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6/3 Vince Kelvin and ESL

First Attended the Vince Kelvin Seminar. About 38 guys listening in to Vince Kelvin who brought his wife. She was quite attractive I must say. Anyhow it was worth attending and I found an answer...when she objects or resists the idea, flip it back at her. For example, if she's concerned for her friends being flip the script on her like "I know right? You need to go...before things get crazy" and then proceed to keep going further" or "You know what, lets go back to them...."

Proceeded to write some notes that i will write down here.

Also finally got my copy of the Same Night Seduction paperback. After reading it, it definitely went into a variety of ways to keep things sexual.

Vince Kelvin Notes(6/2/10)

#1 biggest issue men have are going from proactive, back to reactive/
#2 biggest issue is too many guys feel its good approach versus bad approach. The right mindset is realize that these things happen and you play with it all that you encounter.

Utilization: Objections
Most women are going to be in a bipolar place, ambivalence.

What is the Key to Attraction?

Be the man that can sustain it. Attraction will sometimes dip.

• Objections:
Situation: Protective Friends
Response: “Finally, somebody to rescue me from this crazy girl”

Situation: I have to leave early tomorrow.
Response: “How late are you? Let me help you get to the airport as soon as possible!”

• Shit Tests:
Situation: Do you always pickup girls in the subway?
Response: “Of course, that’s what I always do.”

• Silence:
Situation: ……
Response: I’m sorry if you don’t speak English and then walk away.

Give them a way back in that’s easy. After she grabs you back, you tell her
• “You didn’t talk to me the first time”
• “OMG, you have mastery over silence!”
• “Shhh…don’t spoil it….keep it the silence!” if she pulls away, then she says “We’re going to have to leave it…”

• Be sure not to stack these objection responses too much.

KEY TO SUCCESS 1: “Every single woman in that phonebook, had one thing in common at first, they all said no to start with.”

KEY TO SUCCESS 2: “The secret to getting quite a lot of success is to be able to stay with that resistance she gives”

KEY TO SUCCESS 3: Realize the mindset of some women have been after sex, “You know what, the reason I slept with you is because you didn’t get upset with my objections or resistance”

KEY TO SUCCESS 4: Let go of your attachment and have utilization

• 4 Archetypes of the Multidimensional Man
o Leader
o Teacher
o Lover
o Entertainer

• The Ultimate Mantra for shit testing:
“Perfect, exactly what I needed to move forward”
“You’ve got me figured out”

• When you interpret a woman’s objection or shit test as personal, final and fatal

You are too old for me/too young/not tall enough

• A big problem is the attachment which is its taken person, final, and fatal.

I like you but…

• This here is not final and it’s not fatal

• Best answer is “Well of course, but that’s until you met me”

• Play along with her objections

• Its about taking her out of autopilot

• Reverse Game-Its her that’s trying to do something

• We assume that its working against us.

• Why not be dillusional for a little bit? Better than letting it get under our skin.

I didn’t wear that dress for you
“That’s ok, I’ll settle for it…”

• 3 Levels of Progression

Level 1-Open
Level 2-Keep things going from previous set
Level 3-Gives you opportunities to get things

• Vin’s 4 Assignments:

Assignment 1: Enter venues with a bit more dominance
Assignment 2: See, walk and talk to the woman
Assignment 3: Give yourself credit for at least being in the vicinity
Assignment 4: Give yourself credit for at least giving it a shot.

Escalation Stuff

Last minute Resistance
• We have to be honest at times with her
• What’s known as LMR, isn’t LMR at all. Do dual direction game: Give it, take it away.
• Avoid going in only one direction.

• Example response if you run into that scenario:
“Listen your a lot of fun, if you promise me you wont do anything crazy”

• This helps them embrace what is going on in their own mind.

Group logistics for leaving with her
• If she’s worried about the friends or she’s afraid the friends will intervene.
Response: “You know what, trying to dump your friends? BAD GIRL!”

• Reframe her restrictions
“This but not that…”
“If you promise your not ..”
“If your not the crazy type who does this or that….then we can at least text each
other. Ohhh I can tell these fingers text quite well.”

• If worst comes to worst, seed a meetup for later.

• Escalating properly:

• Get the Edge:
Example: Your lips are real close but not having kissed yet.

• Restricted Requests

• Problems in the bedroom is guys go linear.

• Use utilization and move forward.

• “What have you done to your friend?” if friend objections and keep moving forward.

• Once doing things, use these things to escalate. Lead her away but strongly.


• Blunt Honesty!

• “You know what, your so nice on the outside….but bored on the inside….your just going along with it”

• Element of Expressing Disappointment.

• Attraction and Comfort both at the same time!!!!

More objections and struggles

• We take the distractions as logical

• Anything of concern, bring it up on the approach without apologizing.

I haven’t talked to my friends in a while.

o “Of course you want to have a conversation with your friend and blow it out of proportion!”

o “Lets go! Me first!”

o “I understand…but you’ve seen more of her than me. Listen, I know you want to talk to your friend, at least we’ll stay in touch.”

• Play with getting the number

• Be the man who’s free

She rolls her eyes

o “The way you shake your head/roll your eyes….we need you to get a specialist”
o “Do it one more time!”

• Get known responses.

I don’t give my number out
o “Of course its not like we’re going to move in together, and exchange information”
o “Perfect…now that I know your not gonna try to marry me, atleast lets sit down for a sec”
o If you sense resistance with this, go to the opposite way. “Is your bf ok? I’ve been to an organization with women who’ve been treated crap with men.”

Her about to leave.
“Since you have to go, lets atleast properly say good bye(kiss her)”

• Be persistent, but not stubborn

After that, went to Public Bar with Zengame. It was bleh, met up with Quincy. Then went to ESL, to where he was watching me do my thing. He was doing some approaches as well.

I feel I did fine but noticed where I could improve. Curly brunette was ideal...she had to go. Nothing I could do further. when a girl is that hesitant to give the number...she might flake. Very good persistence with the number on my part. Make the ho say no. Its to where its uncomfortable for a girl to do it. Mine as well use that to our advantage.

The Italian girl I was doing fine with it, was just the logistics of it all. But don't be afraid or hold back when she came with a male. I guess I hold back because it just seems to be energy consuming when a male is there plus deep down im a bit nervous when a male might try to stop us. The worst that he can do is pull her away. That's it. The ethiopian girl with the guy, all I had to do was stay there and be friendly. Once she seemed hooked, I isolate her and tell him we'll be back. Remember, she's not his property.

I handled the objections well. Make the ho say no. I think I overdid it a bit. Say it once and that's it. The blonde girl was crazy....just next time....say it once and continue to talk about whatever. Its fine to play off at first but don't overdo it. Keep it up. The blonde couldn't believe how you were reversing the words on her. I think in this case, no need to overdo it. I think I overdid it a bit. You remained unaffected when she was shocked that you touched her face. With the work thing, it might've came off a bit prickish but that's ok. Also, one thing is you brought about the ox habits again. Be in the zone with her, no need to feel you have to push through the end of time.

Noticed one of the girls who was there, walked home by herself after she said goodbye to her friends. Now your starting to understand logistics more Steve!

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