Monday, June 14, 2010

Vince Kelvin Call Notes: EUREKA!!!!

Vince answered my question:

-Re-read the Spotting the Slut chapter and find the girls who are more logistically friendly.
-Go for adventurous women and the ones who are looking for it...not the ones who who wouldn't anyways.
-Go for logistical friendly girls
-You have to play it by the numbers

NOTE: The tall brunette, you could've found out about that stuff. But she kept trying to do ASD with it, that might not be an ideal girl. The ideal girls might resist but they'll be open a bit or won't leave.

-Sometimes girls need to catch up and go back to their friends, proceed to seed for later
-There are multiple possibilities, be aware of them
-Remember still screen.
-Be confident that you'll meet up with her later.
-Some girls won't leave with a guy cuz their friends ARE around.

Note: Think back to girl in Federal Hill

-"After you leave the bar with your friends, then come meet up with me"
-Leave the set, then just re-approach later
-Reason for this is because friends are jealous
-After isolating and them wanting to go back, be cool with it and just proceed to do whatever after. For example, if she's going to be with her friends ALL NIGHT LONG, then that's a no go. Remember, go for the girls that are logistically friendly and have good logistics. Also, see how far you can take the interaction. Still do what you usually do, just do that.
-Set frame stronly enough through verbal escalation....if she comply with all that sexual stuff
-Remember, a Same Night Lay and its options are itself solutions but not obligations
-Don't be attached to one woman
-Plant seeds, "Awww...we gotta hang out again!', even for day game approaches to seed for later that night.
-11;00-11:00 or after, prior to 11pm...most women won't act on SNL's unless they're body temperature is through the roof
-when it gets close to 2AM...women need a break

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