowered them just with my goal is to just keep going out there. Its gotten better for me.

Aright now on to what i need to improve on and how i'll work on it:

1) My eye contact and face isn't relaxed when im not approaching. When there have been some women giving me e/c...i aint doing the raise eye brow and the smile like i usually do. But even back then, i felt even that was a lil too automatic.

SOLUTION: The Alpha Dog. Its an exercise by Sean Messenger, from his Ultimate coaching program, that u can get from there. Can get a 7 day free trial there of access to all his stuff on there.

2) When people look at me usually if its in an all female store, i somewhat think they are giving me a suspcious look.

SOLUTION: Who cares if they do. Plus more often than not, they most likely are giving positive eye contact anyhow

3) My voice prolly is a bit too fast when im not feeling pretty confident or i sound like im trying to have the girl off a direct approach to stay or keep her attentive.

SOLUTION: breathe and relax. Also, use the alpha dog concept

4) Not feeling sexual when out at the mall

SOLUTION: Think dirty thoughts about her and not jack off for a certain period fo time

5) Still seem not want to do groups

SOLUTION: Its fine Sky. Best doing lone women for now, unless the girl is MUST HAVE to where u just give it a shot. There will be a day just for groups dont' worry

6) Kino might be lacking a lil in day game

Do more playful things, like hi fives and caress her hand. Give touch purpose

7) When a woman walks away...

SOLUTION: Tell them loudly that they're too classy to walk away

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