Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6/28 Vince Kelvin Call Notes

Over invest

Keep it casual-We'll see where its going to go.
Opposite problem wait too long and too casual about it...another flaw.

Find sexually equilibrium

Have fun, unattached.

How organized are you? Its going to take someone pretty organized, if you don't get your stuff together.

When your flying, airport.

We lose our sex appeal, we over invest, ease up things

Before you make requests, get responses.

Escalate too fast.

First step, agreement...then logistics.
"You know what, im having alot of fun...wouldn't it be fun to hang out again? You know what? Are you more of a week day person or weekend person?"

"im busy for schoo lately" Hmm...you do look busy and your all tense, listen...you need to take care of yourself...listen...hey...why don't we hang out for a little bit...im busy during the weekend but i can make a couple of hours.

Solidify the next meeting

When they resist, they're just being women

Before anything else, affirm ur committment to having fun with it.
Alot is going to happen, some are going to say one thing and do something else
its highly likely that most of the women your going to meet at first, won't follow through all the way.

Never confirm last minute, i invite them to places i'm going to go to...there is going to be women that i meet over there anyhow.

Connect, making sure its not too mechanical.
Learn all we can and put it into practice
we're not responsible, their responsibility.

1) mind: make diff between can move on your side, and is she capable of feeling attractive

2) What else should i know.

autopilot...jolt them...snap them out of autopilot

Humor, silly comebacks,

core-when she's experiecing, responsibility...acting all bored lol. Thats cute

u were doing so good.

Not all of them will have what it takes...dont try...do. Selection process. Do it consistently.

Her responsibility. Don't over do it, jolt them and offer the hand(Good kino, good body language, inviting tonality)....do a little bit of the work....

training her to kindness.

its all protective mechanism.

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