Monday, July 28, 2008

7/27 Video Blog on Today's Approaches at the Mall

Here's a video of me summarizing my approaches at the mall as a video post rather than text:

NOTE: I tried to just embed the video but it was being gay.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

7/26 The Mall Today

Aright people, today i went to the mall to get a feel for mall approaches again by just walking around the mall. Before i would leave, im feeling a lil nervousness considering I'm not sure how it will go. But then as i am driving there, im starting to feel some nostalgia of when i first did mall approaches. I could see some of these memories flashing by as I'm driving there.

When i step foot inside the mall, i am shocked at how familiar this was. I was more relaxed than i had thought. As i'm looking around, its mostly hispanic families, almost 90% of the people walking through the mall were hispanic. So...those options were out.

But i did manage while getting use to the mall do 4 approaches.

#1 Was a cute blonde girl looking at frames. As she's about to leave, i tell her to stop. I then tell her find her cute and that im gonna talk to her. She's pretty receptive. Turns out she's an incoming freshman at a nearby university. We talk for two minutes, i meet her mom who's pretty friendly. We then part ways.

Remember, today was "Get a feel for it again" day

#2 Was an attractive midlengthed brunette. I give her a 7. I tell her that i like her and that i want to talk to her. Her reaction is neutral and the way she came off was that she wanted to keep shopping. BUT, i plowed regardless of her reactions. Asked her what she was shopping for, said just stuff, i went into a little how i was getting stuff too. She then says in the same manner, "Well ur not gonna find any in this store" I told her, "Yea..course not :-) Im only here cuz im talking to you" She has a little laugh but that's really it. I ejected since i didn't think anything would come of it just telling her that i'll let her keep shopping, she says thanks.

#3 Was a late 30s latina woman. Its hard to describe her, she had the vibe of a gorgeous woman, but looks she was a 7ish in the face. But yea, i see her walking...kinda not sure if i should at first, then change my mind. Before she walks ahead, i stop her diagonally in front of her. I tell her i find her gorgeous and that i'll talk to her. She says thanks with a polite smile and is still walking. From what i could hear, she couldn't speak english that she might've been married. Who knows.

#4 Last approach was a cute blonde in express. She was also goin to the UNI i was. Tried to hug her after opening her, but she didn't want to. Talked to her for a few minutes, but i didn't sense interest from her.

All in all, am now 50% relaxed of what i was back on campus, so its not bad.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

7/25 Final Night of Summer at BTs

Tonight yet again without contacts and was funny as hell. Tonight i just planned on getting drunk and had no idea lots of people would be there. When i get there, it was poppin :-D

#1 Was a curly haired brunette whom i went up to before. I'll just sum it up. She was neutral, and she acted polite..but after about 5 minutes, her friend takes her.

#2 Was a hot skinny brunette, she wasn't feeling me much. Was with afew of her friends playing the "Find wats wrong in the right picture from the left" game. I plowed i'd say a good amount, but she wasn't budging. Tried to isolate her but no go.

#3 Was a thick short brunette with an ok face who went up to me sorta. Talked with her and grinded with her. Told me her bf was over there. I met him, we looked each other assertively right in the eyes, i told him that i have alot of respect for him for being THAT confident and trusting in his girl. He told me "Yea...i know she won't cross a line :-)" He is pretty chill

#4 Was a brunette with glasses. What i like, girls with glasses. This approach went pretty well i'd say, BUT she also had a bf and he was playing pool. She kept saying "This is awkward :-)" I ask her why and she tells me cuz her bf was there. He was a bald non-ghetto late 20s skinny black guy. He was mad chill. I told him, "My bad dude...didn't know she was ur girl :-)" He told me, "Oh i don't mind :-). Atleast she's not sitting there bored off her feet :-)" I gave him daps and was laughing my ass off.

The two bfs of the two girls i previously approached were talking amongst themselves and they're looking at me(Prolly was about me). I"m like, "Oh boy... lol" then the black guy tells me again, "Oh don't worry about it dude, i don't mind at all :-)" haha. They were cool.

#5 Was a hot thin blue eyed long haired brunette, whom the previous week at the bar, we held good eye contact. I go up to her direct, and she's pretty receptive. All i can remember was that i was flirty with her, had some good rapport...tried to kiss her...but she declined. She says, "No :-)...No :-)...No :-)" I then try to do the "aww...but it'd be so nice :-)" kind of deal. She is thinking about it, but then declines again. Here i think i did fine, just that it was "not yet" more than "No!"

#6 Was a blonde with braces. I flirt with her and her short haired friend who i was gaming first. I'll sum this one up quickly. I isolated her, she was confused a bit but we talked about 5 minutes. I then go in for the kiss but she declines saying she can't :-). I ask her why...she doesn't respond that much about it but she tells me like in the matter that it was a bit too fast. :-) Oh well, got another kiss close rejection :-) I see her later in the night, say bye to her.

#7 Was a hot blonde whom i met before. She spots me, i do the "Come Here" motion and she gladly does. She sits down next to me. We have some good rapport and all. Eventually, i then try to turn her face and kiss her but her face wasn't turning. But i think her interest was MAD good tho. She tells me her bf is at the bar, i believed her...considering that she looked unhappy when she went back to him.

#8 Was a thick tall brunette with a green dress. Flirt with her for a few minutes, do the amazing sadness deal...but she But she was thinking about it a lil bit.

Earlier in the night broke up a fight as this one guy bet another guy $45 dollars to pour a pitcher on a guy whom he resented. the random guy did it, and then hell broke loose. I was in the middle. lol.

Oh yea, before i did my approaches, this 50 yr old gay guy looks at me for 5 seconds, and then pinches my ass. A Fat bald black guy says, "Oh dude...please don't be offended by them, they just drunk =-o" haha. I laughed and told him its all gravy. I was just shocked.haha.

Tonight was a blast. Quite a few of the guys gave me props for doing what i've been doing, saw a few old faces. Some of the girls i went up to before, was noticing me gaming other girls, so thats funny too. I walked home satisfied with how gaming at Radford University was during the summer. I did one last approach outside at night with this 30s Middle Eastern Woman, she was receptive but it only lasted a minute.

I then notice the 200 ft tall dorm with the clock(Muse Tower) I point to it and clench a fist saying

"Watch me! In a month, i'll be back to where i tear my campus up! Just you wait! I'll leave Radford with no regrets! I will be the best playboy i can be. Then i can graduate in my final semester satisfied!"

Tomorrow I head back to DC for a month to game there. Will do the malls too. Can't wait!

7/24 Final Night at Rileys for the summr

Aright people, i go into rileys w/o any contacts as i said in my previous post and god knows it was hella hard to see. Luckily when people were walking by, i could see much more clear. I decide to drink some alcohol, which surprisingly increased my vision a tiny bit considering i typically have very sharp focus kinda like tunnel vision, so then it was much easier to see.

In this night, i did about ten approaches. Lead a few girls to the dance floor, got rejected once but she was still nice. One girl when i flat out dragged over there was like "NO! I can't! :-)" And then when i brought her over there, she then was dancing like crazy. My isolation has improved so much, im very happy.

See the black girl i made out with 2 weeks before. Tried to get her to the dancefloor, she resisted but it was alot more than usual lol. But i could tell she wanted to. but i do see her later with her asian friend with glasses. I give her about a 6.8-7.0. I danced with her. I think she was drunk, and we makeout on the dancefloor twice, but that was it.

I see a thick, big breasted black girl with glasses. She had a nice ass, wore glasses. Had a long nose, but damn this girl got my dick hard. She was really feeling me, and i was feeling her. She leads me to the bar...and since i enjoyed her company...we had shots together. I tell her, "i rarely ever do this...but since i'm really liking u and having fun....we gonna have drinks :-)" After we drink, i put her on my lap twice, then she sits down on the chair next to me. She's pretty much doing 80% of the talking, during this im listening, nodding, looking deep in her left eye feeling horny and sexual. After a bit, i then am looking at her "DSL" lips and kiss her for about a minute. Then i break it. Telling her that im really lovin those lucious lips of hers. She laughs and then we kiss again. Her lips, my god, they tasted so good. She was good at kissing too. I then told her, "lets get out of here :-)" She tells me, "Oh i can' with my cousin :-)" then she spots her cousin and walks over to him. I saw the guy around and i was a lil cautious considering if he was pissed or not. BUT, he didn't really care. She didn't blow me off, it was just about time to go.

The night was pretty interesting. Got two makeouts, not bad for a night ;-)

Friday, July 25, 2008

7/22-7/25 Day Game Updates

Aright guys, for the past two days, haven't really approached. Stopped a jailbait who was part of the 1000s of unitarians on campus that have been there for a week. Turns out she was 16, i think she was interested...her reactions were like she didn't know how to react but was laughing a few times. She even said, "Oh...afew other guys said the same thing(about her looking older)" I told her, "Well..i'll be the 4th :-)" She laughs. I just walk with her around campus. She was hot too, shame she wasn't 2 years older.

The insta date girl didn't respond to my phone calls, so she's NEXT. The girl i went on a date the previous week...i tried to call answer...i left a message too. She's NEXT.

The Girl whom i wanted to see Batman with, and whom i had my 2nd ever day 2 off of a cold approach, was gonna have her come over. We make a time for her to come over, also mention that we can have 1 on 1 time. She says she'll try, as she's got a dinner she promised to go to. This is Friday. I text her telling her to be there by 9. At 8:30, she calls me saying how she can't make it, that its gonna be longer, i tell her that i give her a good deal of respect, because she let me know ahead of time and that its too bad we couldn't have alone time. She says that we can still "hang out" in the fall and i tell her thats a possibility :-).

This week i lost my contact lenses and couldn't see worth a shit. I then from the distance seem a cute long haired brunette. As we walk past each other, i tell myself "go for it" So then i say "Stop! :-)" She hears me and turns around. I go up to her. I go direct on her. She's receptive but at the same time...i could tell she didn't know how to react to the situation. I assumed her e/c was of the suspicious nature, which caught me off guard a little. But i stayed calm. We talked fora few minutes, was another Unitarian girl haha.

