Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6/28 Vince Kelvin Call Notes

Over invest

Keep it casual-We'll see where its going to go.
Opposite problem wait too long and too casual about it...another flaw.

Find sexually equilibrium

Have fun, unattached.

How organized are you? Its going to take someone pretty organized, if you don't get your stuff together.

When your flying, airport.

We lose our sex appeal, we over invest, ease up things

Before you make requests, get responses.

Escalate too fast.

First step, agreement...then logistics.
"You know what, im having alot of fun...wouldn't it be fun to hang out again? You know what? Are you more of a week day person or weekend person?"

"im busy for schoo lately" Hmm...you do look busy and your all tense, listen...you need to take care of yourself...listen...hey...why don't we hang out for a little bit...im busy during the weekend but i can make a couple of hours.

Solidify the next meeting

When they resist, they're just being women

Before anything else, affirm ur committment to having fun with it.
Alot is going to happen, some are going to say one thing and do something else
its highly likely that most of the women your going to meet at first, won't follow through all the way.

Never confirm last minute, i invite them to places i'm going to go to...there is going to be women that i meet over there anyhow.

Connect, making sure its not too mechanical.
Learn all we can and put it into practice
we're not responsible, their responsibility.

1) mind: make diff between can move on your side, and is she capable of feeling attractive

2) What else should i know.

autopilot...jolt them...snap them out of autopilot

Humor, silly comebacks,

core-when she's experiecing, responsibility...acting all bored lol. Thats cute

u were doing so good.

Not all of them will have what it takes...dont try...do. Selection process. Do it consistently.

Her responsibility. Don't over do it, jolt them and offer the hand(Good kino, good body language, inviting tonality)....do a little bit of the work....

training her to kindness.

its all protective mechanism.

6/26 The Bad OBC meetup

Alright, met up with a girl on Online Booty Call. She was big, blonde, 46 years old but she had a naughty picture. I drove 90 minutes near her thinking it was in the big. She invited dancing, but turned out to be uglier than the pictures and boring as hell. I'm talking, i had no phone and was miserable staying there. She even had me wait over 90 minutes and didn't even take into consideration that i arrived and didn't give a flying hell plus she came with a friend. So i walked out, deleted her as a booty call and that's it. I went to sleep this night.

Monday, June 28, 2010

6/25 Fells Point and Power Plant

Asian girl, very ideal. She was into your frame and what not. Could definitely tell she wanted to fuck based on her vibe and what she was wearing. The male in the group smoothly took her away. Next time you say what's up to him and tell him you'll give her back in a minute. If he wants to get her a drink so bad, tell him to buy it from yours and keep talking to her.

The married chick and divorced chick was ok, the male that they met...i got annoyed only cuz i was sick of always dealing with males who aren't getting any that night.

At Power Plant, most girls didn't react much to dominant approaching. Black chick, don't buy her a drink. Never. That's all i got.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

6/23 ESL one more time

Ellicit values
A girl stereotypes
Expand on yourself..talk about yourself.
Give something for the girl to latch on to.

Short haired....did fine with regular talk but wanted to do more.

Overreacted to getting blocked but felt damn good to tell him. Was tired of letting things like that slide. Was sick of guys ruining stuff. It was time I don't take it.

Two blondes....move on from them...

Blonde in large group...not needy of other guy hitting on her...good shit.

Brunette who I winged for raven....I played it safe and should've been dominant with her...and not abandon my style. The next guy had skill...he did better than I.

I'm not feeling ESL all that much anymore.

Good stuff kissing the two girls I danced with.

Andrew's new friend got laid

I am missing an identity.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tone it Down

Paul mentioned to me what I could improve on. Here is something that will be of help to me in bars where my energy level could tone down a little bit. I do this naturally at times, its just in set at times...i try to do tests of compliance a bit rushed too much sometimes lol. Also, have some substance for her to then be able to latch on to for the next meetup or later that night. But this in some cases, other cases...stay the way you are! Don't over do it! Keep doing what your doing but also adjust based on the situation. The article does describe me well, very strong in higher/good energy environments but weak in low energy ones.

Tone It Down – Energy Level and Flake Prevention
by Ryan(RSD)

Hey Guys,

I wanna talk about a pretty simple principal that is seldom talked about and massively difficult to convert internalize as a behavior. This ability, while seemingly counter-productive and hugely challenging to integrate, can make a world of difference in your game in terms of Actually CLOSING versus just getting rapid attraction. I’m talking about Low Energy Game here, where the players play and the aspiring test their merits.

There’s a pattern in this community – it looks like this.

Stage 1.) Low Energy Beginner – This is what you see in guys with nearly 0 reference experience with girls. Their low energy level is reflective of insecurity as the guy feels stifled and possibly unworthy of animated self-expression. Or, it may simply be the guy is unused to self-expression – the challenge here is to get him to actually turn it up, SMILE, express, and essentially be fun.

Stage 2.) Entertainer Man – This is the most talked about stage, where most community guys live. The energy level is turned up as a way of maintaining interest and generating attraction. The interest and positive feedback from girls becomes addictive, so most guys never advance past this stage – they end up getting decent results doing this, a few lays here and there, lots of club makeouts, but have huge flake rates.

Stage 3.) Sex Worthy Man – The phrase is talked about a lot, along with catch phrases like “self-amusing”, “internally validated”, and “abundance mentality” – and these are actually spot on. The trouble is these are abstract concepts that can be difficult to codify into actual behaviors. I’ll leave it to The Blueprint to vivisect these principals and focus my attention here to an outer-game principal that distinguishes the good from the elite.

