Wednesday, June 23, 2010

6/19-6/20 Reston Town Center and New Dupont Venues

Saturday Night

On Saturday at Reston Town Center, Jacksons: the Pigtails girl...just timing was down. the two older milfs, next time go in between them(they were sisters) and place yourself there at the bar.

The indian girl, was shy and awkward. In these cases, give her a chance to open up a bit. If it takes too long, move on. I'm not into shy girls that much only because they take too much time and if they're not even comfortable shaking your hand, then its like "What the hell?" lol.

Good shit with Ana, she was Eastern European and a thick milf. One thing I noticed was she didn't seem comfortable me touching her but i then held off and she started to touch me. I guess in these cases, see if the girl will touch you.

Sunday Night

I have no idea with southern blonde...felt annoyed by it a lot but I accepted it. The Ukranian girl, she wasn't interested. She wasn't offering much. I understand some girls are shy but if they're not going to make any sort of effort...i'm moving on. It takes two to tango. The two iranian girls I guess were possibly gay, BUT its hard to say...could be, could be not.

The best ones don't leave when your a sexual threat...that's how it is. The best ones stay. The ones who got turned off easily were there for attention and weren't attracted. One time, just the fact a girl made a nasty face when i guessed if she was jewish, showed her true nature.

The three set sitting down, the dark haired girl was great logistically. I held back because I didn't think it'd actually be worth it but now i know that those 3 were the ones who wanted to be picked up based on their vibe and how they were just sitting there doing nothing.

Go to Fly Lounge and Steve's ballroom on Sunday.

Georgetown Venues:
Old glory

Paul suggests more convo at bars and slow things down in isolation. Be confident in the fact the girl will stay to talk to you. If you can tell the girl wants to just have fun, then give her that fun.

Look for sets that the girl doesn't seem to be all that into the group too or that all 3 of them are bored and looking to get picked up. Including Friday's lesson...for sets with males, go indirect not because your afraid to go direct but only because if a male in the group is after her...his defenses will go up. Then once you transition to the girl, give her more attention and then to the point where things go as usual and then you let her know what's up. This will be fine, because just like in the Taking a girl home from the bar teleseminar with Johnny Wolfe and London Soul...after a bit, you'll gain a stronger influence because your not a threat in front of the male friends. But this isn't all cases, in some cases go do it the way you usually do it.

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