Friday, June 11, 2010

6/10 Lima Lounge, Day 5 out of 30

Last night was a research night. I was looking to see which girls seem to want something, a couple two sets tried to dismiss me lol. The first girl I wanted, the 31 year old blonde with a sexy body(she was a hottie)....she was attracted but there wasn't that "spark". This one I improved with mother hen dynamics. The friend was still having fun, just greet the friend and be friendly with her.

Next was this sexy blonde with nice firm tits, curvaceious body, piercing all throughout her face...and tattos that turned me on. With this one, I keep the sexual tension up, feel the tension. At first I thought I was in ball busting mode, but not necessarily. I was just being playful. If they seem to be easing in, just do your think and no need to get in full ball busting mode. That time with Huong and that blonde back at RU at the PSK party, that overdid it. I won't make those same mistakes again!

Sexy sexy blonde....again...only so much you can do with a set like that(more analysis to come). It was good stuff figuring out logistics. Remember, don't be desperate in trying to have a girl not leave when she seems open at first but then seems to change her mind. Earlier in the night...the blonde european girl...i observed her and she she seemed open to leave with a guy. I just got that kind of vibe, she was planning on leaving early. In these situations, if your turned on by her and they're taking a taxi, try..."Alright...lets go then :)" Sonic tried it, your turn.

Latina girl who i thought was waving at a person behind me. In these situations, stick in there and talk to her. That way, she can open up. Don't give up too easily.

I then proceed to see a girl who looked like the girl that I made a story about and of who I made up for the Future in Steven's black book. Similar description and she responded really well. You could just feel the tension we both had. I really wanted that girl. She was in the higher 7's but there were things that turned me on.

All in all

1) Better at identifying girls
2) Starting to sexually screen girl.....connect "I bet you got piercings everywhere and tattoos all over your body" with her being wild and spontaneous and connect that with the cd in the car thing.
3) Starting to sexually screen more
4) Handling cockblocks better
5) Less attached to outcome

1) After isolation for many sets...things die down
2) Some girls don't invest
3) If girl likes you and is leaving with her friends via cab....go with them. Try it.
4) Mine not leave a sustaining spark for girls.
5) Text game could sustain sexual vibe lol.

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