Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Years and My New Years Resolution

Hi everyone. Its been one year since I've been doing the game at a true consistent rate. I'm proud to say that i've stuck by it this long. I remember back in 2006 summer is where all this started. I wanted to go chase my dream. It was a really good experience and was quite funny how much i changed over the course of 6 semesters(Including a summer session of school). I still got many years ahead in this.

I truly feel alive doing still, even i've repeated myself many times. Its funny, back when i was younger i never pictured i'd do this. Never, haha. I thought i'd be oblivious to the world, whatever fate wanted to give me. Knowing that it was possible to get what i wanted, was one of the best feelings in the entire world. I never thought that it would become a passion and be what made me feel alive.

Sure some guys would say, "There's more to life than women" Ha...u could say the same about any other skill. "There's more to life than bodybuilding" or "There's more to life than Math". This ain't all my life, but it is a big part, because i plan to work hard at it.

2009 will be no different. I got a lot of gaming to do. So much to do also upcoming in the next decade. I now get to game at larger scale places, where I'll more of an advantage to get what i want. But during this, i still plan to also get some lays on college campuses. :-)

I think even after all the clubbing and mall game, i'm gonna def want to go back and finish what i started with it. But without further ado, my goals for 2009:

1)Get Rid of My 4 year Dry Spell

2)Go to the clubs/bars consistently 3 nights a week

3)Do day game consistently 1-2 days a week

4)Go back down to 190lbs, i weight 230 right now

I believe once the game picks up, i'll put the bitter thoughts of doing college game behind me. I won't keep thinking about it. All that matters now is i do the game here. All that matters is i succeed where i need to.

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