Sunday, June 6, 2010

Same Night Sex Pages

As I'm typing this way past my best time, since I got to wake up at 7:45 tomorrow...

Page 33 with Information Gathering i'm working on

Page 44 with the 3 levels of compliance. I've been focusing on that too.

Page 50 hit home with me. The frame i have been taking it in is that its to get to the further step, rather than be in the moment with her...then when it feels natural for you, then proceed. BUT, here's the thing....don't get lazy and hold back. When you feel its time for you, do it...but other than that...don't feel you have to be in robot mode :). But also that page, emphasizing the "Right Now" thing, sure it feels corny as hell but still right something down anyways.

Page 53 is something to work on, sexual frames.

Page 55 The escalating Sexually chapter, with the 3 page essay...i'll do that tomorrow night.

What's his face is right, JSC's friend who had the brazilian woman who looked like order to get with the hottest girls, go where they are at.

Page 69 is the chapter i need to read :)

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