Tuesday, June 1, 2010

TerminateHer's Notes

TerminaterHer: Closing Mentality Workshop Notes

Here are the notes.


Playing It Safe

* Don't wait for "The Magic Moment", make it happen
* If you're after the skill, don't play it safe


* Know logistics around you
* Identify sketchy spots
* Know wing signals (for winging, ejecting, isolating, car pulling, etc)

Being That Risk Taker

* Hesitation is unattractive
* REGRET is your enemy, not "rejection"
* Do you want to have a conversation or escalate?
* Don't be afraid of being creepy or getting caught

Plausible Deniabilty

* Avoids triggering ASD
* Seed a reason (i.e. CD, etc) multiple times in conversation (beginning, middle, end)

Car Pulls

* Less compliance required compared to going back to your/her place
* Have a reason (i.e. CD, etc)
* Park in dark sketchy areas
* If interrupted by obstacle (cock blocking friend, dude, etc) interject and derail their conversation. Also have her tell the cock block what you're doing (i.e. you're going to show her your CD)
* FTC by saying you will probably never see each other

Kiss Closes

* Establishes sexuality
* Assume you'll never see her again
* Closing mentality
* Shows you're not a pussy
* Pushes comfort zone
* Do what the fuck you want
* Don't get blown out for NOT escalating
* Don't be the "Tacky Make Out Guy", be the first one to pull away and keep the sexual tension there

Closing Mentality

* Are you in the game or pretending? Then start to fuckin' close
* Don't stop at the number close
* Women love sex, Cosmo quote about telling girls to pull the next cute guy they're flirting with into the bathroom for some fun
* My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday, helps with limiting beliefs and inner game about women not loving sex
* Let them know that you know that they love sex

Why Have Sex In Crazy Places

* It's easy
* Living with your parents excuse (The OPPOSITE of CLOSING mentality)
* TerminateHer was staying over at parents house and setup a day 2 at Gtown mall
* He wanted to go to her house, she suggested a movie. He delayed going by stopping by the mall
* Suggests stealing candy to set mischievous frame, shows up late in movie theater has to seat in front row w/girl
* Still ends up making out w/her before the movie even starts
* Tries to bounce to "Car Bar", she doesn't comply, he persists and bounces her to another movie
* Go to different movie, end up in the back and gets girl to stroke his dill in the back. Then bounces her outside
* Leads to his car by saying parents are looking for him and they run (increases buying temperature)
* TerminateHer ends up getting BJ in back of the car
* Suggest they wear a cute skirt for day 2s, makes it easier for you to fuck
* You can fuck close in daytime!

Places To Pull

* Stairwells (go to the top, no one takes the elevator from the top floor)
* Emergency exits (most are fake and don't work, check to see if there's a small alarm box, try it, worst case alarm goes off and you can just run for it)
* Work utility closet: Met up with girl in college dorm, roommates where busy in the room, so he ends up fucking her in closet he found in the hallway
* Metro: Play game where you bounce girl from cart to cart every time train stops. Keep doing until you find an empty cart, normally the one w/the conductor and he always has to face the front, so you can fuck in the back
* Dressing Room: Setup Day 2 for window shopping, have her help you try on clothes. Tell the people you're a couple if they give you a hard time
* Place girls hands on the wall when trying to escalate and fuck while standing up, reduces their LMR, shows dominance


* Insta-date before going for a number close
* Insta-date can be anywhere
* That night!
* False time constraint (FTC), you're busy will probably never see each other
* No Day 3s, assume you will never see each other
* Kiss close

Pulling Out of The Venue

* Seed the pull (i.e. show her a CD, etc)
* Give plausible deniability
* Move her around the venue before you go for the pull (Compliance)
* Pump her BT w/makeout
* Talk sexual (Mystery's Questions Game)

Learning Closing Mentality

* Travel somewhere where you will never see the girls again
* Will force you to FTC, tell them you're there to make bad decisions
* Make a girl that's just a friend, and talk about pickup indirectly, will help with your inner game
* Do it for the skill


* 1 on 1 coaching
* Daygame
* http://terminateher.com

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