Saturday, August 30, 2008

Final Summer Analysis

Aright, this summer i definitely learned alot in the game. I made some good improvements, became smarter, and am even more determined to succeed.

What I've learned
1) That the only way to still succeed in the game to keep at it

2) Don't give up. There have been times over the course of the game that i've wanted to give up. I was at my breaking point at times, but thanks to my friends and supporters, i've kept going. I will never give up. Seduction is too important to me, its a part of me.

3) You are a different breed of man. You stand out compared to other guys. You do things most guys are scared shitless to do.

4) Stand up for ur beliefs. I've stood up for my beliefs in the game, and i don't back down. There were some girls who were like, "It shows bad character to approach lots of girls" or "You approached me already" or "You won't win(In reference to their friend that im gaming". But then i learned that despite that, those women couldn't say anything after when i responded to them "It shows good character as i'm going for what i want and there's a risk people will hate me for it...but what matters is what i want to do" or "Yea, i did. So what?" or "There's no winning or losing. I just do my thing"

5) Girls want a playboy still. There were times i doubted that girls want a guy who's good with women and only want a guy who just always likes one girl. But thats far from the truth.

6) Confrontations will happen. If i aint having difficult, in the sense of AMOGs, then something is wrong. I've been confronted as a result of approaching, but i didn't get punched or kicked. Just threats.

7) The girls u desire the most tend to be the ones that desire u too. I've seen it, yet sometimes didn't believe it but it was true.

8) Success will come. As David X says, "As time goes on and u go at it...eventually u'll reach success." It might not be for a week, a month, a year, or hell...even a decade. I don't know. But all i know is that i will keep going. I won't give up my biggest dream, i want to be a playboy. The day that i heard it was possible, i really felt that i didn't have to accept my fate of never loving myself and wanting to be someone else. But, i realized that the possibilities are there. Success will come!

What i've improved
1) I can approach consistently. I have been doing it consistently for 8 months total now.

2) My night game has improved. 9 months ago and before, it sucked. I had trouble keeping conversation. Now a days, im now at the point of kissing despite all the obstacles that i dealt with along the way. Those obstacles don't really happen anymore.

3) My day game has improved. For about 10 months, my direct game was more with just opening. But now i realize the truth reason to go direct and as a result, i got 5 day 2s over the course of the month. More than i have ever gotten in one month than in my entire life.

4) No longer consider people who are very popular to be above me. They are human beings like us. We are equal. From my own standpoint, i don't need LOTS of friends to attract or seduce women. I am enough.

5) I am less self conscious about approaching in front of people. I realized that either people don't give a shit or that if they do, its more of amazement.

6)I don't have to run out of things to say. I can fill that void.

7) Plowing. I'll keep going, even if im exhausted.

8) Women's reactions. Lots of girls are more receptive to me when i approach compared to in the past.

9) Attachment to outcome. My attachment to outcome has gone down. I was so concerned bout laying, that it frustrated me so much. But then i just let alot of it go, and thus im doing better.

10)I consider no girl or woman to be out of my league. Sure i haven't gamed Bartenders or girls who work there, BUT i find that i should game non-hired guns first, as i feel that it'll be easier for me once i can do the other situations first.

11) Can Game Solo. I can go to a night venue solo, which is def not easy. Sometimes when i went there, i wish i had a wing. But nowadays, i could care less. I think its better for me to do it solo anyhow.

12) Less affected by rejection. I def am less affected by rejection. Sure if it happens once in a blue moon, its like "wow" but when it happens now and then, its like "Ah that didn't work out, on to the next"

13) Eye contact and Touch. they have def improved. I no longer look predatorial with it, and my touch is less hesitant. My touch has more purpose now.

What i need to improve

1) Hesitanting in some approaches. Usually if im not confident, i'll wait a lil while. I usually wait till im more mentally able to do it, BUT sometimes opportunities pass you by.

2) Calibration for closing. Still needs improvement

3) Approaching sets. I could do more, as some opportunities passed me by since they were with one other friend. I can do it at night, then why shouldn't i do it during the day?

4) Caring what the girl i just approached who had a good reaction(who says she's taken), will think. Its weird, sometimes i think it makes me look like a snake, that i went to direct to u and then another girl. The key is to not value her opinion of u. If she considers u scum, who cares? She's taken. No need to acknowledge it or her.

5) Afraid to get kicked out of some parties. Its not the kicking out i still am hesitant of. Its how i'd handle it afterward. I will improve that.

6) Caring what others think. I still think i care what some acquaintences think. But recently, i've still taken action.

7) When a girl is walking away after a meh approach, i tend to have the need to speed up my voice to get their attention. But i'll stop that.

8) Still attaching some level of outcome to getting lays this final semester at Radford. Thanks to my friends' support, this attachment has gone down. Thats the only way i'll be able to keep going without feeling complete frustration.

So all in all, Got the final semester to go. Let's rock!

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