On Friday, there's this flat out adorable/cute small brunette with very nice cleavage ;-). She's walking beside me, tell her stop and that i find her cute and that i'm gonna talk to her. She is very receptive, saying im a handsome guy. I tell her, "U just brightened my day up." She then says we should down near the nearest table at the terrece shops. She's another unitarian girl. The rapport was very good. We talked about lots of stuff. Lasted about 15 minutes. She told me she had a bf, but STILL wanted to sit and talk with me. I could tell there was a good deal of attraction between us. Her bf calls her about if she's packed and stuff. She acts annoyed and in the manner that she wanted to end the call. We into a little bit about religion, partying, schools, and we did some flirting. She said she was goin to tube out in the river and stuff with her group, we part ways. At the end she says "Goodbye hot guy :-)" I tell her, "Likewise hot girl ;-)" We hug and i kiss her on the cheek and we part ways.

Monday, July 21, 2008

7/21 My First Insta-Date

Aright guys, today i have to say was pretty interesting. I was feeling a lil nervous or out of state for a bit while i was at work. But then later on in the day, i feel less of this.

Today my first approach was on my break from class. Was this very hot girl, i give her an 8.5 easily. I mean she had a tan...she was walking ahead of me as i was on the phone leaving a class. As she's going down the steps, i say loudly "STOP!" She looks at me with a curious look. I ask her, "I haven't me u yet right? :-)" She says, "I dont think so :-)" I then tell her, "I find you so stunning...i've got to talk to u for a few minutes" her face lit up alot. I could tell she was very happy. She then says, "I'm sorry...but im engaged! I live with my fiancee'" I can def tell it made her day. I then ask her, "When was the engagement? :-)" She tells me just a month ago. Then i try to give her daps...but then i see people are walking down the steps and she tells me she's gotta go, i could sense that she was embarrassed or something. I dunno. But it was good not having an attachment to the outcome.

Second approach was a nice racked latina with glasses and a mole on her face. Her face i would say was meh, but her ;-). I see she's walking through the lab, i try to find and i spot her in a small lab classroom with her chubby friend. I go inside at the door, say hi to the chub friend, go direct on the latina girl. She is pretty receptive but also a little taken back by the situation giggling as she's on the comp. I then tell her that i've met her before, and shit. We just have some normal rapport. I talk with her for a few minutes. Eventually i find out that she won't be back in Northern Virginia after this week, like almost every other student will since she also works at the uni. I then tell her we'll have starbucks, but then she says she's kinda seeing someone :-). I tell her, "See? Ur kinda seeing someone. Its offically serious" I then give a persuading smile. She's thinking about it, i can def tell, she then says she likes the guy and doesn't want to ruin it smiling. I then smile and then tell her ok. I hug her and her chub friend who doesn't cockblock and is pretty friendly. I part ways.


Aright, remember the dyed redheaded girl with glasses that i approached on Saturday? Mysteriously I see the girl again leaving 7-11, i say hi to her and she remembers me smiling. After i buy a drink and hot dog there, i still see her walking...i run as fast as i can to catch up to her. I'm walking with her and i can tell she's pretty interested. I mean we both are so relaxed around each other, say stuff without really thinking about it. I tell her that we both can go to starbucks, she says sure. :-)

She then tells me she's gonna get sandals from her room first to put on as she's been walking all day and her feet are tired. When we get in her place, i want to up things physically right then and there, but am a little afraid too considering i didnt' want to lose what was going good

NOTE: Something that i'll def have to risk in the future

So then we go off to starbucks, talk for about 15 minutes there. Was pretty good. We looked at each other seductively. Could relate to each other. Seemed into who i was. Liked how she was. Even while we were there, a person called her and she told them, "Call me back later. I'm busy >:-(" I smiled and gave her mad props. After that, i walk her back to her to one of the dorms she was staying at with the rest of the unitarian people. Turns out she was a dancer, so she prolly has a freaky side ;-)...and i can sense she was a free spirit ;-). When we are at the door, she asks me if i'll still be around this week, i tell her yes. I get her number and tell her i'll call her. I hug her and kiss her on the cheek.

NOTE: I still had the fear of losing her cuz of this. But next time i def go for it :-).

She gives me a big hug too. With open arms.haha. It went pretty well.
I have to say i was happy it turned out well. We'll see if i'll meet up with her again.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

7/20: Analysis of this Summer

Aright Guys, my semester at Radford its down to its last week. Day Game, i virtually have no idea wat else that'll be for that week. If i find a girl walking around or somewhere else, I go up to her. Nothing more, nothing less. Night game, Thurs and Fri i go out. I'll definitely give it my best shot at those places.

Now on to analyze this Summer at Radford University:

1) Aright, for day game...i definitely improved on being more genuine in my approach after opening a girl. I kept the flow of direct better.
2) Got less flakes
3) Realized that some of the women actually had bfs, hence why they didn't want to give their number or was really hesitant.
4) Got 4 Day 2s over the course of 5-6 weeks compared to the Spring where i didn't get a Day 2 at all. Lately i've had them once a week.
5) More relaxed with conversation, don't care what i say these days.
6) Been consistent with it for a while. Even though campus was empty a few times, i still went out there and approached the girls i surprisingly could find while going to and from places.
7) I'm more relaxed and conversation and sometimes dont' care if what i say will cost me attraction. Sometimes yea we should def make sure not to fuck it up.
8) Some of the girls i had to postpone day 2s with, turned out patience did help.
9) Approach Anxiety rarely happens...but when it does...usually i'll be able to get over it.

1) I am in tune with the environment. For the longest time, i had the mentality of day game at night, which can come off as boring in high energy environments not only to some of the girls but to myself.
2) I am more sexual. I touch girls more, look them seductively in the eyes
3) I am starting to feel more sexual state especially if i can tell the girl is feeling sexual too. My flirting, talk and everything becomes better.
4) Finally got a few kiss closes
5) Less concerned about pulling. I was so frustrated that i couldn't pull, that the other areas of my game leading to it were lacking. Im glad im getting those taken care of first.
6) My Isolation has DEF Improved!
7) My Convo Game has gone up in night game significantly!
8) I can stand up to Shit Tests much more easily these days.
9) I've gone out consistenly, 3 nights a week for a while. I would definitely say that's good.

1) Be less afraid to go for the kiss close on the first date. I think part of the reason i'm afraid is because i believe that i might lose the potential of a hookup down the line if i go for it. This is bullshit.
2) Eventually, im gonna go for extractions. Thats one thing I definitely want to do, Gunwitch's Game.
3) Triggering Sexual State in a girl by being in massive sexual state. Im getting better at it, but it could be better.
4) Be less worried of her reactions if i say something provocative
5) In some approaches, invite her over to my apartment if she is feeling that same sexual state.
6) Sometimes my convos could flow a little better.
7) To not believe party girls during insta-dates will bore them. Treat them as any other girl during the day when first meeting them. Girls are girls.

1)Kiss Closing. I'm getting better, but still i can work on a few things. Like going for it when she's at a high note. When she's really enjoying herself talking to me.
2)Not lose motivation to talk to a girl if she turns away while still talking to her, or if she walks away. I stay unreactive and still assume she's interested.
3)If i say something and a girl isn't respond much but yet still sticking in there, up things physically and then talk as if she's just playing hard to get. Hell, why not for the kiss ;-)
4)Eventually i want to do Bathroom extractions. But on a campus where people see each other, might not be the best idea until I'm in the big city after i graduate.
5)Even if im afraid to kiss close, i still go for it.
6)Do not be afraid to lose the girl if i try too early.
7)Do not be concerned if a girl finds some convo boring, i just switch to whatever topic until one she likes BUT i do not give up. If she says, "Don't be doing that" BUT if she's still there after i go for it, DO NOT give up on her. Keep talking, then try again.
8)During days i only want to dance/grind...still try to do the best u can when talking to them.
9)Try the amazing sadness only if it comes up in ur head, don't try to use it every time.
10)2 Beer Max on days i know that im nervous. But in August i def will not be drinking really at all unless its a night solely i want to drink.

All i know is that im feeling a little nervous about gaming in the clubs in DC, possibly because of them possibly being more difficult, there being more obstacles, rejections and blow outs. BUT, its necessary


Aright fellas, today i was able to do one. Was in a cafeteria, was a cute girl with clear framed glasses, had an average build but i liked what i saw...and had long died red hair. She's also getting food at the salad bar. I tell her, "I have to tell u this...but I find you so cute...i'm must meet you :-)" She has a smile on her face and is pretty receptive. We introduce each other. She tells me her name and i'm like "Really? U get that alot? U ever play that video game?" She laughs and says yea sometimes but she's never played it. Then i ask her whats the occasion and she says that its a Unitarian Retreat(They aren't from this school but away). I ask her what Unitarian is and she tells me its a religion where they accept different people's views of Christianity and other religions(I think). Then i'm like, "Yea...thats how it needs to be. I'm agnostic but i have to say...i give good respect to religions like that :-)" Afterwards, i give her a hug and part ways. I didn't get her number because i doubt i would see her again.

Tonight the turnout at the bar wasn't good. There were mostly guys, only afew females. The ones i did stop who were moving, their bfs were there. But i did see a 2 set of cougars(older women). I like the way both of them looked but was feeling the brunette. I go up to her telling her, "I so am lovin that curly hair of urs" She laughs and they're both pretty receptive. They look like they're in their 30s, but i decide to guess that they're 27. They both laugh and slap their hands together. Then they're like "Yea...we're 27 :-p" I could tell that it wasn't their real age. But the n they reveal their 37. I'm like, "no your not." We all laugh. I then tell the blonde that im borrowing the brunette and she goes with me. I tell the brunette, "Aright...tell me about urself" While doing this, she's looking off to the rest of the bar at first, i'm like thinking, "She might not be interested now" But...


She tells me she plays poker, i tease her if she usually tries to keep her hair like this, she laughs and says that its naturally that way...i play with it for a bit, telling her that it adds to how sexy she is. She is smiling. Right then and there i want to kiss her but i decide to wait a little longer. She also tells me she's married with 2 kids. I then am like "Fuck...there goes that opportunity" She also tells me she hasn't gone out in a while. Feeling that there was no way things could get further, i tell her that we should go back to the bar, BUT she doesn't leave.haha. She stays. Then we talk for another minute, and then i part ways with them.

NOTE: Next Time i swear to god, i won't make this mistake! She was into me! I could've atleast still went for the kiss anyhow. Thats no excuse.

