Tuesday, August 12, 2008

7/31 Mall Game...Discouraging?

Aright, today i went to Fair Oaks Mall and there were a fair amount of targets.

#1 Was a cute blonde mixed girl. I was wondering if i should stop her, considering that she was cute but not too special. So i decide to stop her and go direct. She rejected it by saying "I gotta go".

#2 Was a gorgeous brown complexion indian/middle eastern girl. I go direct on her. She's receptive but at the same time, i could tell she didn't know how to react to the situation. I tell her i'm gonna walk with her. I get to know her a little bit. We talked for about 5-7 minutes, until we're at express. I tell her that i'm gonna look in there too. When we arrive, i tell her that we're gonna have coffee in a few days. She says that this is weird. I could tell it was not common for. I keep persisting, by getting my phone out and tell her to give me her number. She then again says this is weird, and i tell her "So be it :-)". I then am about to dial but then she politely declines. Hey, what can i say? I tried with this.

#3 Was a blonde woman who was looking at clothes in the same store. She was pretty. I go up to her, she is smiling but she also "doesn't know how to handle the situation" and she tells me she's taken but she says it in a genuine way.

#4 Nice cleaveged indian girl i stop. I stop her as she's walking, she's receptive but she tells me she's taken and on a rush.

#5 A middle eastern woman, she's walking and i stop her. I tell her that i saw her and had to make sure i made it in time to meet her and that she's really gorgeous. She's receptive, but her too...she was taken. But then she said she was glad that i went up to her tho.

NOTE: Most women will look you in the eye if they're telling you the truth, or will go into specifics. If they're lying, they won't look at u when they say it or they'll just say they got a boyfriend.

I went up to a few more women but nothing developed out of those.

All in all, i felt a lil disappointed that nothing developed further for the day. I had this feeling of "A woman just wants to shop, she wouldn't want to talk further even if she's receptive" But that is ludacrous. Its a numbers game. The more u approach in one day, more likely the greater the chance of an insta-date happening.

Also, i wore myself out too fast...walking around looking for girls to go up to. Tysons Mall i wasn't as tired, because every where i looked...there were women i could go up to, plus i enjoyed it more :-). That pretty much contributed to wanting to leave.

Next Time i go to the mall, i believe things will be more encouraging. Just one of those days, and the funny thing is...i only got rejected once from the approach, so it wasn't bad...just wanted something more to happen :-)

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