One of the biggest rushes when learning game comes from the discovery of Flash Game – when you realize you can enter a set, pump energy level, get attraction and escalate, all within the first 2 minutes. You think “my god I’m good…I can make out with and girl in 30 seconds...” Problem comes when you either A.) Try to extract for sex or B.) Can’t get her to meet you for a day 2. The problem here is Substance – or a lack there of. With flash game emotional spiking take the place of substance, your essence is fluid giving the girl nothing to latch onto, nothing to associate with you other than a sugar-rush like burst of energy. This can be a great skill to have, and with practice you can even sometimes convert the attraction from flash game into ONS or Day2s, but it’s also going to lead to worlds of frustration.

I used to be hugely into Brazillian Jiu Jitsu – my life revolved around it. I’ll never forget my instructor once explaining to me: “You only start learning Jiu Jitsu after you’ve gotten your black belt”. The same goes with game – the first phases are about learning the different elements of calibration, learning to read situations and developing that razor sharp field intuition, mastering the ability to pump state and generate emotional spikes. Once you’ve got all these pieces in place, all these tools at your disposal, that’s when the real learning starts, and there begins the real crystallization of yourself, your essence, your being. Here also begins the real challenge – it’s time to stop relying on energy level and flash to generate attraction, and instead use the only piece that is really YOU, that piece being your PRESENCE.

Once you’ve mastered the art of pumping energy level to generate attraction and maintain interest – it’s time to STOP relying on energy level and move on, grow up, advance. Tone it down. Think you’re good? Can you be the lowest energy guy in the room and STILL get the girl?

Learning to game at a lower energy level was one of the toughest things I’ve had to internalize. But after being driven crazy by a high flake rate, it became a clear necessary step in my advancement.

In true Alex~ fashion, a visual to really drive the point home…

Learning to game at a low energy level was tough for 2 reasons – 1.) I had years of experience gaming with high energy, it was an alien behavior to me, and 2.) I had grown addicted to the intense attraction I could build with a high energy level.

The problem is, with enough experience you realize ATTRACTION IS AN EMOTION. Nothing more. Just like you can go from sad to happy, a girl can go from attracted to not. Going further, moods are state-associated. Meaning, the moods you feel in a club are going to be associated with being IN THE CLUB, and are quick to fade once you’ve left the club environment and the club state.

This is why a girl can be clinging to your sweater desperate to not be separated from you at the end of the night, but won’t even return your texts the next day.

And to be fair, what did you expect? You cheated J You used energy level (state) to generate the attraction. She lost state when she went home, with it went her attraction.

Next time you’re out, see how far you can really push the low-energy envelope while still generating attraction. And if you can do that, enjoy the benefits when you call the next day and you’re able to pick up the interaction right where you left off J

The two key tools to help you with your new lower-energy game are Brevity and Rapport Breaking Tonality. I can and will be writing to explain both in-depth, along with some other lower energy techniques – until then I challenge you to tone it down and find out just how much attraction you’re generating with substance and presence rather than with energy level and state.

Until Next Time,

6/21 Yes!

FINALLY FLAT OUT FUCKED A GIRL TWO DAYS AGO from O.B.C.! Was an awesome experience! She was amazing at blow jobs and was great how I wasn't bad at sex. She worked with me and i then proceeded to get better as we did it a few more times. The truth was, her willing to do blow jobs really made the difference compared to that previous online girl. I was think what turned me on was the fact that she willing to stimulate me in ways i wanted, and I did the same with her. It was great sex because it was mutual and we had fun with it. Those are the girls I look for, its a must for me to enjoy sex with a girl who likes to give head. If a girl doesn't like them...unless she's pretty hot...my excitement might not be as high but god damn...was it a nice feeling! The final time we fucked where she took it all in...man oh man...that felt great lol.

6/19-6/20 Reston Town Center and New Dupont Venues

Saturday Night

On Saturday at Reston Town Center, Jacksons: the Pigtails girl...just timing was down. the two older milfs, next time go in between them(they were sisters) and place yourself there at the bar.

The indian girl, was shy and awkward. In these cases, give her a chance to open up a bit. If it takes too long, move on. I'm not into shy girls that much only because they take too much time and if they're not even comfortable shaking your hand, then its like "What the hell?" lol.

Good shit with Ana, she was Eastern European and a thick milf. One thing I noticed was she didn't seem comfortable me touching her but i then held off and she started to touch me. I guess in these cases, see if the girl will touch you.

Sunday Night

I have no idea with southern blonde...felt annoyed by it a lot but I accepted it. The Ukranian girl, she wasn't interested. She wasn't offering much. I understand some girls are shy but if they're not going to make any sort of effort...i'm moving on. It takes two to tango. The two iranian girls I guess were possibly gay, BUT its hard to say...could be, could be not.

The best ones don't leave when your a sexual threat...that's how it is. The best ones stay. The ones who got turned off easily were there for attention and weren't attracted. One time, just the fact a girl made a nasty face when i guessed if she was jewish, showed her true nature.

The three set sitting down, the dark haired girl was great logistically. I held back because I didn't think it'd actually be worth it but now i know that those 3 were the ones who wanted to be picked up based on their vibe and how they were just sitting there doing nothing.

Go to Fly Lounge and Steve's ballroom on Sunday.

Georgetown Venues:
Old glory

Paul suggests more convo at bars and slow things down in isolation. Be confident in the fact the girl will stay to talk to you. If you can tell the girl wants to just have fun, then give her that fun.

