Wednesday, June 9, 2010

6/8: Brad P Seminar and Tatoo on K Street

Brad P seminar. Screen sexually. Went to tatoo. Blonde black girl....good shit. At the end of the night, her brunette friend was just sitting there. She mentioned Fly lounge or home, I should've bounced but tried to have her stay. DO NOT CONVINCE HER TO STAY. Girl with glasses...#2 girl. Isolated her but wasn't all the way hooked. Latina girls...paul didn't do his job. BFocus on gaming them both instead. Expressed disappointment...good! she opened more. Her friend was single but didn't invest much. Had it to sexual screen. Not investing much. final girl isolated her she was alright looking. She was feeling sexual but wasn't that hooked. Gave up too fast when back to friends. Befriended guy...went back to her..she went back to friend. Let her go...she is only for practice.

Limiting Beliefs and Things to Work on in field:

1) Get fustrated when a girl doesn't comply
2) I fear if a girl isn't going to isolate or comply with small stuff, that I move on.
3) for some girls, i just want to get further with them and not caring if they do or not.
4) some girls i'm not in the moment
5) When frustrated, i try to convince them to stay
6) I've been trying to diffuse objections too much.
7) Going for girls who i feel that I settle for having sex with.
8) I feel that closing is too hard and that it'll be an endless cycle and am impatient. I keep comparing to how long its taken me to where then I feel a lack of confidence in the ability to close eventho i'm working toward it and feel its possible.
9) Relying on wings too much.
10) Seed to meetup more. Some sets are impossible to close, just get the number and hit her up later in the night.
11) Too worried about the pull or progress. Just one night. Back at TerminateHer's coaching...its about working on getting to that point. The past does not matter. Where are you at right now? Whathisface got 2 SNls...its not like you could not do it.
12) Don't have the faith. You can get SNLs. Don't compare the past, you know what to do now. Its now time to fix your mistakes. You can do it. Its in your ability. Your improving constantly. Part of me feels that i got to endlessly keep getting to that poiint but right now you can pull it off. Your ready right now, its just finding the girl who is ready to go with you.

Screening but not going for the best ones of the night.

**Things i'm doing better.

1) Screening more.
2) Researching more venue logistics
3) Noticing which girls seem more looking for something.
4) Starting to frame things more sexual
(more coming soon)

30 Days of getting more in tune with the mentality of a closer. Being motivated that you will FIND that girl to leave with who you fancy. Tonight was good that you decided to not give up that set. You had motivation. Thats the motivation to keep for the woman you want home. For obstacles, deal with them! If you lust her like crazy, be firm and keep going.

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