Thursday, August 21, 2008

8/22 The Mall Again. Less attachment to outcome

Aright, the previous day i was supposed to get my tooth extracted, but it turned out the wisdom tooth's roots were jammed in the bone near the gums, the dentist was working on it for 4 1/2 hours with an hour of wait time in between. It sucked as i wanted it over with and what was worse was that he couldn't get it out. Then today i was suppose to get the last of it, but then he recommended me to an oral surgeon. Thank God! They'll just have me be flat out knocked out cold, while they taken it out. But since it wasn't until tomorrow, i decided to be productive...Mall Time.

Aright when i get to the mall, i feeling even more relaxed than last time. I decided, to not lose motivation or get too much of an attachment to outcome, so i decided to just do 10 again.

wat was funny was that these ones went by fast.

#1 Pretty Strawberry Blonde woman pretty receptive but married

#2 Cute girl i stopped, said no thanks

#3 Was a latino girl with dyed white/blonde hair. Declined politely.

#4 Was a hot, thick latina girl with wild light brunette hair. She was very receptive. talked to her for a few minutes, her interest was good...but she was 16 :-(

#5 Was a pretty faced white woman. I then noticed the alpha dog in affect, i focused on her and i could really see her beauty. I go up to her, she's pretty receptive but she's married(Her age, plus she seemed genuine)

#6 Redhead with long hair and freckles. Jackpot! These last 4 approaches were in the same store. She was pretty receptive, even showing some interest. What i noticed was that i talked about myself freely, and was relaxed. I then go for an insta-date attempt and she says she can't as she's taken. I then sensed that she said it in a genuine way, but u can't be too sure.

NOTE: Hmm...i guess in the future i should still try to persist a lil. No harm in it.

#7 Was a stunning black haired, middle eastern/latino woman. I saw her from the floor below, and tried to catch up to her. When she walks in teh store, from behind i tell her "Excuse me..." She notices me, "i tell her...I find you so stunning....i need to talk to u" She then tells me that she's on a rush and i tell her it'll only take a minute and that it took me 5 minutes to catch up to her. She declined again politely. Then i notice as she's going to fitting room, she looks at me a certain way but i didn't really in her eyes back(I thought that if i did, it'd feed her ego), but i should be at the point where i don't care about their ego being filled...i should be that sure of myself as an aspiring playboy.

#8 Was a black haired, pale skinned hot white woman. She was hot! This was in express. I then see where she's going and go direct. She gives the usual laugh as quite a few women do. I then hear she has an accent and i guess that she's Romanian but she says she's polish. I then tell her, "yea..i tend to always guess wrong...but sometimes out of the blue for the weirdest reason i can guess right for certain people" she giggles a little. I then notice some clothes she's looking at, and then i point to one and says it'll be good on her. she agrees saying that they're nice and that she's looking at them. I then tell her its sexy, but i dont' look at her i was looking at the mini skirt, teasing about the length. I then do the "tell me about urself" deal. She smiles a lil and asks what do u want to know, and i say "everything" She cracks up a bit. I then tell her that we can start small and she tells me she was in the states for 6 years,and that she finds that its such a place where people work so much and she says that she misses the fun she had back in Poland.

i tell her that i'd prolly visit europe and russia someday(I plan to) and that it's good to travel. From what im reading out of her, she was looking at clothes but was looking at me at various times. I'd say my face looked calm, relaxed and had a smile. I think she felt comfortable as my presence seemed confident i might add. As we're talking about travel, i then tell her that after she buys what she wants to buy, that we're gonna go over to the starbucks over there...but she decline and is walking away telling me that she's got to go. I tell her it'd only be 5 minutes, but she declines politely.

Here i believe i did fine, just that she wasn't THAT interested eventho there could've been some.

#9 Was a thick brunette with a black dress and a face i was drawn to walking through the hallway, i notice her from like 60 feet away. I then see she's walking toward the direction i'm about to walk at. I stop her, she's receptive but is taken.

#10 Was a pink dressed, thick very cute 1/2 latino girl. She's holding dresses. I go direct. She's excited but tells me that she's definitely on a rush trying some stuff on. I smile and laugh and tell her it'd only be for a minute or two, but she says that her stuff is in the dressing room and that there's a line. Was that same store i did the other approaches.

#11 Cute black girl i saw looking at glasses. She laughs and has a smile on her face, but at the place the manager comes to ask if she needed help, and she was looking for a job there. so i decided not to interrupt.

Aright, today all in all was still a learning experience...

What i improved on...
1) Definitely getting more relaxed, was my sole intention
2) Still going for insta-date attempts
3) Do a time constraint in case she is tied up for time, but its DURING the approach if she appears to somewhat be busy.
4) Did multiple approaches in the same store, and "risked" for myself...that the other girls i had approached before would see me. Still got to work on that tho.
5) less hesitation for approaches
6) My eye contact is def looking people back in the eyes again. The alpha dog def helped me.
7) Less concerned with outcome.

Things that still need work
1) Looking girls in the eyes after i approached them and they rejected or declined talking further for whatever reason. I sometimes didn't as i didn't want to feed their ego that i was still chasing them, but thats bullshit. i am more sure of myself and don't have to have that affect my own ego

2) 2+ sets, hesitate not from fear but committment of diving attention. It seems less effort at night than day, as night i've been use to it for so long and day, i was so focused on lone wolves, that i find that i'd do 2 sets later on in the game during day.

3) Persist a little more if a woman rejects an insta-date invitation. To try again after a few minutes. Prolly just got to do calibration. The ebook: Daytime pickup revealed...i'm gonna reread it again to have it help improve my day game.

4) Still don't think i'm fully relaxed and fearless going in all ladies stores still. But im getting to that point again.

5) If i get rejected, i guess its still hard for me to immediately stop another woman walking by immediately....i'm gonna work on that too.

Today each of the girls were good looking and i believe i got rejected less because my face looked looser and i had a warm, calm expression on my face.

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