Look for sets that the girl doesn't seem to be all that into the group too or that all 3 of them are bored and looking to get picked up. Including Friday's lesson...for sets with males, go indirect not because your afraid to go direct but only because if a male in the group is after her...his defenses will go up. Then once you transition to the girl, give her more attention and then to the point where things go as usual and then you let her know what's up. This will be fine, because just like in the Taking a girl home from the bar teleseminar with Johnny Wolfe and London Soul...after a bit, you'll gain a stronger influence because your not a threat in front of the male friends. But this isn't all cases, in some cases go do it the way you usually do it.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

6/18 Clarendon

Trying to isolate too early...use 60 years of challenge stuff.

Good shit with sexy tall brunette. Just remember, with many males....go about things indirect. Talk with them for a few minutes and then slowly move your attention to her. But that was amazing how you had so much resolve and really wanted her. What's even cooler is that she was a hot girl who was looking to meet someone. You had the balls and the courage to step over. In these situations, go indirect and then transition over to her.

Black girl. Good set, just bad logistics. The bouncer had a point about their being some guys there. But he was wrong about approaching alot of girls. He didn't have an answer if that one girl doesn't truly like you, your SOL because your holding back.

Flower brunette. Good set! Opening was good. But then she was going to go with her friends. Quick Kill told me that isolation sometimes isn't even necessary like 60 years of challenge mentioned. Etch this in your damn brain, the girls who want to leave...let them. They've screened themselves out. Move on to a woman who will invest to meet you :)

The blue dressed latina. That was some good practice, you showed more enthusiasm with the girl friend and boy friend role play. Only issue was that she was dating that guy.

Quick Kill's Note: 1/10 girls wants to leave with you

See how long you can last without making an overt move. Try this for practice and for some sets, don't have the intention to pick her up. Just keep talking to see how you can do. You can even practice with Shy asian girls.

I've decided not to go to Clarendon anymore. The approach logistics are shit.

Its true, i've been sad and cry a bit because of feeling frustration but this is ok. Your just getting your negativity out of your system.

6/16 ESL

Sexy russian girl...bad logistics
Free spirit girl...went for the kiss too early but its a time saver :) next time...be less drunk
Dance girl...awesome approach logistics...friend pulled away..that's all...very impressive with telling her friends you'll be right back.
Roleplays, connection, be convinced...have them emotionally invested and sexually invested
Girls wanting to get to know you
Your a mystery
Stunning brunette hooked at first but things died...3 set ideal
Thick girl at beginning of the night

6/15 Day 2 and Lima Lounge

Day 2

Improved no doubt.

Bored at first but opened her up. Go first principle follows.

Despite her dislike of things...found out what we clicked in.

You remained unaffected to her weird faces and continued to talk.

Found vital information about her sexually. She seems like a girl who takes things slow which is something I'm not into.

Followed Vince and 60 years of challenge's rule of not pressing the issue/convincing her....you acted cool about it even after she put out the you should find a more open minded girl...and then brought it up again. Notice how were more real with each other

Was planning on touching her but she seemed stiff with that...would've felt forced. Next time grab her hand.

First set. Good start. She said she didn't feel comfortable...but good set. Usually aright looking girls are like this. Hotter and sexier ones are more open. Bad logistics.

Latina blonde...good convo...found she was a bit on the frisky side. She was hot.
Making out with her friend when she mentioned hat showed that side. Good practice with seeding. Made things official. Sexual tension with Dress.

Girl with big ass...ADD.

Milfs....figure out the one that's not taken. Next time....game them both and stick to the one that's more interested. Also disregard.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Vince Kelvin Call Notes: EUREKA!!!!

Vince answered my question:

-Re-read the Spotting the Slut chapter and find the girls who are more logistically friendly.
-Go for adventurous women and the ones who are looking for it...not the ones who who wouldn't anyways.
-Go for logistical friendly girls
-You have to play it by the numbers

NOTE: The tall brunette, you could've found out about that stuff. But she kept trying to do ASD with it, that might not be an ideal girl. The ideal girls might resist but they'll be open a bit or won't leave.

-Sometimes girls need to catch up and go back to their friends, proceed to seed for later
-There are multiple possibilities, be aware of them
-Remember still screen.
-Be confident that you'll meet up with her later.
-Some girls won't leave with a guy cuz their friends ARE around.

Note: Think back to girl in Federal Hill

-"After you leave the bar with your friends, then come meet up with me"
-Leave the set, then just re-approach later
-Reason for this is because friends are jealous
-After isolating and them wanting to go back, be cool with it and just proceed to do whatever after. For example, if she's going to be with her friends ALL NIGHT LONG, then that's a no go. Remember, go for the girls that are logistically friendly and have good logistics. Also, see how far you can take the interaction. Still do what you usually do, just do that.
-Set frame stronly enough through verbal escalation....if she comply with all that sexual stuff
-Remember, a Same Night Lay and its options are itself solutions but not obligations
-Don't be attached to one woman
-Plant seeds, "Awww...we gotta hang out again!', even for day game approaches to seed for later that night.
-11;00-11:00 or after, prior to 11pm...most women won't act on SNL's unless they're body temperature is through the roof
-when it gets close to 2AM...women need a break

6/13 Canton

"Brother James advice was good. Don't go back too soon, shows neediness. Go back later. If she's eyefucking you, wait a little bit..then go back. Wait till things are more logistical friendly.

