Wednesday, August 20, 2008

8/19 Hard Work Pays off and Something Unexpected...

Today i decide to go to the mall again to stay consistent and to be more relaxed again. When i arrive there, im feeling tense. Its showing in my face, and my body eventho when i walk slow...its sometimes can be hard to tell as i can appear stiff. When i get there, i don't see too many "hot" targets at first. But I do what i can. I also notice that im feeling a lil self conscious that people may sense my vibe of going there to pickup girls(negative light) but that was complete nonsense. Some people were looking at me most likely, because im a handsome guy and/or i had a yellow polo. Course it'll stick out. But when i made eye contact with women, i didn't have a smile on my face.

I'm gonna work on that again, being flat out comfortable with e/c and smiling with girls walking by.

Today i'll just summarize quick:

First 2 approaches women were gorgeous but were married, 4 approaches the women just walked away after i stopped them, 1 asian girl didn't want to talk further was preoccupied with texting her mom who she was meeting up with.

But then...

7th approach was a thick girl. I liked what i saw, she had big tits, had a few extra pounds but i def liked it. As she's walking ahead of me, i just turn her around and tell her i find her cute and want to talk to her. I can tell she was taken back(I sorta thought she might not had been interested) but as i talked to her more and more, she was opening up more and more. I could tell she was the shy kind at the end. the convo we had, i completey forget but i do remember then telling her we can talk further at starbucks, but she tells me that she's gotta leave in 20. I then tell her its perfect time. So then we arrive there, and i can tell she's still feeling taken back by the situation, even acknowledging that it was random. I then smile and tell her that she'll remember me easier. From getting to know her, i enjoyed talking to her. We had similiar tastes, and everything. She told me that it was good that i kept things going and she said she doesn't usually know what to say sometimes. From what i sensed, there was interest...but she still wasn't fully relaxed. I then go for the number, but she tells me she's very busy and everything, i keep persisting...telling her that it'll be aright...i'll call to see when she's free next week. But then she declines, i then tell her that it was still great chatting with her.

NOTE: I felt a surge of happiness here, because it happened out of the blue. You just don't know what to expect in the game, especially when u feel the day will suck. i wanted to leave again...but i decided to stick through it...and it got me somewhere.

#8 Was the hottest woman i went up to. She's shopping, i go up to her directly feeling more relaxed and happy, and she had a smile on her face. She was pretty receptive. She had a good sense of humor about her, she looked at me a few times, while i got to know her, as she was shopping. I tell her im just chilling at the mall, she then says, "making girls uncomfortable eh?" this was obviously a joke, but i got so caught off guard by it that i actually answered it serioulsy by saying thats not how i roll.hahaha. Course then after i realized she was teasing, it then got out of my mind. After a minute or two, i tell her that we can have coffee at the mall in a few days and i go for the number(I couldn't do an insta-date since she was with her younger cousin)...but she tells me its pretty forward. I tell her "so be it :-)" I persist a lil but then she declines. I then tell her it was still good talking to her tho.

NOTE: this is further proof, the hottest women u approach directly will be the most receptive. Each day, its always the ones im most attracted to who respond the most positive.

The Last approach was tall, slim, redheaded woman. I wanted her! I go up to her while she's in the store getting pants. I tell her that i tried to catch up to her but she walked too fast. She's receptive at first, but her face wasn't as stunning as i thought eventho it was still cute. After a minute or two, she told me it was good meeting me, i didn't care to try to continue as i was tired by that point.

All in all, im glad i still set the 10 approach limit...that really worked out for me to keep going and to keep motivation. Rejection is also affecting me my callace is still strong. Happy I got another day 2/insta-date. Hell it was my first insta-date at the mall, now thats progress!

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