Sunday, June 6, 2010

6/5: Adams Morgan

Alright, tonight I went to Adams Morgan and decided to do the Reef first. The place has good potential. I need to also check out the first floor. But I first scanned for the women who looked like they wanted something. First was the blonde that was looking around. Then I saw a 2 set that NewBalance wasn't feeling. I talked to the blonde but it was too late. I then proceed to game this older woman but her compliance was too low so i proceeded to next her:

THOUGHTS: I'm wondering if I dismissed things too soon. But after a bit, i decided to move on. The older woman was by herself but from the vibe she gave out, I don't think she was looking to get fucked that night.

I then proceed to game this brunette woman who was late 20's with her blonde friend. The brunette seemed to be hooked. I improved here with using Vince Kelvin's stuff. I mentioned a sexual story and sexual seeded and found logistics. She didn't deny she has had crazy sex stories in the past. Not too bad for a first time. She didn't want to isolate which was ok. 60 years of challenge mentions the Hand Caress makes things overt and at times where the girl doesn't want to. Was she looking for something for the night? Its hard to say, I'm not that sure. One thing from the night before I saw that Sonic did was, he'll stick in there for a bit and then proceed to make the move when she's that much more comfortable. I have to say its been effective for him and he seems to do well with that.

As i was about to leave, i spot this girl by herself with another glass. At first, she's acting guarded...but as I persist...I can feel her relaxing. This girl i can feel what she was feeling, it was weird. Then the guy she was with came. I didn't care to where I keep going with it. I decided to cut things off only because right now, i don't care to pursue further with those things. But in the future, why not.

I then proceed to notice as I spot a girl quick kill is meeting up with, her and her friend decided to do Tom Tom. But she wasn't wanting to twirl, so i take that as i lose interest with that. To where then i go for other girls instead. But before that, as I'm walking, I notice this big tit, black haired girl who gave me e/c, i smiled and from her seemed like she was looking for something. Just standing there. I could've ditched them and gamed her but didn't think of it at the time. I could've told the girls that i'll meet them there.

At Tom Tom's and Spagetti Garden, wasn't having much of a good time there and felt disappointed by night's end BUT wasn't too bad. I still have faith in Adams Morgan and will proceed to get better at this SNL thing. Reading more of Vince Kelvin's book and his stuff is improving my game like crazy.

Remember, 12AM is prime time but 2AM is perfect to try to spot girls who are looking for something. Next time, try to see which girls at 2AM look bored out of their mind and when you see it...go STRAIGHT to them. I got tired early on. But I will go there again Next Saturday. I'm going to try District next and Madams Organ. More of those places. I will also try Local 16 as well coming up this month. Dupont is for Weekdays and Adams Morgan is for every saturday for now on. I'm also going to figure out parking.

Next Friday I'm going to go to Fells Point. See if Quincy wants to go.

All in All

+Doing more seeding, afew girls said they were going to other bars...which is a better answer than home
+Do more sexual scenarios, more sexual screening
+Finding out more of logistics, most of these girls live near the bars. So they are good in terms of logistics
-For some sets, i might need to give the girl more of a chance rather than assume she's just not interested. But time is money and some women i dont want to waste too much time with.

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