2 set-Dark Curly haired girl with frumpy friend:
This approach was good. Make sure to screen to see if she's the open type
When her friend wasn't going to let her approach, find out what she's doing after...play things subtle. Then mention, "Alright...after you and your friend split ways, we can meet again" But remember, have a sexual frame. Find out if the girl is open to a sexual frame...if she isn't...move on... This girl wanted to isolate with me, she was interested while her friend wasn't letting her do anything.

2 girls, 1 guy girl-Alright, with this...only so much you can do. She wasn't offering much, move on eventho there was some tension there. But here's the thing, with these women...give them a couple minutes. Even after that, move on.

Prasant's hottie-Very logistical friendly approach. She was one I should've done. She seemed to be open to the sex talk, was just there with her brother. Was she wanting to fuck? Possibly. Its tough to say, but its a possibility. But good logistics he did.

Hottie and Ug-No go and was for the better.

Hair stylist with 2 other girls and a male i think-Alright her vibe was of a girl who wanted to fuck. Something about her, I sensed it. Logistically, its tough to say but for some reason i get the vibe of her wanting dick. After the kiss, she left...in future cases, that's ok. Wait a while, then you can re-open her.

In the future, remember...re-open previous girls earlier in the night to later. If you sense things can't move forward, logistically seed for a number and then re-open them later.

Isolation is just to get the girl alone with you...be it, to up things sexually or discuss future plans.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

6/12 Local 16

Doing better with group sets

I figured it out...tonight....early is for more mingling. As the night went on...things went better.

Importance of pushing things n these environments. Try local 16 a couple more times.

Try District and Rumors next week. Possibly Annapolis.

I can't seem to get a girl's buying temperature up after staying in there with her.


Tall girl I talked about PU with-
Don't be logical with her
She only wanted to talk
When you bring up the CD...talk about you driving it to work to seed.

The sets that get interrupted...approach later if still there!

Hottie who I mentioned the foot fetish-
Tough Logistics since its 2 set.
good stuff isolating her...good screening.

Hottie who said I looked familiar-
Good shit isolating them
She didn't even want to sit down next to you.
Remember 2 sets are hard solo.
Don't be frustrated or try to convince.

Find logistics out as soon as possible.
If logistics suck...move on!
Girls do want to fuck, you just have to find them
Change venues if its not good.
Look for venues where its easier to have a girl's body temperature up.

Girls are attracted hence wanting to know your name and ask questions.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Girls who want to go back to their friends or don't want to talk more....its a win-win...your screening...if a girl isn't going to invest with shit...better that way. Your looking for the girls that won't take too much energy. The black sisters...talk for a bit but then see if they comply....are you gona try hard to get a girl to comply with something so little?

Friday, June 11, 2010

6/10 Lima Lounge, Day 5 out of 30

Last night was a research night. I was looking to see which girls seem to want something, a couple two sets tried to dismiss me lol. The first girl I wanted, the 31 year old blonde with a sexy body(she was a hottie)....she was attracted but there wasn't that "spark". This one I improved with mother hen dynamics. The friend was still having fun, just greet the friend and be friendly with her.

Next was this sexy blonde with nice firm tits, curvaceious body, piercing all throughout her face...and tattos that turned me on. With this one, I keep the sexual tension up, feel the tension. At first I thought I was in ball busting mode, but not necessarily. I was just being playful. If they seem to be easing in, just do your think and no need to get in full ball busting mode. That time with Huong and that blonde back at RU at the PSK party, that overdid it. I won't make those same mistakes again!

Sexy sexy blonde....again...only so much you can do with a set like that(more analysis to come). It was good stuff figuring out logistics. Remember, don't be desperate in trying to have a girl not leave when she seems open at first but then seems to change her mind. Earlier in the night...the blonde european girl...i observed her and she she seemed open to leave with a guy. I just got that kind of vibe, she was planning on leaving early. In these situations, if your turned on by her and they're taking a taxi, try..."Alright...lets go then :)" Sonic tried it, your turn.

Latina girl who i thought was waving at a person behind me. In these situations, stick in there and talk to her. That way, she can open up. Don't give up too easily.

I then proceed to see a girl who looked like the girl that I made a story about and of who I made up for the Future in Steven's black book. Similar description and she responded really well. You could just feel the tension we both had. I really wanted that girl. She was in the higher 7's but there were things that turned me on.

All in all

1) Better at identifying girls
2) Starting to sexually screen more...tattoo girl.....connect "I bet you got piercings everywhere and tattoos all over your body" with her being wild and spontaneous and connect that with the cd in the car thing.
3) Starting to sexually screen more
4) Handling cockblocks better
5) Less attached to outcome

1) After isolation for many sets...things die down
2) Some girls don't invest
3) If girl likes you and is leaving with her friends via cab....go with them. Try it.
4) Mine not leave a sustaining spark for girls.
5) Text game could sustain sexual vibe lol.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

6/9 Quick Kill's Seminar and the 30 Day Challenge!

Alright, before I was at Quick Kill's thing, i walk with two girls during the day time. First woman was european and seemed to be going somewhere. Next time, eventually stop so they don't keep walking. Second woman, just with Faz...was funny lol.

The Seminar, I pretty much learned to pretty much screen, focus on logistics and then act accordingly. There's nothing else to learn for logistics. Oh yea, try to meetup with them later in the night. That's all more or less. Screening and logistics, the big two.

I'm on Day 3/30, the 30 day challenge is to get a Single Night Lay within 30 days by my brother's birthday. Pretty much, its my challenge. Get a single night lay within 30 days, if this does happen...then i go for for another one and so on.