Oh yea, the blonde was feelin me, as she kept looking at me...but since there weren't really other targets...i decide to drink a pitcher and i kinda was hesitant to game her considering i thought that nothing would come of it. Was in my own head and thought that she was prolly married too. Was right next to her in the bar just watching a female tennis match. But there's the thing where i should've def gamed her: She wasn't returning home that same night, was crashing with the brunette, that was a hint and of course how other guys went up to her, yet was still looking at me.

NOTE: Please hit me with a mallot. Don't worry, this taught me a lesson. Still try to get as a far as u can with a woman. I absolutely WANTED to game this woman. She'll let u know if she can't despite if she's married or taken. Morals for that don't matter to me, as its her choice and she could easily say no if she didn't want to. Now if i had a girlfriend or a wife and she was willing to cheat with another guy, then im doing something wrong in terms of sex or other things that most men fail to thats how i see it. Hell, some women cheat w/o telling the random guy that she is taken or whatnot.

I saw the girl that i had my first day 2, for cold approaching, a.k.a the big ass girl. She was happy to see me and was tipsy. She was playing pool, i decide to somewhat give it a shot, but it ended pathetically. Danced with her thick blonde friend(whom i like physically more), but didn't do well with either except just grinding and she was talking to her Tall skinny friend who was a waitress at the bar but wasn't working.

Tonight there wasn't much to work with it, and not really any girls except a few. Also i realized that this summer was definitely worth it to stay in Radford University. I've really improved compared to the Spring. Sure i haven't pulled yet, but thats not important right now. Wats important is the process. I'll def get to that point no doubt. At Radford, i got two night game nights left, and then its BACK TO NOVA!!!! for some hardcore gaming!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

7/18 At the Bar of Glory Again!

Hey guys, for today...only did one approach. Was a cute girl with a good bust on a computer. She noticed me in the lab. Earlier in the day, i was under campus helping my co-workers pull fiber cable and as a result, my jeans had some dust in them. Also sucked on a lollypop for a good 20 min, so my tongue was blue. I went in the bathroom trying to clean my teeth from them being blue. I go up to her direct, she is pretty receptive when i go up to her even showing curiosity. I immediately sit down next to her. I'm talking to her for a few minutes, she tells me she's talking to her BF on aim and that she only gets to talk to him only about a couple of times a week. I'm indifferent to it and change the subject, but then she politely tells me that she's gonna keep talking to him...from what she said i could tell she was dedicated and was happy with her relationship. So i decided to eject, but she was friendly tho., two of my friends and one of his gf go surprise our friend on his birthday. We had afew beers there, drank for a bit. I got tipsy. So then after we're there for 4 hours, we decide to all go to the bar.

Tonight i would say was fun. I enjoyed myself.

#1 I see the girl from whom told me she was kinda seeing someone there who's sitting with a girl brunette girl. The kinda seeing someone girl(I'll call her katie, i texted her the previous night about going to starbucks but she didn't reply to it) is of course hotter, and from my entry of the blog from the previous night...i tried to get her to notice me approaching girls, deep down wanting her to have more attraction for me. Validation u could say. But tonight was different, i decided that i didn't need to get it from her, or prove that i'm some kind of playboy. So as i'm gaming her friend sitting next to her, Katie all of a sudden tells me w/o me asking, "Oh im actually dating the guy now...whom i told u about kinda seeing..." I then smile and tell her, "Oh thats fine. I've moved on from that...u do ur thing i do mine.." She was shocked. I could tell she was surprised that i wasn't tryin to pursue her anymore. I felt proud, because some girls believe that when they're pursued they can try to put on the "I'm high value since ur chasing me frame" i didn't fall for it :-). So then i continue talkin to the brunette girl, but she and katie are talking amongst themselves, she wasn't really interested. I leave.

#2 Was a cute curly brunette girl with a pink top. I go up to her, she's pretty receptive. I introduce myself to the group. I isolate her a few feet away, she has this confused expression but nonetheless goes with me. As i'm talking to her, i could tell she still cares what her friends think...she can still see them...eventually after about 3-4 minutes, she ejects and goes back to them telling me in an indecisive manner, "I gotta go". But before she leaves, i try to kiss her but she turned her face.

NOTE: I did fine time, when i isolate i have her back turned from the group. Plus i don't think any guy has done that with her before...hence why she didn't know how to react.

#3 Was a thick brunette with a tongue piercing whom was friends with a sexy brunette girl. They were receptive. I sat down next to her. I kept flirting with the thick brunette, and tried to isolate her but she said she didn't want to. But i could tell that there was some interest, just that she was indecisive sorta in her reactions. After a few minutes, i leave.

#4 Was a curly haired blonde with glasses. I go up to her, the people in the group were people i knew. I try to isolate the blonde girl but she says she's playing pool. After she's done with pool...i then go back there, talk to her for a few minutes, then try to isolate her again, she didn't want to. She was friendly tho. So i decide to leave.

#5 Was this very cute small blonde, she was hot. I originally hesitate to go up to her, as i thought the guy that was talking to her was her bf but it turns out not. I see she's about to go in line, i touch her shoulder and tell her, "I find you so stunning...i'm meeting you right now! :-)" She is pretty receptive, telling me her name is Raven. I then asked her who named her and she told me her mom. I go into that for a minute or two. I flirt with her too, goin into why she's stunning and what not and she's liking it. Then her friend comes and they order drinks, so then i tell her i'll brb. Afew minutes later, i spot her in the same area...i tell her friend im gonna borrow her for afew minutes, and the blonde is coming along but her other blonde friend is following her a little bit, telling me that Raven was 29 years old, married and had two kids. I was like "No! U can't be! I don't believe you!" In an exaggerated manner. They and my friends were all laughing. But her friend said it win a non-cockblockish way, but sounded genuine. I tell Raven thats it s a shame that she was single, and give her a hug.

#6 Was a cute brunette, whom i remember seeing for the first time at the end of my junior year mardi gras party...i thought she was cute. She dated one of the brothers of the fraternity i use to be in, but they broke up. But seeing her tonight, my fucking god...she gained weight but DAMN! It def made her much sexier. I mean, she had double Ds, her face was cute as ever and her outfit, I get a hard on thinking about it. I see her come in and stop her. She remembers me and is excited. I then flirt with her alot. I tell her im loving her hair, playing with it. Her attention is all on me. She then tells me in a approval seeking manner, "It looks good? I wasn't sure if my new haircut would :-)" I tell her, "Are u kidding me? Shut up. I love this look :-)" I can tell she melted. I then check out her tits. She then tells me, "I gained weight :-(" I tell her, "U did? I don't notice it. But all i know that ur body is so sexy" She melts again. Then she says how she has double Ds now, i check them and look back in her eyes. I can tell the interest was pretty good.

So then she tells me to come with her, to help find her friends. I come with her but we can't find them. While she's "leading me" quite a few of the guys i see around are giving me super props. It was hilarious, at first i'm like "hey guys" but then i'm like "Yo guys!" giving them daps. After we can't find them...i tell her that im gonna keep her occupied. Then i decide to do the amazing sadness opener. She kisses my left cheek, right cheek, and then wehn its the lips. She says she's not easy. I tell her, "Wats easy about it? its just a kiss :-)" From what i could tell she wanted to, but didn't want to feel easy. So then we decide to look for her friends again, but a guy spots her. He looks me intently in teh eyes but shakes my hand...i confidentally do the same. She tells me its her bf. After he tells her that he'll be outside, I then ask her if it really is her bf, she says yes. So then i give her a hug and we part ways.

NOTE: This one was pretty good i'd say, worth a try with AS opener.But i'm gonna do it less and less, i don't want to have to rely on it for tryin to kiss close. In the future, i'll prolly try it but less often. I need to kiss close the normal way :-)

#7 Was a thick blonde. She's pretty receptive, i isolate her from the group but i can see one of the buys in there has a somewhat mad look but he aint doin anything. I ask who she's with and she tells me that one of the guys is her bf, and i tell her i give him respect for having enough confidence to trust her and to not be bothered. I could tell she wasn't lying. I've gotten better with girls being genuine or not...if anyone wants to ask how i know. She was happy i said what i said. So then i decide to part ways.

#8 Try to dance with this hot blonde girl, but one of the cool ass acquiantances i know taps my shoulder and tells me its his girl. I feel a little bad and say, "Oh my bad dude...i had no idea :-)" He smiles and says that its cool. After i feel a little bad for some reason, later in the night he taps my shoulder saying watsup and shit. I felt better. I guess i felt bad, because i didn't want to seem like a scumball and shit, but nah it was in my mind.

#9 Was a cute black chick. I go up to her, she's receptive, but says she doesn't want to dance. She then waves to me a few minutes later but i act like i don't notice it, go up to her agian, she says before i even say something that she doesn't want to dance, i tell her "I don't care about dancing...i want to talk" So then im talking wiht her for a minute or too. She then intoduces me to her other black friends. She was the best looking one tho. Then a guy introduces himself, and she says its her bf. He tells me that she's evil and the relationship is almost done. I laugh my ass off. He was a super mad chill black dude, he said it in a manner that he actually didn't want to date her anymore, as if he didn't care if i got her that night from my impressions.

Earlier in the night, i introduce my friend to a hot blonde with glasses i tried gaming he said he liked her out of the three...but he was at a blank for words when i had her go up to him. lol.

Tonight i had drinks and shit but the alcohol didn't matter at all. I didn't feel it. I was at a good state the whole night. Each of us bought each other shots, and pitchers and shit. Oh yea, puked out Jager considering how much i hate it...and how i can't stand it. Having barf breath prevented me from going up to one last woman i def wanted to but my mouth smelled like shit. I did my first few sets without alcohol and it didn't really affect my i don't consider this cheating with the 2 beer limit. The only time i consider it cheating is when i actively drink beer to relax me past 2. I would say also my isolation is def improving, my plowing is better, im going for kisses more these days. I have to say the girls who are in groups def notice me and give some IOIs, but are usually still giving resistence when i try to flat out game them not wanting to isolate(Im not gonna work to death to get these girls...i aint gonna try THAT hard, there are too many others who are just as hot if not more whom i can seduce without as much effort) The only issue with tonight was that most of the girls were with their bfs. Some weren't but most were. How could i tell? A person who is usually telling the truth will nonchalanty look u in the eye and say it. An untruthful person won't look u in the eye or will look at u but it be more try hard. I have to say thats another intuition of mine that i've gained in the game :-).

