Thursday, September 3, 2009

These Past few Months

Last year i updated this blog quite the shitload, but this year i barely update it at all. For the past 5 months I've figured some stuff of it:

1) M1 is the easiest way to find out the girls who are genuinely into u and are deep down interested in the idea of u and her having sex

2) For night game, i've gotten closer to sex when i was upfront than when i regular direct

3) Turns out at the area i work and the area I live...barely any single available women i swear

4) I've gotten two complains from the mall(1 of them the security guard supported wat i was doing and called it off),(the other...a different security guard asked me to leave), and one girl complained about me in an arts and crafts store. But these women were most likely pretenders of some sort. Why go through these lengths when in fact i walked away when she declined(Hell one of them i was leaving the building)...its as if those women wanted the security guards to justify them being wholesome or something.

5) Was amazing how certain girls got turned on by the idea of us fucking

6) More women took me seriously. When i was regular direct, its more like they treated as they feel good about themselves but never took the idea of me and her doing something seriously, when I was M1...they def took it seriously and although they felt alot better to be declined when my full intentions were out there.

7) One girl agreed to fuck the next day when i called her and she answered, but i had car trouble to where she called me a week later...but then pulled the "I'm looking for a relationship" bullshit. It was too long of a time length to where i didn't want anything serious and there be a possibility she'd then withhold the sex.

8) I haven't met up with any girls after being M1 compared to when i was direct, but honestly...i was tired of girls meeting up but not giving a damn about us meeting up n trying to treat it as something to relieve their boredom and that was it, nothing more. Afew had bf's, while others were just killing time...i was tired of such b.s. meetups that being upfront helped me not deal with that B.S. I'm not looking for a girlfriend either so why in the hell should i meetup with a girl n spent time and energy? Its either we fuck or i don't care to meet up.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Aright, have done M1 for the past few weeks and the reactions are shocking. It wasn't as scary in the day time as i thought. Hell, some of the women seem to be more sexually into me cuz of it while others just weren't interested. Also, the women seemed to be much less creeped out surprisingly. Sure, some have been uncomfortable with me being upfront, naturally but i think its only cuz its more of an overwhelming feeling than say a freaked out feeling. That's for day. At night, the women tend to respond in even funnier ways. They comment on how im bold and pretty forward, while 1 girl was seriously offended.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Changes in the game

Firstly, i won't be able to game in the DC area for a bit, because i got a speeding ticket which depleted the rest of the graduation money i used for gas to sarge. So now i can only game nearby. But hey, looks like i'll be doing day game again and night game...i guess i can only do it local.

Aright, i haven't updated much as usual because not much in my ability has changed, except for noticing more of my issues and sticking points...

For The Night Time:
1) Pressured the girls too much it looks like, confused this with persistence
2) Was so caught up in isolating a girl, that i forgot that i can do it fine.
3) Revealing my intent more, should be more bold with it though.
4) Didn't go firm ALL THE WAY, would revert back to more safe conversation cuz its what i've done for a while. But i'll stop this but its no problem if it comes up.
5) Pressured the kiss too much, rather than do it with persistence and get both of us turned on.
6) Didn't find out if a girl wanted to hook up. Was so concerned with playing around her social conditioning that i never figured that some were def down to fuck.
7) Going to be more bold again, and not look back.

For Day Time:
1) Revealing my intentions more. I've decided to do this again, and i won't go back. I don't plan on playing it safe anymore, unless its multiple girls where i'll tone it down a bit.

As i've said before, won't post field reports until something awesome happens. But i do notice that when i was more bold back a year and a half ago...things to be working better for me than when i toned it down. Sure i got more meetups when i was less bold, but nothing happened. Looks like i'm returning to doing mode one again lol

Friday, March 13, 2009

Upcoming Game Plan

Decided to day game ONCE a week and Night game TWICE a week. Day game i do one day a week so i don't get bored nor sicked of it but still stay consistent. Night game i always like.

Short Update

Turns out it was the venues in Georgetown that were giving me trouble, not my game itself. Looks like i just got to find venues that make pickup easier, including logistics. Tonight feel good that i noticed certain things. But i still got ways to go. We'll see :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Returning to the Game

Aright, after a month off. I've finally began gaming again. I've done the mall afew times, where i've only number closed a few. The mall feels like a chore right now, so I'm gonna put a hold on it. I'm not afraid,its just i should be excited to go pickup at the mall. It just used up a lot of energy. Night game is more exciting to me for right now. I've done night game for the past 3 weeks(once each week). I plan to do it much more often as time goes on but only when the money comes in.