During the 30 days, i motivated to take it as far as I can but not stress over it. This more about building more and more of my skills. Right now, its just screening and logistics and keeping things sexual. Once I've done this, i'm going to get pussy left and right.

1) No convincing girls
2) No jacking off for 30 days
3) Do Laundry once a week and have your clothes layed out, and ironed.
4) Have the car parked near each venue.
5) If the girl won't comply with some isolation, see if her interest is still good...get the number and then set up a meet up.
6a) If girl is Logistic #1, contact her that same night to see what she's up to and what not.
b) if girl is Logistic #2, these ones are more doable(more to say)
c) If girl is Logistic #3, fucking perfect!
7) Don't be discouraged but don't get lazy.
8) Be in the moment with the girl, realize that isolation is for a reason. Why are you isolating HER? Yes to fuck her BUT have it be for purpose and for reason rather than "I have to do it"
9) If a cockblock won't let her isolate away, use 60 years of challenge's advice to where then things will become subtle. At most, if things are hell...just get the number and text to do stuff later.
10) Its all to find the girl that same night.'
11) For day game atleast, if your walking with the woman, stop a few times to set the frame.
12) If you do sex frame, and she says she's creeped out or whatever, notice her body language, if she leaves...let her leave...your looking for a girl who may resist at first BUT she's not going anywhere. If things are already sexual, at times there's no need to be sexual.
13) If you want to screw the girl, be firm and bring on the male obstacle. Don't give him value and ignore him. If he pulls her back, play it cool.
14) Remember, its about screening and logistics!
15) Don't give up too fast on some girls. They may only do it because they made a pact with their friends.
16) You can fuck girls at the venue and/or at her place. Believe in it! Remember, there were times where it would've happened but now you know what to do!
17) Make sure the car is cleaned consistently.
18) Do Vince Kelvin's suggestion, buy 50 condoms.
19) DO NOT GET FRUSTRATED IF A GIRL DOESN'T COMPLY MUCH but at the same time, see if there is mutual interest there. If she's not complying much and doesn't seem to be investing much, then move on.
20) THIS WILL HAPPEN BY JULY 10TH! No excuses now! Each night, screen for the girls to see which one is logistically the best, commit to that the most. If a girl is attached to the friends, you can introduce yourself and hang out a little with them but stick with the goal. If she doesn't want to leave them, get the number and move on to a girl with better logistics.
22) Look for the girl who will make things easiest. Who is sexually attracted off the bat, etc.

6/8: Brad P Seminar and Tatoo on K Street

Brad P seminar. Screen sexually. Went to tatoo. Blonde black girl....good shit. At the end of the night, her brunette friend was just sitting there. She mentioned Fly lounge or home, I should've bounced but tried to have her stay. DO NOT CONVINCE HER TO STAY. Girl with glasses...#2 girl. Isolated her but wasn't all the way hooked. Latina girls...paul didn't do his job. BFocus on gaming them both instead. Expressed disappointment...good! she opened more. Her friend was single but didn't invest much. Had it to sexual screen. Not investing much. final girl isolated her she was alright looking. She was feeling sexual but wasn't that hooked. Gave up too fast when back to friends. Befriended guy...went back to her..she went back to friend. Let her go...she is only for practice.

Limiting Beliefs and Things to Work on in field:

1) Get fustrated when a girl doesn't comply
2) I fear if a girl isn't going to isolate or comply with small stuff, that I move on.
3) for some girls, i just want to get further with them and not caring if they do or not.
4) some girls i'm not in the moment
5) When frustrated, i try to convince them to stay
6) I've been trying to diffuse objections too much.
7) Going for girls who i feel that I settle for having sex with.
8) I feel that closing is too hard and that it'll be an endless cycle and am impatient. I keep comparing to how long its taken me to where then I feel a lack of confidence in the ability to close eventho i'm working toward it and feel its possible.
9) Relying on wings too much.
10) Seed to meetup more. Some sets are impossible to close, just get the number and hit her up later in the night.
11) Too worried about the pull or progress. Just one night. Back at TerminateHer's coaching...its about working on getting to that point. The past does not matter. Where are you at right now? Whathisface got 2 SNls...its not like you could not do it.
12) Don't have the faith. You can get SNLs. Don't compare the past, you know what to do now. Its now time to fix your mistakes. You can do it. Its in your ability. Your improving constantly. Part of me feels that i got to endlessly keep getting to that poiint but right now you can pull it off. Your ready right now, its just finding the girl who is ready to go with you.

Screening but not going for the best ones of the night.

**Things i'm doing better.

1) Screening more.
2) Researching more venue logistics
3) Noticing which girls seem more looking for something.
4) Starting to frame things more sexual
(more coming soon)

30 Days of getting more in tune with the mentality of a closer. Being motivated that you will FIND that girl to leave with who you fancy. Tonight was good that you decided to not give up that set. You had motivation. Thats the motivation to keep for the woman you want home. For obstacles, deal with them! If you lust her like crazy, be firm and keep going.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Same Night Sex Pages

As I'm typing this way past my best time, since I got to wake up at 7:45 tomorrow...

Page 33 with Information Gathering i'm working on

Page 44 with the 3 levels of compliance. I've been focusing on that too.

Page 50 hit home with me. The frame i have been taking it in is that its to get to the further step, rather than be in the moment with her...then when it feels natural for you, then proceed. BUT, here's the thing....don't get lazy and hold back. When you feel its time for you, do it...but other than that...don't feel you have to be in robot mode :). But also that page, emphasizing the "Right Now" thing, sure it feels corny as hell but still right something down anyways.

Page 53 is something to work on, sexual frames.