Friday, July 18, 2008

7/17 PART II Night Game

Aright, tonight i go to Rileys again. The turn out is ok, enough girls to game...prolly about 60 people total. The night in itself was not bad.
But all i wanted to do this night was dance and make out. I didn't really want to talk to any girls for that long. I did try to isolate almost each one i went up to but none really wanted to. I did try to kiss a girl i was dancing with at first, but she was in her own world dancing that she didn't even see me i was like "FUCK!" Danced with a blonde girl who was pretty receptive with my dominance was close to me, just as i was about to go for the makeout, her gay friend pulls her away and dances with her.

If only i saw it coming sooner, i could've held her arm and told him that i'm almost done with her, but it happened so fast.

Tried to do the amazing sadness opener with one blonde girl. She kissed my left cheek, my right cheek and then when it went to lips, she didn't want to. I'm tempting her, so then we do the left cheek, right cheek, and then when its the lips again...i quickly try to kiss them BUT miss. She manages to dodge it in time. It was hilarious. I then go into a little rapport about her being irish prolly cuz her first name is. She was curious and a little interested. But to be honest, if my mind was clear...i think i could've gotten farther with her. Plus, I was in my own head tonight, doubting my ability somewhat cuz of the lack of me taking things further with some girls. I'm glad my old self at parties comes out less and less as time goes on.

I think i went up to about 10 sets. One of them i opened with sexy and she was pretty receptive but her bf was nearby. I said wats up to him. Saw a few girls i approached but nothing came out of. I think i deep down thought that things could still happen with them, eventho i doubt it. I wanted them to be attracted to me, by me going up to girls that night and gaming them. I kept checking to see if they were giving some IOIs, one of them did...while the other didn't. Here's the rule:


With one girl earlier whom i stopped, she had to go to the bathroom, see her walking around...touch her telling her that she's finally here...i tell her "lets get out of here :-)" I couldn't hear what it was in response...i was feeling some sexual state when i said this but from what i could hear she declined.

Tonight, overall was one of those meh nights. I did improve with leading more, having fun of course and not giving up a girl who says she's gotta doubt!

But What i have to work on Saturday Night, Friday Night i'm not gonna be at the bar...but at a friend's place, is that i'm limiting myself to one beer. Thats it. I broke that rule and its the reason why i had trouble keeping things going with girls...whom weren't giving me much to work with, if i was more sober...i'd think better. Also i managed to complete the last drill by telling a girl something sexual related to thats fine.

Saturday should be better :-)

7/17 PART I: Another Day 2 At Starbucks, Afew Day Game Approaches

Aright today i was gonna meet up with the girl at starbucks whom i thought flaked on me Monday. Before i get there, i'm having doubts and the biggest feeling that she won't be there. I dunno...i just didn't believe she would. But then i get there and my eyes are shocked, she was there before me. I smile :-). When i see her, we hug each other. She says she already ordered something.

Aright when we sit down, my friend calls to him for only about 5 minutes. Then me and her talk. She seems relaxed and in a good mood. At first i ask her about the hippie fest and we go into that for a few minutes, then on weed...and how she used to smoke it quite a bit. I then ask her, "I've always Stoned Sex amazing?" I then wondered how she would react to this, but i stayed calm and said it in a casual way. She then responded casually that stoned sex is ok, drunk sex is awesome, but wasted sex sucks. We talk all in all for about 15 minutes. We have good eye contact i'd say, its improving every day :-).

I then notice her hair, telling her i like. She says, "its not looking good" I then play with it. I also curl my hand with hers after giving her daps. Find out a bit more from her. I also tell her about some experiences with getting high and other stuff.

After 15 min were over, she said we should do it again. I said yea, course. Then she puts her shades on, we hug. I hold on to her face, but she's not looking at me...i try to go in...but i can't reach her since her face was already down. I then tell her as we let go that i was trying to kiss her. then she says in an unsure, indecisive manner, "I can't do that" I then tell her that next time will be different :-). I then tell her i'd say her again. She laughs a tiny bit and we part ways. Next i try to kiss her when her shades are off rather than

I do an approach with a girl i saw yesterday but saw today...i told her that im glad i saw her today as now i can meet her and that she's cute. She's pretty receptive and she laughs. She tells me she's got a test in class that she has to go. So i tell her that i will talk to her on the phone to make up lost time. I then tell her to give me her number. She looks me right in the eyes smiling, telling me that her boyfriend would kill her. I tell her thats fine, we can still talk. I then assume that she'll give it to me by taking out my phone and am about to dial and we can go to starbucks after the call.

She looks at me again with a smile is like, " I can't :-)" i then smile and tell her, aright its "XX..." She's like " I can' t :-)" I then tell her that she can :-) She is laughing a bit and is surprised by my persistence. She smiles again and says i'll see her around.

I have to say i'm very proud of my amount of persistence these days. Sure she prolly had a bf, but im glad i tried.

Another approach was a Hot tall brunette who was an incoming transfer student who was there for Transfer Student Orientation. I had an opportunity to go up to her before but she was on the phone. Just before she leaves i directly stopped her and tell her that i find her so gorgeous and that i'll talk to her for a minute. She smiles and says, "Not to be offensive but i really have to go :-)" I then tell her that its fine, i touch her shoulder and am walkin a bit away, but she stuck there after i touched her. She had a nice sexy southern accent and she told me that i'd see her in the fall. I smile and say, "Course...i'm good with faces and i will remember urs :-)" I then caress her hand for a second and we part ways.

I could've gotten her number to stay in touch with her but oh well. Next time i see her, in the fall...if i do...i will be gaming her flat out.

The last approach for the day was a Brunette girl whom we both make eye contact with each other who's about 25 feet away. I smile and raise my eyebrow, she smiles too. I go over there, tell her i that i find her cute and that i'm gonna meet her. She is pretty receptive. We make introductions, talk for about 7-10 minutes about whatever....she was an incoming transfer student also for orientation. She was a friendly and nice girl. Meet her friend she was waiting. She's also friendly and nice. # close the brunette. I'm gonna keep in contact with her, just like the other incoming freshman girl.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

7/16 Plans For Thursday Night

Aright everyone i'll start off with what happened today.
Found out the previous night that the redhead's number was that was def a flake. Called the brunette girl to tell her that i couldn't make it, since i was pretty occupied. Also saw the girl who flaked monday. Turns out she told me she had a doctor's appointment. I then tell her that the next day we'll be doing it, she agreed. So we'll see if it happens or not.

Aright now, only two weekends left before i leave uni. Aright, i'm gonna go into the drills i'm gonna do thursday:

1) More kiss closing. If i get rejected off an isolation, I'll stick there and go for it even if the group is nearby.

2) When im about to kiss a girl, i have to look at her deep in the eyes, and have sexual breathing.. Also to increase my sexual state even more. Its coming alive now and then, but its got to be stronger. I want to be at the point where im really horny when im talking to the girl. So far there was one girl this semester, whom i truly felt that state and i def know...kissing her def would've been a good idea now that I think about it.

3) When i'm able to isolate three girls or however many i can, im gonna make sexual comments imply that i want to have sex with her. This can range from:
"Can't wait till i take these clothes off of you" or "You have no idea of the things that i want to do to you tonight" or "You're coming back with me tonight" etc

4) Atleast one extraction attempt as got to be just "Its time to leave...lets have more fun out of here"


Aright today nothing much really happened. But i did some approaches.

The first was a curly haired blonde. She was walking, took me a little while for her to hear, since she had headphones. I go direct, and she's laughing a lil bit. I'm talking to her a few minutes, afterwards...i invite her to have starbucks with me but i find out she's engaged and living with her bf and she's leaving in a few weeks. Plus she said it genuinely too.

The second was a blonde who was at the university bookstore. Before hand, we hold eye contact with each other for a few seconds. After i pick up glue and markers, i go up to her. She's pretty receptive. Just ask how her she thinks of the uni, and i have her tell me about herself. Find out she lives closeby and i forget what else. I then tell her that i'd like to see her again during the fall(She was on break from Transfer Student Orientation), i then tell her to give me her number. She says she can't and that she has something of a boyfriend, but she said this in a funny way. I then tell her, thats fine...then i take my phone out and then im dialing the area code and telling her "Ok...ur number is XXX...." and then she says she can't, that she has a boyfriend, so i decided that there was no need to persist anymore since she brought it up again. I try one more time, but she declines again, i tell her that it was good talking to her.

The third approach was a gorgeous girl, she had a white/blue/green dress with shades and brunette curly hair. She was hot. She's walking ahead of me, i tell her stop a few times and she hears me. I tell her, "I find you so stunning, i have to talk to you :-)" She laughs a lil in disbelief, and i then tell her that i really liked her dress, that it caught my eye. She says that its old, and then i ask her how old and she says its a year and i'm like "A year aint old :-p" I then have her tell me about herself. She just talks about her major and that was it. She then asks me about me. I tell her i'm from Boston and that i lost my twang quite a bit ago. I then joke with her that i like long walks in the beach and watching sunsets. She looked at me in the eyes while i said this, but i looked back at her. For this approach, i was a little out of it plus i believe i came off a lil nervous, as i think i was talking a lil fast. Then after another minute or two, i tell her that we should have starbucks, she tells me after 11:00 Am she's free...but i tell her to give me her number just in case something happens. For this approach, i didn't sense that she was THAT genuinely interested, that she was being polite. But who knows.

The fourth approach, was a blonde with her dog that i saw earlier. Turns out that she was a girl i approached before that she told me from what i could tell, she still seem flattered that i went up to her, even if she heard the same opening words i told her before. But we just had funny chit chat for a minute.

The fifth approach was a cute brunette with a pretty face in the lab with midlength hair. Before i go up to her, im drunk as i was at the bar before. Im not afraid to go up to her, im just afraid that she'd know i was drunk and i'd get a negative reaction, but it wasn't the case. I went up to her, opened direct, she laughed in disbelief. I forget how the interaction went but i find out she does have a bf, i persist in meeting up with her at starbucks but she says sorry. I believed she was genuine with this. Usually i can tell if a girl sometimes can be faking it, depending on if they're looking at u while saying it plus if they go into detail. Usually fibbers will say it in an aloof manner, but then they don't bring it up again if u persist.

