Saturday, June 19, 2010

6/18 Clarendon

Trying to isolate too early...use 60 years of challenge stuff.

Good shit with sexy tall brunette. Just remember, with many males....go about things indirect. Talk with them for a few minutes and then slowly move your attention to her. But that was amazing how you had so much resolve and really wanted her. What's even cooler is that she was a hot girl who was looking to meet someone. You had the balls and the courage to step over. In these situations, go indirect and then transition over to her.

Black girl. Good set, just bad logistics. The bouncer had a point about their being some guys there. But he was wrong about approaching alot of girls. He didn't have an answer if that one girl doesn't truly like you, your SOL because your holding back.

Flower brunette. Good set! Opening was good. But then she was going to go with her friends. Quick Kill told me that isolation sometimes isn't even necessary like 60 years of challenge mentioned. Etch this in your damn brain, the girls who want to leave...let them. They've screened themselves out. Move on to a woman who will invest to meet you :)

The blue dressed latina. That was some good practice, you showed more enthusiasm with the girl friend and boy friend role play. Only issue was that she was dating that guy.

Quick Kill's Note: 1/10 girls wants to leave with you

See how long you can last without making an overt move. Try this for practice and for some sets, don't have the intention to pick her up. Just keep talking to see how you can do. You can even practice with Shy asian girls.

I've decided not to go to Clarendon anymore. The approach logistics are shit.

Its true, i've been sad and cry a bit because of feeling frustration but this is ok. Your just getting your negativity out of your system.

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