Page 55 The escalating Sexually chapter, with the 3 page essay...i'll do that tomorrow night.

What's his face is right, JSC's friend who had the brazilian woman who looked like Monique....in order to get with the hottest girls, go where they are at.

Page 69 is the chapter i need to read :)

6/5: Adams Morgan

Alright, tonight I went to Adams Morgan and decided to do the Reef first. The place has good potential. I need to also check out the first floor. But I first scanned for the women who looked like they wanted something. First was the blonde that was looking around. Then I saw a 2 set that NewBalance wasn't feeling. I talked to the blonde but it was too late. I then proceed to game this older woman but her compliance was too low so i proceeded to next her:

THOUGHTS: I'm wondering if I dismissed things too soon. But after a bit, i decided to move on. The older woman was by herself but from the vibe she gave out, I don't think she was looking to get fucked that night.

I then proceed to game this brunette woman who was late 20's with her blonde friend. The brunette seemed to be hooked. I improved here with using Vince Kelvin's stuff. I mentioned a sexual story and sexual seeded and found logistics. She didn't deny she has had crazy sex stories in the past. Not too bad for a first time. She didn't want to isolate which was ok. 60 years of challenge mentions the Hand Caress makes things overt and at times where the girl doesn't want to. Was she looking for something for the night? Its hard to say, I'm not that sure. One thing from the night before I saw that Sonic did was, he'll stick in there for a bit and then proceed to make the move when she's that much more comfortable. I have to say its been effective for him and he seems to do well with that.

As i was about to leave, i spot this girl by herself with another glass. At first, she's acting guarded...but as I persist...I can feel her relaxing. This girl i can feel what she was feeling, it was weird. Then the guy she was with came. I didn't care to where I keep going with it. I decided to cut things off only because right now, i don't care to pursue further with those things. But in the future, why not.

I then proceed to notice as I spot a girl quick kill is meeting up with, her and her friend decided to do Tom Tom. But she wasn't wanting to twirl, so i take that as i lose interest with that. To where then i go for other girls instead. But before that, as I'm walking, I notice this big tit, black haired girl who gave me e/c, i smiled and from her vibe...it seemed like she was looking for something. Just standing there. I could've ditched them and gamed her but didn't think of it at the time. I could've told the girls that i'll meet them there.

At Tom Tom's and Spagetti Garden, wasn't having much of a good time there and felt disappointed by night's end BUT overall...it wasn't too bad. I still have faith in Adams Morgan and will proceed to get better at this SNL thing. Reading more of Vince Kelvin's book and his stuff is improving my game like crazy.

Remember, 12AM is prime time but 2AM is perfect to try to spot girls who are looking for something. Next time, try to see which girls at 2AM look bored out of their mind and when you see it...go STRAIGHT to them. I got tired early on. But I will go there again Next Saturday. I'm going to try District next and Madams Organ. More of those places. I will also try Local 16 as well coming up this month. Dupont is for Weekdays and Adams Morgan is for every saturday for now on. I'm also going to figure out parking.

Next Friday I'm going to go to Fells Point. See if Quincy wants to go.

All in All

+Doing more seeding, afew girls said they were going to other bars...which is a better answer than home
+Do more sexual scenarios, more sexual screening
+Finding out more of logistics, most of these girls live near the bars. So they are good in terms of logistics
-For some sets, i might need to give the girl more of a chance rather than assume she's just not interested. But time is money and some women i dont want to waste too much time with.

6/4 Speed Dating and Black Finn

Went to speed dating with Quick Kill and honestly it was pretty good. Quite a few good looking women and they outnumbered the men finally. Number closed a hot persian girl. There was this one asian girl with glasses. I wasn't really that into her BUT she was fun. I should've given her a chance and number closed her.

After, I went to Black Finn to host the meetup. Honestly, i didn't like that place. Too many big groups. Dark Brunette who was looking over at Quick kill and me(Sonic made out with her) was looking for something I bet. After that, it was Sign of the Whale. Not much went on here either. I fell asleep in the car and woke up at 5AM lol.

Texted the persian girl and she seems down to meet up and talk about pua stuff. We'll see how things go lol.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

6/3 Vince Kelvin and ESL

First Attended the Vince Kelvin Seminar. About 38 guys listening in to Vince Kelvin who brought his wife. She was quite attractive I must say. Anyhow it was worth attending and I found an answer...when she objects or resists the idea, flip it back at her. For example, if she's concerned for her friends being there...you flip the script on her like "I know right? You need to go...before things get crazy" and then proceed to keep going further" or "You know what, lets go back to them...."

Proceeded to write some notes that i will write down here.

Also finally got my copy of the Same Night Seduction paperback. After reading it, it definitely went into a variety of ways to keep things sexual.

Vince Kelvin Notes(6/2/10)

#1 biggest issue men have are going from proactive, back to reactive/
#2 biggest issue is too many guys feel its good approach versus bad approach. The right mindset is realize that these things happen and you play with it all that you encounter.

Utilization: Objections
Most women are going to be in a bipolar place, ambivalence.

What is the Key to Attraction?

Be the man that can sustain it. Attraction will sometimes dip.

• Objections:
Situation: Protective Friends
Response: “Finally, somebody to rescue me from this crazy girl”

Situation: I have to leave early tomorrow.
Response: “How late are you? Let me help you get to the airport as soon as possible!”

• Shit Tests:
Situation: Do you always pickup girls in the subway?
Response: “Of course, that’s what I always do.”

• Silence:
Situation: ……
Response: I’m sorry if you don’t speak English and then walk away.