All in all, not too bad for the day i'd say.

Monday, July 14, 2008

7/14 Analysis: State

Aright today just did two approaches. The first was a blonde i've seen around all the time. Turns out she was engaged to a dude i know. I hope the best for them. The
2nd was a cute blonde who went to 7'11. I waited in 7'11...i guess i cared what the people around thought if i just opened her while in line(Sometimes im like this for some weird reason) i just waited till she left. Then before she's getting in her car, i tell her to stop and that i wanted to meet her. She looks occupied but i still talk about whatever comes in my head, boring stuff pretty much. I then tell her that we can drink some starbucks. She says ok. I tell her to give me her #, she says she doesn't have a phone. I then tell her to put down her email address. Then she says she has to go

NOTE: I should've flat out given my phone to her and told her to put it in as my friend just suggested.

Today i want to talk about the changing of emotional state and my opinion of it.

State in the game tends to most of the time effect how our night or day goes. Usually if we feel good, our night is good. If we feel bad, our night is bad. But sometimes there might be a feeling of "If my state isn't good, then there's no chance is hell i can succeed" I say the true test in the game, is to go through that negative feeling and turn it into positive. I'd give a person more props for sometimes being in a negative state and then getting into a positive state at times than a guy who's always in a good state.

We shouldn't always try to avoid a negative state, as it might get stronger as time goes on. Just like fear, we get through it and over it. How? Asking ourself why we're in that state in the first place? might take a lil while to get over naturally, but its better to get rid of it smoothly than trying to quickly force it. Saturday Night my state dropped a lil due to a somewhat bad set. It went away in about 5-10 minutes. Talking to urself internally can def help with this.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sky's Long Thoughts

AND NOW, another edition of Sky's Thoughts!

1) Only two weeks left till summer classes are over...can't believe its almost over.
2) This weekend i have to honestly say i was proud that the improvement is showing even further
3) My persistence is getting better and i'm not ejecting as much from sets that aren't going as well.
4) I am also proud that i will not buy a girl a drink, UNLESS she TRULY deserves it, doesn't expect, and when i want to.
5) My awareness i would say has gone up too about the weird reactions girls giving and the explanations why
6) In August, i believe my game will def make a jump.
7) Im less reliant upon Alcohol most def!
8) I guess it comes to show, even if there aren't that many girls around campus, that u can still game.
9) The whole week was a jump in improvement.
10) The Amazing Sadness Opener, is pretty neat and helped me out. Course i can't always rely on it. :-)
11) I have this feeling that this fall back when i am at campus for the Fall and my last semester, that my game will def be good.
12) I'm glad Andrew is getting success with dates, and still doing his drills. Keep it up man. eternal rival...keep at it man...ur inner game is the only thing thats a sticking point so far in my opinion, Mayfly a.k.a Tyler, seems ur a pro at online game :-). Keep up with going to the bar, should be no sweat for u in a few more goes.
13) Eventho the journey is slow compared to others, i have to honestly say that its still worth it. All of the time its taken so far was for a reason. I am more confident in my approaches, less attached to outcome, more resistent to cockblocks, more stubborn :-p in the fact that i won't give up, and i got some funny stories to tell.
14) I wonder how these last two weeks will be, but especially August. Will be a big month no doubt for gaming. Get to the malls alot and do the clubs. :-D.

7/13 Today Approaches

Texted the incoming freshman girl who was there for orientation last week. She responsed, texted back and forth. Flirted with her a bit and stuff. I'd say the interest is there still.

Saw one of the hot girls from the last two nights in the library, tries to remember my name. She's studying for accounting and shit. I am just right to the point with her, i tell her that we're gonna have starbucks the next day. She gives me a curious look and says, "We? :-)" I'm like, "yea tomorrow :-)" She tells me that she can't as she'll be working on the takehome test. I then ask her when she's free and she tells me she's not sure. I tell her i'll hit her up during the week to find out as i find her cute and that i want to get to know her, she then says that she's kinda seeing someone and i said thats fine and get her number. I call hers so she's got mine.
I look her name up on facebook and it says she's single.

1) As i'm leaving the library, i see a tall other cute girl with shades, i just say hi to her and she says hi back. I hesitated to stop her and direct game her, cuz the girl i got a number from not to long ago was also outside and i kinda "feared" that if she saw me gaming another girl that my chances w/ her would be gone...but after i was walking, i didn't give a shit. I was like, "I'll risk it" So then i go in the library, i notice her with her shades off and she's cute ;-). I go to the bathroom first and "appear" that i lost something which is excuser behavior. I then just flat out go up to her and tell her "Before i leave, i have to talk to u cuz ur cute :-)" She smiles and we get introductions. From what im getting as a reaction from her, it seems she's occupied but i just chat her up about wine(Wat she was researching),etc. I then tell her, "Tell me about urself" She is unsure what to say. I then ask her where she's from and she says, "Charlottesville".

I then go into how they're stuck up and what not and she is opening up saying the students are but not the townies. I laugh a lil bit. She then tells me that she's only on campus just this once and is meeting up with her group. Also tells me about her being in the master's program. I give her daps. I then tell her, "Hey...lets go to starbucks when ur back on campus" She's like "Aright...but im not on campus much" I tell her i'll hit her up. I then tell her to give me her number. She says she doesn't give it out. I tell her, "U can this time :-)" She tells me she had a bad experience the last time with it. I tell her that u'll never know this time, it'll be a good one. I think she was a lil surprised by my confidence with it, but she declined again in a nice manner. I then just get her email.

2) At the lab. There's a small cute frizzy haired brunette girl. When i notice her, i feel turned on. I go up to her, telling her that i'm gonna talk with her for a few minutes. In the lab, for a minute, just joke abou the class she's taking and shit. Then I ask about herself. We have good rapport, find out she likes hippie music, tease her about being a hippie, and then give her daps. I go into how i've always wanted to go to a festival. She says that it can get dirty :-p. I tell her that's where the fun is, ur out there for a few days and get to jam and have an overall good time. I then tell her that i want to talk to her somemore. I ask her waht time she has class the next day. She tells me in the morning. I tell her after class, that we're gonna have starbucks together. She says sure. I get her number and then i leave the lab. I leave the lab, because i believed a lil bit that it might've looked bad if she saw me again after i just got her number but it was nonsense as i say bye to her again after i leave the lab and she says bye in a friendly way.

3)Funny tho, i still wanted to go surf the net, so i decide to go to the library...but the funny thing is that there are some girls to go up to. I notice 3 girls i can go up to. A pretty faced brunette who notices me, a shothaired redhead with glasses(;-) how can i pass up a redhead with glasses?) and a blonde who was next to the brunette. It was a hard choice. I was thinking the brunette, but then i figure i like redheads that i choose the redhead. I'm sitting at the computer next to hers. I take a good look at her and yea, she's cute :-)

As she's leaving, i tell her, "Don't leave" She says, "Why? :-)" I tell her becuase i find her cute and i want to talk to her. She says "But i have to go :-)" I tell her, "It'll only be a minute" Then i notice she sits down. I liked talking to her, she had her attention to me, and the convo was easy. Went into how i liked her wearing glasses, and how i always slept with contact on. Find out she from the beach and go into how almost everyone i knew there were tourists and that only like 1-2 people actually lived there that i met. She could've left at any time but she stayed. Told her to take her glasses off and yep...was cute as i expected. I gave her a devilish smile. She smiled. We talk for a few more minutes and then invite her to drink at starbucks. She tells me "At night?" I tell her "Nah the day :-p" So then we plan Wednesday at 9AM before she goes off to work. I'd say her interest was good :-)

7/12 "I'm here with my bf"

Aright for today, i managed to find one girl at the lab during the day. Takes me about 10 min, cuz im kinda debating if i really into her or not plus there was a guy i've seen around, who i cared what he thought. I go up to her, go direct, she tells me she's married genuinely. I talk to her for another minute and part ways. She was cute, had mickey mouse like buns for hair, looked like an outdoor girl. Was aright looking. Liked that she had toned arms.

Tonight i would say was kinda funny.

#1 was a long haired cute brunette girl. She's pretty receptive. Got kino in. She's sitting by herself in one of the seats. I was thinking, "Who's she with?" But i just game as usual. I go into her earrings and i touch them, playing with them. She's like "oh does it look like a heart?" I'm like " sorta does :-p" She's then like, "Wouldn't it look weird?" haha. I then go into her hair also, stroking it.
Its going great, until i see a guy comes over to sit down. Turns out that its her bf...but he was mad like 'Awww...thats a shame' He's like "Yea...guess it sucks" We all laugh. He's a really cool guy though.

#2 Were two girls sitting by the bar. Both cute, but i liked the thicker one. She was receptive. I told her she was cute and she smiled. I just talked about random bullshit with her and her friend, then i told the friend "I'm gonna borrow for a second" and i took the girl i liked's hand and told her that we're goin a few feet away. She was resisting a lil asking, "Where are we going?" I told her just over there and then her friend told her that she's gotta stay here. I could tell it was the friend's influence. So i guess that was the end of the interaction...that i ejected...


I decided to stop ejecting so much. I stayed there. I then told both of them, "I bet this is the 3rd time u guys have been here" They were shocked, and gave me a suspicious look like, "How did u know that?" I told them with a smile, "Just a guess..." The friend told me it was her third time and the target told me that she been there too many times. I then play with her hair, and i tell her to feel mine, whatever much of it she can feel. haha. Afterwards, i then tell the target girl "Aright, since i knwo where ur from...i'm giving u 3 guesses and if u get them all wrong...u got to give me a kiss on the cheek" She then says she doesn't want to guess. Guess its time to end it here..


I ignored it and said first guess. She attempted it 3 times. I then pointed to my cheek and said, "Aright...time to give it to me" She's like "haha nah" I then saw that i tried afew more times but she didnt' want to. I then decide to end the interaction.

NOTE: Here i def improved with persistence...but next time i should go for the isolation again or go for the kiss in general. But not too shabby. OR Keep talking. But i didn't think nothing would develop further.

