Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thank You Everyone-A Shoutout.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who's supported me in this journey. Andrew, for us always talking each day and being good friends despite us being in good states. I thank you for helping me out in times i needed and despite some of the debates we had on game, we still support each other. "Rival" in the game and another good friend, despite us having different goals in the game, the way we get there is the same. really cool dude, whom i've a good respect for and am impressed by his confidence in life and that he's doing great with his girlfriend.. Also, my good friend Arnaud for also being a good friend, and going out together.

Jason, despite me not liking him anymore, i still thank him for the advice he gave me which i no longer get angry and cry in frustration after not getting lays at parties. Ken, despite me thinking ur a piece of crap, i still thank you before then when we still talked about game. Michael S, i thank you for being my first good wing back in 06'...u might not know of this blog, but i still wanted to say it. Reyland and Alex, i thank you guys for helping me out the first time i ever went out sarging with u both, i hope life serves u guys well. Jack and Fernando for being prime examples of not caring about the outcome in the game and succeeding.

I also thank Dave for despite being terrified to approach at the mall one day and i saw myself when i first was terrified to approach, i thank him for the conversations we had now and then. Lastly, I thank my Bloodline for being macks in their own right. My father, despite having the mentality of lying to women, you still were def a stud with women. My late grandfather, you definitely were a mack in the game, even hearing stories back in the day were funny. My maternal uncle, now hearing about u, u def are a prime example of how i should be later in the game, u follow the good principles of mode one, being upfront about what ur after, "Non serious". My brother, i thank you for helping me out when i was in a state of being terrified and helping me find out who i truly was back in 06' and that our relationship is closer. My stepdad for giving me advice.My mom for despite not wanting me to approach in front of her due to her feeling embarrased, that she has no problems with me wanting to be a womanizer.

Lastly, my Four parts of myself. Shadow, for I accept my past. Shiek, for guiding me to my bright future. Self, for one day truly being at peace in life, and most importantly, myself...for having the guts, pride, persistence and passion for doing well in the game. I thank every one. I will become a playboy, no matter how long it takes.

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