Give them a way back in that’s easy. After she grabs you back, you tell her
• “You didn’t talk to me the first time”
• “OMG, you have mastery over silence!”
• “Shhh…don’t spoil it….keep it the silence!” if she pulls away, then she says “We’re going to have to leave it…”

• Be sure not to stack these objection responses too much.

KEY TO SUCCESS 1: “Every single woman in that phonebook, had one thing in common at first, they all said no to start with.”

KEY TO SUCCESS 2: “The secret to getting quite a lot of success is to be able to stay with that resistance she gives”

KEY TO SUCCESS 3: Realize the mindset of some women have been after sex, “You know what, the reason I slept with you is because you didn’t get upset with my objections or resistance”

KEY TO SUCCESS 4: Let go of your attachment and have utilization

• 4 Archetypes of the Multidimensional Man
o Leader
o Teacher
o Lover
o Entertainer

• The Ultimate Mantra for shit testing:
“Perfect, exactly what I needed to move forward”
“You’ve got me figured out”

• When you interpret a woman’s objection or shit test as personal, final and fatal

You are too old for me/too young/not tall enough

• A big problem is the attachment which is its taken person, final, and fatal.

I like you but…

• This here is not final and it’s not fatal

• Best answer is “Well of course, but that’s until you met me”

• Play along with her objections

• Its about taking her out of autopilot

• Reverse Game-Its her that’s trying to do something

• We assume that its working against us.

• Why not be dillusional for a little bit? Better than letting it get under our skin.

I didn’t wear that dress for you
“That’s ok, I’ll settle for it…”

• 3 Levels of Progression

Level 1-Open
Level 2-Keep things going from previous set
Level 3-Gives you opportunities to get things

• Vin’s 4 Assignments:

Assignment 1: Enter venues with a bit more dominance
Assignment 2: See, walk and talk to the woman
Assignment 3: Give yourself credit for at least being in the vicinity
Assignment 4: Give yourself credit for at least giving it a shot.

Escalation Stuff

Last minute Resistance
• We have to be honest at times with her
• What’s known as LMR, isn’t LMR at all. Do dual direction game: Give it, take it away.
• Avoid going in only one direction.

• Example response if you run into that scenario:
“Listen your a lot of fun, if you promise me you wont do anything crazy”

• This helps them embrace what is going on in their own mind.

Group logistics for leaving with her
• If she’s worried about the friends or she’s afraid the friends will intervene.
Response: “You know what, trying to dump your friends? BAD GIRL!”

• Reframe her restrictions
“This but not that…”
“If you promise your not ..”
“If your not the crazy type who does this or that….then we can at least text each
other. Ohhh I can tell these fingers text quite well.”

• If worst comes to worst, seed a meetup for later.

• Escalating properly:

• Get the Edge:
Example: Your lips are real close but not having kissed yet.

• Restricted Requests

• Problems in the bedroom is guys go linear.

• Use utilization and move forward.

• “What have you done to your friend?” if friend objections and keep moving forward.

• Once doing things, use these things to escalate. Lead her away but strongly.


• Blunt Honesty!

• “You know what, your so nice on the outside….but bored on the inside….your just going along with it”

• Element of Expressing Disappointment.

• Attraction and Comfort both at the same time!!!!

More objections and struggles

• We take the distractions as logical

• Anything of concern, bring it up on the approach without apologizing.

I haven’t talked to my friends in a while.

o “Of course you want to have a conversation with your friend and blow it out of proportion!”

o “Lets go! Me first!”

o “I understand…but you’ve seen more of her than me. Listen, I know you want to talk to your friend, at least we’ll stay in touch.”

• Play with getting the number

• Be the man who’s free

She rolls her eyes

o “The way you shake your head/roll your eyes….we need you to get a specialist”
o “Do it one more time!”

• Get known responses.

I don’t give my number out
o “Of course its not like we’re going to move in together, and exchange information”
o “Perfect…now that I know your not gonna try to marry me, atleast lets sit down for a sec”
o If you sense resistance with this, go to the opposite way. “Is your bf ok? I’ve been to an organization with women who’ve been treated crap with men.”

Her about to leave.
“Since you have to go, lets atleast properly say good bye(kiss her)”

• Be persistent, but not stubborn

After that, went to Public Bar with Zengame. It was bleh, met up with Quincy. Then went to ESL, to where he was watching me do my thing. He was doing some approaches as well.

I feel I did fine but noticed where I could improve. Curly brunette was ideal...she had to go. Nothing I could do further. when a girl is that hesitant to give the number...she might flake. Very good persistence with the number on my part. Make the ho say no. Its to where its uncomfortable for a girl to do it. Mine as well use that to our advantage.

The Italian girl I was doing fine with it, was just the logistics of it all. But don't be afraid or hold back when she came with a male. I guess I hold back because it just seems to be energy consuming when a male is there plus deep down im a bit nervous when a male might try to stop us. The worst that he can do is pull her away. That's it. The ethiopian girl with the guy, all I had to do was stay there and be friendly. Once she seemed hooked, I isolate her and tell him we'll be back. Remember, she's not his property.

I handled the objections well. Make the ho say no. I think I overdid it a bit. Say it once and that's it. The blonde girl was crazy....just next time....say it once and continue to talk about whatever. Its fine to play off at first but don't overdo it. Keep it up. The blonde couldn't believe how you were reversing the words on her. I think in this case, no need to overdo it. I think I overdid it a bit. You remained unaffected when she was shocked that you touched her face. With the work thing, it might've came off a bit prickish but that's ok. Also, one thing is you brought about the ox habits again. Be in the zone with her, no need to feel you have to push through the end of time.