#3 Aright this one was funny too. Aright, i see this blonde with a nice rack, fishbowl eyes, whom i've seen at the gym. Her rack was nice and she had a yellow dress on. Her friend is meh. I go up to her saying i've seen her around quite often at the gym. She's netural reacted in terms of me going over there. I address the friend after. I dunno what i was on, but i just plowed for this. The mother hen all of a sudden told me, "Here's the pitcher...fill it up for us" I told them "U guys have to earn me filling up the pitcher" They're shocked by this. I then tell them, "How about u get me one? :-)" After this, the mother hen told me "Bye" Doing a hand gesture of me going away. BUT I DIDN'T LEAVE...I stayed.

I ask where she's from, she tells me Roanoke in a "Why are u still here? manner" I then tell her, "Ahh...people tell me Salem is near Roanoke all the time and vice versa" I then ask her, "how many gays are in Roanoke?" The girl i wanted was laughing quite hard and the mother hen was like giving me a confused, defensive expression. After a minute, i then decided to eject.

NOTE: Here after i went through the pitcher shit, i then just talk to the girl i wanted. But hey, lesson learned :-)

Afterwards, that last approach had me feel down. I felt the "Shame" feeling that i sucked. It took me about 10-15 minutes to rethink that i am still doing fine. Said whatsup to people i still knew. I was still feelin a lil vulernable to negative reactions, since i assumed if i said something and somewhat would just say one word and not respond after...i'd take it more to heart. But then after that...i felt fine again and ready to game somemore.

#4 This was during while i was feeling a lil down. Was a short haired thin girl a fellow acquiantenance was talking to. I just talked with her for a minute, since i was feeling a lil reactive to whatever someone would say...after she seemed aloof...i then decided to rethink. After i was good and back to go, she gave the same reaction, but i kept talking to her. I notice she had a redhighlight, and tell her how i find it cool. She was neutral still, opening up a little. She had short hair, was kinda cute. I then ask her, " u like ur hair longer or shorter?" She tells me she's getting use to it shorter. I then tell her it matches her face, cuz sometimes people will have certain hairstyles. I see the other guy was still gaming her, plus i wasn't getting much from her nor didn't really care to try any further...i decided to end it.

#5 Were two girls walking, i stopped one of them, was an asian girl. Told her i wanted to talk to her. She was aright...her friend tho had a gut...but had big boobs and her cleavage was showing and i liked what i saw. I could tell the asian girl was jealous and tried to cockblock quite a bit. She was like "You can't talk to her" and whatever bullshit. I then overhear her say that she wants to talk to a guy. HAHA. I then kinda left. But after a minute, i see them in the pool area and decide to keep going. I go back up to the girl i like who's still with the friend, i can tell she's holding back her interest...cuz of the friend. The friend isn't tryin to sabotage me as much since im pretty much not acknowledging her really. I then tell the target girl, "Hey lets dance" She's like "Nah i don't dance" I'm tryin to persuade her like, "'d only be for a i bet u want to ;-)" She's thinking about it but doesn't want to.

Funny is that i see her and her friend talking to other guys....

PAST REACTION A FEW YEARS AGO I then thought that those guys are doing better than me, since both of them seem more receptive to them than to me.

CURRENT REACTION I then saw but realized that most guys don't pull at the bar, and that if they pulled...props to them. Also that i wanted to up things rather than play it safe sometimes.

#6 Was a pretty faced tall brunette girl. She was hot. I look at her mesmerized and she notices me and smiles. I go up to her and tell her she's stunning, she smiles and i pull her one step down...she's like "I can' waiting for my bf" I'm like "aww..thats a shame :-) Atleast let me know ur name." She tells me its like "DANA?! Wow! I couldn't recognize u. Ur hair is darker and u don't got braces no more" She laughs and was surprised that i didn't recognize her.

#7 Was another girl that looked familiar but i couldn't quite place where. Stopped her. Opened her with cute. She was receptive...find out again that she was a girl i met before but looked different. She says she's going back to her table...i then invite myself with her and she mentioned her bf is sitting there. I was like "Ahh...bummer :-p" She laughed and she was telling the truth.

I did two more sets, one of them i opened kinda indirectly tho it was a group and i was hesitant. I opened the guy first saying whats up to him. He's chill. I then talk to the girl i wanted. Turns out that the guy was dating the other girl in the set. The girl was receptive. We just talked for about 10 minutes. About the bar, that she looked russian, how come i didn't see her before, how cute she looked, other stuff. Then i find out her bf is a friend of the bar owner. But i decided to keep going. I then invite her to go back to my place to drink with my roommate and me. But she declined saying that she's with her bf and stuff. But hey, was worth a try. :-). The other only lasted a minute, not worth mentioning.

All in all, not too bad of a night, but there could've been more girls to go up to. Saw the gorgeous brunette again. Oh yea, saw the sexy blonde and her friend the sexy brunette again...but i kinda hesitated to try to game them again, believing that i wouldn't get far. BUT, thats not true. I just go at with one of them next week :-)
I'm glad that not getting a kiss didn't bother me, i was glad i improved in other areas. Maybe there weren't as many girls as there could've been but hey, its all good. :-)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

7/11 Free Slurpy Day!

Aright everyone, first a free chicken sandwich by putting a cow headband on and putting on cow nose at chic-fil-a. Oh yea, yesterday was also free slurpee day, but wat the hell? All u get is a serving size cup. But thats not the exact slurp im talking about ;-)

Aright for today, i managed to do one approach. I stopped her direct as she was ahead of me, but she said she was late for an internship. I def should've persisted this and at least her number.

Tonight started off with me having blue balls. I guess beating my meat w/o releasing frustrates the body and gives off that pain. When i get to the bar, i was amazed...i wasn't nervous at first like usual. I actually didn't even feel like drinking, AT ALL. I managed to complete the first drill, do 3 approaches w/o drinking any alcohol. Tonight i felt like i didn't even need it this time.

1) Was a girl that looked familiar with her friend. Her friend had highlights. Went into how awesome their hair would like and shit. They were finding it funny. The one i went up to first turned out to be a girl and her friend, whom i walked back home before. Also i was trying to isolate her but she said she did have a bf genuinely. I then game the highlight hair girl, we do a little grinding and i twirl her a bit, and shit. Oh yea, before this another guy was talking to her...had his arm around her. In the past, i would've given it up. BUT since i've improved, i knew that it didn't matter if another guy had his arm around the girl, doesn't matter. :-) After, I then see she has a few piercing, i then ask her every where she has pierced. I think she was a lil curious of me asking. I then asked her if she had her nipples pierced and her clit. She laughs a lil and says no. I then go try to isolate her but she didn't want to. I could see her attention was waning, so i talked with her for a couple more minutes and then i could see she didn't want to hear me anymore and i left.

2) Was a hot blonde, i give around an 8. I go up to her direct style, and she is receptive and i could tell that she was acting in the manner of "I'm just being polite" and stuff. But i could tell that there was interest. I meet her tall friend as well, and i actually am somewhat gaming both of them. I then play with the friend's hair asking her does she like it long or short. She says, more on the short side. I then tell her that it does look great. Then i do it to the girl i wanted of the two, i was stroking it down with a smile. Then the girl i was gaming asked me what my major was. I then told her that she got 3 guesses and if she doesn't get it right, that she'll have to give me a kiss on the cheek. I give her a hint here and there and tell her. THey're like "OHH!!!" haha. I could def sense that this wasn't common for her, hence why she was acting still a lil bit polite. So then i tell her, "Aright...time to kiss the cheek" She resists at first, but then i tell her...but that was the deal :-). She then kisses the cheek and then she tells me that she thought i was gonna slip in a kiss on the lips, cuz thats wat other guys do. I then smile and then tell her friend that im gonna borrow her for a minute, and i isolate her a few feet further. She was like, "Where are we going?" with a resistant expression. I tell her just over there a few feet away. I was shocked that i was able to sense why she was acting so confused, that my awareness has improved.

While we're isolated, i tell her, "Aright...time to tell me about urself. I know ur looking all dolled up, and go to the bar for fun...but what else? :-)" She then tells me in a lil fake offended manner, "I don't got to the bar all the time, now and then" Yea i know, what else do u do. She then tells me she got a bf, but i ignored it since these situations i didn't sense genuineness. So i ignored it, just as i was talking to her somemore...a guy comes up to her asking her if she's ready for a drink. me thinking that actually was her bf, im like "Oh u her bf?" He didn't say yes, he didn't say anything at was more like he was confused. Then she's like hesitantly like, "Yes" I then smile and tell them to have a good one.

NOTE: The last part i just was mentally not there. But i believe her wanting to leave, didn't mean she didn't like me. It was more of the "What do I do?" kinda thing. I'm proud that i realized that when girls act funny like this when ur gaming them, its a good sign. Why? Because it shows them ur different.

3) Was a cute long haired brunette whom i met before. She was excited to see me asking where i met her before. I tell her, "I was the guy who asked where ur glasses at?" She was like "OH! Now i remember :-)" I then tell her how im into girls with glasses and she asks, "really? :-)" I say yea. Then i meet a male friend of hers, who's a co-worker, he's a cool guy. Talk to him and her for a minute or two. And i then try to isolate her, but she says she'll like to talk to him since they haven't caught up in a while. Im like "Aright :-)" and leave. I see her later sitting down, i sit down next to her, talked to her for a minute or so...but then see that she's pretty distracted, i let it go.

4) Was two blonde girls. One of them i tried gaming before who said she was engaged at the time. I decided to try again. She was sitting down in a group, and to my amazement, i wasn't afraid to game her and her friend. I then see there looking at a menu. Im just doing funny comments and shit. I then go take her hand and about to isolate her but then her friends to atleast let her eat first. We all laughed. I was sitting there talking to another person i knew. After they were done eating and she was off the phone, the friend of mine asked "U gonna take her to the dance floor? :-)" I then tell her, "Yea...when she's done :-)" So then the blonde girl was done, i then go on to try to isolate her BUT she then says she was engaged and she showed me the ring. Was pretty big too

5) Was a cute thick brunette girl. This was my first approach. She's next to a guy with facial hair. I just tap her on the shoulder and go direct. I talk to her for a few minutes and i find out that she's engaged to the guy that was next to her. He was a cool guy, didn't mind i was talking to his girl. I saw her ring and all that. I talked to her for a couple more minutes and stuff.

6) Was a brunette with a nice rack and thin body. She was walking over to the jukebox. I was recommending some songs, but she didn't really hear me. Then a guy she knew walks over and she was giving more attention to him. BUT, i didn't leave. I decided to stay there and not give up. She sits back down in the table she's at. I sit down next to her, i forgot wat i was talking to her about....but then she literally moves closer to her friend sitting down who was 5 feet away and i figured she wasn't interested.

