Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sky's Long Thoughts

AND NOW, another edition of Sky's Thoughts!

1) Only two weeks left till summer classes are over...can't believe its almost over.
2) This weekend i have to honestly say i was proud that the improvement is showing even further
3) My persistence is getting better and i'm not ejecting as much from sets that aren't going as well.
4) I am also proud that i will not buy a girl a drink, UNLESS she TRULY deserves it, doesn't expect, and when i want to.
5) My awareness i would say has gone up too about the weird reactions girls giving and the explanations why
6) In August, i believe my game will def make a jump.
7) Im less reliant upon Alcohol most def!
8) I guess it comes to show, even if there aren't that many girls around campus, that u can still game.
9) The whole week was a jump in improvement.
10) The Amazing Sadness Opener, is pretty neat and helped me out. Course i can't always rely on it. :-)
11) I have this feeling that this fall back when i am at campus for the Fall and my last semester, that my game will def be good.
12) I'm glad Andrew is getting success with dates, and still doing his drills. Keep it up man. eternal rival...keep at it man...ur inner game is the only thing thats a sticking point so far in my opinion, Mayfly a.k.a Tyler, seems ur a pro at online game :-). Keep up with going to the bar, should be no sweat for u in a few more goes.
13) Eventho the journey is slow compared to others, i have to honestly say that its still worth it. All of the time its taken so far was for a reason. I am more confident in my approaches, less attached to outcome, more resistent to cockblocks, more stubborn :-p in the fact that i won't give up, and i got some funny stories to tell.
14) I wonder how these last two weeks will be, but especially August. Will be a big month no doubt for gaming. Get to the malls alot and do the clubs. :-D.

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