Noticed one of the girls who was there, walked home by herself after she said goodbye to her friends. Now your starting to understand logistics more Steve!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Starbuck's Post on Seeding and Logistics

Yes this is a common problem..

Unlike men, most younger women do not plan sex. It just happens. Therefore you have to be there when it happens and when they want it.

Difficult to do when you show up at the club too early and before the women have had a chance to get warmed up. The idea of course is to let other guys buy them drinks and entertain them, but you go home with them. After most of the other guys have left, gotten drunk, become frustrated like you, etc..

So, show up to the club later, and use alcohol to your advantage. Then work your game as usual. Have your logistics worked out in advance.

Prime time to show up at a club that closes at 2am is 12 midnight.

If you're trying to take a chick home at 10pm most of the time she's not going to be willing for a variety of reasons and regardless of how tight your game is. Her friends who are still unoccupied and who are looking out for her are one reason.

And some chicks will simply not have casual sex or go home with a guy they just met at a bar. Etch this into your cranium and don't let it affect you. Go immediately to plan B which is number close, or see her next time, etc..

What happens to many guys is they take these rejections early in the night and personalize it.

This is a mistake. And affects their attitude.

Being patient can be frustrating sometimes. So I know your pain.

Just hang in there, plant the seed, nurture it and make sure you're around for the harvest. When the fruit is ripe it will fall right off the tree.

TerminateHer's Notes

TerminaterHer: Closing Mentality Workshop Notes

Here are the notes.


Playing It Safe

* Don't wait for "The Magic Moment", make it happen
* If you're after the skill, don't play it safe


* Know logistics around you
* Identify sketchy spots
* Know wing signals (for winging, ejecting, isolating, car pulling, etc)

Being That Risk Taker

* Hesitation is unattractive
* REGRET is your enemy, not "rejection"
* Do you want to have a conversation or escalate?
* Don't be afraid of being creepy or getting caught

Plausible Deniabilty

* Avoids triggering ASD
* Seed a reason (i.e. CD, etc) multiple times in conversation (beginning, middle, end)

Car Pulls

* Less compliance required compared to going back to your/her place
* Have a reason (i.e. CD, etc)
* Park in dark sketchy areas
* If interrupted by obstacle (cock blocking friend, dude, etc) interject and derail their conversation. Also have her tell the cock block what you're doing (i.e. you're going to show her your CD)
* FTC by saying you will probably never see each other

Kiss Closes

* Establishes sexuality
* Assume you'll never see her again
* Closing mentality
* Shows you're not a pussy
* Pushes comfort zone
* Do what the fuck you want
* Don't get blown out for NOT escalating
* Don't be the "Tacky Make Out Guy", be the first one to pull away and keep the sexual tension there

Closing Mentality

* Are you in the game or pretending? Then start to fuckin' close
* Don't stop at the number close
* Women love sex, Cosmo quote about telling girls to pull the next cute guy they're flirting with into the bathroom for some fun
* My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday, helps with limiting beliefs and inner game about women not loving sex
* Let them know that you know that they love sex

Why Have Sex In Crazy Places

* It's easy
* Living with your parents excuse (The OPPOSITE of CLOSING mentality)
* TerminateHer was staying over at parents house and setup a day 2 at Gtown mall
* He wanted to go to her house, she suggested a movie. He delayed going by stopping by the mall
* Suggests stealing candy to set mischievous frame, shows up late in movie theater has to seat in front row w/girl
* Still ends up making out w/her before the movie even starts
* Tries to bounce to "Car Bar", she doesn't comply, he persists and bounces her to another movie
* Go to different movie, end up in the back and gets girl to stroke his dill in the back. Then bounces her outside
* Leads to his car by saying parents are looking for him and they run (increases buying temperature)
* TerminateHer ends up getting BJ in back of the car
* Suggest they wear a cute skirt for day 2s, makes it easier for you to fuck
* You can fuck close in daytime!

Places To Pull

* Stairwells (go to the top, no one takes the elevator from the top floor)
* Emergency exits (most are fake and don't work, check to see if there's a small alarm box, try it, worst case alarm goes off and you can just run for it)
* Work utility closet: Met up with girl in college dorm, roommates where busy in the room, so he ends up fucking her in closet he found in the hallway
* Metro: Play game where you bounce girl from cart to cart every time train stops. Keep doing until you find an empty cart, normally the one w/the conductor and he always has to face the front, so you can fuck in the back
* Dressing Room: Setup Day 2 for window shopping, have her help you try on clothes. Tell the people you're a couple if they give you a hard time
* Place girls hands on the wall when trying to escalate and fuck while standing up, reduces their LMR, shows dominance


* Insta-date before going for a number close
* Insta-date can be anywhere
* That night!
* False time constraint (FTC), you're busy will probably never see each other
* No Day 3s, assume you will never see each other
* Kiss close

Pulling Out of The Venue

* Seed the pull (i.e. show her a CD, etc)
* Give plausible deniability
* Move her around the venue before you go for the pull (Compliance)
* Pump her BT w/makeout
* Talk sexual (Mystery's Questions Game)

Learning Closing Mentality

* Travel somewhere where you will never see the girls again
* Will force you to FTC, tell them you're there to make bad decisions
* Make a girl that's just a friend, and talk about pickup indirectly, will help with your inner game
* Do it for the skill


* 1 on 1 coaching
* Daygame
* http://terminateher.com