7) Was a cute/hot brunette i met before the previous night. She was all excited and fun. I twirl her around to check her out. I forgot what i talked about with her, i think it was fluff. So then i do the Amazing Sadness Opener, to where we both kissed our cheeks, and then i decided to do the kiss. She was like "we have to wait :-)" I tell her, "Its only a peck" So then we peck or lips, and then i kiss them for a second. She smiles. She then says that we'll wait for kissing. She and her friend then decide to take shots.

Later in the night im feeling bored since i decided not to break the 2 beer limit rule and i felt disatisfied with how the night was going. I see she's with her friend again, who was bitchy and had attitude, with another guy. I then tell myself, "I don't care if its a group, im gonna keep talking to her" So then i go over to them, the bitchy friend i can tell doesn't like me and tryin to give attitude when im talking to her. THe girl i was talking to was nice and throughout the night when she saw me, she smiled and waved. While im talking to them again, the focus is just mainly on amongst the three of them(It was their boss). I then am like to myself "Aright...what do i say now? I'm at a blank" Then i see a fellow 1/2 black guy giving me daps for making out with the black chick the previous night. He told me that he thought i was gay when he first met me but knows i like the pussy now. I tell him that its what i just like.

Then im thinking, "Good...i can say something...thanks to his comment" I then laugh with the girl i was gaming and telling her, "Aww man...the guy over there thought i was gay when he first met me" in an exaggerated sad manner. She's laughing with me. I then smile and tell her, "Now how about that kiss? :-)" She tells me that we have to wait again. I then tell her, there's enough waiting. I touch her face and hair, and then kiss her, im trying to kiss her longer than a second but she didn't want to last any longer, but i could tell she was interested...just that her bitchy friend was right there, and cared quite a bit what she thought if she did more of it. She then asked me, "How many girls have you made out with tonight?" I smile and tell her, "The number doesn't matter, but its just been u so far" :-).

So then i see they're about to leave, i eject myself. I see her on the way out again, i hug her, kiss her cheek...and then we kiss again. Thats the slurp i was talking about ;-). I enjoyed it. I totally forgot to get her number or try to take it further...didn't think anything would happen further i guess. Oh yea, over the night, i hugged her now and then, flirted with her a bit, if anyone wants to know the kino parts of it.

I felt proud of myself. The 1/2 black guy gives me super daps after.haha.

All in all, i saw my improvement tonight and am proud that its starting to show. Now to have the kclosing be consistent. :-)

Friday, July 11, 2008

7/10 Making Progress?

Today I texted the girl i got a number from yesterday, who said she had a bf. Got no response but it turns out i called her by another girl's name. X-p. So much for that one.haha.

Tonight i went to the Club/Bar as usual for Thursday Night. Going in, i felt a bit a good deal of determination from feedback i got from fellow Playboys in Training. It raised my spirits. :-)

When i got there, i wasn't really nervous...just settling in as usual. I was in my own head tonight.

1) Blonde girl who was with two friends. She remembers me from a few months ago.
I just talked with her for a few minutes. Told her that we were gonna dance but not yet.
I see her attention on me is waning and she's talking to her friend. I decide to eject. Her interest was good was receptive at first, but things were meh later on.

2) Was another blonde. I turned her around and said hi. Played with her hair a lil. Wasn't sure what to say to her...was in my head, besides the typical. Honestly had trouble with this one. her interest was neutral, had trouble on keeping things going.

3) Was a 1/2 or 2/3 black chick. I like what i saw. Tried to have her dance w/ me, she didn't want to but was receptive.

4) Was a cute brunette girl. She was receptive. Was able to isolate her, at first she was a lil resistent but she gave in. We were afew feet away. Her Fatty friend comes in telling her that they got to find someone. I told her friend i'd keep her for a minute. THe brunette girl squeezed the lower part of my arm a few times telling me to come with them after isolating....she gave into the friend's choice. They couldn't find the friend but then the friend dragged her away.

NOTE: Isolation is getting better

5) On the dance floor was this phillipino chick, she was hot. I take her hand and grind with her but next thing u know after a minute, she's dancing off with another girl, unablet o hear me. I see hear a few minutes later standing by herself against a wall. We introduce each other. Guessed her ethnicity, turns out she was half phillipino half white. But after that, i was at a blank while she told me this. My head was out of it and she told me that it was good talking to me.

Note: I was totally in my head for this

For a bit i'm just dancing with some girls. Tried to kiss this big girl but she didn't want to. We playfully hit each other on the head. I during one part of dancing, her hair is covering her face and i flat out flip it back to the back of her head. Was funny. After the dancing, i was exhausted and i was so out of it. Was funny. Took me 20 minutes to be fully energized again.

6) Was a black chick i've met before and see around now and then. She's aright, but she got big breasts. We danced for a bit. Then i go to the bathroom. We sit down. I talk to her for a minute of fluff. Then the funny shit happens. I'm thinking, "I'm going to kiss her but she'll prolly reject it to" Then when i go for it, she's reciprocating BUT then she slowly tries to stop it. She's laughing saying that she can't. I then am feeling sexual here, being the devil on her shoulder...touching her...teasing...kissin her cheek telling her that its fine...and she tells me she's trying to be a good girl. I tell her "Fuck being bad or good :-) We do what we want" I then attempt to make out with her again, and she's reciprocating for 5 seconds, then she tries to stop it. I see she's biting her lip and is turned on, but she's def holding back.

She tells me that she can't be bad anymore. Im like in a funny manner, "Aww this sucks...i really want to taste those lips. This is so killing me, its nice" She then tells me "you don't think this is killing me either :-)" I then look down at her lips, and keep whispering in her ear. I'm all hugging and all over her, and she's not resisting. I was tempting her for a bit. The 3rd time i try to make out with her, she's resisting but im starting to overpower it(I could tell she wanted to still, hence why she wasn't mad). Her friend, whom i know comes along, teases the fact that she said she's doing nothing eventho its not the case. The black chick tells me that her friend will judge her, that she's being judged right now.The friend teases saying she would. Her friend i know and she's one cool half black chick. She says, "I need to talk to a guy" with a pouty face. I point over for a guy i know and she's like "I know that guy already :-\" But she does eventually talk to my buff asian co-worker, and who's pretty cool.

I then continue fluff with her playing with her necklace while touching a bit above her breast line. She didn't resist. But then i told her "Hey lets go back to my place :-) There are more drinks over there" I could tell she wanted to but she said she couldn't. After all that, i then smiled and told her that it we could've had so much fun together. :-)

Note: This taught me quite a bit of things. To confidentally go for the kiss close, rather than with doubt.

I would say these are the issues that i def know will help me next time:

1) Some of the approaches could've came off as a bit too routine-I had the "routine" mindset, to where i would do the routine, look at chest, look at eyes, talk for a few minutes, try to isolate, rather than doing those things while in the moment rather than it being forced in my mind.

2) Didn't show my intent for some of the girls-I'd say thats where my strength is. Letting them know i like them physically.

3) Cared a bit too much of what i should say next. I noticed that when i don't have attachment to outcome, i tend to relax a bit more and say whatever. But when i want a certain girl to like me, i tend to not do as well.

4) Did not even ask questions atleast. Sure, statements are better but if u seriously aren't sure of what to talk with her about, learning a bit about her can help with continuing things

5) Was a bit in my own head. And used up too much energy in the night. Relaxing a bit more would be better haha.

6) Was only able to do 2 of the 4 drills. I went up to two sets w/o alcohol. But after, i drank. So i know that im not afraid to approach w/o just tense while talking to them w/o cuz of all thats happening.

Thats all for now tomorrow will be better :-)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

7/9 Campus Is Not Quite empty yet, thank god!

Aright today i was able to do three but before that...
I decided to go game the redhaired girl in class. She was nice and friendly as i knew, fluffed with her a little bit. I then told her that we could drink at starbucks together, she told me 12:30 was good. I then told her thats it'll be great, because she's cute and that i'll get to know her better. She then told me that she's been taken for four years. But she said it genuinely. So i believed her. Then one of the other guys in class was behind and said, "Boyfriend are overreated" in a funny way. I laughed quite a bit and she did too. I'm glad i finally decided to go for it, and thank god she wasn't on the phone this time.

Aright on to the day approaches. All 3 of these were in the computer lab:

#1 Was a cute blonde girl with braces. I think two of her bottom teeth were missing but it didn't matter to me, still cute :-). I go direct on her, she's receptive. I just fluff with her. Find out the area she lives in his about 2 hrs away back home. A few other stuff. I then decide to plan to drink with her at starbucks. She tells me she has a bf, BUT then i still persist. She says she has free time really from 12:30 to 1:45 some days during the week. I get her number, and while im getting she tells me, "Checking to see if its fake, eh? :-)" I tell her, " to make sure :-)" I think there's some interest there. I'll have to see.

#2 Was a cute brunette. I go direct on her too. But from what i can tell she was politely listening and looking at me. I just talk with her for a few minutes. She tells me she's doing jello shots for a party tonight. I then flirt with her about how old she is and what not. After i decide to eject, i didn't sense interest from her really. Also one of her friends came up to her, and i guess she felt guarded from that or something. I dunno. The friend i met before and was friendly and nice.

#3 Was a tall cute brunette/red haired girl. She was thin. I liked what i saw :-). I go up to her, and she's pretty receptive. She asks me if i have a gf, i say, "No, why? :-p" She says, "oh i have a bf :-)" I then go into how im just not looking for a commitment yet...that sometimes people dont take time to date who their looking for and whatever other bullshit. I'd say her interest was good, patted her back when she burped. Did the "tell me about urself" deal as usual. She tells me, " not use to guys going up to me, and me telling about myself" I then tell her, "I'm the one to do that :-)" The rapport is good, im able to relate to her and keep things going. It lasts for about 5-6 minutes. I then tell her that we can have starbucks together, she smiles and says that she can't do that, that she has a boyfriend, but i could tell that it was in a way to where she was dedicated. She also says that he'd prolly would want to start a fight if he found out anything. But she was nice saying it. I smile and tell her it was great meeting her. As she left the lab, said bye to me.