Been doing Georgetown for the past few weeks. I think im at the same point as I was at Radford, except I haven't really kiss closed yet or flat out isolate the girl. Thats what i got to work on. I think there are more things i can work on. I start out well, but things fizzle a bit. Plus i think i try to force isolation a bit too much at times, BUT its good that I atleast go for it as if the girl literally doesn't want to move 5 feet away from her friends, then how in the world will i fuck her that night? haha.

One thing i'm gonna work on to improve is to try isolating her where its more on a high note, where the resistence isn't that high. With all else, i'll go for it. Another thing is go to my local lair, and they can pinpoint out what i'm doing wrong. But it will just be of the guys who do the direct style, and don't do routines. Cuz their advice will be stupid like "U didn't DHV her" or whatever bullshit.

Im gonna post my Field Reports again on here but really only when i advanced at a point as right now, it'd be the same old stuff.

More on Logistics from SINN

Logistics are really what separates the men from the boys, so to speak.

In your scenario, the odds were already against you.

She's staying at a coworker's house, they have something to do the next morning, and they were tired...

I would not even try to pull a set with those logistics, I'd get a phone number and go try to find another girl with better logistics.

The Magic logistics gathering questions are:

What's on the agenda for later?- This is the equivalent of "wanna fuck?" in modern barspeak. Plus it lets you seed the pull for later. I use this in the first 10 minutes EVERYTIME.

Did you guys meet here or come together?- You have to find out what the travel situation is. Ideally they met at the venue and the girl you're interested in drove herself.

Do you have work tomorrow?- Let's you find out how late she can reasonably stay up.

In your specific situation Steve, you would want to use Captain Jack ('s classic line,

" You guys are leaving already? I'm so not ready for my night to end."

Then I would have asked the girls to drive me to my car and directed them out of the bar's parking lot towards my place. You never want to go to a girl's place if you can avoid it.

Hope that helps,

Til next time,


Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Years and My New Years Resolution

Hi everyone. Its been one year since I've been doing the game at a true consistent rate. I'm proud to say that i've stuck by it this long. I remember back in 2006 summer is where all this started. I wanted to go chase my dream. It was a really good experience and was quite funny how much i changed over the course of 6 semesters(Including a summer session of school). I still got many years ahead in this.

I truly feel alive doing still, even i've repeated myself many times. Its funny, back when i was younger i never pictured i'd do this. Never, haha. I thought i'd be oblivious to the world, whatever fate wanted to give me. Knowing that it was possible to get what i wanted, was one of the best feelings in the entire world. I never thought that it would become a passion and be what made me feel alive.

Sure some guys would say, "There's more to life than women" Ha...u could say the same about any other skill. "There's more to life than bodybuilding" or "There's more to life than Math". This ain't all my life, but it is a big part, because i plan to work hard at it.

2009 will be no different. I got a lot of gaming to do. So much to do also upcoming in the next decade. I now get to game at larger scale places, where I'll more of an advantage to get what i want. But during this, i still plan to also get some lays on college campuses. :-)

I think even after all the clubbing and mall game, i'm gonna def want to go back and finish what i started with it. But without further ado, my goals for 2009:

1)Get Rid of My 4 year Dry Spell

2)Go to the clubs/bars consistently 3 nights a week

3)Do day game consistently 1-2 days a week

4)Go back down to 190lbs, i weight 230 right now

I believe once the game picks up, i'll put the bitter thoughts of doing college game behind me. I won't keep thinking about it. All that matters now is i do the game here. All that matters is i succeed where i need to.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

12/29: Lack of Good Targets at Mall

My god...Potomac Mills Mall sucks during the weekday for really good targets. My first was a black girl, tall...pretty cute...but she was taken. The second was a thick blonde woman, who said she was taken. Turns out she was as i saw her bf holding hands with her, i saw her looking at me...but i guess i still have an issue with myself to where i feel if i look at the girl, it'll just satisfy her ego. The third was a pretty dark haired brunette woman, she was only 20(looked about my age, 22). She was taken as well. After those 3, didn't really see anymore that i really wanted to go up to. It was a weekday after all. I guess weekends are mall time! :-)