Monday, July 21, 2008

7/21 My First Insta-Date

Aright guys, today i have to say was pretty interesting. I was feeling a lil nervous or out of state for a bit while i was at work. But then later on in the day, i feel less of this.

Today my first approach was on my break from class. Was this very hot girl, i give her an 8.5 easily. I mean she had a tan...she was walking ahead of me as i was on the phone leaving a class. As she's going down the steps, i say loudly "STOP!" She looks at me with a curious look. I ask her, "I haven't me u yet right? :-)" She says, "I dont think so :-)" I then tell her, "I find you so stunning...i've got to talk to u for a few minutes" her face lit up alot. I could tell she was very happy. She then says, "I'm sorry...but im engaged! I live with my fiancee'" I can def tell it made her day. I then ask her, "When was the engagement? :-)" She tells me just a month ago. Then i try to give her daps...but then i see people are walking down the steps and she tells me she's gotta go, i could sense that she was embarrassed or something. I dunno. But it was good not having an attachment to the outcome.

Second approach was a nice racked latina with glasses and a mole on her face. Her face i would say was meh, but her ;-). I see she's walking through the lab, i try to find and i spot her in a small lab classroom with her chubby friend. I go inside at the door, say hi to the chub friend, go direct on the latina girl. She is pretty receptive but also a little taken back by the situation giggling as she's on the comp. I then tell her that i've met her before, and shit. We just have some normal rapport. I talk with her for a few minutes. Eventually i find out that she won't be back in Northern Virginia after this week, like almost every other student will since she also works at the uni. I then tell her we'll have starbucks, but then she says she's kinda seeing someone :-). I tell her, "See? Ur kinda seeing someone. Its offically serious" I then give a persuading smile. She's thinking about it, i can def tell, she then says she likes the guy and doesn't want to ruin it smiling. I then smile and then tell her ok. I hug her and her chub friend who doesn't cockblock and is pretty friendly. I part ways.


Aright, remember the dyed redheaded girl with glasses that i approached on Saturday? Mysteriously I see the girl again leaving 7-11, i say hi to her and she remembers me smiling. After i buy a drink and hot dog there, i still see her walking...i run as fast as i can to catch up to her. I'm walking with her and i can tell she's pretty interested. I mean we both are so relaxed around each other, say stuff without really thinking about it. I tell her that we both can go to starbucks, she says sure. :-)

She then tells me she's gonna get sandals from her room first to put on as she's been walking all day and her feet are tired. When we get in her place, i want to up things physically right then and there, but am a little afraid too considering i didnt' want to lose what was going good

NOTE: Something that i'll def have to risk in the future

So then we go off to starbucks, talk for about 15 minutes there. Was pretty good. We looked at each other seductively. Could relate to each other. Seemed into who i was. Liked how she was. Even while we were there, a person called her and she told them, "Call me back later. I'm busy >:-(" I smiled and gave her mad props. After that, i walk her back to her to one of the dorms she was staying at with the rest of the unitarian people. Turns out she was a dancer, so she prolly has a freaky side ;-)...and i can sense she was a free spirit ;-). When we are at the door, she asks me if i'll still be around this week, i tell her yes. I get her number and tell her i'll call her. I hug her and kiss her on the cheek.

NOTE: I still had the fear of losing her cuz of this. But next time i def go for it :-).

She gives me a big hug too. With open arms.haha. It went pretty well.
I have to say i was happy it turned out well. We'll see if i'll meet up with her again.

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