#4 Was on my way home. Was a cute tied up hair, brunette girl, who def was an incoming freshman who was there for orientation. Do the stop hand motion. Go direct. She's pretty receptive. I ask her if she's lost, and says yea...i then tell her to follow me. As we're walking, she tells me she likes the school and how she's glad she can enjoy college life. I agree with her and tell her that there is too much hype at VTech and shit. Me and her joke around a little bit, and i find out she lives an hour away from me, back home. So then i tell her that i'm gonna be back in NOVA in August and that we could hang out. I also tell her that i find her cute and that i like talking to her. She says, "Thanks alot :-)" I tell her, "No need to thank me, its what u need to hear :-)" She says, "Aright :-) I appreciate it! :-p" We both laugh. I get her number and she finds the place.

Shame that i couldn't do any more approaches today since i didn't really see any other girls, but day game is still staying consistent :-)

Drills For Thursday Night

Aright, i've decided that this Thursday to help me get further to the point where i can do better at night game, i've decided to do 4 Drills this time.

Drill 1: Go up to 3 different sets, w/o alcohol. I've got to be able to relax and flat out game w/o it on days i don't care for drinking.

Drill 2: Each time u are gaming a girl, u must imagine kissing her lucious lips, and her sucking ur cock and caressing her warm body.

Drill 3: Ever girl u talk to, go for the kclose. As long as their bf isn't there.

Drill 4: While talking to the girl, ask urself. How Can i enjoy myself with this girl tonight?

Drill 4 i've had trouble with being able to accomplish. Sometimes i'm just at a blank. But i'll solve that problem :-)

7/8 Sky's Thoughts

Aright, today i was able to approach a latina girl with glasses. I saw she was ahead of me walking, and then from the back she looked like a girl i've seen around. So then i just said, "'ve ya been?" She looks back and notice she's the same girl i missed out on approaching one of the days. So then i tell her as i'm walking with her, "I find you gorgeous...i'm talking to u right now" She's laughing a lil bit. I then say, "ur el salvadorian" She smiles and says, "Nah :-)" I then say, "Colombian :-)" She says, "Bolivian" I then tell her, "I was close and then i just look at her with a smile" I was a bit out of state, but i kept going. Then i say, "Tell me about urself. I want to know" Its just small task pretty much. How she's here for just the 2nd summer session, how she lived in California and i tell her Cali is awesome and how we both have family down there. Just fluff. As we are about to go separate ways, i find out that our schedules aren't too good, we both work and take class at the same time gap. So then i say, "And i wanted us to go to starbucks together :-)" She laughs. Then i say, "I want us to get together later on this week...wats ur number?" She then says, "I'm sorry, i actually have a bf :-)" I then do the "So when's the wedding? ;-)" She laughs and says, " and him def aren't having a wedding" I smile and then we part ways.

Here i def could've still persisted and got the number anyways.

Also texted the girl from my day 2 yesterday, just telling her how i had a great time and how it excited me of seeing her hair out the first time. Just a text. Didn't get a response. Gonna text her prolly Sat or Sunday.

But now is...

Sky's Thoughts:
1) The Incoming Freshman are coming soon
2) Man...can't really find girls around campus to approach. The only ones are the incoming freshmen who are here for orientation BUT there usually packed with the orientation leader and 11 other people. Thank Fucking God they're hot!
3) For Night Game, i really have improved. I just read my old FRs and im amazed how my convos with girls last longer than usual and how i def isolate more often. I've become more sexual, less prone to cockblocks, and have gotten a funner vibe.
4) Def much less frustrated than I was back during Spring Semester
5) I have to honestly say. My Day Game has improved too. I'm def more congruent with it.
6) Some of the girls who resisted me getting their number, did actually have bfs i found out.
7) 16 Days left here at the university, we'll see what more i can do.

Monday, July 7, 2008

7/7 Day 2 at Starbucks

Aright this is my 2nd ever day 2 from a cold approach.
Aright we arrive on time. We talk for about a good 45 minutes.
When i see her with her hair out and that her rack is in its good form, i was like "DAMN!". I hug her when i see her around and tell her "Wow...ur hair is out" She smiles and i play with her hair for a few seconds. Then we order are drinks and are sitting down across from each other, although i wanted to sit right next to her.

I ask her to tell me about herself. We go into about 4-5 different topics. From her living in the country where family has animals(I liked this talk the most), to different styles of dance, Which music we like, mainly other stuff. While we are doing this, me and her talked 50/50. I also check her out a few times, and one time i make it obvious. She says she's getting out of shape. I then check her out from the bottom up and i tell her, "No ur not ;-)" In a somewhat awkward manner she says, "Thanks :-\" But i think it was important for her to know that im sexually into her. Sometimes there's got to be an awkward moment. I use to be afraid of those things happening, but now a girl needs for us to know we are into them sexually.

After it, she was still showing interest. I believe i was getting a bit of sexual state. The way my eyes were and my voice were calmer and seemed more seductive. Course at times i was my usual happy, upbeat self when i was excited about something.
After 30 min, i guess i was starting to feel a lil lower energy and tired, a lil bored too. But it was only cuz of the nature of the date.

After we left, and were walking...we didn't talk as much...but it was more like it was chill. I was thinking of where we would meet up next. But then at the end of it, i just told her that i'd hit her up later in the week. She said we should do it again. :-)

After, i felt kinda down because i didn't set up another meet up and that i didn't do that well or that it fell flat at the end. But then i rethought it and i felt great. I did fine, she was still talking, Me and her looked at each other while talking, plus she took the time to look her most hot for this, which means that she's interested in some level.

I'm gonna hit her up again later this week and i want to see the Dark Knight with her. Here, this is important. I learned from the last day 2 i had that it doesn't always ahve to be a rush to get her over to ur place. But next time, after we watch the movie, im gonna invite her back. I have to take that risk.

Thats all for today :-)

7/5: Pushing Myself

Alright guys, tonight i met up with my roommate, and a friend of mine who brought another friend. We decided to go to BTs again, the bar.

Here, there were not that many girls...but still a good enough amount to do my thing. I'm sober when i see them.

#1 Hi introduce myself, telling them that i'm gonna talk to them. They're pretty friendly. One was a cute long haired brunette girl, the other was an older woman...who was fuckable. I talk with them for a few minutes and tell them i'd be back.

Note: That was the first sober approach during the night i've done in a long time. I was pretty tense and my head was a lil clouded. But still, it was all good.

Aright, after a beer...i decide to talk to them somemore. The girl im liking, we talk about tatoos. I go into how she should get them in all parts of her body. She's pretty into it. She shows me each of her tatoos. I could see she's showing interest. I talk with her with this for about 10 minutes. My kino is good i'd say. Also playing with her hair. Then i attempt to isolate her but she didn't want to. I'm convincing her a little bit longer, but she still declines. After this, it kinda died. She was bored. I hug her, and then try to kiss her about she wasn't looking so i don't think she knew what i was doing but that was it. I then leave.

#2 Was the sexy blonde from last weekend. I went up to her and met all her friends. They were older women too. they were friendly and did their own thing. I talk with her telling her thats its gonna be me and her tonight. Me and her tonight :-). She seems a bit confused or not sure what to say look and tells me, "Oh, im here with my friends :-)" I tell her that i want just us to talk but she declined. So then i play with her hair a lil, talking about how its wild. She tells me she's a hair stylist. I'm like, "really? This is the fifth hair stylist i've met this week" She laughs a tiny bit. I then was at a blank for whatelse to say. Part of it could've been i don't think she was intersted. I eject.

NOTE: I could've just straight up went more for rapport or just talked about anything. Don't leave even if u don't sense much from her.

#3 Was a stunning dark haired brunette woman who looked to be in her late 20s. This woman was very gorgeous. Definitely around a 9. I go up to her and tell her "You are so gorgeous...i've got to talk to you" She giggles. We introduce each other. Then her friend arrives and i meet her. I then immediately guess her friend to be 1/2 middle eastern. She asks me, "How did you know?" I tell her, "Because of ur facial features :-)" I then guess that she's half Lebanese. She smiles and shakes her head. She tells me if i get it wrong 5 times, then i buy her a drink. I told her, only 3 guesses. I get them all wrong. So then i do the funny thing and try to trick her into telling me.

I then say "Aright...i guess ur white and.....". She was about to say it but she caught it in the last second. Then i go back to the girl i was talking to. It turns out that we meet before. From what i can sense, she's neutral in terms of interest. I just get some rapport in and she tells me she's been to Charlotte. I tell her that i'm from Boston and that im a city boy. I wasn't getting much from her in terms of interest. So then i decide to cut my losses.

NOTE: Here i should've kept plowing for a few more minutes just saying whatever. She had a peircing on her nose...could've gotten into sexual talk with that ;-)

After i left, i see this other guy trying to game her from the side. Then i could see from the corner of my eye that they are both trying to see my reaction of this. It was funny. He didn't get anywhere either.

#4 Was a cute brunette girl and her bigger friend doing some dancing. I go over and hip bump the brunette girl. We challenge each other to hip bumping to where she says she'll beat me. We keep doing this for a few minutes...her friend tries to help her out to beat me, but i hold my I then do it with the friend. We intoduce each other, and i kiss her on the cheek...and then as im going for the other one there's a pause when are faces are facing each other, eventho i was looking down, could've been a sign to go for it. After that, me and the brunette girl sit down. I think im just about drunk at this point, i only talk to her for a minute but thats it.

My slovakian friend, i could tell, wanted to go up to the sexy blonde woman. But i could tell he was afraid. I tried to help him realize that u won't mess up or anything. He had excuses in his mind. I then decided to bring the sexy blond woman over to talk with him. He didn't know what to say. She smiled and didn't know what to say either. I told him, "sorry man...i didn't know u didn't want to in the end" But i think he was happy that i was that dedicated to having him talk to her. He told me earlier in the night that he liked the way i thought of talking to girls...especially that there are too many of them and only one of us. His friend was a nice and friendly guy but he was making excuses of how the stunning brunette earlier wouldn't give the time of day, or would reject or whatever.

But she was just one hot woman out of many. If the woman doesn't like you, it doesn't mean she's higher than you. You can easily find another stunning woman that is more receptive and will like you. :-)

For the most part, i realized that i just keep on plowing until then i realize there's nothing more i can do. Next Week i'll improve on that aspect.